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Lesson Learned from Existing supplies

Part Name :Tie Rod Model : B515 & 562 Supplier : Punch Ratna Fasteners Pvt. Ltd.
Controls in
Sl.No Description Details Requirments (if any) Remarks
Punch Ratna
100% Bend check assuracne Mark
1 Bend (up to 1.5 mm) 100% Checked. Ok
(Error Proof)
Back stopper in Sphere Side
2 Thread Length Under size (3mm) Error Proof
100% Setting Control. Oversize Not
Possible After Setting Approval. Exist
3 Thread Length Oversize (1mm) Error Proof Ok
Stopper From Thread roll side not
allow oversize.
It is possible to detect in
Back stopper in thread
4 Pointing operation Miss Error Proof rolling Process because of
Length oversize.(When
Pointing Opn. Miss)
Go & No go Snap gauge
5 Shank Dia Under size Process Control / Error Proof provide to operator to check

6 Thread operation Miss 100% visual at final stage Error Proof Ok

In pointing process holding location is

7 Hex Miss Process Control / Error Proof Ok
150 Nos dispatched 3.5.19,
100% Cleaned and apply Exist RP MPI tested Dust / Packing Dust
8 Thread area Dust accumulation with Dust, Thread Roll Oil
Quality Problem Oil. - Cleaning method
cleaned surface and applied
Faced RP oil.
100% Cleaned and apply Exist RP Feedback Awaited from
9 Thread area Oil accumulation No Oil in Thread area
Thread Laps
10 (Go not enter / Line mark / Thread 100% visual at final stage Error Proof Ok
miss match)
Rust Oil to be studied for duration and Part dispatched with RP oil,
11 Rust ( Shank and Thread) 100% apply RP Oil approved. Application method to be Feedback Awaited from
submitted Yagachi.

12 Surface Finish (Coarse) Need to prove the process Not applicable

Drop Part Management

13 Heat Treatment Miss 100% Eddy current Process Control / Error Proof
Raw material Mark on OD
14 100% visual at final stage Process Control Ok
(Deep Scratch Mark)
Bend Removal Mark on OD
15 100% visual at final stage Process Control Ok
(Step on OD)

16 Eddy Current to check 100% 100% Eddy current Process Control Ok

Master samples will be

Nick Damage Handling Control method
16 made during mass
(Body / Thread area) AQL Letter