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The organization structure or design is the mappings of functions of different aspects of the
organization aligned with the business strategies and functions. The organization structure should
also be show resemblance with the strategies and objectives of the organization.

There are different types of organization national or international, charitable or no charitable

some of the organization just working for benefits only for the owners and some organization
just form for doing well being for public. In this paper I presented you an organization working
as food chain organization

The organization not exists in isolation but giving input and getting output to the outer
environment now days smallest organization use technology for its various transactions and
different aspects.

In this Assignment my objective is to present the model as part of the overall organization design
of Café Sol Chain, The model presents an organizational structure, a best practice and
implementations of standards during the establishments of Café Sol chain.

Policy and Procedures Cafe Sol chain Proposed Organization Structure

The structure of this food chain has been presented as broken down into various functional areas
comprises of operations, finance, HR supply chain, marketing, planning, monitoring and
evaluation of needs of customers, This food chain may require dozens of employees to fulfill all
of its functional process. To recruit different employees the correct measures of policy and
procedures measured must be drawn. Some of the common policy and procedures are below

 Dress code
 Paid vacation
 Performance evaluations

 Standardize application forms
 Record employee arrival and departures times
 Impose consistent penalties for noncompliance of organization order

Organization Structure Overview

The expected organization structure composed of CEO who is the head of the organization and
reported directly to board which is comprise of all the directors. This organization may need five
executive managers for five functional areas of operations, finance, information technology
marketing and planning. As we know as per business processes and future market dynamics this
structure may change on the basis of the consumer demands moreover this design structure is not
last may depends of business operations and strategies related to the environment where this
organization exists.
This organization composed of different levels of management there are three layers of the
organization top head, middle, and bottom. The top head of the layer consists of the CEO and
directors of functional components of the organization like marketing, HR, finance, Food
production and processing department and logistics these components of the organization work
independently and work only in benefit of the single most objective to attract enough profit
margin .The last layer consists of the human work force comprises of the general executives as
well as the general workers. The work of this layer is to produce more quality products all of the
work force in this layer reported to middle layer of the organization where all of the decisions
regarding profitability and directions of the organization has been made.

Below is the comprehensive chart providing the individual or group responsibilities
Executive Structure

Core Responsibilities – Executives

Executives All Executives employees as a member of the

Executive workforce team in determining the
company’s strategy, plans and budgets and
provide advice, information and guidance to
the Board.
Chief Executive Officer Strategically position the organization to
achieve its Mission. Ensuring the realization of
the defined and agreed strategic objectives of
the organization.
Chief Operations Officer Ensuring that operational targets delegated
from the strategic plan are realized Support the
CEO in the achievement of the strategic
mandate and mission of the organization
Chief Financial Officer Accomplish the organization’s strategic
financial objectives by developing, monitoring
and evaluating plans and results, and enforcing
IT Executive Planning, managing and implementing IT
strategy and providing solutions for the
Marketing and Outreach Executive Devise Marketing and Outreach Strategy and
oversee the implementation of the Marketing
and Outreach Plan
Planning and Monitoring & Evaluation Develop annual strategic and operational plans
Executive and monitor performance against plan Develop
a monitoring framework and report against
predetermined objectives and delivery
agreements for outcomes
Core Responsibilities – Management
The table below presents the core responsibilities for management positions:

Management Management positions are members of the

management team and typically have key
functional areas reporting to them. In certain
cases, management positions will report
directly to the Chief Executive Officer, while
in other cases these management positions will
report to executives or other senior managers.
The primary responsibility of management is
to implement the company’s strategies and
plans within the budget and guidance provided
by executive and the board.
Applications Handling Manager Plan and monitor the activities of the
applications handling team Ensure that
applications handling operational targets are
Call Centre Manager Manage and lead the call center staff to ensure
that the Call Centre delivers class-leading and
quality oriented customer service to applicants
and other stakeholders
Communications Manager Development of a Communications Plan and
Strategy Supervise and coordinates the work of
the communications team Responsible for the
coordinating and managing the development
and production of communication materials
Referrals / Clearing House Manager Plan and monitor the activities of the referrals /
clearing house function Ensure that referrals /
clearing house operational targets are met
Finance Manager Manage and lead the finance department staff
(including payroll) Ensure that all financial and
accounting aspects are in line with
requirements General financial support to the
Human Resources Manager Manage and lead the HR department staff
Ensure that the human capital requirements of
the organization are met
Supply Chain Manager Manage and lead the supply chain department
staff Ensure that the procurement requirements
of the organization are met Manage supplier
Stakeholder Relations Manager Manage and monitor the delivery of the
Relationship Agents Negotiate Relationship
Agency contracts
Outreach Manager Manage and monitor the delivery of the
Outreach Agents Negotiate Outreach Agency

