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WALLABIES Jurby Thank you for your support!

# GONE WILD HUB services.

to generate funds that will ensure we can always provide our
partnership working and grow our supporter base in order
By supporting this trail you are helping us to optimise our
10 37
Large Wallaby Locations Found 31

and fit for the future’.
1 St Patrick’s Church, Jurby A10 □ 4 14 Building’, one of our five strategic goals is to ‘Be sustainable

In October 2018 we launched our strategy ‘Much More Than a
2 Rue Point, A10 (Follow signs from Jurby Coast Road)

3 Salmon Lake Centre, Wheel Hill, Laxey □ Ballaugh 13
House, Community Nursing or our Scholl Wellbeing Centre.
4 Curraghs Wildlife Park, Ballaugh A3 □ matter to them, through our adult In-patient Unit, Rebecca

time we have cared for over 8,000 patients, and those that
5 DEFA, Thie Slieau Whallian, St John’s offering a broad range of services to those in need. Over this
6 Onchan Park, Onchan □ 15
are proud to have become a cherished part of the community,

□ Kirk Michael
Hospice Isle of Man was founded in 1983 and over the years we
7 Castletown Square, Castletown

8 North Quay, Douglas □ About Hospice Isle of Man

9 Villiers Square, Douglas □
10 Mooragh Park, Ramsey □ 12
11 Laxey Promenade, Laxey □
12 The Bungalow, A18 Mountain Road □

13 Maughold Parish Church, Maughold Road 3

14 Sulby Claddagh, Sulby (Follow signs from Sulby Village)
16 25
15 Glen Wyllin, Kirk Michael □ 33 11

16 Peel Promenade (Fenella Bridge), Peel □

17 Port Erin Promenade, Port Erin

18 Aida Cubbon’s Memorial, Mines Road, Foxdale A24

St John’s
19 Ramsey Courthouse, Parliament Street, Ramsey □ 5

20 Port St Mary Promenade, Port St Mary □ 33

21 Hailwood Centre, TT Grandstand, Douglas □ 34

22 Chibbanagh Plantation, Braaid Road A24 □
23 Douglas Head, Fort Anne Road, Douglas □ 18 21
24 Cooill y Ree, Main Road, St John’s A1 □ Foxdale 29
32 38

25 Peel Promenade, Peel □ 22
8 40
26 Port Erin Breakwater, Port Erin (Former Marine Biological Centre) □ 23

Small Wallababy Locations

27 Wallabies Gone Wild Hub, Strand Street, Douglas □ Trail Map
28 Port Erin Hospice Shop, Orchard Walk (Nr. Shoprite) □
29 Hospice Warehouse, Unit 14 Spring Valley Ind. Estate □
30 Castletown Hospice Shop, 9 Arbory Steet, Castletown □
31 Ramsey Hospice Shop, 83 Parliament Street □
32 Bucks Road Hospice Shop, 76 Bucks Road, Douglas □ Port Erin A mob of 64 beautifully painted wallabies have
‘gone wild’ across the Island this summer...
33 Peel Hospice Shop, 2 Michael Street, Peel □ 28
Turn over to take a closer Can you find them all?
26 17 look at some of our town locations.
34 Onchan Hospice Shop, Main Rd, Onchan □ Or for a more interactive map, download
35 National Sports Centre, Groves Road, Douglas □ 20 39
our Wallabies Gone Wild app!
36 Villa Marina, Douglas Promenade □ Port St 30 7

37 Northern Swimming Pool, Ramsey □

Mary Castletown
38 Empress Hotel, Central Promenade, Douglas □ A WILD IN ART EVENT IN SUPPORT
39 Southern Swimming Pool, Arbory Rd, Castletown □
40 Sea Terminal, Douglas □ Presenting Partners:

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36 10 Wallabies Gone Wild Merchandise Wallabies Gone Wild

Marina Visit the Wallabies Gone Wild Hub in Strand Street, Douglas or For over 12 months, behind closed
10 one of our other Hospice Shops Island-wide, to get your hands doors, an Island-wide invasion
on some of our merchandise. has been planned by Hospice Isle

of Man. One by one businesses, artists, schools and
From paint your own wallabies to community groups were let in on the secret and now
sticker books and mugs, you are sure it’s your turn...
to find the perfect memento.
Your challenge:

M oo
All of our Hospice Shops

32 are listed overleaf in the Find our 26 large wallaby sculptures located in

ra g h
Map Key. outdoor locations around the Island, each sponsored

Park R
# by a local business and beautifully designed by local

L a ke

Throughout the duration of or international artists.

the trail our Hospice Shops
and Hospice Warehouse are Find our 38 small wallababy sculptures located in

agh P
27 open every day from 10am - public buildings across the Island, each designed

9 4pm and our Wallabies Gone # and fundraised by our very talented local schools

Wild Hub is open from and community groups.
Villiers Square ort
h Sh ore

l St
9am - 5.30pm every day.


