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ToT 5: Tools for engagement through CaCe.

Dinh Van Hai – Hanoi University of Science and Technology

April 1-6, 2019

Why need of Student Portal?
– The demand of student in finding job opportunities as well as the demand of
employers/company in recruiting potential candidate is increasing in both of
quantity and quality, as well as the variety of careers and requirement for each job
– It is necessary to have a complete and systematic database to facilitate in making
decisions to plan training activities and supporting students effectively for
increasing a possible success rate of students in joining the labor market.
– Student Portal will be an useful tool to support employers and students to find each
other easily;
– It will collect all relevant information for making the proper reports to facilitate the
plan making in training, learning and recruiting actions for HUST, students and
employers/companies, respectively.

What’s Student Portal?
It is a portal for receving relevant information:

– Students can input all their information, e.g. CV, and are allowed to update
the inputed information time to time;

– Employers/companies can publish their profile and recruitment demains on

job positions along with requirements for each position.

The SP will be a useful place for searching all information regarding recruitment

The SP will provide relevant reports:

– It will provide any necessary information to orientate operations inclunding
career planing, training, learning and recruitment activities


Information processing
Procedure for processing recruitment information of Employer/company,
for example:
– Inputing recruitment information: Employer/company user inputs recruitment
– Authenticating and approving: Manager will check the authenticity of the
inputed information, negotiate with the employer/company on the right and
responsibility regarding this, and make an approval if such inputed information
meet criteria for publication.
– Publishing & registering: The approved information will be published on GUI,
and student user may apply for job, then such application will be notifIed to
the employer/company.
– Suggesting: System will send a suggestion message to the candidates, which
are chosen based on on the analysed data.



User Data-

Data Adaptive Tool

(other resoures) (collecting)

Analysing Tool
The Student Portal

Functions and Requirements
The SP is required to have the following technical functions:
– GUI: allowing users to input/update their indivial information, and look for
any information in interet, that may be either Web-based GUI or Mobile
App-based GUI.
– Datawarehouse (online database): organizing and storing all data
regarding student, employer/company, policies and others, and allows the
accessing data by Application Programming Interface (API).
– Adaptive Tool: re-formating all data which are collected from the said
other data resource including all information regarding academic
achievement, extracurricular activities, and other relevant information.
– Analysing Tool: Analysing the obtained data to find and giving the useful
information to users.


The system is able for meeting demands in

– looking for any information regarding recruitment for:
• more than 30,000 students;
• hundreds employer/company;
– exporting dozens kinds of analysed reports to interested
Organizations or Individuations

Thank you!
Victor Climent
University of Alicante

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