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Sample Questions (PDDUSKVP)

1. OTDR is considered as an essential tool to test the integrity of optic fiber cables.
Name the principle on which OTDR works:

a. Ohms law and law of conductivity

b. Rayleigh scattering and Fresnel reflaction
c. Optical length and principle of reflection
d. All the given options are incorrect

2. While installation, backfilling and crowning is an important activity. Who amongst

the following is supposed to perform this activity? a. labours b. workers c.

a. only a
b. only b
c. All a,b and c
d. Both a and b

3. At a very large area optical fiber are laid to long distances, in such condition if
length and reliability of optical fibers has to be known the instrument should be used

a. splicing mechine
b. spool
d. power meter

4. During an installation of optical fiber, the fiber is laid down in trenches that has
some turns along its way. It is observed that the bending ratio is not maintained as
per installation standard. Then how it will affect the fiber.

a. increase in the fiber attenuation at end point.

b. increase in the fiber attenuation at bending points.

c. increase in the fiber attenuation at start points

d. increase in the fiber attenuation at whole length of fiber.

5. Which among the following is/ are responsible for generating attenuation of an
optical power in fiber ?

a. Waveguide effect

b. Absorption

c. All of above

d. Scattering
6. Aman is senior technician on an OFC installation and maintenance site. The project
is completed under his guidance, now it’s for closing of project. Mention or select the
activities among the four options that will fall into closing activity.

a. document lessons learned. Archive all relevant project documents in the project
management information system(PMIS). Close out procurements.

b. 1 and 2 combine includes closing activity

c. All the given options are incorrect.

Obtain acceptance by the customer or sponsor

. conduct post project review

.Record impact of tailoring to any process

7. Trenches are needed to be dugout at OFC installation site. Find out the necessary
safety measure that must be followed by all the laymen and technicians at work.

a. All the given options are correct

b. caution boards, yellow plastic tapes

c. activities of trenching, laying of duct and backfilling run in parallel

d. do not keep them open for long

8. Suppose a trench is covered with stone and debries instead of sand then how it will
affect optical fibers?

a.No impact on fiber

b. communication speed will decrease

c. It will damage fiber

d. communication speed will increase

9. As per optical technician, you have been given a task of optical fiber installation but
the work got delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances. What should be
ensured while informing/ escalating the instance of delay?

a. As per company law

b. All the given options are incorrect

c. As per own wish

d. Enterprise policy
10. Select the appropriate sequence of stripping during splicing of optical fiber.

a. 1 cleaning with some chemical, 2. Remove coating, 3. splicing the fiber, 4. cleaving of fiber.

b. 1 cleaning with some chemical, 2. Remove coating, 3. cleaving of fiber. 4. splicing the fiber

c. 1. Remove coating, 2 cleaning with some chemical, 3. cleaving of fiber. 4. splicing the fiber

d. 1 cleaning with some chemical, 2. cleaving of fiber 3. Remove coating, 4. splicing the fiber

11. As an optical technician you need to measure EPR of earth. Which is the correct
instrument used for that from the following options?

a. Wattmeter

b. Voltmeter

c. All the given options are incorrect

d. ammeter

12. The phenomenon based on which light can travel through an optical fiber is
known as

a. Frequency modulation

b. Total internal reflection

c. population invertion

d. Doppler effect

13. While preparing cable for splicing operations, which tool is used for measuring
fiber length, transmission attenuation, joint attenuation ?

a. spool

b. power meter

c. wattmeter


14. Justify the statement, A 9-micrometer speck is too small to see without a
microscope, but it can completely block the fiber core. These contaminants can be
more difficult to remove than dust particles.

a. statement is true

b. 9- micrometer does not make any effect on fiber.

c. All the given options are incorrect

d. partially true, it will not completely block the fiber

15. For decades, fiber optics have been inspected and cleaned to ensure the proper
passage of light. while fiber optics inspection and cleaning fiber connectors is not
new, it is growing in importance as links with increasingly higher data rates are
driving decreasingly small loss budgets........................... are common forms of fiber
connector end face contamination.

a. water blocking gel

b. oil

c. All the given options are correct

d. dust

16. At site optical mechanical splicing is needed. While doing splicing, at what axis
fiber should be cut down for better internal reflection?

a. at slante axis

b. circular cut on the fiber

c. at horizontal axis to the fiber plane

d.At vertical to the fiber plane

17. Sealing of joints is an important task while performing optical fiber splicing. Point
out the incorrect option amongst following by which the sealing cannot be done?

a. fevi-kwik

b. heat shrinking

c. multi diameter seals

d. mechanical seals

18. A technician while working at site forget to wear his safety glasses. Can that be
hazardous to him?

a. It will be hazardous for his eyes and nearby skin area as optical fibers are very
minute and penetrate skin badly.

b. All the given options are incorrect

c. Risky and can be handle at the time of some fault.

d. Not hazardous as optical fibers are not dangerous to handle.

19. A foreman working at optical fiber installation site, he/ she must have some safety
measures. List down them.

a. helmets, knee pads

b. All the given options are correct

c. safety glasses, trench guards

d. safety boots

20. Suppose you are doing continuity test of an optical fiber cable. You are sending a
light signal through one end but not receiving on other, then the conclusion is:

a. All the given options are correct

b. fiber is twisted somewhere

c. fiber is broken at some point

d. detector is fautty

21. During fusion splicing the fiber ends must be visualized through .........................

a. telescope

b. microscope

c. bare eyes

d. safety glasses

22. Which optical devices are adopted or applicable for routing signals from one
waveguide to another ? And FRP is composed of:

a. optical combiner and plastic and glass

b. All the given options are incorrect

c. optical splitter and plastic matrix and glass matrix

d. optical coupler and plastic matrix and glass fiber

23. What does the image represent?

a. Optical fiber cable

b. Cable pieces
c. Optical fiber communication
d. Optical fiber coversation

24. Identify the image.

a. Fiber access terminal closure.

b. Inlince closure.
c. Fusion seal
d. Mechanical Dome seal

25. After installation of optical fiber the joint indicator has to be planted, what could be its
distance from chamber location?

a. 6 Meter

b. 3.6 Meter

c. 2 Meter

d. 1 Meter

26. With advances in technology in moder day telecommunications, over a period of time, it
became very important to upgrade the HDPE pipes to be used particularly for
telecommunications . The optical fiber cables used for telecommuncations being very
delicate and sensitiveand they require proper lubrication on inner layer of duct so that optical
fiber could be inserted easily Therefore...................................... are used in place of regular
HDPE pipes.

a. PVC pipes.

b. PPR Pipes.

c. Power meter.

d. Permanently lubricated ducts.

27. An optical fiber has been pushed in a duct with a pressure of 8 bar(that is found to be a
normal quantity) but because of some technical problem pressure is increased upto 10 bar.
Now the optical fiber in the duct will......

a. Fold over and damaged.

b. No effect of such pressure.


d. fold over but recover without any damage.

28. An optical fiber is broken up during installation by a technician then the fiber must be
fixed through.

a. Cleaning with alcohol and then splicing.

b. cleaning with dry cloth and then splicing.

c. All the given options are incorrect.

d.Joining the fiber ends with any connector.

29. Suppose a fiber optical cable is dismantled and it is found that it has three main parts.
Name the inner most part of optical fiber.

a. Core
b. Cladding
c. Copper wire
d. Coating

30 The small section of fiber which is coupled to the optical source is known as

a. Pigtail
b. Flylead
c. All the given options are incorrect
d. Both a and b