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“...O Filon Patera i Mitera iper Eme “...

He who loves Father or Mother

ouk esti Mou axios. Ke O filon Iion i more than Me is not worthy of Me.
Thigatera iper Eme ouk esti Mou And he who loves son or daughter
axios.. more than Me is not worthy of Me.
“Ke os ou lamvani ton Stavron aftou
ke akolouthi opiso Mou, ouk esti
“And he who does not take his Cross
and follow after Me, is not worthy
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa
Mou axios...”
Apokrithis de O Petros ipen Afto: “Idou:
of Me...”
Peter said to Him: “Behold: we have left
Archdiocese of Good Hope
imis afikamen panta ke all and followed Thee. Therefore
ikolouthisamen Si. Ti ara este imin?” what shall we have?”
O de Iisous ipen aftis: “Amin lego imin Jesus said to them: “Truly, I say to
oti imis i akolouthisantes mi - en ti
palingenesia - otan kathisi O Iios
you, that in the Regeneration -
when the Son of Man sits on the Resurrection Matins & Divine Liturgy Hymns
tou Anthropon epi Thronou Doxis Throne of His Glory - you who have USED TOGETHER WITH THE VESPERS SERVICE BOOK
Aftou - kathisesthe ke imis epi followed Me will also sit on Twelve

23 June 2019
Dodeka Thronous krinontes tas Thrones, judging the Twelve Tribes
Dodeka Filas tou Israil. of Israel.
“Ke pas os afiken ikias i Adelphous i “And everyone who has left houses or
Adelphas i Patera i Mitera i Gyneka Brothers or Sisters or Father or 1 S T
i Tekna i Agrous eneken tou Mother or Wife or Children or lands 1 S T
Onomatos Mou, ekatontaplasiona for My Name’s sake, shall receive a

All Saints Sunday

lipsete ke Zoin Eonion klironomisi. hundredfold, and inherit Eternal
“Polli de esonte proti eshati ke eshati “Many who are first will be last, and
proti.” the last first.”
Also The Feast of St Agrippina of Rome – St
Aristokleos the Priest, St Dimitrios the
Deacon, St Athanasios the Reader, of
Cyprus – St Artemios of Verkola – St

By the Grace of God

Herman, Archbishop of Kazan (Relics) – St
Eustochios, St Gaius, St Probos, St Lollia & St
Urbanos of Ancyra – Synaxis of Vladimir
Saints – Holy Icons of our Lady, Theotokos

Tone (8) Plagal 4


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Glory to God for His Great Mercy!


16. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E ( 8 ) P L A G A L 4 – 1 A P - 1 S T M A T T H E W - A L L S A I N T S
maheras. escaped the edge of the sword.
Enedinamothisan apo asthenias, Out of weakness (they) were made
egenithisan ishiri en polemo, strong, became valiant in battle,
paremvolas eklinan allotrion. turned to flight the armies of the

All Saints Sunday

Elavon gynekes ex Anastaseos tous Women received their dead Raised to
nekrous afton. life again.
Alli de etimpanisthisan - ou Others were tortured - not accepting
prosdexameni tin apolitrosin, ina Deliverance, so that they might
Our Holy Church Fathers decreed the Commemoration of the Feast of All Saints Krittonos Anastaseos tihosin. obtain a better Resurrection.
after the Descent of the Life-giving All-Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday, showing
in a certain way that the Descent of the All-Holy Spirit acted through the Holy
Eteri de empegmon ke mastigon piran Others had trials of mockings and
elavon, eti de desmon ke filakis. scourgings, of chains and
Apostles by Sanctifying them and making them wise human beings who are imprisonment.
taken from our mortal clay.
Also, for the completion of the fallen angelic order, Restoring them - and through Elithasthisan, epristhisan, epirasthison, They were stoned, they were sawn in
Christ, sending them to God - some by the Witness of their Holy Martyrdom and en fono maheras aperthanon. two, tempted, slain with the sword.
blood, others by their Virtuous Life in Christ. Periilthon en milotes, en egiis dermasin, They wandered about in sheepskins and
Furthermore, by the Power and Energy of the Holy Spirit, through Christ and isteroumeni, thlivomeni, goatskins, being destitute, afflicted,
according to the Will of God the Father, all things beyond nature are achieved kakouhoumeni - on ouk in axios O tormented – of whom the world was
by extraordinary Faithful Disciples of Christ. kosmos. not worthy.
For the Holy Spirit descends in the form of Heavenly, Uncreated Fire, Whose En erimies planomeni ke oresi ke spileis They wandered in deserts and
natural momentum is upwards - while our mortal clay has the natural ke tes opes tis Gis. mountain, in dens and caves of the
inclination downwards, but is enabled to ascend on High as we are added to Earth.
and Deified by God the Word, Who has taken His Rightful Position, being
seated at the right Hand of God the Father’s Glory.
Ke outi pantes martyrithentes dia tis And all of these witnesses through
Christ has revealed His Works of Reconciliation and the True Purpose of His Pisteos ouk eomisanto tin Epangelian Faith having obtained a Good
- tou Theou peri imon kritton ti Testimony – did not receive the
Incarnation and His Loving, Compassionate Dispensation (Economia) to us.
provlepsamenou, ina mi horis imon Promise - God having provided
Therefore He draws all those who were rejected before, to Union and Teliothosi. something better for us so that they
Friendship with God according to the Divine Promise. should not be made Perfect apart
He brings those who were outstandingly well pleasing to God as an Offering to His from us.
Heavenly Father from all the Nations - like First Fruits - which is one reason for
the Commemoration of All Saints. Tigaroun ke imis - tosounton ehontes Therefore we also - since we are
A second reason is because many people, although achieving extraordinary perikimenon imin Nefos Martyron - surrounded by so great a Cloud of
ogkon apothemni panta ke tin Witnesses - let us lay aside every
Virtues, are often unidentified - yet due to their Holy Struggles and Lifestyle
evperistaton amartian - di’ Ipomonis weight, and the sin that so easily
they have achieved great honour in God’s Sight.
trehomen ton prokimenon imin ensnares us - and let us run with
There have been many millions of Righteous souls who were good, Faithful agona - aforontes is ton tis Pisteos Endurance the Race that is set before
Disciples of Christ who lived throughout the world - throughout the ages - who Arhigon ke Teliotin, Iisoun. us, looking unto the Author and
have not been recognised or honoured as Saints. Finisher of our Faith, Jesus.
Consequently, our Holy Church Fathers have ordained the Feast of All Saints, HOLY GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST MATTHEW 10 32 – 33; 37 – 38
thereby honouring all those Saints who are unknown to us as well as those & 19 : 27 – 30
known by name and in whom the Holy Spirit has dwelt, through whom He has
operated and whom He has Sanctified and Deified. To kero ekino, ipen O Kyrios tis eaftou At that time, our Lord Jesus said to His
A third reason is because it is necessary for all the Saints and Holy Martyrs who Mathites: Disciples:
are usually Commemorated individually, day by day, to be gathered together “...Pas ostis Omologisi en Emi “... Whoever Confesses Me before men,
on one great Feast Day – a Synaxis - having all Struggled so long, so emprosthen ton anthropon, him will I also Confess before My
courageously and so Faithfully for their Love and Devotion to Almighty God. Omologiso kago en afto Father Who is in Heaven...
They have all run the Great Race of Divine Truth and Faith in the same Holy emprosthen tou Patros Mou tou en
Stadium of Virtue, and they were thus all fittingly Crowned as Victorious Ouranis...
Servants of the One, True and Living God, having nurtured and sustained His “Ostis d’ an arnisite me emprosthen “Whoever denies Me before men, him
Holy Church and becoming worthy Holy Citizens of His Eternal, Heavenly ton anthropon, arnisome afton will I also deny before My Father
Kingdom. kago emprosthen tou Patros Mou Who is in Heaven...
All these innumerable millions of Holy Saints and Martyrs, by their Good Example, tou en Ouranis...
encourage us and guide us so that we too may accomplish the same Spiritual
Struggles in their diverse and various forms, to a greater or lesser degree –
each according to our own personal efforts, dedication and devotion to God.

2. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E ( 8 ) P L A G A L 4 – 1 A P - 1 S T M A T T H E W - A L L S A I N T S MATLIT HYMNS-TONE (8) PLAGAL 4–1AP-1ST MATTHEW-ALL SAINTS 15.

exousian pantahou didahthentes, is they worshipped Him and learnt For all these Saints from every age, the revered and wise Emperor Leo erected a
tin ip Ouranon exapestellonto, kirixe from Him the Power given to Him in vast, very beautiful church, which is situated very near to the Holy Church of
tin ek nekron Anastasin ke tin is every place. And they were sent to the Holy Apostles of Christ, in the great city of Constantinople. Having built it
Ouranous apokatastasin. Is ke every place under Heaven to preach with the idea of consecrating it in honour of his first wife, Empress Theophano,
sindieonizin, O apesdis epingilato, His Resurrection from the dead, and who had been exceptionally Obedient and Faithful to God, Emperor Leo could
Hristos O Theos, ke Sotir ton psihon His Translation to Heaven, to whom not get the approval of the Holy Church until he dedicated it in honour of All
imon. He had promised - not lying - that Saints throughout time and throughout the world: “Since Theophano is a
He would be with them forever; for Saint, let her be numbered with the rest!”
THEOTOKION, GREAT DOXOLOGY & He is Christ God and the Saviour of We are thus Commemorating every soul whom the Holy Spirit has Sanctified: the
RESURRECTION APOLYTIKION our souls. Nine Orders of Heavenly Hosts; the Ancient Ancestors and Patriarchs; the
Prophets and Holy Apostles; the Martyrs and Hierarchs; the Hieromartyrs and
Ascetic Martyrs; the Ascetics and the Just and all the Choirs and Clouds of Holy
Witnesses - of all Holy Men, Women and Children – and all anonymous Saints
Divine Liturgy Hymns– All Saints Sunday throughout all time.
And before all, in all and with all, the Holiest Saint of Saints - the Most Holy and
quite Incomparably Mightier than the Angelic Orders - our Lady and
INSTRUCTIONS WITH REGARD TO THESE HYMNS Sovereign, Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary, who, together with All Saints,
Intercedes on our behalf with Christ our Saviour, for His Great Mercy on our
immortal soul.
Ex ipsous katilthes O Efsplaghnos, tafin Thou descended from on High, O
katedexo triimeron, ina imas Tender-hearted One; Thou endured
elevtherosis ton Pathon. I Zoi ke i the three-days’ burial, so that Thou
Anastasis imon, Kyrie, Doxa Si! might free us from our passions, O
our Life and Resurrection: Glory to

Ton en olon to kosmo Martiron Sou, os Thy Church having bedecked herself
porfiran ke visson ta emata, i with the blood of all Thy Martyrs in
Ekklisia Sou stolisameni, di afton voa the world, as with the finest linen
Si, Hriste O Theos: To lao Sou tous and purple robe, through them cries
iktirmous katapempson, irinin ti out to Thee, O Christ our God: Send
politia Sou Dorise, ke tes psihes imon down Thy Compassion upon Thy
to Mega Eleos. people, grant peace to Thy
Commonwealth, and to our souls Thy

Os aparhas tis fiseos, to fitourgo tis Like the First Fruits of Nature, to the
ktiseos, i ikoumeni proferi Si Kyrie, Author of all Creation, the earth’s
tous Theoforou Martiras. Tes afton people offer Thee, O Lord, the God-
ikesies, en Irini vathia tin Ekklisian bearing Martyrs. Through their
Sou, dia tis Theotokou, Sintirison Intercessions, maintain Thy Church
Polielee! in True and Perfect Peace, and
through the Theotokos, preserve Her,
O Most Merciful!
P ROKE IME NON – P SALM 67/68 – T ONE (8) P L AGAL 4

Thavmastos O Theos en tis Agiis Aftou. God is Wondrous in His Saints.

