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Helping Educators Unlock the Power of Students Who Learn Differently
The National Center for Learning Disabilities and Understood would like to extend our gratitude to the members of NCLD’s Professional Advisory Board and Understood’s Educator Practitioner Advisory Council for their thoughtfulness, collaboration, and expertise. Although this report represents substantial feedback from these advisors, the views expressed in the report do not necessarily reflect the positions of the advisors or their organizations.
NCLD President and CEO
Lindsay Jones
Understood CEO
Fred Poses
Stacy GaliatsosLindsay Kruse, UnderstoodMeghan Whittaker, NCLD
Research Leadership
Joe Daly, UnderstoodDebbie Halpern, Understood
Research Support
SRI EducationLake Research PartnersEducationCounsel
Allison Brooks
Publication Design
Isabella Rieke
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