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M A I N M E N U served from 11:30

Toasts Artisan Hand Crafted Soup £3.99

White or granary bloomer lightly toasted with your choice of topping served with a salad
Produced using the finest of seasonal
garnish. Choose from
ingredients & served with fresh bread.
Straight up cheese £2.25
See our daily specials board for
Crushed avocado, roasted tomato & balsamic glaze £3.99
today’s choice
See the daily specials board for more options
Add a mini soup bowl for £1.50

Courtyard Hot Wraps

Warm flatbread wrap with your choice of filling
Chicken £6.25 Squash £5.95 Steak £6.25
Grilled chicken, wilted spinach & avocado Warm butternut squash, halloumi & rocket Grilled steak, mature cheddar cheese,
with a balsamic glaze leaves with a maple dressing mixed leaves & onion marmalade
Add fries for £1.00

Chunky Fish Finger Sandwich £4.95 Warm Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad £5.95
Fresh leaves with warm meats and house dressing
Crispy dill crumbed fish fillets on a bed of tartar
sauce with crunchy gem lettuce on thick bloomer
Warm Butternut, Red Cabbage & Quinoa Salad £4.95
buttered bread, your choice of white or granary.
Fresh leaves with warm vegetables topped with a maple dressing
Add chips for £1.00

Great when shared

PLATTERS- even better when not!

Courtyard Tapas Platter £6.50 Vegan Tapas Platter £6.50

Crispy battered halloumi sticks ∙ hand battered onion rings ∙ garlic Crispy battered courgettes ∙ chickpea chilli with lime & coconut
bread ∙ roasted butternut squash & sweet potato topped with goats rice ∙ hand battered onion rings ∙ garlic bread ∙ avocado & squash
cheese ∙ chicken, bacon & avocado salad. salad

Courtyard Noodles £6.95 Noodle of the Day £5.95

Marinated teriyaki chicken served with crisp stir fry vegetables & See our specials board for chef’s freshly made daily option
slightly spiced noodles, topped with spring onion, a drizzle of honey Add prawn crackers £0.75
and toasted sesame. Dipping sauce £0.75

Artisan Gastro Burger £6.95 Battered Halloumi Burger £6.95 Vegan Gastro Burger £5.95
Quarter pound red tractor 21 day aged beef Crispy battered halloumi served in a Blackened zucchini, aubergine & peppers
burger in a brioche roll, with your choice of beetroot roll with your choice of toppings served in a beetroot roll with your choice of
toppings & fries & fries toppings & fries
cheddar cheese ∙ sliced tomato ∙ house cheddar cheese ∙ red onions ∙ sliced tomato red onions ∙ hummus ∙ sliced tomato ∙ vegan
relish ∙ beetroot slaw ∙ mixed leaves ∙ lemon ∙ beetroot slaw ∙ mixed leaves slaw ∙ mixed leaves

Courtyard Mega Burger £7.95

Quarter pounder red tractor 21 day aged beef burger, crispy chicken, streaky bacon, mature cheddar cheese served in a brioche roll with fries &
your choice of toppings from
cheddar cheese ∙ sliced tomato ∙ house relish ∙ beetroot slaw ∙ mixed leaves ∙ lemon mayo

Courtyard Steak £13.50 Courtyard£13.95

8oz seared sirloin steak cooked to your liking & served with roasted House prepared chilli served with lime & coconut rice choose from
tomato hand battered onion rings, chips and a side salad
Slow cooked beef chilli with sour cream £7.95
Add a sauce peppercorn or mushroom for £1.50 Chickpea & roasted vegetable chilli £6.95

Add extra cheese or jalapenos for £1.00

S I D E S – go on add a little extra

Chips £2.00 Hand Battered Onion Rings £2.00 Fries £2.00
Sweet Potato Fries £2.75 House Green Salad £2.00 Garlic Bread £2.00
Cheesy Garlic bread £2.50 Bloomer Bread & Butter £1.10
DESSERTS – go on treat yourself

Triple Chocolate Brownie £4.95 Ice Cream Sundaes £4.95

Created in house and served warm with ice cream & chocolate sauce
Treat yourself to one of our fully loaded
Waffles £4.95 sundaes
Freshly made waffles served with ice cream & choice of toppings from the bar
See the options on our specials board
Courtyard Baked Cheesecake £4.95
House made vanilla cheesecake served with ice cream and your choice
of toppings from the bar

BREAKFAST MENU Served 08:00-11:00

Classic Breakfast £5.95 Harvest Breakfast Big Classic Breakfast £7.95

Sausage, bacon, mushrooms, beans, Two free range poached eggs served on a Two sausages, two slices of bacon,
tomato, free range egg cooked to your warm buttered English muffin with your mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, hash
liking, all served with granary or white choice of topping from browns, black pudding & two free range
bloomer toast. eggs cooked to your liking. All served
2 slices of bacon £3.99 with granary or white bloomer toast.
Meat Free Breakfast £5.95
Sliced avocado £5.99
Spinach & tomato, mushroom, beans,
hash browns, a free range egg served with Field mushroom & spinach £3.50 Add a small tea or an
granary or white bloomer toast. Americano to any
Smoked salmon £7.50
Make it vegan - swap the egg for sliced full breakfast for just £1

Toast & Preserves £2.75 Croissant & Butter £2.00

Two slices of either white or Granary bloomer bread toasted & Add ham & cheese £1.00
served with butter & jam. Add a pot of preserve £0.55

Continental Breakfast £4.50 House Produced Natural Yoghurt Bowl £1.95

Sliced ham, cheese, & tomato served with a boiled egg and your Add a topping from the yoghurt bar £0.50ea
selection of white or granary bloomer breads


Espresso 1.60 / 1.90 Standard Tea 2.05 Coca Cola £1.85

Macchiato 1.60 / 1.90 Speciality Tea 2.15 Diet Coke £1.55
Americano 1.95 / 2.30 Schweppes Lemonade £1.95
Cappuccino 2.35 / 2.65 CHOCOLATE San Pellegrino Orange £2.15
Latte 2.35 / 2.65 Hot Chocolate 2.95 Still Water £1.25
Flat White 2.45 Mocha 2.95 Sparkling Water £1.25

Extra Shot 0.45 per shot

Flavoured Syrup 0.45 per shot

Look out for our seasonal drinks

Milkshakes ∙ Smoothies ∙ Iced drinks

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Please ask your server before ordering, if concerned about the presence of allergens in your food.
For more information or full details about the presence of allergens in all our dishes and menus, just ask a team member. Please be aware that all our dishes are
prepared in kitchens where nuts and gluten are present, as well as other allergens; therefore, we cannot guarantee that any food item is completely ‘free from’
traces of allergens. Our menu descriptions do not list all ingredients. Full allergen information on the ingredients in the food we serve is available on request.