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Tuesday, May 7

May 2019 Newsletter for Families NYSESLAT Speaking TBA

Selectors (PA/PTA Pres,Rec,Treas) Vote
for CEC Members
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA
National Teacher Appreciation Week
National Teacher Day
4:00pm IS 234 SLT Meeting
Wednesday, May 8
Selectors (PA/PTA Pres,Rec,Treas) Vote
for CEC Members
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA
National Teacher Appreciation Week

National School Nurses Day
3:00pm PS 361 SLT Meeting
Thursday, May 9
5619 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234 Selectors (PA/PTA Pres,Rec,Treas) Vote
for CEC Members
Phone: 718-968-6115 NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA

Julia Bove, Superintendent National Teacher Appreciation Week

High School Evening Parent Teacher
Linda Dalton, Family Support Coordinator Conferences
2:40pm PS 255 SLT Meeting
Heather Fiorica, Family Leadership Coordinator
3:00pm IS 278 SLT Meeting 3:15pm IS 78 SLT Meeting
3:30pm PS/IS 109 SLT Meeting
Friday, May 10

Selectors (PA/PTA Pres,Rec,Treas) Vote

for CEC Members
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA
National Teacher Appreciation Week
Deadline to Appeal Middle School Offer
G & T Application Due
Saturday, May 11
@district22bkny @district22bkny NYSESLAT Speaking TBA
Selectors (PA/PTA Pres,Rec,Treas) Vote
for CEC Members
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA
Sunday, May 12
May 15 Elementary School Parent Teacher Conference* Selectors (PA/PTA Pres,Rec,Treas) Vote
for CEC Members
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA
May 16 Middle School Parent Teacher Conference* Monday, May 13
Selectors (PA/PTA Pres,Rec,Treas) Vote
for CEC Members
May 27 Memorial Day (Schools closed)
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA

3:30pm PS 326 SLT Meeting

*Check with school for more information 4:30pm PS 236 SLT Meeting
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All Families
May 2 - May 14 CEC Selections: Presidents, Recording secretaries and treasurers should have
received their credentials to vote for CEC Members on to Once
logged in, selectors will be provided with a ballot containing the names of all nominees for the
CEC in their district. Each selector shall vote for two nominees.

District 22 Art Exhibition May 21 & May 22 from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM at the Joan Snow Pre-K Center,
1340 East 29, 11210: Please save the date to come view our gallery that celebrates our student
artists in our pre-Kindergarten through grade 8 schools. Flyer is available for download here in all
translated languages and available at the back of this newsletter.

May 22–May 31 Grade 4 & 8 NYS Science Performance (Some Gr 7 accelerated check

Upcoming District 22 June Events:

 June 5, Music Concert, 10:30 AM, IS 278, 1925 Stuart St, 11229
 June 6, Science Expo, 9:15-11:15 AM, Joan Snow Pre-K Center, 1340 East 29 St, 11210.
 June 7, Family Fun Night, 5-7:30 PM, John Malone Community Ctr., 2331 Bergen Ave. 11234
 June 13, Dance Show, 10:15 AM, PS/IS 206, 2200 Gravesend Neck Rd, 11229

Measles Outbreak: Facts and DOE Immunization Requirements Responding to recent outbreaks of
measles in Brooklyn and Queens, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an emergency health order on
4/9 requiring measles vaccinations in certain zip codes. Get the facts and stay informed with these
resources: •The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Measles web page •NYCDOE Immunizations web
page, including FAQs and forms
5IZz2MTAaMtNFau5GHOPvPIlfi7OWzLBrgLetfQkBBeMxNR4 •How Does Measles Spread? Do I Need
Another MMR Vaccine Shot? How Dangerous Is Measles? FAQ on the Outbreaks (WashingtonPost,

Pre-Kindergarten Admissions
All families who submitted an application by the March 18 deadline received their pre-K offer on
May 7 via Myschools or a letter in the mail. This letter will also tell you where your child is waitlisted.
You must accept your pre-K offer by pre-registering at the program where you got the offer by May
31. Pre-registration secures your child's pre-K seat at that program. Contact the program to
schedule a time to pre-register in person. Be sure to accept your offer even if you are waitlisted at
another program. Visit the NYC Department of Education site here

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Kindergarten Admissions
You must accept your offer by Pre-Registering for the school by May 3. Bring your child and the
acceptable documents on the Pre-Registration Checklist here

Gifted & Talented Admissions

Score Reports were released for those families whose children took the G&T test this past winter.
Families will be able to access their G&T Score Reports by logging into Letters
were also mailed home to families. The G&T application for eligible students will be available in
MySchools starting today through Friday, May 10th. Interested families of eligible students can also
submit their application through a Family Welcome Center. Questions? Visit Gifted & Talented
Admissions or call 718-935-2009.

