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Automatic Optimizations - Mentor

Open & Closed Loop Automatic Optimizations

Optimal Subscriber Experience from Handset To Service

The explosive growth of data connections, mobile penetration and OTT services have defined
multiple challenges for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). While their subscribers’ usage
was becoming unpredictable, and their Average Revenues Per Users (ARPUs) were declining, the
complexity of networks to be managed was growing proportionally with their operational costs.

With multi-vendor and technologies networks, engineering resources need to be shifted from
network performance activities, to network experience ones. To face these challenges, operators
critically need solutions that automate their network planning, configuration, integration, operation,
management and optimization tasks.

TEOCO's Mentor solution provides a fully integrated tool allowing CSPs to face the challenges of
Radio Access Networks, transforming network data into “subscriber intelligence” for advanced
visualization, optimization and network & customer analytics.
With sophisticated proprietary algorithms, Mentor server automatically generates
optimization recommendations that improve network quality, capacity, and coverage,
while monitoring SLAs and reporting on degradations.

The automatic optimizations methodology of the Mentor server are:

Fully automated provisioning including: ad-hoc, automatic and recurring mode

Neighbor list optimization recommendations provisioned directly into the OSS with
advanced convergence algorithm

OSS provisioning feedbacks and logs collected and monitored

Tasks operations are scheduled according to user preferences

Optimizations include CPICH power, scrambling code, intra/inter/IRAT NL

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Mentor Optimization Cycle

With Mentor, short optimization cycles are run automatically, on a regular scheduled
basis (daily, weekly,..), and can be tailored to customer needs assuring constant
optimization of the network quality and adaptation to changing traffic patterns.


Collection of topology files (Network configuration)

Collection of physical data
Central Database for storing technical data. I.e.: antenna patterns, Model to IMEI mapping,
Collection of statistics files; available counters for RNC and RBS hierarchy levels
Collection of Call Traces logs data derived by OSS recordings.


Ability to view and analyze optimization and KPIs results in GIS

Customized optimization settings

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Optimization tasks can be scheduled directly from the client or from the server
administrator panel, using the optimization template
The optimization pane displays the details of each of the optimization tasks related to the
optimized clusters.
Close loop mechanism with converged optimization algorithm to ensure optimal efficiency
and avoid “ping-pong” changes


Implement the recommended changes in the network according to the selected neighbor
list, power, and tilt optimizations.
Implementation include direct connection from the server to the OSS machine to update
the OSS DB with the new planned provisioning files and provision these files
Operational information on implementation feedback logs and success/failure indications
are given to the user.

Assure. Analyze. Optimize.

Data-Driven. Results-Oriented.

TEOCO is a leading provider of planning, assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications
service providers (CSPs) worldwide. We leverage our expertise in big-data and real-time capabilities to help
over 300 of the largest service providers in over 100 countries to run their networks and businesses more
efficiently, profitably and to optimize the customer experience.

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