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TURN BACK, O MAN from the musical Godspell Word and Muse by STEPHEN SWART aro? Ge GovF Emtb5 D Gn owe Enns + aaa = go fe a Oe eatks y—_,Bbm ‘ome Wty hs at ee a a en ron 185 evar fol = ws mee “pink” tn Wie Spoken: How m doin o an aths » oa onF Th a is fin parentenes)are merely suggestions no necessarily the ines Yo wil wat. "Adib when oul, shoul be ve on te aoa ance members for nance’ "Ha, Cty” wa bald mane) ars ae on, 2, whose teat cownot_ wi ame wee dea Inge ep bo bom a fee 1 a See ‘si wit not Would man tot ake Draws os om ToCode (ae oa cal ape {lam — Spoken Whar arth men phere? ow 7 RS name TT gp aim