Middle School Admissions

Families have the option of submitting an appeals round application online in MySchools or in-
person at their elementary school. The deadline for families to submit an appeals application is
being extended to May 10 (from May 3). This is the deadline for families to apply in the parent
portal, or to return their paper appeals application worksheet to elementary schools or family
welcome center. Learn more about our D22 middle schools by checking out our directory. If you
have any questions for our District 22 Middle Schools, feel free to contact them

High School Admissions

If you apply in Round 2, you will get your Round 2 results in May. If you get a Round 2 offer, it will
replace your Round 1 offer—you cannot choose between these offers. If you do not get a new
offer in Round 2 and your Round 1 offer presents a hardship, you may appeal. For more
information visit

Multilingual Learners
The New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test: will be given by May 17.
Schools can test eligible students any time during this period.

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Special Education

Special Education for Children Entering Kindergarten: The DOE will work with you to consider
whether your child needs special education in Kindergarten, and if so, develop an Individualized
Education Program (IEP). This is called the "Turning 5" process, and your participation is important.
The Turning Five process starts with a referral. This process will depend on whether your child already
has a preschool IEP. If your child has a preschool IEP, The Committee on Preschool Special
Education (CPSE) will refer your child for an evaluation for school-aged special education. If your
child does not have a preschool IEP, you may submit a written referral or the Department of
Education (DOE) may also make a referral and notify you. For more information visit

Spring Conference for Families of Students with Disabilities: Tuesday, June 11 from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM.
fbclid=IwAR1aFFZg8PeftnpzymDOZx_RBtKnJ-sMpylFfEmAwV4UFb3t-MIs7ZFY2nY View Flyer on the back
of this newsletter.

Parent & School Leadership

o Elections: Every PA/PTA in every school MUST hold officers election before the end of the school
year. (Preferably by end May to assure participation in District Presidents ’ Council elections in
June) The Parent Leadership Resource Page includes templates for meeting notices, signs, and
may other necessary documents in all nine languages including the PA/PTA Election Guide,
Quick Reference Guide for PA/PTA Elections, All are also available here
o PA/PTA Election Certification Form: Election results must be recorded on the PA/PTA Election
Certification Form, signed by the principal or his/her designee, before the election meeting is

o Election Grievances: Must be submitted no later than 5 days after the election meeting or
announcement of results if later. For full information on the grievance process See Chancellor’s
Regulation A-660 Page 9 and the PA/PTA Election Guide.

 School Leadership
o Team Elections: Refer to your SLT Bylaws and Chancellor’s Regulation A-655 to conduct
elections (if any) Parent elections must take place after PA officer elections (can be on the
same day).

o CEP Training for School Leadership Teams: In lieu of the annual citywide conference, district-
level professional learning sessions will be scheduled to prepare your School Leadership Team
(SLT) for the release of the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) for the 2019–20 school year,
in the iPlan portal. The training session will target core School Leadership Team members
(principal, UFT chapter leader, and PA/PTA president), and Title I parent representative or their
designees. There will be 2 training sessions on May 20th. Contact your principal for more

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District 22 School News & Events

PS 277: The Gerritsen Beach Library sponsored a visit by Brett Helquist, Illustrator of A Series of Unfortunate
Events, Scary Stories 3 and The Shadowhand Covenant. Our Fifth Graders learn about illustration by using
shapes (circles, triangles and squares). It was a wonderful presentation. Our science teacher Dr. Burke
enjoy celebrating Earth Day with several activities to promote and support environmental protection,
including a Birds of Prey demonstration by Brian Robinson, Honeycomb Candle Projects, Paper Making,
Planting and Oil Spills. Dr Burke congratulates the 3rd Grade Science Fair winners.

PS 255: raised $3,133 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through the Pennies for Patients
program. The class that raised the most money was Ms. Eldin's class, 3-307, collecting over $450!

PS 361 Held a Math Bee during March Mathness.

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PS 203: Oh what a sweet sound to our ears it was!
Our students sang and played their way through a
delightful program which highlighted what they
have learned during the year in music. Children
from Fourth Grade played the traditional version of
these songs: When the Saints Go Marching In, It’s
Raining, and Old MacDonald on their recorders.
The Fifth Graders played their ukulele and sang Iko
Iko by the Sugar Boy Crawford and The Best Day of
My Life by the American Authors. We would like to
thank Mr. Heaney, Upper Grade Music Specialist for
promoting our music program as an important
piece of the educational process in developing
well-rounded students.