En Ekklisies Evlogite ton Theon, Kyrion Bless God in His Churches, the Lord
ek Pigon Israil. from the Fountains of Israel.
T H E E PISTLE OF S T P AUL TO TH E H EBRE WS : 11 : 33- 12: 2

Adelphi: i Agii pantes - dia Pisteos - Brethren: all the Saints, through Faith -
katigonisanto Vasilias, Irgasanto subdued Kingdoms, worked
Dikeosinin, epetihon Epangelion, Righteousness, obtained Promises,
efrazan stomata leonton, esvesan stopped the mouths of lions,
dinamin piros, efigon stomata quenched the violence of fire,

14. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E ( 8 ) P L A G A L 4 – 1 A P - 1 S T M A T T H E W - A L L S A I N T S MATLIT HYMNS-TONE (8) PLAGAL 4–1AP-1ST MATTHEW-ALL SAINTS 3.

ethlothita Thimata. us therefore praise and acclaim them
as Never Fading Flowers and as
voluntary victims, and as the
Church’s unerring stars.
Sunday Matins Hymns– All Saints Sunday Enite afton en kimvalis evihis. Enite Praise Him with tuneful cymbals;
afton en kimvalis alalagmou. Pasa praise Him with loud cymbals. Let
pnoi inesato ton Kyrion. everything that has breath praise
the Lord.

P SALM 117 /118 Tous Agious O Kyrios, tous en gi Christ our Lord has made wondrous all
PRAISE TO GOD FOR HIS EVERLASTING MERCY ethavmastose, ta aftou gar stigmata His Saints who were on Earth, for as
ke Pathimata, en ti sarki anedexanto, the Apostle declared, they bore His
✶Theos Kyrios ke Epefanen imin. ✶The Lord is God, and has Appeared en toutis kosmoumeni, ke tes Thies Marks and in their flesh they shared
Evlogimenos O erhomenos en to us. Blessed is He Who comes in kallones, profanos anathemeni, ous His Sufferings, adorning themselves
Onomati Kyriou! the Name of the Lord! imnisomen, os amaranta anthi, os therewith, and distinguishing
1: Exomologisthe to Kyrio, oti Agathos, 1. Confess the Lord, for He is Good; asteras, aplanis tis Ekklisias, os themselves in the Divine Beauty. Let
oti is ton eona to Eleos Aftou!✶ for His Mercy endures forever!✶ ethlothita Thimata. us therefore praise and acclaim them
2: Panta ta Ethni ekiklosan me, ke to 2. All the Nations surrounded me, but as Never Fading Flowers and as
Onomati Kyriou inamin aftous✶ in the Name of the Lord I drove voluntary victims, and as the
them back✶ Church’s unerring stars.
3: Para Kyriou egeneto afti, ke esti 3. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is Ekekraxan i Dikei, ke O Kyrios The Righteous cried, and the Lord
Thavmasti en ofthalmis imon.✶ Marvellous in our eyes.✶ isikousen afton. heard them
R ESURREC TION A P OLYTIKION – T ONE (8) P LAGAL 4 With the Prophets, Apostles, and the
Ex Ipsous katilthes O Efsplaghnos, tafin Thou descended from on High, O Sin Profites, Apostoli, Sin Osiis Didaskali, devoted Monastic Saints,
katedexo triimeron, ina imas Compassionate One; Thou endured Sin Ieromartisi pantes Dikei, ke Hieromartyrs, Teachers and every
elevtherosis ton pathon. I zoi ke i the three-days’ burial, so that Thou Gynekon e Athlisase, ke potho Righteous person, the Holy Women
Anastasis imon, Kyrie, Doxa Si! might free us from our passions, O askisase, ton Agion i plithis, ke excelling in Ascesis and Martyrdom,
our Life and Resurrection: Glory to Dikeon ta tagmata, evfimisthosan, the entire Host of Saints, and the
Thee! ieres melodies, os tis ano, Vasilias Ranks of the Righteous all be
klironomi, os Paradisou ikitores. extolled today with Divine Hymns,
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, for they are the Inheritors of
and to the Holy Spirit
Heaven’s Rule and Kingdom, and the
inhabitants of Paradise.
Ton en olo to kosmo Martyron Sou, os Thy Church is arrayed in the Holy Thavmastos O Theos en tis Agiis God is Wondrous in His Saints
porfiran ke visson ta emata, i Ekklisia Blood of Thy Martyrs who witnessed
Sou stolisameni, di afton voa Si, Hriste throughout the world, as though in
O Theos, to Lao Sou tous iktirmous purple and fine linen. Through I tin gin Ouranosantes, areton en By their Virtues’ effulgent Light, they
Sou katapempson, Irinin ti Politia Sou them She cries to Thee, O Christ our fedrotiti, i Hristou ton Thanaton made Earth to be Heaven-like, and
dorise, ke tes psihes imon to Mega God: Send down to Thy People Thy mimisameni, Athanasias tis they imitated the Death of Jesus
Eleos. Tender Love, grant Peace from proxenon, odon i vadisantes, i ta Christ. These are those who have
above to Thy Commonwealth, and pathi ton vroton, hirourgia tis walked the Way that leads to
to our souls Thy Great Mercy. Haritos, ekkatharantes, i en olo to Immortal Life. By the Surgery of
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton eonon. Now and ever, and to the Ages of kosmo omopsihos, enathlisantes Grace, they removed human
ages. genneos, anevfimisthosan Martyres. passions as Healers of mankind.
And United throughout the world
Amin Amen the Martyrs have courageously
contested. Let us extol all the Saints
To ap’ eonos Apokrifon ke Angelis O Theotokos, through Thee was today.
Agnoston Mystirion, dia Sou Theotoke revealed to us on Earth, the Mystery, ✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
tis epi gis pefanerote. Theos en which was hidden from Eternity, and and to the Holy Spirit
asighito enosi sarkoumenos. Ke which the Angels themselves knew
Stavron ekousios iper imon not: that God, uniting Natures
katadexamenos. Di ou Anastisas ton without confusion, became Man and Is to Oros tis Mathites epigomenis, dia tin Verily, the Lord appeared to the
Protoplaston, esosen ek Thanatou tas accepted crucifixion voluntarily for hamothen eparsin epesti O Kyrios. Ke Disciples going to the Mountain for
psihas imon. our Salvation; by virtue of which prokinisantes afton ke tin dothisan Ascension from Earthly things; and

4. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E ( 8 ) P L A G A L 4 – 1 A P - 1 S T M A T T H E W - A L L S A I N T S MATLIT HYMNS-TONE (8) PLAGAL 4–1AP-1ST MATTHEW-ALL SAINTS 13.

R ESURREC TION - P SAL M 150 - T ONE (8) P L AGAL 4 Resurrecting mankind whom He had
LET ALL THINGS PRAISE THE LORD! S M ALL LI TANY  first created, He Saved our souls
Tou piise en aftis frima engrapton. To execute upon them the Judgement from Death.
Doxa afti este pasi tis Osiis Aftou. that is decreed; such Glory will be F IRST R E SU RREC TION KA TH ISM A - TO NE (8) P L AGAL 4
for all His Holy Ones. Anestis ek nekron, i Zoi ton apanton, ke Thou Rose from the dead, the Life of
Kyrie, i ke kritirio parestis, ipo Pilatou Lord, although Thou stood at the Angelos Fotos, tes Ginexin evoa: all, and an Angel of Light cried out
krnomenos, all’ ouk apelifthis tou Judgement Seat being judged by Pafsasthe ton dakrion, tis Apostolis to the Women: Cease your tears!
thronou, to Patri sigkathezomenos: ke Pilate, yet Seated with the Father, Evangelisasthe: Kraxate animnouse: Give the Good Tidings to the
anastas ek nekron, ton kosmon Thou were not absent from Thy Oti Anesti Hristos O Kyrios, O Apostles! Cry aloud in Hymns that
ileftherosas, ek tis doulias tou Throne; and Risen from the dead, evdokisas Sose os Theos, to genos ton Christ the Lord has Risen, Who as
allotriou, os iktirmon ke Filanthropos. Thou freed the world from the anthropon. God was well-pleased to Save the
slavery of the stranger, as Thou art human race.
full of pity and Love for mankind. ✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Enite ton Theon en tis Agiis Afton. Praise God in His Saints; praise Him and to the Holy Spirit
Enite Afton en stereomati tis in the firmament of His Power. Anthropi to Mnima Sou Sotir Human beings sealed Thy Tomb, O
Dinameos Aftou. efragisanto. Angelos ton lithon ek tis Saviour; an Angel rolled the stone
Kyrie, i ke os nekron en mnimio, Ioudei Lord, although Jews had laid Thee as a thiras apekilise. Ginekes etheasanto away from the door. The women
Se katethento, all’ os Vasilea Corpse in a Tomb, yet soldiers were egigermenon ek nekron, ke afte beheld Thee Resurrected from the
ipnounta, stratiote Se efilatton, ke guarding Thee as a sleeping King, evingelisanto tis Mathites Sou en dead, and they announced the Good
os Zois thisavron, sfragidi and they sealed Thee with a seal as Sion. Oti anestis i Zoi ton apanton, ke Tidings to the Disciples in Zion:
esfragisanto: Alla Anestis ke Treasure-house of Life, but Thou dielithi ta desma tou Thanatou. that Thou – the Life of all
pareshes, aftharsian tes psihes imon. Arose and granted Incorruption to Kyrie: Doxa Si! Resurrected – and the bonds of
our souls. Death have been loosened. Glory to
Thee, O Lord!
Enite Afton epi tes Dinasties Afton. Praise Him for His Mighty Acts;
Enite Afton kata to plithos tis praise Him according to the Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of ages.
Megalosinis Aftou. greatness of His Majesty. eonon.
Kyrie, oplon kata tou diavolou, ton Lord, Thou hast given us Thy Cross as Amin Amen
Stavron Sou imin dedokas: fritti gar a Weapon against the devil; for he T H E OTOKION - T ONE (8) P L AGAL 4
ke tremi, mi feron kathoran aftou tin quails and trembles, unable to
Dinamin: oti nekrous anista, ke contemplate Thy Power; for Thou O di’ imas gennithis ek Parthenou ke Thou Who for our sake was born of a
Thanaton katirgise: dia touto Raised the dead and made Death of stavrosin ipominas agathe, o thanato Virgin, and suffered crucifixion, O
proskinoumen, tin Tafin Sou ke tin no effect: therefore, we worship Thy to Thanaton skilefsas ke egersin dixas Good One, and despoiled Death
Egersin. Burial and Thy Rising. os Theos, mi paridis ous eplasas ti through Death, and as God, revealed
Enite Afton en iho salpingos. Enite Praise Him with the sound of the hiri sou. Dixon tin filanthropian sou Resurrection: despise not Thy Love
Afton en psaltirio ke kithara. trumpet; praise Him with lute and slimon, dexe tin tekousan se for mankind, O Merciful One; accept
harp. Theotokon, presvevousan iper imon the Birth-giver of God Who bore
ke soson Sotir imon, laon Thee, and Who entreats Thee for us:
O Angelos Sou Kyrie, O tin Anastasin Thine Angel, O Lord, proclaiming Thy apegnosmenon. and Save Thy despairing people, O
kirixas, tous men filakas efovise, ta de Resurrection, filled the guards with our Saviour!
Ginea efonise, legon: Ti zitite ton fear, but he cried to the Women and
zonta meta ton nekron? Anesti Theos said: Who do you seek the Living
on, ke ti ikoumeni Zoin edorisato.. with the dead? Being God, He has Levhimonon O Gavriil fedros epesti, os Arrayed in white, Archangel Gabriel
Risen and given Life to the whole per en idi astrapis, Hristou to Tafo, appeared bright and shone like
world! ke ton lithon ekilisen apo tou lightning at Christ our Saviour’s
F E STAL I D IOME LA - AL L S AINTS - T ONE 4 mnimiou, ke fovos megas sineshe Sou gravesite, and he rolled back the
Enite Afton en timpano ke horo. Enite Praise Him with timbrel and dance; tous frourous, ke afno eminan pantes stone from the Sepulchre’s entrance.
si nekri, apo tou Tafou i filakes, ke The guards then were overcome
Afton en hordes ke organo. praise Him with strings and pipe.
tou lithou i sfragis, Eshinthite with a mighty fear, and suddenly
Tous Agious O Kyrios, tous en gi Christ our Lord has made wondrous all paranomi, gnote, oti Anesti Hristos. they became like dead men. Gone,
ethavmastose, ta aftou gar stigmata His Saints who were on Earth, for as the guards from the Sepulchre!
ke Pathimata, en ti sarki anedexanto, the Apostle declared, they bore His Gone, the seal from the stone!
en toutis kosmoumeni, ke tes Thies Marks and in their flesh they shared Embarrassed be the lawless ones,
kallones, profanos anathemeni, ous His Sufferings, adorning themselves surely knowing that Christ had
imnisomen, os amaranta anthi, os therewith, and distinguishing Resurrected.
asteras, aplanis tis Ekklisias, os themselves in the Divine Beauty. Let

12. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E ( 8 ) P L A G A L 4 – 1 A P - 1 S T M A T T H E W - A L L S A I N T S MATLIT HYMNS-TONE (8) PLAGAL 4–1AP-1ST MATTHEW-ALL SAINTS 5.

✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit Apas gigenis skiratato to pnevmati Let every mortal born on Earth,
lampadouhoumenos. Panigirizeto de carrying his lamp, in spirit leap for
Anastas ek tou Tafou os Alithos, tes After having in Truth arisen from the ailon noon fisis, gererousa TA IERA Joy; and let the Orders of Angelic
Osies prosetaxas Gynexi, kirixe tin Tomb, Thou commanded the THAVMASIA tis Theomitoros ke voato. Powers celebrate and honour THE
Egersin Apostolis os gegrapte. Ke Venerable Women to proclaim Thy Heris, Pammakariste Theotoke Agni, HOLY FEAST of the Theotokos, and
dromeos O Petros epesti to Mnimati, Resurrection to the Apostles, as it is Aiparthene. let them cry: “Hail, All Blessed
written. And Peter ran quickly to Theotokos, Pure and Ever Virgin!”
ke to Fos en to Tafo oron kateplitteto.
the Sepulchre. And beholding the SMALL LITANY & PRAISES 
Othen ke katide ta othonia mona,
Light in the Tomb, he was quite R ESURREC TION EX AP OSTE IL ARION -T ONE 2
horis tou Thiou somatos, en afto amazed. Wherefore he observed
katakimena. Ke Pistefsas evoise. that the grave clothes were lying Tis Mathites sinelthomen, en Ori Let us gather with the Disciples on the
Doxa Si Hriste O Theos, oti Sozis alone in the Sepulchre without the Galileas, Pisti Hriston theasasthe, Mount in Galilee to behold Christ in
apantas Sotir imon. Tou Patros gar Divine Body. And believing, he cried legonta exousian, lavin ton Ano ke faith, saying, I have received the
kato. Mathomen pos didaski, Vaptizin Power of those on High and those
iparhis apavgasma. aloud: “Glory be to Thee, O Christ
is to Onoma tou Patros Ethni panta, below. And let us learn how to
God our Saviour, for Thou Save all
ke tou Iiou, ke Agiou Pnevmatos, ke Baptise all the nations in the Name
people, inasmuch as Thou art the sinine tis mistes, os ipesheto, eos tis of the Father, and of the Son, and of
Father’s radiance.” sintelias the Holy Spirit, and how He is
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. present with His initiates to the end
eonon. of the world as He promised.