Core Responsibilities – Operations Staff

The table below presents the core responsibilities for operational staff positions:

CORE OPERATIONS STAFF: The responsibilities of core operational staff

are to carry out the operational activities aimed
at providing the application service to
applicants and service partners. Operation staff
will be performance managed against the
actual delivery of the services to applicants and
service partners.
Call Centre Receive incoming and make outgoing calls
following predefined scripts
Office Agent Deal with walk-in enquiries and processing
assistance from applicants and prospective
applicants Receive hard copy documentation
from walk-in applicants
Data Capture Agent Processing of paper application forms and
status change
requests received from applicants
Upload supporting documents and proof of
payment onto the database
Validation Agent Review applications to ensure that it is
complete and ready for release to institutions
Release applicants to institutions Reconcile
proof of payment from applicants Follow-up
on outstanding and incomplete information
Communications Agent Draft and distribute communications material
according to the Communications Plan
Facilitate development and production of
communications materials
Referrals / Clearing House Agent Producing and analyzing of clearing house
reports Execute and communicate clearing
house activities

Core Responsibilities – Support Functions

The core responsibilities of the support function positions are as follows:

CORE SUPPORT FUNCTIONS: The core responsibilities of the support

functions are to support the core operations and
management and executive in fulfilling their
functions to implement the strategy of the
organization. The success of support
functions is measured indirectly in their ability
to support the core operations and management
to fulfil these roles
General Administrator Add, reset and de-activate user access
restrictions Maintain Data Selection Lists and
Conversion Tables as well as System
Operational Parameters Upload and extract of
data files and lists
Financial Accountant Facilitate budgeting process Maintain the
Accounts Payable records and payments
Interface sub-ledgers and produce Financial
Reports and Management Information
Oversee GL, FA, AR and Cashbook functions
Accountant GL and FA Prepare and process GL Journals Maintain
Fixed Asset Register and perform asset
verification counts Perform tasks delegated by
Financial Accountant
AR and Cashbook Clerk Record and reconcile receipts Follow-up on
outstanding debtors Maintain and reconcile
Senior Clerk Payroll Maintain Payroll System Generate payroll and
payroll taxes file Generate and submit bank
FTE files for salaries and payroll taxes
HR Administrator Maintain HR records Communicate payment
information with Senior Payroll Clerk
Administer staff recruitment, retentions, review
and development activities
Procurement Officer Facilitate contracts and quotations Procure and
receipt goods and services Issue and safeguard
stock items

Recruitment and Selection Procedure

The Café Sol chain department of recruitment must conduct a comprehensive evaluation the
need a roll against the financial and strategic plans before commencing the recruitment whatever
type of change job descriptions should be formally evaluated for the purpose to determine the
salary level for particular post or job opening. It is also the important factor in recruitment
process the HR department has enough time to plan a schedule with the candidate and HR
department must verify the details of job description and furthermore the HR department must
consult all of its advisors for guidance and timescale, Funds also be check before the advertising
sent to advisors. The formal approval required for hiring of any role for particular department
The staff related to recruitment and hiring may also draft the job description, personal
specification for advertisement. The job description and specification of the roles should also
reflect the expected duties and responsibilities and including the values to be held by the post are
consistent with Café Sole Chain ethics. The specification should also the put a light on essential
and desirable standards and criteria for the post. Due to technological advancement the HR
department must get the guidance from the web pages or internet resources of various kinds.

