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Bonding for
study greatness TM

Industry: Pragati Leadership's Approach: Impact:

Pharmaceu cal Around 68% of the par cipants reported posi vely
+ on the commitments they had made during the
 A welcome le er and a Pre Programme Ques onnaire were mailed to programme.
solution category Pre the par cipants. The ques onnaire aimed at making the par cipants
step-1 reflect and respond to certain per nent ques ons
To enhance the leadership and managerial
competencies of Senior Managers to lead
Programme  The par cipants were to bring their responses directly to the Participants Feedback:
their teams effec vely Questionnaire programme
“Understanding the situa on and presen ng it from the other
person's perspec ve has really worked. This helped to increase
Background: the level of involvement and reduce the resistance to change from
A one day programme was designed to meet the needs of the par cipants. a set method. This resulted in developing business in 13 new
The company is focused on developing
The Programme objec ves were to: step-2 countries in the West African region”.
products to provide protec on against - Get to know each other's strengths and bond as a team;
diseases impac ng agricultural sectors in - Create a shared vision of team excellence;
the developing world. - Facilitate People Development and Collabora on in their team; and Design and
- Sustain excellent execu on of Ac on Plans. deliver “AAGTM concept has helped in building a strong, vibrant and result
 The programme began with helping the par cipants to know the strengths a customized
oriented team. Work environment has improved a lot with
Need present in their team programme
 This was facilitated by understanding the par cipants' responses to the above
posi ve energy.”
The Client had approached Praga Leadership men oned ques onnaire. This ensured that they arrived at a common
to conduct a training programme on building understanding of the vision.
managerial excellence through team building  The par cipants were energised and enthused through the concept of AAG

for their senior managers. There were around (Awareness, Apprecia on & Gra tude) “We started monthly review mee ngs for different groups. Many
36 managers iden fied for this programme.  The light seat technique was used for training the par cipants on the skills official issues were brought forward and taken care of. Many
necessary to give and receive feedback u n n e c e s s a r y a c v i e s w e r e c u t s h o r t a n d fe w sy s t e m
The programme ended with the par cipants making commitments for themselves
developments were done to reduce opera onal me and
Participant's Profile
The par cipants for this programme were
Senior Managers.

step-3 Post “ Three projects have been handed over and all of them are
A post programme ques onnaire was mailed to the par cipants to understand
Programme u lizing resources at 100% and providing uninterrupted services
Questionnaire how they had benefited from the programme and the progress they had made to produc on to reach the targets.”
on their commitments during the programme.

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