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Cube Housing Association Neighbourhood News

Summer 2016

Investing in your future

Cube has announced plans to invest £40m over the next five
years to make our homes warmer and our communities safer.

We want this newsletter to update you on what we’ll be doing in

your neighbourhood - and to let you know how we can help if you
need a bit of support.

We’ll be out and about in your community organising events to

meet tenants face-to-face. Please get in touch with us at any time
if you have any questions or any ideas about how we can improve
services. There’s a full list of housing officers’ contact details at the
end of this newsletter.

How we’re improving your area

We’ll be investing a lot of money in Wyndford over the next year to
refurbishment our homes across the estate.

We’ll be refurbishing the foyers in the eight-storey blocks, the 14-

storey blocks, and the block at 10 Glenfinnan Drive. As part of the
upgrade, we’ll be marking the area’s history as a former army
barracks, as well as recognising the achievements of soldiers from

Better homes, better lives

the barracks who won the Victoria Cross during the First World War.

We’ll also be replacing the vinyl on the landings of the eight-storey

blocks and the block at 10 Glenfinnan Drive. Work has already
started on installing LED lighting in the eight-storey blocks, while 10
Glenfinnan Drive will be done later this year.

And tenants in the eight-storey blocks and at 10 Glenfinnan Drive

will also be enjoying new bathrooms with showers later this year.

New ‘Secure by Design’ front doors - a police initiative which helps

cut crime by improving home security- have been installed in the
eight-storey blocks, while tenants at 10 Glenfinnan Drive will be
enjoying the benefits of the new doors later this year.

Meanwhile, we’ll be replacing the controlled entry systems in the

foyers of the eight-storey blocks, the 14-storey blocks and at 10
Glenfinnan Drive.

The 26-storey blocks in Wyndford will also benefit from new

external bin stores and we’ll be putting in new balcony dividers as
well as painting the balconies. We’ll also be renewing bin hoppers
throughout the estate.

Later on this year we’ll be improving the green space around our
homes in the area. We’ll keep you posted.

Out and about in your community

Tenants are at the heart of everything we do - and we really want

to get your views on the services Cube provides.

That’s why we’ve organised pop-up events in your community so

we can tell you about Cube services face-to-face - and we can listen
to your ideas at the same time.

Better homes, better lives

We’re holding a fun day on Thursday 28 July, from 2pm to 6pm, at
the cricket pitch in Wyndford.

There will be lots for the kids to do, including a bouncy castle,
bungee trampolines, kiddie rides, face painter, balloon modeling
and much more.

Why not come along and say hello?

Remember, we’re here to help you

We always want to increase the ways tenants can influence what

Cube does.

As part of our ‘We’re Here to Help’ campaign, Cube staff are visiting
every tenant at home to talk to them face-to-face and get their
ideas about how we can improve services.

You told us you wanted more ways for tenants to have their say on
how Cube makes decisions.

That’s why we’ll continue to hold open days, surgeries and public
meetings to get tenants’ views on how to improve services and to
get tenants involved in shaping what Cube does.

We’re looking to set up a tenants’ panel in Wyndford so you can

have their say on the decisions Cube makes. We’ll also be talking to
you our allocations policy, and we want you to get involved in that

We’ll let you know details about that soon.

Better homes, better lives

Have your say on repairs service
We would like your views on our proposals for improving our
repairs service. Your feedback is vital as it will help us develop a
modern service which meets the needs and aspirations of

We know the repairs service at Cube, and across Wheatley Group,

Cube’s parent company, is very important to customers. For many,
it’s the service they have most contact with each year. We want our
new repairs service to be flexible and to give tenants the choice of
booking a repair by phone, online or in person, and repairs carried
out at a time and place that suits.

We’ve already written to you with a consultation leaflet detailing

our proposals. Please take the time to fill it in and send it back to us.
The leaflet is also available at You can
also phone us, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, on 0800 011 3816, or

How Cube can offer you support

Remember, we can help if you’re worried about money, your

benefits have changed or you need an extra bit of support.

Our welfare benefits advisors can help you make sure you’re
claiming all the benefits and tax credits you’re entitled to.

Our money advisors can help you budget, manage your finances
and deal with any debt you may have.

Our fuel advisors can help you make sure your home is warm and
comfortable, help save you money on your fuel bills and access the
cheapest tariffs.

Better homes, better lives

We also has a lot of support to help people make a go of their
tenancy, including our Tenancy Support Service and My Great
Start can offer one-to-one support for new tenants and link with
other support services in the area.

Cube also has schemes to help tenants and their families into work
and training, including Wheatley Group’s Modern Apprenticeship
programme, and the Wheatley Pledge, a scheme which
encourages Wheatley’s suppliers and contractors to do more for

To make an appointment with any of our advisors, talk to your

housing officer or visit

How to get in touch

Please get in touch at any time if you have any questions about
anything in this newsletter.

Here’s a list of Cube’s housing officers for Wyndford and their

contact numbers.

Kirstyann O’Hare
61, 80, 110, 130 Glenfinnan Road
Mobile number: 07817 576 001

Julie Davies
76 Collina Street; 1-23 Wyndford Road
Mobile number: 07805 751 290

Alanna Thornton
120 Wyndford Road; 15 Invershin Drive
Mobile number: 07580 861 821

Jill Meffan
11, 25 Wyndford Road; Kirkhill Place; Kirkhill Drive;
12, 60 Glenfinnan Road; Strathcarron Place
Mobile number: 07964 974 085

Marie Cunningham
15 Carrbridge Drive; 171 Wyndford Road
Mobile number: 07964 974 089

Better homes, better lives

Aileen Livingstone
151 Wyndford Road; 3 Carrbridge Drive
Mobile number: 07964 974 081

Emma Camley
Wyndford sheltered; Mellvaig Place; 8-28, 44, 47,
61, 66, 76, 85 Wyndford Road
Mobile number: 07815 723 198

Garry Kelly
191 Wyndford Road; 9 Carrbridge Drive
Mobile number: 07964 973 982

Derek Wilson
81 Kelvindale Road; 2, 16 Carrbridge Drive; 10, 33, 49,
53, 60, 73 Glenfinnan Drive; 88, 106 Wyndford Road;
17, 27, 41 Glenfinnan Road; 23 Catherton Drive
Mobile number: 07964 974 093

Better homes, better lives

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