Carefully analysis must be done before the shortlisting, interview stages and other processes it is
very important to distinguish between essential and desirable requirement the responsible HR
staff may also know the essential requirements are those without which the job could not be done
typically s communication skills whereas the desirable are those the enable candidates to perform
well in job with expertise in cognitive skills to solves problems and other initiative.

If the recruitment officer faces trouble circumstances related to hiring a candidate for particular
salary level the staff may contact the HR advisors or Head of department for guidance on
appropriate actions against the trouble circumstances.


Before the advertisement is send to the relevant staff at Café Sol chain the availability of funds
the authorized manager for recruitment should create the vacancy by the help of online system or
any other system used by the organization the notification will trigger a alert to finance

The manager should post or upload the electronic copy of the advert, the job specification,
Person specification to the system or media use by the organization. The department of HR will
check through the documentation and for required job suggest the amendments for equality and
consistency throughout the organization. If any change needed in specification in documents of
publication the HR staff consults the advisors or Head of department.

Before the adverts send towards publications the equality and diversity must fulfill the following
statement must be written on job advert

“Café sol chain values equality and diversity, devalues gender difference, racisms and religion”
The above line will clarify the standard of the organization throughout the employment of a any
person the above statement also strives to promote equality to at all levels of the organization and
among the employees, students, customers and associates, adverts may also publish for under
repented groups.
All adverts will contains the logo of the organization after the logo advert also display the
equality and diversity statement as an organization Café sol chain prohibits all forms of unlawful
and unfair discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, race, religion and beliefs.

Vacancies are published on online recruitment system and if needed regularly published on the
newspapers for special attentions this may increases the open and fair completion throughout the
organization and will upward the diversity and skills sets of the organization

The manager responsible for recruitment indicate the opening and closing dates of job vacancies
via online system the complete procedure must be in communication with the all acting advisors
and head of departments. The recruitment manager should also ensure the advertisement display
on different employment forums at least one week before.

It is also necessary if the selected candidate is likely require a sponsorship certificate or in order
to work in Ireland requires the working visa the post advertisement displayed minimum 28 days
before all the relevant information regarding the VISA must send to organizations

Recruitment and Selection Committee (Panels)

The process of hiring the and selection depends on the type of employee or person needed in this
organization there are two types of selection panels will be created for this organization the first
panel which solely responsible for the selection of the top management for this organization
should be high qualified and at least of the 5 years in relevant fields. The goal of this panel is to
select a person who is unique in comprehension of the functional component of the organization
have good exposure of the current trends in his field. If we go in more details the first panel has
the duty to make sure to select those persons who are have good eye on cognitive science of the

The second panel is responsible for selection of the all the executives and workers for this
organization due to nature for this organization skills needed for this organization is related to
food processing, as per the technology changing more and more machines and robots now takes
position in this types of business so therefore the panel may also ensure the selected peoples
must have good knowledge or experience with machines related to this type of food chain. The
second most important consideration the selected employee must show the cleanness in his / her
habits as because the success of this business depends on the cleanliness of the environment of
this organization.

The second panel should have count of 5 persons and it is also recommended the panel must
have mixed gender if this organization exists in those area where the masses have mixed races
and different beliefs and tribes resides than HR make sure the panel may represents all of the
statistical representation of general masses in panel the point is here is simple if the organization
reflected with the beliefs, races and tribal alignments may attract more consumers and different
dynamics of the real world.
At least the HR department will make training videos and create small booklets for hiring the
third layer executives and workforce, the training videos may have duration of 15-30 minutes
and have specific points related to how to seeks the relevant skills sets in future employees for
this organization.

The commencement of any set of interviews the panel must sit back and argue over the desired
skills and schedules interview the panel may also prepare questionnaire and a little test if needed.
It is also important any casual or associate agency member is not the part of the selection panel
one of the member of this panel must attended the training from HR.

It is neither necessary nor requirement the Head of department is to present at schedule interview
but it is recommend for the panel the interview must be conducted with the equality and diversity
in full consideration and further advice should be sought from the director of the department but
these are those considerations which are important for junior or layer three work force.


