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K:Hi kevin.I haven't seen you for six years.It's a long time. How are you?

How long have you

been here? I don't know nothing about your life

S:Well.I have been here for 5 years because I got a job here so I traveled here

K:That's amazing!! Really? because London is very beautiful and chic

S:Yah!Karla.Do you remember when we were kids and our dream was to travel here?But
now!I'm feel very stressed because I can't adjust to this place

K:Yeah.I m remember that!Our childhood was amazing...But Kevin Why do you say that?

S:Because I have housick and I Don't understand the customs of London.London has a lot of
rules and And in British English some words are different than our English

K:Oh Kevin! You have a language barrier.So if you want something and you don't know what
you say that .You can overcome this with the body language and your facial expressions

S:Thanks Karla.It's a good idea but I may meet

someone but I don't know how to strike up a conversation because I'm very shy

K:Oh, Kevin I have a great idea.Im going to the dinner party of my london friend.So Do you
want to go with me? In this place you will learn more about the custom and the traditional
food of London.My friend is a good person.You could be his friend

S:It's a good idea.When and where is the party?

K:Well.It's today!the party starts in 4 hours and The house of my friend in next to the train

S:Ohno! it's late.well Karla i will see you at the partyKM


S:Karla where are you? Im outside your friends house

K:Sorry kevin.I can't go to the party because my kitchen drain is clogged and I Don't know
what i do

S:Oh! it is a big problem.I know what you should do.Call my friend.He fixes all

K:Thanks Kevin and Sorry but I will sent a message to my friend and I told him that you will

S:Really? i feel nervous.Well i will enter to the house

K:Don't worry.when you run into my friend.He is wearing the suit and He is tall and He is the
person with the mustache
S:OHOH!! I see him! I see him! bye bye

S: Goodnight Sr. May I interrupt for a moment?
A: Goodnight, Yes you may.
S: Are you Karla’s friend Antony?
A: Yes I am, Who are you?
S:My name is Kevin and I’m Karla´s friend too. She won’t come because she has problems
with her kitchen drain.
A: Oh, Sorry to hear that. So, Are you going to come to the dinner party?
S: Yes I am, I want to learn how are the costumes here in London
A: It’ll be a pleasure to teach you the costumes in London. Let’s go to the dinner party…


A: Kevin, sorry but It’s not allowed to enter whith that cap
K: Oh, no problem, I´ll take it off
A: Well, we are here, welcome to my house!!!! It’s a little small but it’s really comfortable.
S: here is very good, also, your house is elegant and traditional.
A: Thank you so much, please, take a sit.
S: I have never been in a dinner party in London. I dont know what should I do.
A: Don’t worry, you will see that our customs are very similar.
(nos sentamos en la mesa)
A: today we will eat lazaña.
S: uhm.. This looks delicious… How long did it take you to cook?
A: A few hours… I like to do it. Take, try this.
S: Is it okay if I use my fingers?
A: Actually, It's probably better to use a fork. You have to keep in mind that eating habits are
differents here.
S:Ok sorry…. uhm… it´s delicious
A: Thaks. Kevin, Where are you from?
S: I am from Peru, exactly from the city of Lima.
A: Peru is beautiful country. The last year, me and my family was in Peru. We visited Cusco.
S:Cuzco is visited by many tourist every year, It’s the most visited place in P eru
A: Kevin. Tell me a little about yourself, What do you do?
S: well, I won a scholarship for the university of Brunel.
A: very good, Do you have any family here?
S: No I don’t, I live in a apartment on the outskirts of London, but, the rent is very expensive.
A: Yes It is. but, have you thought about looking for a roommate?
S: I still haven’t found a roommate, because He have to be responsible and polite like me.
A: Don’t worry, We’ll find the solution.
S: It’s was a pleasure talk to you Antony, but I have to go to my house.
A: thank’s Kevin, I hope to see you later.