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CITIES symposium
5-6 March 2018 Sharing Cities
Politecnico di Milano Shaping Cities
Sharing economy and collaborative consumption
are attracting much interest for their business,
legal and civic implications. Underexplored are
instead the consequences of the spreading of
sharing-based practices in the urban environment
and daily dynamics.
The ‘Sharing Cities - Shaping Cities’ symposium
aims at addressing if and how is sharing shaping
(#shapring) cities, the way spaces are designed
and lived if social interactions are escalated, the
way habits and routines take place in the
post-individualist society.

Main fields/ Key topics and questions/

Urban studies, urban planning and design, /Urban fabric/ How is ‘sharing’ shaping cities? Is
service design, sociology, geography, it a paradigm shift with tangible and physical
anthropology, innovation studies, and related. reverberation on urban form? How are shared
mobility, work, inhabiting, energy and food
provision reconfiguring urban and social fabric?
Extended abstract /Social practices/ Are new sharing-based
Up to 1,500 words, plus references lifestyles changing the use and design of spaces,
via email at to foster collaboration and local economy? To
Book of contributions under consideration what extent sharing is triggering a production
and consumption paradigm shift to be reflected in
Attending/ urban arrangements and infrastructures?
/Sustainability/ Does sharing increase the
Important dates/ intensity of use of space and assets or rather
Nov. 24 / Submission of extended abstracts increases the demand of resources to meet
expectations of convenience for urban lifestyles?
Jan. 12 / Notification of acceptance
To what extent are these phenomena fostering
Mar. 5-6 / Symposium in Milan more economically, socially and environmentally
sustainable practices and cities?
More info at /Policy/ How can policy makers and municipalities
interact with these bottom-up phenomena and grassroots innovation to create more sustainable
#shapringcities cities and collaborative society?

Organized by/ Initiative of the H2020 project/ Funded by/