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10 - 11 July 2019 // Manila, the Philippines

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TUESDAY - 9 July 2019 WEDNESDAY - 10 July 2019 THURSDAY - 11 July 2019

Government Keynote
Industry keynote presentation and
Power plant automa- Solar pv plant asset
N/A panel discussions
tion, maintenance and management and
solutions; technological innovations

LNG infrastructure Geothermal power in the

development Philippines

Solar pv plant
Coal/ Gas to power development
generation and and Smart energy and
energy efficiency financing T&D
Exhibition Set-up

Networking Cocktail End of Conference

OVER 2 DAYS, we will cover the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities in Philippine fossil fuel power, renewable energy
sectors, from coal, gas, LNG and solar and energy storage through to project finance and investment. For speaking opportunity, please contact Kevin at
Preliminary agenda, content subject to change

Conference Day One - Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Plenary Session
0800 – 0855 Registration and Coffee
0855 – 0900 Welcome Speech by conference Chairman
0900 - 0930
Setting the scene:
The evolving power generation landscape in an increasingly digitalized world
MicKinsey & Co.
0930 – 1000
Keynote Speech
Atty. Felix William B. Fuentebella, Undersecretary, DOE (invited)
1000 -1045
Keynote panel discussion: Diversifying Philippine energy mix and challenges ahead
 Assessing the current status of Philippine energy mix and future prospects of investment
 Everyone is seemingly shying away from coal, what’s the future prospects of coal power in the Philippines, what challenges are we
facing now?
 Talking about LNG in the Philippines: Gaining the momentum, how will it impact the energy mix in the long run?
 Grid development to accommodate RE integration and capacity growth
Senior representatives are invited from:
DOE/AC Energy / First Gen/Aboitiz Power
Jaime Azurin, President, Global Business Power Corporation
John J. Arenas, President & CEO, PNOC Renewables Corporation
1045 -1115 Coffee break on the exhibition floor
LNG Infrastructure Development Hydro Power Project Investment
1115 – 1200 1200 – 1245
Panel discussion Panel discussion
LNG terminal development – how will it change the energy mix in Key policies update on hydro power project investment in the
the Philippines and what are the key hurdles? Philippines and recent case studies
Senior representatives are invited from: Philippines Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
DOE/First Gen/Tokyo Gas / Energy World Philippines
1245 – 1400 Delegate Lunch
Stream A1: Stream B1:
Coal/gas Power Project Development and Energy Efficiency Solar PV Plant Development, Financing and Technological
1400 – 1430 1400 – 1430
Coal/gas power in Southeast Asia and future prospects Global solar pv market trends and Asia in focus
Cecillia Zheng, Assiciate Director, IHS Markit Bikal Pokharel, Research Director - Asia Pacific Power &
Renewables, Wood Mackenzie*
1430 – 1500 1430 – 1515
Coal power in the Philippines and future prospects Solar power developers panel discussion
Frank Thiel, Managing Director, Quezon Power (Philippines) Limited  Assessing the current status of Philippine solar energy market
Preliminary agenda and content is subject to change
Preliminary agenda, content subject to change
Co. and prospects;
 Floating solar, off grid solar, hybrid solar, utility scale solar –
key drivers for Philippine solar energy market moving forward
and opportunities;
 Incentives and regulatory hurdles to speed up solar energy
investment in Philippines;
 Grid integration and PPAs;
Theresa Capellan, CEO, Philippine Solar Power Alliance
Atem S. Ramsundersingh, Founder, WEnergy Global
Alma Roxas-Aguila, Vice President for Project Acquisitions – Asia,
Mainstream Renewable Power
Solar Philippines
1500 – 1530 1515 – 1600
Reserved for RWE Panel discussion
Solar pv project financing and risk mitigation
 Evaluating existing solar pv plants in the Philippines, are they
living up to investors’ expectations?
1530 – 1600  Invest in new projects – what are your biggest concerns and key
Developing coal power plants in the Philippines and experience characteristics of the project you are looking for?
Jan dela Cruz, Vice President Business Development, Global  M&A and risk mitigation tools;
Business Power Corporation  Technological criteria in consideration for best yields and
optimal ROI
 Financing tools, new models and success cases
Sujay Shah, Managing Director & Head - Cleantech Coverage ,
Standard Chartered Bank
Aboy Castro, President & CEO, CleanTech Global Renewables
Mason Wallick, Managing Director, Infunde Development Pte Ltd
Baoqing Miao, Director, Voltiq
1600 – 1630 Coffee Break
1630 – 1700 1630 -1730
Latest innovations in gas turbine development to meet future Solar power plant asset management and maintenance
power generation demand Look at operational solar pv plant in the Philippines and challenges
1700 -1730 facing operators
Clean coal power generation technologies in the modern power Benoît Prim, Technical Director, SL Engineers
plants and energy efficiency Solar Philippines / Juwi
 Advanced boiler solutions in clean coal power generation
 Emission control and energy efficiency improvement
 Case study on existing power plant applying clean coal
Reserved for sponsor
1730 End of Day One
1800 – 2000 Cocktail reception

