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Koscki 1

Megan Koscki

Professor Granillo

English 103

28 May 2019

My Writing Experience

Coming into this class, my SMART goal was to excel in my writing more than I ever

have before. I wanted to excel by obtaining new knowledge on how to write an essay and to

learn more about other people's writing and ideas. At first, I really thought I was accomplishing

my goal, I did great on my first essay and that gave me hope for the rest of the semester.

Unfortunately, though, I got lost with my other essays and as I thought I was doing great, my

grades showed otherwise. I believe this came from the lack of understanding exactly what was

expected from the professor. Luckily, I know for next time to reach out for more clarification.

For me, I have always been a naturally great writer. Ever since I was little I would put all my

effort and passion toward English and my teachers saw the potential in me. I was always excited

to go into the English class to write about whatever we had to, so going into a college class was

even more exciting and scary. So far my college experience for English has been rewarding.

Even though it was upsetting to see me do great on my work and then suddenly crash down, it

brought more inspiration to push myself further. Now I want to learn even more and be able to

take what I learned from my “bad” essays and turn my future ones into something great.
Koscki 2

As I know I will be pushing myself even more in future classes, I also know how to

exactly do that successfully. With this hybrid class, I felt as if there was so much work piled up

making me frustrated at first. Through this frustration, I was able to learn how to pace out my

work correctly and not do it all at once. I timed myself in increments in order to give myself

breaks in between writing and let my thoughts settle. I really struggle with the “so what” and

counterargument of my essays and I still need to learn how to express them correctly in my

writing. I always thought I was showing them, but I clearly wasn’t. Wrapping this up, just a

couple of months ago I said to myself that I was an English major. I wanted to teach either

overseas in Africa or be a teacher here in the states. However, for some reason, my view changed

during my time in this class and I no longer want to go down that path. I couldn’t see myself

teaching a subject where most students weren’t putting their full effort or they just didn’t care.

Besides that, I know writing will still be in my future with jobs and classes. I look forward to

taking what I learned in this specific class out into those jobs and classes to better my writing and

be proud of how far I have come.