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Small Business Live 2019

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Session Content: Distributors and Partners

Small Business is Big Business Bastiaan Toeset, VP Global Small Business

Accelerating Opportunity with Small Business Andrew Sage, VP Global Distribution Sales with
The Channel Advantage Philip Wright, Aarti Gurani, Ben Fallon,
Jeremy Bevan

Breaking away from the competition Stefan Eller

Director Competitive Insights

Key takeaways for accelerating in small business Bastiaan Toeset, VP Global Small Business
Jeremy Bevan, VP Global Segments and Industry
Cisco Confidential

Small Business is
Big Business
Bastiaan Toeset
VP Global
Small Business
Cisco Confidential
Small Business Global Opportunity

Over 72 Million SMBs

$1 Trillion SMB
Worldwide $30.7B WW TAM IT Spend by 2028

EMEAR TAM & Market Share

$7B +13% +32%

Opportunity Growth SMB Portfolio Growth

Source: SMB Global Market Research

Cisco Confidential

Small Business Market Trends

Digitization is driving Adopting/increasing Security is the Mobility is a key trend

change, but SMBs cloud use is another most mentioned enabling increased
embrace it top topic for SMBs investment driver productivity and
pragmatically reduced operating

Source: SMB Global Market Research

Cisco Confidential
Small Business IT Adoption

Cloud Mobility Managed Collaboration Security

Reduce Operational Improve Productivity Services Increase Profitability Reduce Risk and
Costs and Improve and Enhance Improve Security, and Business Ensure Compliance
Productivity Collaboration Control Costs and Growth
Cisco Confidential
Why Cisco?

Small Business Portfolio Customer Focus Marketing Driven Partner Acceleration

Streamlined Operations
Cisco Confidential
Cisco’s Small Business Purpose-built Portfolio
Routing, LAN Switching, Data Center Next Generation Firewall, Cloud Delivery Security,
Switching, Wireless, Mobility, Management, Advanced Malware Protection, Secure Routing
What’s threatening your business?
Your network fuels your ambitions


Power any application anywhere Make teamwork your best work.

Rack & Blade Servers, Hyperconvergence, Teams and Meetings, Video Endpoint,
Storage, Adaptive Management Room Kits, Phones

Cloud Managed On Premises Intent based Analytics

Cisco Confidential
Small Business Partner Acceleration

76,000 18,000
Customers Partners

4 Routes to Market $32M Investment in EMEAR

• Value Added Resellers (VARs) Partners
• E-commerce
• Service Providers
Cisco Confidential
Changing customer and market dynamics

Competition Offer
H/W, value added services,
Smaller and agile competitors
subscription S/W

Buyer Profile Customization

Change BOM to software defined
IT to Line of Business
catalyst platform approach

Segment Commercial
Growth in Small Business and Prepaid to subscription
Cisco Confidential
Cisco Confidential

Opportunity with
Small Business
The Channel Advantage Andrew Sage
VP Global Distribution Sales
Cisco Confidential

Thank You FY 18 2T SB
Thank You

Cisco Confidential
Our Customers’ Needs Are Evolving.
We must evolve with them.

Where do How do we Customer

we engage? engage? Experience
Subscriptions Recurring
have IT
budget Outcomes
Lifecycle management.
New New Increased touch points.
Buying Consumption
Centers Models Deeper engagement.
Cisco Confidential
The Lifecycle Is the Sales Cycle

Choosing Loving


90% of the value comes after the sale with Software / SaaS
Cisco Confidential

Most Profitable Partners Worldwide

Average Most Profitable
Adoption services 16% 21%

Revenue driven by LoB 35% 45%

Recurring revenue 35% 39%

C Cisco effect x $5.08 x $6.59

Cisco Confidential
Demand for Managed Services Projected to Grow
MSP Growth in EMEA 2016-2021
2016 2021
$ Billions

$14.5 8.3%

$9.1 $8.9

Source: AMI Partners
Cisco Confidential
Simplified portfolio for the MSP
MSP Practice Today MSP Practice Simplified


Meraki Cisco Stealthwatch
Umbrella Cloud

Cisco Confidential
Online Marketplaces


Meraki Cisco Umbrella

Simplifying procurement,
provisioning & billing for
Cisco Confidential
Simplified Programs to Develop Expertise & Drive Demand

Specializations EasyLease Programs Partner Marketing

36 Months, 0% Executable Pgms
30% Non-Cisco Fast
Master Mktg Services
Track P+ Content
Premier OIP
OIP Demand Generation
Express SMB
1% Rebate

Competitive Intelligence
Global Best Practices * Winning Strategies (65%+ Close Rate) * 24x5 Support
Winning with Customized Content * Research * Cross Architectural Support
Experts and Insights
Cisco Confidential
Cisco SMB Disti & Partner Campaign Localised:
Campaign Playbook Call guide Top Selling SKU list Copy blocks IT, FR, NL

Email and social copy

Email copy Email journey (x6) and social Co brandable content
Cisco Confidential
How will Distribution Help?

Vertical Expertise Sales Support

Marketing &
Demand Gen

Enablement Lifecycle Practice

Software Desks
Portfolio Enablement
Cisco Confidential

Taking advantage Andrew Sage Jeremy Bevan Ben Fallon

of the small business

VP Global Distribution VP Global Segments and Senior Director, Meraki
Sales, Cisco Industry Marketing, Cisco Channels, Cisco

partner opportunity

Aarti Gurnani Philip Wright

Director, Service Provider, Senior Director EMEAR Distribution,
Cisco Cisco
Cisco Confidential
Cisco Confidential

Why Cisco?
@ Cisco Live
Stefan Eller
Director Competitive Insights,
Choice or Confusing? Cisco Confidential
SMB Customers are NOT One size….. Cisco Confidential

Business Tech
Owner Basic
Ease to use Looking for
consumer like reliability to set,
experience built for forget, and get back
business to business.

