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Outline of Video Review breakdown of the ad

● Skit if me shaving and cracking a joke to make a clear point at the beginning of the video
that I am making fun of the message of the commercial.
● Introduce myself and explain that I will be reviewing the commercials key scenes and
how the interpretation of the scenes can be looked at differently by lenses Gender and
queer theory and modes of visual, gestural and linguistic
● Its use of rhetoric Pathos strongest for the emotions it chooses to evoke, Logos being
week because some of the scenes don't make sense to real world application, and ethos
being the worst because the company itself is not credible because of the history of it
being bad
● Make connections between topics of how modes such as visual and gestural play in
effect with queer and gender theory
● Next, I will break down the scene of a lady in what looks to be in a professional board
meeting and how the actions of everyone in that scene don't seem to give many contexts
therefore only by interpretation could one see the message attempted to get across.
● The second scene ill analysis will be the scene when a woman walks by a man and what
looks like the man about to take action and engage in courtship is quickly stopped by
another man and the other man holds him back and says “not cool” this scene can also
fall victim to not having enough context behind the scene in which it is at that point left
for interpretation as to what the mans true intentions were to do with the woman who
walked by.
● Give an analysis of how the overall message and how different modes and a lens of
semiotics are what truly make the ad fail to miss its target audience and divide people on
the topic of toxic masculinity
● End the video with one more skit poking fun of how men interpreted the video.
● The modes mainly used inside the ad are visual, gestural, and linguistics with the
ideology driving the ad forward caters more towards gender queer Theory mainly due to
the fact of the heavy subject matter gender roles and how they are assigned to every
person in every scene.