PS 207: As part of the College Access for All initiative, PS 207 seventh graders, their teachers and
Principal Mr. McNeill went to visit Marist College on March 29th. Students toured the beautiful Marist
campus and met with admissions counselors
to discuss how to make sure they will be
ready for college in just a few short years.
On April 15,
PS 207
it's 10th
Annual Art
and their
around to share in their outstanding artistic
Hundreds of works of art were on display as
part of the show, under the direction of their
teacher Mrs. Michele Kelly & Mrs. Antoinette
Spada. One of the new features was this
year's 8th grade animation unit, which you
can view using this link.

PS/IS 109: Family Paint Night & Literacy Night

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Assistant Principals Week: In recognition of #APWeek19 we honored and thanked our Assistant
Principals for their hard work and contributions to the success of our
students. #ChampionsForChildren #D22APs View album here.

IS 14: On April 8, 2019 Shell Bank had a visit from Harlem Magic Masters for a very entertaining
demonstration of basketball and got all of our students and staff involved. On April 9, 2019 Keith
Davis former professional football player came to our school for a visit to speak to the students
about empowerment. "Can you hear me now?" The students and staff very fully engaged.

CEC 22 Candidate Forum: On April 1, Presidents’ Council hosted a CEC Candidate Forum at PS/IS
109. We had a great turnout of selectors and candidates. The PA/PTA selectors (President,
Recording Secretary and Treasurer) had a chance to meet the candidates and ask questions. The
PA/PTA selectors will vote for the 2019-2021 CEC 22 members from May 2 to May 14.

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IS 240: Theaters in Motion came to IS 240 to re-enact real life bullying situations. The program was
featured in the Canarsie Courier here

Photos Courtesy of the Canarsie Courier

PS/IS 206 Title One Parent Family Engagement Parent Student Paint Night sponsored by title one
advisory committee. The first grade Russian Dual Language class celebrates reading in Russian and
completing their first book written in Russian that they read on their own.

PS 222: The PS 222 Chorus, under the direction of the talented Jason Luft, was invited to sing at City
Hall for the evening’s event. Honorees included the Grand Marshal of this year’s NYC St. Patrick’s
Day Parade, Dr. Brian O’Dwyer. We were graced with the presence of the Consul General of
Ireland, Hon. Ciaran Madden, who showed us his Irish wit and charm. The chorus beautifully sang
two selections, entitled “Big World, Small World” and “The Emerald Isle”. It was a simply grand

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PS 152: Congratulations to the Honorable Mentions Winners of the Toshiba/NSTA competition 2018-19,
Elaine Sanchez, Lydia Nestan and Barira Jaspa . The ExploraVision competition for K-12 students
engages the next generation in real world problem solving with a strong emphasis on STEM.
ExploraVision challenges students envision and communicate new technology 20 years in the future
through collaborative brainstorming and research of current science and technology. These young
ladies demonstrated team work, perseverance and dedication to this competition and came out
successful, being the only students in district 22 to receive this wonderful mention. These young ladies
created the idea for the Braille Glove, which would benefit individuals who depend on assisted
devices to read. These ladies will be featured in the 2018-19 Toshiba/NSTA News Letter. Thank you
ladies and to all the students at PS 152 who participated and on taking what you learned in STEM
and applying it to real world solutions.

PS 139: Shout out to all our brilliant 1st and 2nd graders, for performing in a wonderful series of music
concerts last week featuring keyboard and singing, and our beginning and advanced orchestras
for showing their stuff! We love Mr. Haviland and Ms. Jonynas, and are so fortunate at PS 139 to
have such a rich music education program under their care.

CEC Honors Parent Coordinators and Secretaries: On April 16, parent coordinators, and secretaries
were honored by the CEC at PS 255. A hot buffet dinner, a slide show backdrop and a certificate
was given out to each parent coordinator and school secretary in the district to show CEC’s
appreciation. Administrators, staff and parents came out to show t heir support of their staff with
beautiful flowers. View more photos here

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PS 197: Kicks off Autism Awareness Month with the theme “Kind is the New Cool”

PS 194: PS 194 celebrated World Autism Day by wearing special t-shirts with a motto we all try to live
by....In a World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind.

Anti-Bullying Workshop: District 22 held an Informative workshop on addressing and preventing

bullying for parents and caregivers facilitated by Wediko Children's Services . Families participated
in discussions regarding bullying, received giveaways and resources on bullying. Thank you to PS 139
for hosting.

