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DAY 1 : M O N D AY, O C T O B E R 2 4

Amy Myers, MD Ridha Arem, MD Mark Hyman, MD Mary Shomon

Understanding Our Thyroid 101: How Conventional vs. Could You Have
Thyroid Epidemic Your Thyroid Functional Thyroid
(and Overview of Impacts Every Cell Medicine Approach Dysfunction if Your
the Summit) in Your Body to Thyroid Labs Are Normal?

What’s causing the What are TSH, T4, Choosing the right Why thyroid
thyroid epidemic? T3, RT3, TPO, Ty thyroid tests! disorders are
Underlying causes Ab? Optimal thyroid lab underdiagnosed
of thyroid Essential nutrients ranges How to find a
dysfunction for thyroid function Synthetic vs. thyroid doctor!
Getting the most Why your doctor natural thyroid Why you’re not
from The Thyroid misses diagnosis! hormone losing weight on
Connection Summit! thyroid hormone
Eric Osansky, DC Ben Lynch, ND

Understanding Your Genes Are Not

Graves' Disease Your Destiny

Root cause of What are genetic

Graves’ single nucleotide
Natural treatments polymorphisms
for Graves’ (SNP)?

Best diet for Methylation and

Graves’ thyroid
Best form of B
DAY 2: T U E SD AY, O C T O B E R 2 5

Dana Trentini Margaret Christensen, Aviva Romm, MD Kent Holtorf, MD

Pre-Conception, Thyroid and Your Healthy Pregnancy, Low Dose
Pregnancy, Sex Hormones at Postpartum and Naltrexone (LDN)
Infertility and Your All Stages of Life Your Thyroid for Thyroid and
Thyroid Chronic Fatigue

Infertility, could it Thyroid changes at Optimal thyroid LDN explained

be your thyroid? perimenopause and levels for Is your thyroid to
Optimal lab ranges menopause pregnancy blame for chronic
for pregnancy What do How to have a fatigue?
progesterone and healthy pregnancy
How to prevent a Patient success
estrogen have to do
miscarriage Postpartum and stories
with anything?
Adrenal hormones
Brian Mowll, DC, CDE,
Diabetes and
Thyroid, What's the

Is your thyroid to
blame for diabetes
Can healing your
thyroid heal your
Tips to regulate
blood sugar
DAY 3: WE D N E S D AY, O C T O B E R 2 6

JJ Virgin, PHDM CNS, Joe Cross and Claire Robb Wolf Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN,
Sugar's Impact on How to Reboot Paleo Diet, Heart Gluten-Thyroid-
Your Thyroid and Your Thyroid with Rate Variability, Autoimmune
Body Juicing Exercise and Your Connection

Why sugar is bad Juicing vs. Heart Rate Why is gluten

for your thyroid smoothies, which is Variability (HRV) suddenly such a
How to kick your better? and longevity problem?
sugar habit! Best juices for Impact of exercise How gluten
healing! on your thyroid damages the
Simple ways to curb
cravings Incorporating juice
into your everyday Gluten’s effect on
life your immune
Taylor Morgan, RD

An RD's Top Tips

for Easily Making

Best place to start

when changing your
Taylor’s top snack
DAY 4: T H U R S D AY, O C T O B E R 2 7

David Perlmutter, MD Alessio Fasano, MD Aristo Vojdani, PhD, Jeffrey Smith

The Gut-Brain- Latest Research on Predictive The GMO, Gut
Thyroid Connection Leaky Gut from a Antibodies, Leaky Health and Thyroid
Leading Harvard Gut and Toxins Connection

What’s my gut have What is leaky gut? What are predictive What are GMOs?
to do with my Does leaky gut antibodies? Do GMOs impact
thyroid? cause a thyroid Food sensitivity your thyroid?
Memory, dementia disorder? testing explained Best ways to avoid
and thyroid Connection Best test for GMOs
connection between autoimmunity
Grains, hormones autoimmunity and screening
and thyroid your gut
Raphael Kellman, MD Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS

Your Microbiome How to Heal Your

and Thyroid Leaky Gut

Heal your gut, heal Benefits of bone

your thyroid! broth
Thyroid stimulation Best supplements
test explained for leaky gut
Best way to protect Best foods to eat to
your microbiome heal your gut
DAY 5 : F R I D AY, O C T O B E R 2 8

Deanna Minich, MA, Mike Adams Stuart Nunnally, DDS, Heather White
Whole Detox for What's in Your What's in Your What's in Your
Your Whole Body Water? Mouth? Body Products?

What does it mean How mercury How root canals What’s in your
to “detox?” impacts your impact your health cleaning products?
Best foods for thyroid Oral bacteria’s Importance of
detoxification Impact of chloride, impact on your indoor air quality
Staying healthy in bromide and thyroid Staying healthy in
an unhealthy world fluoride Dangers of fluoride an unhealthy world
Do you need to take and mercury
Ritchie Shoemaker, MD

Toxic Mold Chronic

Syndrome (CIRS)

Living/working in a
The toxic mold
How to heal from
DAY 6: S AT U R D AY, O C T O B E R 2 9

Izabella Wentz, Sidney Baker, MD Darin Ingles, ND David Brady, CCN, ND

Infections As a How Parasites Can How to Overcome Is It Fibromyalgia,
Root Cause of Your Rebalance Your the Hidden Lyme Your Thyroid or
Thyroid Immune System Disease Epidemic Both?

Infections and Can parasites be a The Lyme and Fibromyalgia: is it

thyroid dysfunction miracle cure? thyroid connection all in your head?
SIBO thyroid Autoimmunity as How conventional Is fibromyalgia
connection the cause for all medicine misses really a thyroid
How to treat chronic illness Lyme disorder?
infections Protocols for using Natural treatments Best practices to
parasites for Lyme overcome
DAY 7 : S U N D AY, O CT O B E R 3 0

Jim Gordon, MD Alan Christianson, NMD Sarah Ballantyne, PhD David Haase, MD

The Mind-Body The Adrenal- The Healing Power Training Your Brain
Connection: A Thyroid Connection of Sleep to Relieve Stress
Guided Meditation Through

Healthy mind, I have adrenal Lack of sleep and The brain and
healthy body! fatigue, now what? thyroid dysfunction thyroid connection
Don’t worry, be Which came first: Daily routine for a How to train your
happy adrenal or thyroid good night’s sleep brain to relieve
A guided dysfunction? Best habits for stress!
meditation Best supplements healthy sleep Neurofeedback
for adrenal fatigue explained