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Welcome to the Filipino Sunday School class. We trust that our time together will be blessed by God. Our class meets every Sunday at 10:00 A.M. – Tom Apusen, Filipino Ministry Pastor

Filipino Ministry
Victor & Josefina Calayag September 25

Soul Winning The Heart of God
Bible Illustrations of Soul Winning
Bible illustrations of soul winning from JOHN 11: them from the dead. “And many of the Jews came to Martha and Mary, to comfort John 11 gives the them concerning their wonderful story of the brother.” (John 11:19) raising of Lazarus from the dead. “Then said Jesus unto Jesus had faith that them plainly, Lazarus is dead.” Lazarus would resurrect. (John 11:14). Yes, Lazarus “Jesus saith unto her, Thy pictures a sinner dead in brother shall rise again.” (John sin. 11:23) A soulwinner must go expecting. One of Soulwinners must go if Charles Spurgeon’s they are to win souls. Jesus ministerial students told came to Lazarus. He didn’thim that he had no tell Lazarus to come to conversions asked, “Did Him. “Then when Jesus came, you expect any?” “No.” he found that he had lain in was the reply. He said, the grave four days already.” “That’s why you didn’t (John 11:17) have any!” The lost world can only A soulwinner must be comfort each other in their stirred with compassion sin and misery. Only the before his soulwinning will power of God can raise stir anyone else. “When

Rick Baltazar Flora Nacion Myra Legaspi Irene Mayor September September September September 23 24 25 26

♦ This Saturday we begin our 100,000 Door Campaign. We will need everyone’s help in passing out the thousands of flyers assigned to our Sunday School Class. Please come out this Saturday to join us! We meet at 9:30 AM at Clyde Ave. ♦ Begin planning now - Sunday, November 11 we will have a FILIPINO BIG DAY with a special service and lunch. Start thinking about those you will be inviting to this special service and begin inviting them now.





Rick Martin
“The Soul Winner”
As a young, beginner missionary, Rick thought, “I have much to teach the Filipino people.” After twenty years plus years of teaching them, he concludes, “They have taught me more that I have taught them.” Perhaps, the four most important things the Filipinos have taught Rick are: (He tells the stories that became lessons.) I. How to give! I thought that I needed to teach our people how to give. We American Christians knew how, but I thought the Filipinos didn’t. When we were in the planning stage for our first building, I suggested that everyone give a week’s salary to the building fund. A public school teacher came to me all upset about giving to the building program. She said, “God has been so good to me since I was saved. I feel one week’s salary is not enough. I want to give two weeks salary.” Being a preacher, I said that would be fine but I knew that she only made $50 (US) per month. She was giving more money than I was giving. She taught me how to give! II. How to live by faith! I thought that I needed to preach one of my great sermons on faith. One particular sermon was based on Romans. I thought this would be good for our Bible college students and it was. However, their example taught me a deeper lesson on living by simple faith. One of the students, Elie, was on a work scholarship. The scholarship only covered his very basic essentials. Elie went back to his home on another island and found two of his friends who had recently been saved and called into the ministry. They came at his invitation and enrolled in the college. “How are we going to be able to live?” they asked. Elie said, III. How to forgive the others! One of the laymen in our church and I were out in the community witnessing. We noticed a man sitting on the railroad tracks so we began telling him about Christ. He became violent and began cursing at us and threatening us. We realized that he had been drinking so we quickly left. Several weeks later, the layman said, “Pastor, do you remember the man who was so drunk and angry down at the tracks?” Of course I remembered. He continued by saying, “He has lost his job and his family of six children are in need. Could we hire him at the church?” I answered, “Why should we help him when he was so unkind to us?” The good layman said, “If we forgive him, he will see Christ in us.” We hired him and he saw Christ in us and was gloriously saved. I felt so ashamed because a young Filipino Christian taught me how to forgive.

THE FIRST MAN THE FIRST WOMAN A little boy was asked to name the first man. He promptly answered, "Adam." Then, he was asked to name the first woman. He pondered long and hard and finally suggested, "Madam?" WEDDING STORY

September Events
September 28 NVBS Carnival September 30 100,000 Door Campaign

October Events
October 1-6 100,000 Door Campaign October 7 Ministry Expo Open House Sunday October 17 Lord’s Supper October 21-24 Annual Missions Conference

Coming in 2007… November 11


A little boy was in a relative's wedding. As he was coming down the aisle, he would take two IV. How to put others first! steps, stop, and Ever since, we started the then turn to the church, I had been preaching crowd. While that Christmas is for others. I facing the crowd, admonished the people not to he would put his observe a selfish Christmas. hands up like Several of our Bible College students came to me after I claws and roar. had preached this basic truth So it went, step, and they said, “We want to do step, ROAR... this. We want to spend our Christmas vacation by helping step, step, ROAR, the poor, the crippled, the all the way down lepers and the blind.” This is the aisle. As you what a great portion of the can imagine, the students did. Antario was one crowd was near of these unselfish compassionate students. After tears from spending the day helping laughing so hard others, he was returning back by the time he to the dormitory when a bus reached the hit him. He was taken to the pulpit. When government hospital. When I asked what he learned of the accident, I rushed to the hospital. was doing, the Doctors reported that his child sniffed and chances were very slim. said, "I was being Perhaps an extremely the Ring Bear." dangerous brain operation
might save his life. We had him transferred to a better