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Alex Brunelle

Reflection on Hazmat Suit Project

In my 12th grade Anatomy class we were asked to paint a hazmat suit with different

systems of the body, as a group project. I chose this piece because it reflects my ability to work

as a team on a group project. I had a lot of fun working on this project. My team worked together

to make the best hazmat suit we could, and we managed to pull it off in the end.

The biggest challenge I had with this piece was trying to figure out which systems to put

where. The question was: where do we put skin? Muscles? Bones? In the end our group figured

it out in a way that worked really well.

This piece also showcases my creativity because we used bright colors to make the

body systems very interesting. I made a pretty purple-ish pink that I used to color the intestines.

This piece represents a moment of my journey at Beacon because I was making it while

things were getting better. The crisis was past me, but I was still recovering, and this piece

represents new beginnings and starting over.