T H E OTOKION - T ONE (8) P L AGAL 4 Ton Vaptistin ke Prodromon, Apostolous The Baptist John the Forerunner, the
Profitas, Martyras, Ierarhas te Apostles and the Prophets, Martyrs
Epi Si Heri, Keharitomeni, pasa i ktisis, Because of Thee, O Full of Grace, all Askitas ke Osious, Ieromartyras ama, and Holy Hierarchs, the Devout and
Angelon to sistima, ke anthropon to Creation rejoices: the Ranks of filotheous Gynekas, ke tous Dikeous Ascetics, and the Divine
genos, igiasmene nae, ke Paradise Angels and the human race; apantas, ke Angelon tas taxis Hieromartyrs, and the God-loving
Logike, Parthenikon kavhima: ex is Hallowed Temple and Spiritual hresostikos, imnis katastepsomen Women, and all the Righteous of old,
Theos esarkothi, ke Pedion gegonen, Paradise, Pride of Virgins: from disopountes, tis doxis touton and the Angelic Orders, let us extol
O pro Eonon iparhon Theos imon. Thee God was Incarnate and He tevxasthe, pros Hristou tou Sotiros. dutifully honouring them with
Tin gar Sin Mitran, Thronon epiise, ke Who is our God before the Ages praises, while Entreating our Saviour
tin Sin Gastera, Platiteran Ouranon became a little Child. For He made Christ that we attain their Glory.
Apirgasato. Epi Si Hieri Haritomeni, Thy Womb a Throne and caused it T H E OTOKION
pasa i Ktisis: Doxa Si! to become broader than the
Heavens. Because of Thee, O Full of O ano Doxazomenos, Theikos ip’ He Who is Glorified Above as One
RESURRECTION EVLOGITARIA, Grace, all Creation rejoice: Glory to Angelon, kolpon Patronon ahrante, Divine by Angels, while He in
TRISAGION HYMN, THEOTOKION & Thee! mi ekstas aporritos, tis kato manner yet untold, left not the
SMALL LITANY sinanestrafi, Si de taftis ipirxas, tis Father’s Bosom, with those below He
R ESURREC TION I PE RKOI Sotirias proxenos, ex agnon Sou mingled; and Thou, O Stainless
ematon, touto Agni, iper logon sarka Lady, have become the Guardian,
E Myrofori tou Zoodotou, epistase ton The Myrrh-bearing Women standing at danisameni, on etise tis doulis Sou, Host of this Great Salvation; from
Mnimati, ton Despotin ezitoun, en the Tomb of the Giver of Life, were litron doune ptesmaton. Thy Pure Blood, Thou lent Him Thy
nekris ton Athanaton: ke Haras seeking the Immortal Master among Flesh beyond comprehension. Ask
Evangelia, ek tou Angelou dexamene, the dead: and when they received the Him, O Pure One, that He grant
tis Apostolis eminion: Oti Anesti O Good Tidings of Joy from the Angel, Forgiveness of sins to Thy servants.
Kyrios parehon to kosmo to Mega they revealed to the Apostles that L AUD S : TH E P RAISE S TO G OD - P SAL M 148
Eleos. Christ had Risen, granting the world PRAISES TO THE LORD FROM ALL C REATION

His Great Mercy. Pasa pnoi enesato ton Kyrion. Enite Let everything that has breath praise
R ESURREC TION A NABATHM I - TO NE (8) P L AGAL 4 ton Kyrion ek ton Ouranon. Enite the Lord. Praise the Lord from the
ANTIP HO N 1 Ek neotitos mou O ehthros ANTIP HO N 1 From my youth, the enemy Afton en tis Ipsistis. Si prepi imnos Heavens; praise Him in the Highest.
me pirazi, tes idones flegi me. Ego de has beguiled me with temptations of to Theo. To Thee praise is due, O God.
pepithos en si, Kyrie, tropoume pleasure. But I, trusting in the Lord, Enite Afton, pantes i Angelli Aftou. Praise Him, all His Angels; praise Him,
touton. have put him to shame. Enite Afton, pase e Dinamis Aftou. all His Powers. To Thee praise is
I misountes Sion, genithitosan di, prin Let those who hate Zion truly become Si prepi imnos to Theo. due, O God.
ekspasthine os hortos. Sigkopi gar as grass, before it is uprooted, for
Hristos avhenas afton tomi vasanon. the Lord shall behead them with the
cutting sword of Torment.
6. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E ( 8 ) P L A G A L 4 – 1 A P - 1 S T M A T T H E W - A L L S A I N T S MATLIT HYMNS-TONE (8) PLAGAL 4–1AP-1ST MATTHEW-ALL SAINTS 11.
Amin Amen ✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnemati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and
eonon. ever and to the Ages of Ages.

