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MEDIA RELEASE From Attorneys, Linda Hemphill and Diane Garrity, on behalf of former New Mexico State Police Officers Sgt. Monica Martinez-Jones, Deputy Chief Ryan Suggs and Lt. Julia Armendariz. CONTACT: da Hemphill, The Hemphill Firm, P.C., (505) 986-8515 iane Garrity, Serra & Garrity, P.C., (505) 470-4803 We are issuing this press release to inform the public of our clients credible and compelling claims made against former Chief of New Mexico State Police Pete Kassetas (“Kassetas”) and the New Mexico Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) in a lawsuit filed on June 12, 2018. Our clients” claims are based on harassment, retaliation and public corruption. They are whistleblowers in the ‘truest sense of the word. Last week, Kassetas made inaccurate statements to the media in violation of the confidentiality provisions of our Settlement Agreement, knowing we could not defend ourselves. We thank Governor Lujan-Grisham for releasing us from that confidentiality clause and allowing us to speak our truth, ‘We have issued a CEASE and DESIST letter to KRQE and Larry Barker demanding a retraction of the misleading story that was presented through Kassetas. A copy of that letter is attached. We stand by the compelling factual allegations contained in our lawsuit. Contrary to the Barker story, our claims were not filed only a month before settlement. Sgt. Martinez-Jones’ original claims were filed internally with DPS and with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the spring of 2017. EEOC investigated; DPS ignored its obligations to investigate, because the process was controlled by Kassetas. Sgt. Martinez-Jones was denied eight promotions to the position of Licutenant. When Deputy Chief Ryan Suggs recognized her talent and urged Kassetas to promote her, Kassetas replied “I will never promote that bitch.” Sgt. Martinez-Jones faved a cement ceiling, not a glass ceiling, after she reported that her supervisor was cheating on his time sheets and stealing gasoline, Deputy Chief Suggs took an approximately $50,000 per year pay cut to leave his second in command position, because he could no longer tolerate Kassetas’s unethical behaviors. This included discrimination against women, cover-ups of information regarding officer-involved shootings, improperly investigated criminal sexual penetration cases involving children, and inappropriate conduct such as mooning, on the job drinking, and playing favorites. Lt. Julia Armendariz retired after Kassetas removed her from the security detail and replaced her with a lower ranking male, then gave her a meaningless job. During her tenure, Lt. ‘Armendariz, faced discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender and protested the favoritism shown towards New Mexico State Police officer, Ruben Maynes, who was fired after he was caught gambling on duty. Our clients’ economic damages alone, based on lost wages and retirement, were calculated by an economist and totaled between $1,447,000 or $1,735,000. Sgt. Martinez-Jones was required to quit her job as a condition of the settlement we obtained. All clients were issued letters of good standing. We welcome an audit by the State Auditor’s Office or an inquiry by the New Mexico Attomey Generals Office. We suggest that the inquiry include an investigation as to why Kassetas was promoted by Governor Martinez and was allowed to continue despite numerous complaints about his unethical and discriminatory behaviors. Even after our lawsuit was filed, Kassetas was never placed on administrative leave and announced, in a public staff meeting, that his name was “still on the door,” that he was “not going. anywhere,” and that he has the protection of the “fourth floor,” undoubtedly referring to the Governor's office. Former Secretary Scott Weaver told Deputy Chief Suggs in the fall of 2017 that he had attempted to get Kassetas fired because of his unethical behaviors, but that in a meeting with the Govemor and others, Keith Gardner blocked the termination because he was worried about how Kassetas would retaliate against the Governor. ‘We advanced two compelling theories in our lawsuit about why the Governor protected Kassetas: The first is that Governor Martinez will go to great lengths to cover up the misdeeds and misconduct of high-level officials she has appointed to act as Secretaries of the various departments, ostensibly to prevent the media from uncovering misdeeds and creating a scandal during her administration. We issued subpoenas for the production of documents related to the Governor's knowledge of and information about alleged sexual harassment, discrimination and other alleged misconduct by Tom Clifford, Jim Lane, Ryan Flynn, Dee Dennis and Gino Rinaldi. ‘The second was that Kassetas is protected because he is in possession of damaging information about the Governor, professionally and personally, especially about Ruben Maynes. The Governor told Julia Armendariz that she had loaned Maynes some of her own money, inherited fiom her father, to cover his gambling debts, which we suspect he paid back with taxpayers’ dollars. In fact, the Release of Claims signed by Mr. Maynes in connection with his $200,000 payout included a clause that he pay off gambling money he had borrowed from NMSP officers, ‘while remaining silent on any payback to the Governor. ‘Our clients’ proudest day was when they put on the “black and gray.” We hope that New Mexicans will support the victims of Kassetas’s discriminatory and retaliatory behavior and not allow them to be re-victimized by the false insinuation that their claims did not have merit. May 24, 2019 Bill Anderson Lamy Barker General Manager KRQE Investigative Reporter 13 Broadeast P] SW 13 Broadcast PI SW Albuquerque, NM_ 87104 Albuquerque, NM_ 87104 Re: Cease and Desist Demand and Retraction Demand Preservation of Evidence Demand Mr, Anderson and Mr, Barker: We are the lawyers representing Amy Orlando, Terri Thornberry, Dianna DeJamette, Monica Martinez Jones, Julia Armendariz, and Michael Ryan Suggs. Each of these individuals was a victim of sexual discrimination and/or retaliation by former New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas. All where whistleblowers who stood up to Kassetas’s unlawful, inappropriate, and discriminatory conduct in the workplace. ‘On May 21, 2019, KRQE published a story titled “$1.7 million paid in confidential settlements” that is riddled with false facts, misleading quotes, and defamatory accusations and insinuations. It was posted ‘May 21, 2019, at 10:11 pm MDT and remains on the KRQE website. This letter is to demand that the story and all reference/links to it be immediately removed and not re-published. We also demand a retraction and public apology. We ask you to publish this leter on your website. ‘The essence of proper journalism is to fact check. KRQE and Mr. Barker have allowed themselves to fall well below the standard to the detriment of our clients as well as Linda Hemphill and Diane Garrity, who were characterized as unscrupulous attorneys instead of trial lawyers who have had long and distinguished careers fighting for the rights of victims of injustice. Itis shocking that KRQE and Mr. Barker would have taken the bait of a disgruntled, known misogynist, serial sexual harasser to run a story so obviously filled with self-serving, biased falsehoods. Mr. Kassetas’ theory, which was adopted whole hog by KRQE to deflect fault from himself, cast the victims ‘of his harassment and retaliation as extortionists who took tax-payer funded settlements for non- meritorious claims that were not investigated and then were complicit in a plan to cover the whole thing up with lengthy and comprehensive confidentiality provisions, Nothing could be further from the truth and KRQE had at its disposal settlement demand letters which demonstrated the full factual and legal merit of the underlying claims and the full damages as supported by expert economists, Rather than including facts lke this, KRQE chose to trivialize the plaints” losses and to paint them in a false light by indicating that they were upset about not being able to buy @ shotgun or take a dog for a walk. Rather than include facts such as that Kassetas at one point texted an unsolicited and certainly unexpected picture of his genitalia to Ms. Orlando and was known to call female colleagues “bitches”, the story painted the claims as being wholly without meri. These statements asserted as “facts” by KRQE are patently false and highly damaging, The “facts” are presented in a distorted fashion. The falsitis and distortions were known or easily ascertainable when the story was prepared. As regards the tape involving the Governor, KRQE knows that if anyone was