Preliminary agenda and content is subject to change

Preliminary agenda, content subject to change

Conference day two - Thursday, 11 July 2019

0830 – 0900 Registration

Stream A 2: Stream B2:
Coal/gas Power Plant Automation, Operation and Distributed Solar and New Technological Trends
0900- 0930 0900- 0945
Case study Panel discussion
Power plant asset management and optimization strategies Distributed solar energy in the Philippines and market analysis
Vincent Datar, Head of Operation, STEAG State Power* Ping Mendoza, General Manager, Aboitiz Power Distributed
Energy Incorporated

0930 – 1000 0945 – 1010

Reserved for sponsor Floating solar as a new emerging frontier in solar energy
development in the Philippines – a case study on the Philippine
first floating solar plant
Sun-Asia Energy
1000 – 1030 1010 – 1035
Case study Floating solar development from EPC’s perspective
1000 MW ultra-super critical clean coal power plant operation Reserved for Black & Vetch
and maintenance
Ir. MOHD SYAZWAN BIN OTHMAN, PMP Head (Maintenance),
Manjung 5, TNB Repair And Maintenance Sdn. Bhd.
1030 – 1100 1035 - 1105
Coffee Break Coffee Break
1100 – 1150 1105 – 1155
Case and experience sharing in power plant maintenance Sponsored presentations
Alexander Ual, Managing Director, Moonz Power Engineering Latest innovations in pv cell, modules, and inverters to enhance
Services project ROI and reduce LCOE.
Samuel R. Lamorena, VP - ETS Engineering & Technical Services,
FDC Utilities
1150 – 1215
Case study
Super critical clean coal power plant operation and key lessons
Malakoff Corporation Berhad, Malaysia
1215 - 1240 1155 – 1240
Plant automation and operation optimization Panel discussion
Reserved for ABB Solar plus energy storage and mini grid
 what does it take to make this combination a perfect
match economically?
 Latest cases of solar plus energy storage in the Philippines

Preliminary agenda and content is subject to change

Preliminary agenda, content subject to change
 Micro-grid to overcome power shortage in island:
opportunities in the Philippines and latest progress
1245 – 1400 Lunch
Closing Session: Smart Grid, Smart Energy
1400 - 1425
Future grid planning and RE integration
1425 – 1450
EV infrastructure development in the Philippines and smart energy’s role to play
1450 – 1530
Panel discussion
Smart energy for Philippine future energy revolution
Envision Digital
1530 – 1600
Coffee break and End of Conference

Preliminary agenda and content is subject to change


Who will you meet?

Industry Sectors:
Government agencies
Power Producers and Utilities
IPPs and Investors
Banks and Financial Institutions
Consultancies and Law Firms
Equipment and Service Providers
Fuel Trading Companies;
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Vice President/Director for Planning and

Investment, Asset Management, Business
Development, Power Generation, T&D,
Training, Financing, Procurement, Supply

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Partners, Consultant, Advisor, Professor,
Editor, Team Lead, Division Head, Princi-
pal Engineer
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