The panel start shortlisting candidates as soon as possible this task enable other members of the
team to view applicants qualification and synthesis process which is completed in recent
interviews it is also important the technology plays important role here all the requires and
desired skills sets may written in excel sheets and the submitted applicants skills sets side by side
in excel sheets.

There are also the metrics present in excel sheets if the desired skills sets is not present in town
then the nearest skills sets or if the person fulfill the 65% of requires sets may nominate as the
final interview call to discuss the salary band of the particular job.

The panel also the developed the shortlist grid which trigger the usefulness of the selection
process all of the selected shortlist candidates must fall in this grid the decision of the final
interview depends on the how far the person lies in the grid.

Those applicants who are not fall in shortlist grid must be inserted in to the noncontact list it is
the responsibility of HR to create the secure computerize list where all such applications
information have been put it is also recommended those applicants who fall in this list may not
call again by any means or by no other criteria

The other major consideration all those applicants who are references by inner resource pool may
not guaranteed interview the entire process of selection or shortlisting have not effect on inner
resource pool references and general adverts send to media.

The entire process completed in timely fashion all the interview calls and schedules must be
advise by HR departments those candidates who meets the essential criteria are further
suggested to the further process of the selection process
The HR department also have the capacity of the online recruitment systems which enables
easily access all the details of the recruitments process this system also accessible by all the
panels including the head of department.

The process to discuss the salary bands is a unique one as because this is the process which
directly reflect the cost of production of Cafe Sole Chain the salary band have different ranges
for different types of work force before communicating with the applicants the expected band
must be decided for any particular job it also the common practice in certain area of this country
some of the professionals wants to show expected salary exaggerated against having skills sets if
the panel have no such information it is the duty for HR to provide current salary bands for
different types of employees here lies another factor as because of human nature may be one of
the panel member offer high enough salary band to reduce such type of malfunctions the hired
person salary band may check by HR, does the selected person qualify for this band.

The selected candidate may also pass from all of the criminal records or any other terrorist
activities due to last years some of the western citizens may involve in ISIS activates the café
sole chain may also ensure all those future employees not have any links with these types of

Preparing for Assessment

The individuals for final assessments are those who conducted the interviews and shortlist the
responsibility of this group is before submitting the final result the panel must consult with head
of department this group select a specific day for final results of the interview process all of the
results may display on organization website. There are three types of assessment criteria which
are follows
 Salary band
 Skills sets
 The Grid of HR

If the person meets the above criteria the department of HR confirmed the final list this list may
also publish on website there is also the clear guideline also display on website if his name on
final list what type of documents and certificates he or she may also bring for final interview if
candidate have some problem in bringing such documents the panel may take advise from the
HR department.

In addition to the panel also prepare the General computer assessments test like to check the
abilities of using or utilizing the normal software e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

The evidences for education, experience and all special certification if employees have also bring
with final interview call if panel suggested some cooking test or other technical test it must
perform before final discussion and in some cases if the selection is for general workers class a
normal type of venue will be selected for all of the applicants and the relevant test and technical
test will perform on venue
The psychometric testing also have great importance before commencing the interview process a
minor type of psychometric testing has been done it will eliminate all of the such applicants who
have great skills sets but fail on psychometric testing.

Interview Process

The questions and interview assessments must be based on desired skills sets and specification of
the required job before commencing the interview the panel also on accordance with the
questionnaire prepared for this role the in interview the effective behavior based on Ethics code
if some of the candidate may do some unusual activity or use slang language the panel use the
Ethics code for any physical behavior the security staff may del with this.

During the interview notes should be taken on the candidate assessment sheets by each panel
member so that they can be referred back to when assessing candidates against the person
specification and deciding who to appoint. Under the Data Protection Act, notes of the interview
should be kept locally by the recruiting manager for a minimum of 12 months following the
selection process, after which they can be destroyed confidentially.

Panel members should agree before the interviews commence whether or not they will be
discussing each candidate after each interview, or at the end of the interviews. It is possible to do
this after each interview, but it is recommended that the assessment be done at the end as panel
members will be in a better position to compare each candidate. In particular, if all candidates are
interviewed on the same day or within a short period of time, it is recommended that discussion
of the candidates should take place only when they all have been interviewed.