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PS 197: Student Leader trip to Salvation Army Daycare Center. The students lead an Easter Egg
Hunt and brought baskets for each child.

MS 890: Students created and shared a lesson on how to model echolocation with the LEGO Ev3
robot and an ultrasonic sensor. The presentation was part of a program in partnership with NYU
Tandon School of Engineering titled “Teaching STEM with Robotics.” Echolocation is a physiological
process for locating distant or invisible objects (such as prey) by means of sound waves reflected
back to the emitter (such as a bat) by the objects. Students presented the applications of the
ultrasonic sensor in engineering and technology and how we are integrating robotics with science
and math education at MS 890. Thanks to Ms. Ahmed for her hard work in this project.

PS 312: April 2019 Celebrating Earth Day every day.

Kindergarten students showed their talents by reusing and
recycling materials for Earth Day. They transformed many
items that would have been discarded into functioning
items. Their amazing creations are on display in the
showcase on the first floor! Congratulations to Abraham
Carvajal of class 1-229 for his painting, The Storm. His piece
was selected to be on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum
of Art. Abraham’s piece will be on display from June 11,
2019 to October 31, 2019. Thank you, Ms. Skopp, our Art
teacher, for inspiring our students to create such amazing

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IS 234: Twenty-five of our students in Ms. Brown's dance class were able to take a "Master Class"
dance instruction at Gibney Dance Studio in Manhattan. On April 11th our Drama Club had their
wonderful performance of Beauty & the Beast, Jr. Hats off to the cast and stage crew!

PS 193: P.S. 193 students shed light on the importance of caring for earth with a student assembly
and an Earth Day contest. Along with the chorus and dance performances, and the wonderful
posters created with recycled materials, students shared helpful ways in which we can all
contribute positively to the environment. It was an inspirational show with an important message
for all!

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PS 194: PS 194 had another standing room only performance!!! Our kindergarten and 1st grade put
on a fantastic performance titled "A Trip to the Zoo". They used dance to create the movements of
mammals, amphibians, fish, birds & insects. They also used songs to teach the audience about
each animal group. Our 5th graders helped out as our actors and really made the trip seem real.

PS 251: PIX 11 $11000.00 Fuel My School Winner! Find out all about the essay here. Watch PS 251
students react to their #fuelmyschool win ! View more photos here

PS 195: Congratulations to Ms. Brooks’ class on the accomplishment of their class cookbook. This
book was inspired by their favorite family recipes as part of their studies on traditions passed down
from one generation to another. In their writing, students used what they learned about sequence
by writing the steps of the recipe using time-order words. They celebrated becoming published
authors by sharing their writing and the food they made using their recipes.

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Tuesday, May 14
Selectors (PA/PTA Pres,Rec,Treas) Vote for CEC
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA
3:40pm PS 52 SLT Meeting
3:45pm PS 203 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS 134 SLT Meeting
4:00pm IS 240 SLT Meeting
Wednesday, May 15
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA
Elementary School Evening Parent Teacher
2:20pm PS 197 SLT Meeting
2:45pm PS 119 SLT Meeting
5:00pm PS/IS 206 SLT Meeting
Thursday, May 16
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA
Middle School Evening Parent Teacher Conferences

7:15am PS 195 SLT Meeting

12:00pm FACE PA/PTA ACADEMY Live Webinar
Lunch & Learn
5:30pm IS 381 SLT Meeting
Friday, May 17
NYSESLAT Listening/Reading/Writing TBA
Monday, May 20
4:00pm PS 152 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS 217 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS 245 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS/IS 207 SLT Meeting
5:00pm PS 139 SLT Meeting
6:00pm PS 193 SLT Meeting
Tuesday, May 21
3:00pm District 22 Art Exhibition
3:15pm PS 277 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS 194 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS 251 SLT Meeting
4:30pm MS 890 SLT Meeting
6:30pm FACE PA/PTA Academy
Wednesday, May 22
Grade 4 & 8 Science Performance Test TBA
7:00am PS 889 SLT Meeting
3:00pm District 22 Art Exhibition
Thursday, May 23
Grade 4 & 8 Science Performance Test TBA
Red Nose Day (Campaign to End Child Poverty)
3:00pm PS 222 SLT Meeting
Monday, May 27
Memorial Day (Schools Closed)
Thursday, May 30 3:00 PM PS 254 SLT Meeting
Friday, May 31
Last day to Pre-Register & Accept Offer for Pre-K

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