Tech Tech
Follower Transformer
Exploring advanced IT is run as a business
systems but and is used as an
appreciates ease innovation platform
of use
SMB customer business challengesCisco
are real

BY 2021:

of small business experienced

cyberattack in past 12 months. 27 billion
devices connected to the internet.
Ponemon Institute’s State of Cybersecurity in SMBs Report 2017

Cisco Visual Networking Index 2018

70% {
Demands of new
apps will force
55% of businesses
to upgrade or
of networked deploy new data
of breaches originate devices will be
on endpoint devices. centers.
Effective Incident Detection and Investigation Saves Money, IDC 2016 Cisco Visual Networking Index 2018 IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Datacenter 2018 Predictions
What Causes Sleep Deprivation…..Cisco Confidential

Simplify Enable Secure

My Business My Business My Business

“My business is growing, “My business had a

“We have new
we are innovating, and security breach, we heard
applications, new devices,
need to ensure our teams about the latest attack,
and lots of video slowing
can be productive, and have a new
down the network, and last
collaborative, and secure, compliance regulation.
week we had an outage that
anywhere. We need help ensuring our
cost us a ton of money.
We need great tech so business
It’s critical we stay up
we can attract and retain is secure.”
and running, securely.”
the best talent.”

Make it Simple It Must be Smart Be Secure

Building end-to-end with Security Cisco Confidential

End-Point Access NAC Platforms UTM / FW / Router Cloud Security


Wireless Focus

Cisco Meraki Integrated End-To-End Security - Including ISE + Umbrella

The Dashboard Play Cisco Confidential

Simple. Smart. Secure.

• Is security important?
Static dashlets
No topology
• How are the cloud
No actionable and on-prem
items solutions integrated?
No in- • Are you familiar with
building floor No link, mesh, the concept of
maps usage,
information Trustworthy
Can Ruckus offer building maps, • OpeX can out pace
heatmaps, devices links & connection CapEx
Cisco Confidential
The Security / Application Visibility
Battle Simple. Smart. Secure.

• Is there need to know what is running on your

• Need to control / prioritize applications?
• What is the price of AVC
• Will guests require access to YOUR Network?
How will you protect from them?
• Roaming with Voice calls over Wifi?
• Trouble shooting tools?
• Growth, how will you scale?
Cisco Confidential
Cisco Small Business Portfolio
Simple. Smart. Secure.

1 Secure

2 Cost Efficient

3 Easy

4 Effective -Scalable
Cisco Confidential
Cisco On-Prem Small Business Portfolio
Small business products, outsize results
Simple. Smart. Secure.

Purpose Built
Portfolio Simple
Simple GUI

End-to-End Single Vendor


Best Practice
Service Beyond Guides

a Warranty
The Complete Dashboard Cisco Confidential

Simple. Smart. Secure.

Cloud managed and integrated - WLAN | LAN | WAN | SECURITY

Meraki Dashboard

Meraki Meraki Meraki Cisco

The “SD-Branch” Play Cisco Confidential

Simple. Smart. Secure.

• Ensure the customers qualifies via PoV

• Qualify scaling capacity?
• Do they offer Enterprise Mobility Management?
• What integrated Cloud Security from Endpoint to
Dashboard is offered?
The SDN play Cisco Confidential

Yesterday’s Model
The HPE/Aruba Flexible Architecture
Limit intelligence to core

No Integrated Security

Expose Limitations in

Remove processing at
the Network Edge
Cisco Secure SDN Offers Cisco Confidential

Simple. Smart. Secure.

Visibility Segmentation Threat protection

“See Everything” “Reduce the Attack Surface” “Stop the Breach”
Complete visibility of users, devices, Prevent attackers from Quickly detect & respond to
threats, networks, applications, moving laterally through threats before hackers can
workloads and processes software-defined segmentation steal data or disrupt

security for the modern network!

So how do we measure up? Cisco Confidential

Simple. Smart. Secure.

ü Small Business ü Dashboard ü True End-to-End Security

Focused Portfolio Troubleshooting
Workflow ü Application Visibility and
ü Easy Setup Control
ü Group Policy for Wired
ü Provable Solutions and Wireless ü Threat Intelligence

ü Scalable ü Best Practices

Automatically Applied
Cisco Confidential
Winning with Experts and Insights
Winning Game Scope & Scale
Plan Tactics Partner Plus Partners
Who we Global Competitive Support: In 4 Hours:
Partner/Internal Sales
Lead with Team
World Class Global Support

What we
Engage Expert Comprehensive
Resources Cross-Architecture
Competitive Support

Where you
Best SalesConnect
Cisco Confidential

Small Business is
Big Business
Jeremy Bevan Bastiaan Toeset
VP Global Segments and VP Global
Industry Marketing, Cisco Small Business
Cisco Confidential
Key Takeaways
• This is your biggest market
opportunity in EMEAR

• Small Businesses deserve and

need enterprise-class technology

• Your Customers are evolving so

you need to evolve with them

• Cisco is your preferred

technology partner for
Small Business