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The Column

Glenifer M. Tamio
BSE 302- English
Columns are placed on the section to
which they are related.Refers to the
columnist’s column
of a
1. Keen Observation
2. Good judgment
3. Sound Reasoning
4. A knowledge of human nature
and wide acquaintanceship
5. An original style
6. Tact
7. A wholesome sense of humor
8. A spirit of restraint
9. A high respect for the school
10.Freedom from pretty prejudices
Types of Columns
1. The Editorial Column

- (news- commentary

- it is the most serious of

the personalized column
2. The Variety or Humor Column

- is an entertainment feature
made up of short items.
3. The Opinion Column

- is concerned with the reader’s

4. The Exchange Column

 Is a collection of items culled

by the exchange editor from
papers of other schools.
5. The Book Column

- it consists of several short

1. Get a clever name for the column
2. If the column is meant to entertain, be sure
that it does entertain the paper’s typical
3. Stay within the subject range column.
4. Unless it is against the format of the column,
make most items short, separated by
typographical devises long dashes (-----)and
asterisks (***).
5. If the column gives serious suggestions, be
sure it is reliable.
6. For variety, deal with different aspects
of the main topic.
7. Have items set in various typographical
styles such as italics, boldtype, different
points, caps, short clever head.
8. Avoid unkind references to people.
9. Write in good taste.
10. Deal only with timely material
pertaining to the school.
Some Special Typographical Devices
• Set outstanding columns double the usual
• Alternate boldface, lightface or italics with
usual type.
• Use different types or all caps to emphasize
some items such as names or titles.
• Center titles for some items.
• Use the first few words of an item as title,
setting it above the left.
• Set the first 3-4 words boldface .
• Have a strike head for the column.
• Have a striking sig or logo.