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Jesus Saves Joel Hemphill Joel Hemphill CHORUS yy aon EE orm Bb Bie Je- sus saves! He still does! He will make of you some-one new, cleansethe sin that eb a a GC? Fm Fm? The Ho - ly Spir - it whis-pers, “No more must you be en-slaved, Just be - lieve it, Je- sus saves.” Ea Bh 4 ph oR We tak of Jov- ing oth-ers, and we should. © And to a dy-- ing world the D.C. al FINE ab o° rm Fm? BE Bh eb reat-est thing that we can say is, “Take a look at Cal-va-ry, Je sus saves.” (© Copyright 1986 Hemphill Music Co/Family and Friends Music/BMI All rights reserved. Used by permission of Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc,