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Student Handout 6.

Setting SMART Goals to Improve GPA

Name __Destiney_Melchor_
Date 1/7/19________________
Grading Period _____________________________________ GPA _________________
I want to improve my grade in these classes:
Set a SMART goal for each class in which you want to improve. Because each class is different,
your goals may be different, also.

S Goals should be specific and easily understood. The goal should say what
you are going to do, why it is important, and what you want to accomplish.

M Goals should have concrete criteria for measuring progress.


GoalsAshould be action-oriented. What are you going to do to accomplish

A your goals?

GoalsRshould be worth working toward, realistic, and attainable.


T Goals should be achieved within a specific time frame.


Please write your goals in bold blue

SMART Goal #1 In chemistry, I need to ask more questions if I don't understand the
lesson. I Have a B in that class but I'm aiming for an A. To
accomplish this goal is going to go in during lunch if I need to and
ask if we can go over the lesson again. This goal is attainable
because I have a B that is close to being an A. I want to achieve this
goal by the end of March.

SMART Goal #2 In English, I want to make my reading better so I could understand

poems and how to write well-developed answers. In this class, I have
a B because I don't do well on the test, so I want to get an A in the
class. To accomplish this I need to study. This is attainable because
I have a B and if I study more for test then it could go up.
SMART Goal #3 For math the only thing that im struggling with is the test we take. I
can get better at test taking if I really study and take care of the little
things first. In this class I have a B+ so it shouldnt take long to get it
up to an A. I can achieve this goal by doing more examples and
taking better notes. This is realistic because im alsmost at an A. I
want to have all my grades up by march.

97 SECTION TWO: Foundation for Admission – Junior Year, Second Semester