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Radio Broadcast Technician ​-career exploration

Program Name
2 year Broadcast- Radio program

Location and Institution of Program

Conestoga College (media and design)

Career Description
Broadcast technician- maintain, set up, and use audio equipment used for radio or television.
Also editing, and increasing sound quality during live broadcasts.

Program Description
-Within the first few weeks there will be lots of practical work in the studios and will be
learning basic skills needed to do many of the jobs above.
-The use of state of the art, up to date technology and studios on campus is included in
the course.
-In second year you are able to take skills you learned from first year and apply them on
the campus’s live radio station (88.3). This field placement helps you meet future employers and
increases the chance of finding work after you finish the program.
-There is also a graduate certificate for students who wish to go further with their
learnings in broadcast performance and digital media.

Why Does This Program Appeal To Me?

-radio broadcasting, podcasts, and announcements sounds like a job that would be fun
and enjoyable while still maintaining a professional environment and work atmosphere.
-this is a program that will allow my analytical mindset, creative abilities, and audio
experience to fit together into one job.

Admission Requirements and Procedures for the Program

Must attend a 20 minute interview
Acceptance depends on academic average and the interview
Gr 12 C or U english
Academic strength (average, extra points for advanced level courses)

Tuition Fees and Additional Costs for the Program

Year 1: tuition 1498 per session (total 2996)
Total including additional costs 4357.80
This includes health plans, enhancement fee, ONE card, graduation services fee,
recreation fees, etc.
Year 2: same
Total: 8714

Career opportunities
-Once complete you are qualified to become an announcer, news reporter/anchor,
creative writer, producer, promotions and social media professional, marketing and sales
representative, podcaster, or digital media entrepreneur.
-Jobs currently available in the area
-Radio Broadcast Technician for North Orange County Community College
-Radio Production Manager for Liberman Broadcasting
-Professor of Radio Broadcasting for Mt. San Antonio College
-Public Safety Dispatcher for Chapman university