OD I 1 Anixo to stoma mou ke plirothisete OD E 1 I shall open my mouth and the

Amin Amen
Pnevmatos ke logon erevxome ti Spirit will inspire it, and I shall utter ✞Agio Pnevmati to zin ta panta, fos ek ✞Life is in the Holy Spirit for all.
He is
Vasilidi Mitri. Ke ofthisome fedros the words of my song to the Queen Fotos Theos Mega. Sin Patri Light of Light, a Great God. Let us
Panigirizon ke aso gnothomenos and Mother: I shall be seen imnoumen afto ke to Logo. praise Him with the Father and the
TAFTIS TA THAVMATA. radiantly keeping Feast and Logos.
2 I kardia mou to fovo sou 2 Let my heart, encompassed
OD I 3 Tous
Sous Imnologous, Theotoke, OD E 3 OMother of God, Thou living skepestho, tapinofrovousa, mi by Thy fear, be humbled, O Most
izosa ke Afthonos Pigi, Thiason and plentiful Fount, grant strength ipsothisa apopesi ek sou Compassionate, lest it rise and fall
Sigkrotisantas Pnevmatikon, to those united in Spiritual paniktirmnon. from Thee.
stereoson. Ke en ti Thia Doxi Sou Fellowship, who sing Hymns of Epi to Kyrion O eshikos elpida, ou disi He who trusts in the Lord shall not be
Stefanon Doxis axioson. Praise to Thee: and in Thy Divine tote ote Piri ta panta krini ke kolasi. afraid when Fire shall Judge, and
Glory grant them Crowns of Glory. Punish all.
OD I 4 Tin anexihniaston Thian Voulin tis OD E 4 Perceiving the Unsearchable ✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
ek tis Parthenou sarkoseos Sou to Purpose of God concerning Thine Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and
Ipsistou O Profitis Abbakoum Incarnation from a Virgin, O Most eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages.
katanoon ekravgaxe. Doxa ti Dinami High, the Prophet Habakkuk cried: Amin Amen
Sou, Kyrie Glory to Thy Power, O Lord!
✞Agio Pnevmati pas tis thios vlepi ke ✞Every Godly person sees, foretells,
OD I 5 Exesti ta simpanta epi ti Thia Doxi OD E 5 The whole world was amazed at prolegi, teratourgi ipsista, en trisin and works Supreme Wonders by the
Sou. Si gar, apirogame Parthene, Thy Divine Glory: for Thou, O ena Theou melpon. I gar ke trilampi, Holy Spirit. He sings to One God in
eshes en Mitra ton epi Panton Theon Virgin, Who has not known wedlock, monarhi to Thion. Three Persons. Although manifested
ke tetokas ahronon Iion, pasi tis has been Translated from Earth to as Three, the Godhead reigns as One.
the Eternal Mansions to the Life
imnousi Se Sotirian vravevousa.
without end, bestowing Salvation
ANTIP HO N Γ Ekekraxa si, Kyrie, ANTIP HO N 3 I have cried to Thee: O
proshes klinon mi to ous sou voonti, Lord, incline Thine Ear to my voice
upon all who sing Thy praises. ke katharon prin aris me apo ton and cleanse me before Thou take me
6 As we celebrate this Sacred and enthevde. from all that is here.
OD I 6 Tin
Thian Taftin ke Pantimon OD E

Telountes Eortin i Theofrones tis Solemn Feast of the Theotokos, let Epi tin mitera aftou gin dinon pas avthis Everyone shall again return to Mother
Theomitoros, defte tas hiras us come, clapping our hands, O analisi, tou lavin vasanous i gera to Earth and at once be dissolved, to
krotisomen, ton ex aftis tehthenta people of the Lord, and Glorifying veriomenon. receive Prize or Punishment in
Theon Doxazontes. God Who was Born of her. accordance with their life.
7 The ✞Doxa ✞Glory
OD I 7 Ouk
elatrefsan ti ktisi i OD E Holy Children bravely Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. to the Father, and to the Son,
Theoforones para ton Ktisanta. Alla piros trampled upon the threatening fire, Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and
apilin andrios patisantes, herontes preferring not to worship created eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages
epsallon. Iperimnite, O ton Pateron things rather than the Creator, and Amin Amen
Kyrios ke Theos, Evlogitos i. they sang in Joy: “Blessed art Thou
and praised above all: O Lord God of ✞Agio Pnevmati Theologia Monas ✞By the Holy Spirit was bestowed
our Fathers!” Trisagia. O Patir gar anarhos, ex ou Theology: the One Thrice-Holy
efi O Ios ahronos, ke to Pnevma Godhead: The Father Unoriginate,
OD I 8 ✞Enoumen, Evlogoumen ke OD E 8 ✞We Praise, we Bless and we simmorfon, sinthronon, ek Patros Who timelessly Begot the Eternal Son
Proskinoumen ton Kyrios. Worship the Lord! sineklampsan. and from Whom proceeded the Spirit
Pedas evagis en ti kamino O tokos tis The Offspring of the Theotokos saved - sharing Form, Throne and
Splendour with the Father.
Theotokou diesosato, tote men the Holy Children in the furnace.
tipoumenos, nin de energoumenos He Who was then prefigured has ANTIP HO N ∆ Idou di ti kalon i ti ANTIP HO N 4 Behold how good and
tin ikoumenin apasan agiri since been born on Earth, and He terpnon, all i to katikin adelfous beautiful it is for Brethren to dwell
psallousan. Ton Kyrion imnite ta gathers together all Creation to sing: ama? En touto gar Kyrios epingilato together. For in this, the Lord
Erga ke iperipsoute is pantas tous “O ye Works of the Lord: Bless ye the Zoin Eonian. promised Eternal Life.
eonas. Lord and exalt Him above all Tou endimatos aftou O ta krina tou The One Who adorns the lilies of the
forever!” agrou kosmon kelevi, mi din field commands that no one be
T H E M AGNIF IC AT  concerned about their clothing.

10. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E ( 8 ) P L A G A L 4 – 1 A P - 1 S T M A T T H E W - A L L S A I N T S MATLIT HYMNS-TONE (8) PLAGAL 4–1AP-1ST MATTHEW-ALL SAINTS 7.

✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son, efotisas Filanthrope: dia touto ke of Thy Victory, my Saviour: Giver of
Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and kosmos sigheri, TI EK NEKRON EGERSI SOU Life: and Thou Enlightened Creation,
eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages. POLIELEE. Lover of Mankind! Therefore, too,
the world rejoices AT THY RISING FROM
✞Agio Pnevmati enoidi etia, panta ehete ✞Contained within the Holy Spirit is the F E STAL KO NTAKION - AL L S AINTS – T ONE (8) P LAGAL 4
irinovravevtos. Thos touto gar esti, Cause of all, in Perfect Peace. For He
Patri te ke Io Omoousion Kyrios is God of one Essence with the Os aparhas tis fiseos, to fitourgo tis O Planter of Creation, Lord, to Thee
Father and the Son. ktiseos, i ikoumeni prosferi Si Kyrie, does the entire world bring as an
tous Theoforous Martyras, tes afton Offering the God-bearing Martyr
ikesies, en Irini vathia, tin Ekklisian Saints, as being nature’s First Fruits.
Vasilefsi Kyrios is ton eona, O Theos The Lord shall reign forever: Thy Sou, dia tis Theotokos sintirison, At their earnest Entreaty, keep Thy
Sou, Sion, is genean ke genean.(2) God, O Zion, from generation to POLIELEE. Church in a state of profoundest
generation. (2) Peace, through the Theotokos, O LORD
STIHOS Eni, i psihi mou, ton Kyrion V E R S E Praise the Lord, O my soul
Vasilefsi Kyrios is ton eona, O Theos The Lord shall reign forever: Thy
Sou, Sion, is genean ke genean. God, O Zion, from generation to I en pasi ti gi martyrisantes, ke en tis who were Martyred throughout
Ouranis metikisantes, i ta pathi the Earth, and those who moved
Hrstou mimisameni, ke ta pathi imon their homes to the Heavens, the
Imitators of Christ’s Suffering, and
aferoumeni, entavtha simeron
R ESURREC TION G OSPEL 1: M ATTH EW 28 : 16 - 20 those who remove from us our
athrizonte, prototokon kikniontes suffering, here today are gathered,
Ekklisian, os tis ano ton tipon shown to be the First Fruits of the
To kero ekino, i endeka Mathite Then the Eleven Disciples went away epehousan, ke Hristo ekvoosan, Thes Church, having held it as the type of
eporefthisan is tin Galiean, is to oros into Galilee, to the mountain that mou i, Si me dia tis Theotokou that Above. And they cried out to
ou etxato aftis O Iisous. Jesus had appointed for them. sintirison, POLIELEE. Christ: “Thou art my God: Preserve
me through the Theotokos: O MOST
Ke idontest afton prosekinisan afto, i de When they saw Him, they worshipped MERCIFUL.
edistasan. Him; but some doubted.
Ke proselthon O Iisous elalisen aftis And Jesus went and spoke to them,
legon: Edothi mi pasa exousia en saying: “All Authority has been Ti KI’ tou aftou minos, mnimi tis Aias On the 23rd day of this month we
Ourano ke epi gis. Proevthentes given to Me in Heaven and on Martyros Agrippinis. Commemorate the Holy Martyr St
Mathitefsate panta ta ethni, Earth. Go, therefore, and make Agrippina of Rome.
Vaptizontes aftous is to Onoma tou Disciples of all the Nations, Ti afti imera, Mnimi ton Agion On this day we Commemorate the Holy
Patros, ke tou Iou ke to Agiou Baptising them in the Name of the Martyron, Aristokeous Presviterou, ke Hieromartyrs: St Aristocles the
Pnevmatos didaskontes aftou tirin Father, and of the Son, and of the Dimitriou Diakonou ke Athanasiou Presbyter, St Demetrios the Deacon,
panta osa enetilamin imin, Ke idou Holy Spirit, teaching them to Anagnostou. and St Athanasios the Reader, of
ego meth imon emi pasa tas imeras observe all things that I have Cyprus.
eos tis sintelias tou eonos. commanded you. And behold: I Am
with you always, even to the end of T OU P E NTIKOSTARIOU F ROM THE P E NTEC OSTARION
the age.”
Ti simeron imera, Kyriaki meta tin On this day – First Sunday After
Amin Amen Pentikostin, tin ton apantahou tis Pentecost – we celebrate the Feast of
R ESURREC TION K ONTAKION – T ONE (8) P L AGAL 4 ikoumenis en Asia, Livii, Evropi, ke All Saints from every part of the
Ameriki, Vorra te ke Noto, Agion world – those in Asia, Africa, Europe
Exanastas tou Mnimatos, tous tethneotas On Rising from the grave Thou roused
panton Eortin Eortazomen. and America – from the North, and
igiras, ke ton Adam Anestisas: ke i the dead and Raised up Adam. Eve from the South.
Eva horevi en ti Si Anastasi, ke dances at Thy Resurrection, and the
kosmou ta perata Panigirizousi, TI ends of the world keep festival at STIHI: Tou Kyriou mou pantas imno VERSES: I sing Praises to all the
MERCIFUL. I tis de mellon, is tous pantas isito. If one is so destines, to their number
R ESURREC TION I KOS – T ONE (8) P L AGAL 4 be added.
Ta tou Adou skilevsas vasilia, ke When Thou had ransacked the Palaces
Tes tis ahrantou Sou Mitros Presvies, By the Intercessions of Thine
nekrous anastisas makrothime, of Hades and raised the dead, O
Hriste O Theos, ke panton ton ap’ Immaculate Mother, O Christ our
ginexi Myroforis sinintisas, anti lipis Longsuffering, Thou met the Myrrh- God, and of all Thy Saints from every
eonos Agion Sou, eleison ke Soson
Haran komisamenos: ke Apostolis bearing Women, bringing them Joy Age, have Mercy on us and Save us,
imas, os monos Agathos ke
Sou eminisas ta tis nikis simvola, instead of sorrow; and to Thine as Thou alone art Good and Love
Sotir mou zoodota, ke tin ktisin Apostles Thou revealed the Symbols mankind

8. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E ( 8 ) P L A G A L 4 – 1 A P - 1 S T M A T T H E W - A L L S A I N T S MATLIT HYMNS-TONE (8) PLAGAL 4–1AP-1ST MATTHEW-ALL SAINTS 9.