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From: Douglas Grandt answerthecall@mac.

Subject: You and I know well that $80/tCO2 is not sufficiently high to impact your business.
Date: May 28, 2019 at 7:52 AM
To: Darren W. Woods, Neil A. Hansen, Theodore J. Wojnar, Suzanne M. McCarron, Max Schulz

Dear Darren, Neil, Theodore, Suzanne and Max,

ExxonMobil says it supports a carbon fee with revenues returned to the economy.
Mr. Tillerson has stated that ExxonMobil incorporates a carbon fee proxy of
$80/tCO2 in its financial assessments to guide you investment decisions because
you believe that the government would adopt a fee that might reach that level.
Yet, ExxonMobil's investments in global and domestic acquisitions and expansion
of infrastructure have continued unfettered.
You and I know that IOP Science has published a credible paper "Assessing
Carbon Lock-in” (, which indicates that a carbon fee in the
range of $1,000/tCO2 to $10,000/tCO2 will be required to influence the petroleum
industry’s business plans for liquid carbon-based fuels in the transportation sector.
What are you doing to educate elected policy makers and citizen lobbyists?
Best regards,
Doug Grandt