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I chose to have a restau- Hours of Opening
rant that sell pretty Monday-Friday 8:00 am– 8:30pm
much only sweets, be- Saturday 7:00 am– 8:00pm
cause they taste the
Sunday not open
best, of course not be-
ing the healthiest too
(unfortunately). The
floors, walls, and ceil-
ings are painted with
pale colors. The furni-
ture is somewhat des-
sert themed, and there
are statues of ice cream “ I couldn’t just
cones, and cakes, and chose one slogan,
what-not set up as dec- so I have many!”
We have dessert. That’s
right, all we have is
junk food.

Phone: 412-773-1477
Fax: 412-378-092

We accept Cash payment and Primary Business Address: 8347 Taklan Ave.
Credit Card payment. Address Line 2: 1456 Smithy Rd.
Address Line 3: 4208 Macaroni St.
Address Line 4: 8244 Leiberd Ln.
Seasonal Stuff
Things to Drink Minor Things These things are only optional during their
respective months.
These are items normally ordered as bever- Food at portions too small to really be one of the main items.
ages for the actual meal.

January: Snow-roofed Cake 4.55$

Ice cream cake of multiple flavors, topped
off with mountains of whipped cream.
Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies 1.35$
A plate of miniature chocolate chip cookies, nearly as small as the
hole of a donut. There should be a dozen cookies on your plate.
February: Lovely Cookie 2.30$
A cookie shaped like a heart. May yield
Orange Juice 0.99$ Donut 1.10$ useful Advice. Only one cookie will have
OJ we do sell, mix it with other drinks. We advice if there is more than one ordered.
A donut type of your choice that comes with a separate donut hole
shook it up by whacking bottles of it out of your choice. There are glazed, chocolate iced, vanilla iced, maple
back on the pavement. iced, powdered, and homer simpson donuts and donut holes. Shamrock Brownies 2.80$
Six iced brownies with chocolate chips
Fruit Punch 1.20$ Monetization Cookie 2.30$ baked in them.. Sprinkled with four-leaf
Fruit punch made from more everyday fruit; A large, flat cookie of the monetization symbol. The clover sprinkles.
apple juice, lemon juice, orange juice, and monetization is satisfyingly sweet.
grape juice. April: Spring Shower Tea 2.46$
Tea colored with blue or pink with addi-
Milk 0.80$ Demonetization Cookie 3.35$
tional fruit flavors unrelated to the color.
A staple of a drink, but not the most excit- This cookie has been attempted to be made as sour and bitter as
ing to order. Like the other drinks on this possible. Only the daring should order this, not that demonetization
list, it will be thoroughly shaken. tastes good or yields any reward. May: Flowering Pie 4.90$
A pie baked in the shape of a flower.
Chocolate Milk 1.10$ Animal Crackers 1.80$
Choose your flavor of pie; out of apple,
Milk improved by the most world renowned peach, chocolate, lemon, and cherry.
dessert. Don’t add anything else to it, there Now animal cracker can be eaten in a bigger portion than
is a ton of chocolate syrup in the cup. a snack bag. With or without icing.
June: The Denny 3.60$
Cheese cake with a layer of chocolate
Fruit Milk 1.50$ Bowl of Ice Cream 0.50$
attached to the actual cake, and served
Does this actually exist, probably. The standing up.
Multiple flavors, and an optional amount of scoops you want for per
“fruit” in this is strawberry, pineapple, and
your bowl. If you do not specify the number of scoops you want,
some orange.
you will get the default amount, three scoops. The flavors are; scoop July: Patriotic Parfait 2.90$
vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate-chip, strawberry, lemon, orange, A glass of frozen custard and shaved red
fruit punch, butterscotch, mocha, cookie dough, cookies and cream, and blue ice.
and black licorice.

August: Summer Supper 4.20$

A tray containing mini-donuts, a peanut
butter and vanilla sundae, a bowl of
peeled oranges, and a small lemonade.
Things to Drink continued...
These are items normally ordered as bever-
Bigger Things Keep in mind any allergies.

ages for the actual meal, continued. Portions of junk food expected to be the main meal. Yes I said
junk food. You can’t live off of anything on the menu.
Seasonal Stuff continued...
Apple Juice 0.80$ These things are only optional during their
Obviously, the traditional apple juice is
not forgotten. That is why we have drinks
Milkshake 3.00$ respective months, continued.
A blend of ice cream and milk to form the ultimate dairy drink. Many
here that are at every other restaurant, types of milkshakes exist. Vanilla, chocolate, mint– chocolate chip,
because kids drink them. strawberry, cookies and cream, and confetti exist here. September: Seasonal Fudge 8.00$
This dessert is just a block of solid fudge
the size of your fist. It’s mouth-watering,
Root Beer 1.00$ Smarties' Stacks 3.15$ but very expensive. What can I say, fudge
Probably the purest of pops, besides A tray of cakes that look like stacks of smarties, but don’t exactly is like the gold of desserts.
crystal clear ones, and is very sweet. Do taste like smarties. I mean like, they’re still tart, I guess
a test to see which soda is the sweetest, October: Popcorn Ghoul 3.05$
on a scale of coffee to pure sugar.
Snickerdoodle Cookies 2.45$ A statue of a ghost, made of popcorn and
A plate of eight standard cookie sized snickerdoodle cookies. It looks held together by caramel. It has a face
Coca Cola/ Pepsi 3.40$ like the plate of chocolate chips evolved into a main dish. of candy corn.
The two most popular pops, Coke and Pepsi,
have been battling for decades. Coke tastes
like Pepsi, but sweeter. Pepsi taste similar
Root Beer Float 2.50$ November: Devilish Cake 4.10$
to coke, but slightly more strong and sour. A devil chocolate cake, with fudge, this
The next step in the evolution of root beer. Mix root beer and ice
time not a solid brick, being the top lay-
cream to make this breakthrough.
ers, followed by cake and cream.
60% of You/ Water 0.30$
That is right, a good majority of the December: Festive Pudding 3.82$
human body is made of water, which is Donut’s Despair 4.65$ It is pretty much just pudding, with a
One donut of your choice of flavor surrounded by donut holes of one layer of vanilla, chocolate, and rich choco-
why you should always stay hydrated. flavor of your choice too. Obviously, the donut is sad, knowing that late. There are decorative red and green
it will always have a hole through it. m&m’s on top, since tis the season.