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I, _________________ of legal age, with address at

__________________________, hereby acknowledge and accept the
lawful cessation of my employment with __________________________
hereinafter referred to as Employer, effective on ______________, and
further manifest and declare that:

1. I acknowledge having received from my Employer to my full

and complete satisfaction, all amounts due me from my
Employer. I further declare that I have been fully paid my
salaries, and such other benefits/amount including any
financial assistance that may be due me, whether such
amounts are by virtue of my contract of employment with the
Employer or any laws, rules on equity, company program
and/or company practices.

2. In consideration of the foregoing payments, I hereby release,

remise, waive and forever discharge my Employer, its
partners, associates, and employees from any action, whether
civil, criminal, administrative or otherwise, or any from any
claim of any kind or character arising out of or in connection
with any employment or any legal separation therefrom such
as, without limitation, salaries, allowances, holiday pay, fringe
benefits, 13th Month Pay, tax refunds, or any financial

3. I will not, at any time in any manner whatsoever, directly or

indirectly, disclose to any person or entity any information of
any kind relating to the operation of Employer including but
not limited to information concerning their manner of
operations, plans, processes or data of any kind which I
acquired, learned, and received during my employment.

4. I shall render every cooperation necessary and obligate to turn

over and account for all records, banks, money, properties,
and assets in my possessions.

5. I hereby declare that I have no cause of action whatsoever

against my Employer, its partners, associates, and employees
in respect of any matter incident to or arising out of my
employment or cessation thereof.

6. I further declare that if I commit an act contrary to any

provision of this document, I will hold my Employer free and
harmless from any and all liabilities and will pay for all
damages suffered by them

7. I have read this document entitled RELEASE, WAIVER AND

QUITCLAIM, and fully understood every word of it and its
meaning and have affixed my signature hereunder voluntarily
and freely with the full and complete knowledge of the
meaning and intent of the documents and of any rights under
existing laws and rules on equity.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto affix my signature this __th day of

___________ 2019 in the City of Manila.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this __th day of __________

2019, affiant exhibiting to me his ______________ No._______________,
that bears his photograph and signature.

Doc. No. _____

Page No. _____
Book No. _____
Series of 2019.