Get the App!


All of our shops are run by an amazing army of volunteers
40 37 and as such, from time to time opening times may be subject
8 The Northern
Sea Terminal Su to change. We will do our best to keep you posted on our For a more interactive experience you can download our
North Quay lby
Swimming Pool Facebook page if there are any changes to opening hours Wallabies Gone Wild app for £1.99 at:
during the trail period.


Use the app map to track down all of the wallabies and
31 Parliament St Not enough room in your suitcase? wallababies. Enter the 4 digit code at each location to unlock
A3 Merchandise is also available online at: each design and release special offers, competitions and
rewards from wallaby sponsors.

e Rd You can also use the app to upload your pictures to social
ayr Albert St
Douglas Head Lez media.

Peel Castle

Wild in Art A2
Really Useful Info Dates for Your Diary
In addition to the trail itself, we have a summer filled with
Hospice Isle of Man is delighted to be working in Follow Wallabies Gone Wild by bus, Steam Railway, Manx exciting events. For further information on each event visit
partnership with Wild in Art, a global leader in the creation Electric Railway, bike or on foot. Here is where to find
of public art events, on our Wallabies Gone Wild trail. accessible routes on the Island’s network:
Fenella Beach

Peel Since 2008, Wild in Art has delivered over 56 events across 4
continents including; London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic
Visit the Isle of Man Transport website
for links to all bus and rail timetables.
Schools talent show, Gaiety Theatre
mascot trails, Go Superlambananas! for Liverpool Capital of
Culture ‘08, Mali in the City as part of Melbourne Zoo’s 150th Live transport updates are availlable via social media: BIERKELLER AT BALLANETTE 6 July
anniversary, the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and 18+ Bierkeller fundraiser at Ballanette Country Park
Sho Bee in the City in Manchester 2018. Twitter: @iombusandrail
Rd Facebook: @IoMTransport WALLABY WANDER 20 July
Wild in Art events have: Mass participation one day wallaby challenge event
Opening times for some of the Wallabies Gone Wild
∞ Been followed by millions of people locations: FAREWELL WEEKEND 21/22 Sept
∞ Enabled over £12m to be raised for charitable causes Say farewell to our wallabies as they come together at Ballanette Country

through auctions Northern Swimming Pool Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm Park before hopping off to be auctioned. This is also an opportunity to meet
Sat 10am – 1pm

∞ Injected £1.8 million into local creative communities some of the artists, partners and have a fun-filled family day out

Sun 10am – 5pm


∞ Engaged over 550,000 young people in learning programmes


∞ Had an economic impact of over £98 million WALLABIES GONE WILD AUCTION 26 Sept
Southern Swimming Pool
Mon to Fri 9am – 8:30pm Your chance to own your very own piece of the trail as we auction off all of
East Quay

Sat 10am – 4pm our large wallabies

Thank you! Sun 10am – 4pm


We will also be hopping along to the Parish Walk, Tynwald Day, The Royal
et St

Sea Terminal Mon to Sun 6:30am – 9.30pm


and Southern Agricultural Shows and many other events over the summer
Special thanks to all of our key partners for their invaluable

so be sure to pay us a visit.

contribution and support in enabling this event to take
33 Villa Marina Mon to Sun 9:30am – 7:45pm
Presenting Partners: Education and Community Partner:
National Sports Centre Mon to Fri 7am – 10pm
Sat and Sun 9am – 8pm


nR Disclaimer:



While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct and accurate, Wallabies Gone
Trailmaker Partner: Media Partners:

Wild, Hospice Isle of Man and Wild in Art cannot accept any responsibility in respect of errors, omissions,

Boilley cancelled events, injured wallabies or ones that have returned to the wild. Due to the public nature of this
l event, wallabies may be moved between locations. Some wallabies may be resting inside and opening
restrictions may apply. You are advised to check in advance. This map is a guide and all wallaby locations are
correct at the time of print.

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