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S P Y G A T E : N I n e d a y s In m a y (2017)

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Agents Cappotto & Andrew McCabe’s In an interview with NBC Agents Cappotto & AM brings up prospect of Two sources close to Trump-Russia Special
Pereno of Italy’s first day as Acting FBI News, Trump says he was Pereno of Italy’s SC to RR again. Comey say that Trump Counsel Robert Mueller
CNAIPIC (National Anti- Director. going to fire JC regardless CNAIPIC (National Anti- asked him to close down is appointed.
Crime Center for the of RR's advice. "It was set Crime Center for the the FBI's investigation into
protection of critical up a while ago," Trump protection of critical former national security
In [Feb 2019 ABC & NBC]
computer infrastructure) told Lester Holt on May 11. computer infrastructure) adviser Michael Flynn a
book promo interviews AM of the Politzia Postale day after Flynn was fired. McCabe & Rosenstein
of the Politzia Postale "And frankly, I could have
says he opened an brief Gang of 8
(State Police) arrive in waited, but what difference (State Police) arrive in Later, Trump denies this.
Obstruction of Justice WVa, Westland In secure Capitol room
Seattle WA, location of does it make?"
investigation ‘the very next Securities Server 2 to on RR decision to
day’ after JC firing, so perform similar email POTUS interviews Robert appoint RM as SC.
sympathizer’ Giulio
5/10. In SSCI hearing, Sen. plant as in Seattle. Mueller for FBI Director,
Occhionero’s Server 1
for his company, Marco Rubio to AM: “has although precise contents of
Westland Securities for the dismissal of JC in any McCabe & Rosenstein meeting are not provided.
way impeded, interrupted, meet 1-on-1. AM tells RR
the purpose of hacking RM is accompanied by RR
in, planting classified stopped, or negatively he needs RR to “protect
impacted any of the work, the process”. RR to meeting.
emails obtained from
Clinton’s server & then any investigation, or any expresses shock & anger CNN reports if RM knew he
ongoing projects at the about being made by the was going to be named SC,
alerting FBI.
who would then raid & Federal Bureau of WH to look like the cause it is unlikely he would
Investigation?” of JC’s firing. divulge that to POTUS.
“discover” the e-mails &
link them to Trump. AM: “So there has been no RR asks AM’s thoughts on CNN also reports WH was
effort to impede our hiring a SC. M claims he given only a brief heads up
Day 2 of Former investigation to date..” feels it would boost the [5/30/19 update: Tweet supplied by Mr. Occhionero] that RR was naming RM as
POTUS Obama’s Milan investigation’s credibility. SC.
2-day Climate Change If no impedance, why the
Later, AM goes to see RR Trump is unaware he has
Conference trip w/ need for opening an
again, emphasizing his become an object of an
Italian PM Matteo Renzi. Obstruction of Justice
belief that a SC is the best Obstruction of Justice
investigation just the day
route forward & citing the investigation 6 days prior by See Greg Jarrett
FBI Inspection Division need to avoid similar AM. The meeting is clearly 6/27/19 interview
(INSD) interviews AM in confusion as the Clinton deceptively posed. @ 0:30
AM’s Office under oath email case. RR remains
re: Oct 30th WSJ article. undecided. AM reveals in his book that watch?v=NXCwgFrleyc
AM lies, denies knowing RM leaves his cell phone
FBI INSD emails M a
the source. behind in the OO and that
signed sworn statement of Visit full blog post here: the phone “later has to be FSD2019
5/9 interview for signature
President Trump fires retrieved.”???? 6/27/19 update
& review. AM fails to return.
FBI Director Comey ine-days-in-may-2017/