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Teacher Candidate: Erin Crawford Date: April 26, 2019

Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Lisa Gross Coop. Initials: ___________
Group Size: 12-15 students Allotted Time: 30-40 minutes Grade Level: Kindergarten
Subject or Topic: Gov. – Final Activity Community Helpers (Day 5) Section: 931

STANDARD: (PA Common Core):

 5.3.K.C - Identify roles of fire fighters, police officers, and emergency workers.
 CC.1.1.K.B - Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print. • Follow
words left to right, top to bottom, and page by page. • Recognize that spoken words are
represented in written language by specific sequences of letters. • Understand that words are
separated by spaces in print. • Recognize and name all upper and lower case letters of the
 CC.1.4.K.F - Demonstrate a grade-appropriate command of the conventions of standard English
grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. • Capitalize first word in sentence and
pronoun I. • Recognize and use end punctuation. • Spell simple words phonetically.

I. Performance Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

 Students will be able to write about a community helper including one fact about their job.

II. Instructional Materials

 Writing template
 Pencils
 Community helper props
 Camera
 Smartboard

III. Subject Matter/ Content (prerequisite skills, key vocabulary, big idea, new content)
Prerequisite Skills
 Basic fine motor skills
 Letter sound knowledge
 Basic letter identification, lower and capital letters
 Basic understanding of community helpers

Key Vocabulary
 Community- a place where many people live and work together
 Community Helpers- people who make communities cleaner, safer and healthier
 Police Officer- a person who enforces the law, investigates crime and makes arrests
 Firefighter- people who put out fires and help in emergencies
 Healthcare Worker- doctor, nurse, dentist

Big Idea
 There are different community helpers that provide services.

New Content
 Refer to community helper unit for new content covered daily, today is a review/summative day.

IV. Implementation

A. Introduction –
 Before the lesson begins, sometime in the day, take picture of each child dressed up as their
favorite community helper and allow them to choose from the provided props that correlate with
the community helper.
 Ask the students, “What have we been learning about all week?”
o Turn and talk, then share.
 Ask students to define what a community is.
o Turn and talk, then share.
 Review our community bulletin board looking over the houses and buildings.
 Ask students to define a community helper, their three important parts. (safe, healthy, clean)
o Turn and talk, then share.
 Ask students to provide examples of different community helpers we talked about this week and
what they do for their jobs.
o Turn and talk, then share.
o Show props used throughout the week the help remind them.
 Tell the students that, “Today we are going to take everything you learned this week and put it in
writing! You have been doing so well with your writing that we want to display your writing
about your favorite community helper we talked about this week. That is why we had you dress
up like your favorite community helper so we can put your picture with your writing!.”

B. Development –
I Do
 Tell the students that you are going to write a story about your favorite community helper. Say
your favorite community helper today is going to be a dentist.
 Tell the students that in your first sentence you want them to tell you which community helper is
their favorite.
o Example: I am a dentist.
 Then tell the students that in our second sentence we need a fact about our community helper. Say
that they have been learning different facts about their community helpers all week and now you
want them to write about one, or more!
 Demonstrate writing your second sentence.
o Example: A dentist cleans people’s teeth to keep them healthy.
 Tell the students that you want them to challenge themselves when they write as well!
 Explain to the students that you will have the beginning part of the first sentence up on the board
for them to use, but then you want them to write the rest on their own.
o The beginning part of the sentence for the students to use is: I am a…
o Then you need at least one other sentence with one fact in it about the community helper.

You Do
 Have students share their topic ideas with a partner before writing and then have them begin.
 Remind students to use the beginning part of the sentence and then complete their story with two
or more sentences, including one or more facts.
 Walk around monitoring students’ progress, ask “why” questions, remind students to use all of
the writing strategies we have learned so far in their writing as well (word wall, magic line and

C. Closure –
 Tell the students that you are excited to read all about their favorite community helpers!
 Review again, what they learned about all this week and how important community helpers are to
our community.
 Then collect their writing pieces to be checked.

D. Accommodations / Differentiation -
 Students with difficulties formulating a sentence will be provided with a sentence starter, “I am
 Students who are more advanced will be challenged to write more than one fact about their
community helper.

E. Assessment/Evaluation plan
1. Formative -
2. Summative – At the end of the unit, the students will complete a written
response about which community helper they chose to be. Students will write about their community
helper and provide at least one fact about them. The writing pieces will be collected and checked for
correctness of content, not writing style. The students will use the template provided to write about their
community helper. If students are able to express their community helper and one fact about them, they
have met the objective.

V. Reflective Response

A. Report of Students’ Performance in Terms of States Objectives

Student Objective- Students will be able to write about a community helper including one fact
about their job.

Today was the final day of our community helper unit. We took the time to review what a
community is and what a community helper is. The students also participated in a turn and talk to discuss
the different types of community helpers we talked about over the week and different facts they learned
about them. After they discussed and reviewed the students took that information and applied it into their
writing. The students did well participating in both the classroom discussions and in their writing. Both
classes performed very well in their writing. All students were able to choose a community helper without
a problem and most participated in our dress up day. Below is an evaluation of their summative writing:

AM- 11 out of 11 chose a community helper

10 out of 11 wrote at least one fact about their community helper

PM- 15 out of 15 chose a community helper

15 out of 15 wrote at least one fact about their community helper

Both classes had 100% of the students chose a community helper. For the morning only one
student did not include an appropriate fact and the afternoon had 100% of the students include an
appropriate fact.
B. Personal Reflection
1. How clear was I in my instruction? Was it engaging?
I believe I was clear in my instruction and modeling of the writing task for the students. The
students were able to discuss and review all of the content from throughout the week and were able to
write about their community helpers after my modeling of the task. With the simplistic sentence starter, it
helped the students begin writing without getting stuck on what to say. The students were fully engaged
throughout the entire lesson through turn and talks, as well as the writing proses.

2. Was I able to pace my lesson to fit the allotted time?

I was able to fit my lesson into the allotted time. My maximum time was 30 to 40 minutes, I was
just short of 40 minutes for both classes.

3. How could this lesson be improved?

This lesson could have been improved in the format of my writing template for the students. The
lines to write in were a little larger than I had realized and many of the students had a hard time writing to
fit the lines. I would make them more similar to their writing journals in the future. They still wrote
appropriately and with great ideas, their handwriting was just not as neat as usual with the larger lines.

4. Was this a good summative assessment for the community helpers unit?
I believe this was a good summative assessment for the community helpers unit because it
provided the students with choice and freedom in their selection of a community helper. I also allowed
them to show their knowledge about their favorite community helper they learned about this week.
Almost all of the students were able to express themselves and write appropriate facts for their
community helper in this format.

VI. Resources
Name: _________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Your Community Helper: _______________________________________________________________



Student Chose a Included at least Additional Notes

Name Community 1 fact about their
Helper community

Caleb + +

Claire + +

Griffin + +

Nora + + Gave two facts!

Parker S + +

Phillip + +

Piper + +

Gracie + X Doctors-Safe not Doctors-


Carson + +

Parker K + +

Blake Absent

Corrinne + +


Student Chose a Included at least Additional Notes

Name Community 1 fact about their
Helper community

Bella + +

Francesco + +

Phillip + +

Jaxon + +
Shayla + +

Kaedyn + +

Samantha + +

Vincent + +

Lucas + +

Leah + +

Paige + +

Quinn + +

Margaret + +

Jackson + +

Thomas + +

+ if the student meets the column expectation

X- if the student did not meet the column expectation

Images of Today’s Lesson and Student Samples: