How did the plugin came about?

Past Nessus / MSF Integration.

What does it do?

Do a little Demo

What could it do?

What now?


I was going to integrate Nessus and Drupal

So I got to know the xmlrpc interface.

Discovered k0st's nessus-xmlrpc ruby library.

Was going to create a “Missing CVE” Plugin

Wished for Nexpose/MSF Express functionality with Nessus

Put all that together and out came Nessus Bridge for Metasploit.

Does NBE, V1 and V2 imports. Only from local file.

Scan from web interface.

Check progress from web interface.

Export from web interface.

Swap to MSF

Locate file on disk.




Shows you info about your server

Shows you info about your scans

Holy Crap! That’s Awesome!

Shows you info about your reports

Lets you manage users.

Shows you info about your policies

login status plugins policies reports users new scan view hosts while scan running import report


Sniper scans - scan for port x or vuln y and pwn

Scan hosts from the db. *done* Only import things from the report that are sploitable What else?

Vuln to Exploit connection sucks

Need something like CVE/CWE .. CXE maybe?

MSF 3.5 - Hot Shit.

Nessus added exploit data to report findings (love that!)

Plugin is in MSF svn.

Latest Code:

Bugs to MSF Redmine, or zate75[at]

Suggestions and Code welcomed Big thanks to hdm,jduck,egyp7 and Darkoperator for much patience in #metasploit Thanks to the guys at Tenable for info on xmlrpc interface Thanks to K0st for his Ruby lib which I destroyed 

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