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The program that has been developed below is supported by Artemis Sorras’ economical
offers in favour of the Sovereign Democracy of Ellas. This includes the 2.3 trillion Euro
program that has been submitted towards the Heritage Funds of the Indigenous Sovereign

These offers and the reserve funds that are available to the Ellene people, will come into
our hands once the institutions of the state are taken over by the Political Body “Ellinon
Syneleysis - E.SY.”.


Artemis Sorras has submitted and enclosed the following financial instruments for the Sovereign
Democracy of Ellas (*). These are accompanied with a series of indisputable and irrefutable
credentials and legal documents which prove their validity, authenticity and effectiveness.

All necessary legal and practical procedures have been put in place in accordance with Ellene and
Global legislation, towards every direction and to any directly or indirectly relevant entity. The
relevant time has been given for any protests, objections, disputes etc.

There has never been any objection or refusal of any form by any entity towards these offers or the
submitted financial instruments.

Since the protest time was reached and there was no objection, it inevitably implies acceptance
and all acts are deemed to have been finalised, without the right for interference by any entity, at
any time and in any way.

The financial instruments and wealth associated with them is now assigned property in favour of
the Ellene people, Ellas and in general, Ellenes all over the world.

In short, the following actions have been completed and the following amounts submitted ready for


been deposited in a custodial account located in an overseas bank and have been validated
by all involved parties (US Treasury, US Treasury Offset Payments, US department of
Transportation, IMF, EU, ECB, Bank of Greece, Areopagus, Greek Courts and many
other countries abroad). These were deposited for the purpose of redeeming the
Government Debt and the financing of arising needs.

1.1. Interest rate: 0%, (0.5% temporary interest rate until the redemption of loans by the
lenders: thereafter it will be changed to 0%. All income from the temporary interest will
be available again in an account for the benefit of Ellas.
1.2. Repayment: Up to 100 years.


has been deposited by Artemis Sorras’ request on behalf of the Indigenous Ellenes living in
Ellas and abroad. He is holder of an Irrevocable - Durable and Posthumous/ Hereditary Power
of Attorney received by various Municipalities but also Ecclesiastical Ministries in Ellas and


To obtain funds from the derivatives of wealth located within the International Ellene Heritage
Assurance funds. These are registered in Institutional Parent and sub Registration accounts:
Greece and other commercial banks or other institutions with home base in Ellas and abroad.
These are controlled by the BIS – Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank, the
Federal Reserve and the central banks of countries through the grey/black screens (High
Security Access Level). According to International Treaties, these funds can be rightfully
claimed and are the legitimate property of the Sovereign Ellene Nation, also known as “Global
Debt Facility” of which the ultimate goal is the structure of finance for the benefit of the Ellene
Citizen, for sustainable restructuring and development policies, ensuring stability, security and
the renaissance of Ellenism in Ellas and abroad.
It directly involves sustainable development through welfare and remunerative programs and
the buying off of “non-performing” loans (Κόκκινων Δανείων) that businesses and households
in Ellas, Cyprus and abroad are unable to pay.


Artemis Sorras has issued the corresponding guarantees from his own portfolio so there would


The proposal was lodged and validated by the relevant parties (Global Financial System,
“ALPHA OMEGA STATION”, World Bank, Federal Reserve, ITC, Consolidated Credit
Bank LTD, UN, EU, ECB, IMF, Hellenic Republic, Areopagus, USA & Russia).

(5,500,000,000,000) EUROS, of which have been converted to debenture bonds obligated by
the National Bank of Greece, the Bank of Greece and the Central European Bank. This grant
has already been taxed by the Greek Public at a value of twenty-seven billion euro and the
Ministry of Finance and the Office of Criminal Prosecution for Financial Crimes (SDOE/ΣΔΟΕ)
refused to receive it.

The Tax Department of Patra, the Greek Parliament, the Ministry of Finance, the French
Embassy, the Greek Stock Market, and Greek Courts.

(*) ARTEMIS SORRAS, has a portfolio of important financial instruments, some of which he
is the owner and some a legal beneficiary – administrator. Administration has come from
Special Irrevocable & Continuing (Durable) Power of Attorneys, with
Posthumous/Hereditary power ICPOAs. He is the sole beneficiary, only decision maker
and only signatory. All proposals have been lodged in person so full transparency can
exist between all practices, acts, contracts etc.


During the transitional period, immediately after the assumption of government by “ELLINON
SYNELEYSIS”, the following will implemented:

The current program, specifically from the time of deposit of 600 bil. dollars in favour of the
Sovereign Ellene Democracy (the Indigenous Ellenes) on 28/09/2012, is THE IMMEDIATE

Special committees will be established to undertake research roles. They will then make a report
and construct in depth and accurate proposals backed by irrefutable evidence which will be lodged
for discussion, decision making and enactment by the state institutions.
The four basic committees will be:


1.0 Research and Control Committees
2.0 Committees that will undertake studies for the resolution of various topics, Development
and Reconstruction of the Ellene economy and the establishment of political and
cultural geostrategies.
3.0 Committees to institutionalise the approved decisions.


1.0 Judicial and Disciplinary Committees



1.2.1. Committee to review the Public Debt: A thorough review will be undertaken for the
audit, evaluation and structure of the public debt over time, evidently, bringing the
truth to light, with the assistance from a group of globally accepted expert auditors.
The review will contain but not be limited to, how the Public debt was created, who
the lenders were, what contracts restricted the country, what was adhered to and
who opined and decided on the issue. It will be concluded whether and insofar the
debt is an “odious debt”, certification of whether or not the money ever reached
Ellas, how each loan was taxed, who handled the money that was loaned, where
they were invested, issue/ cancellation of bonds etc.
1.2.2.Committee to review the handling of public money by internal or external
institutions, including what role advisors, external auditors, private or state
consultants had.
1.2.3. Committee to review the handling of public assets, geostrategic assets, contracts
(selling, renting, management, and construction).
1.2.4. Committee to review all Public Social Security Funds and all other funds with
direct or indirect relation, obvious or secret, not limited to the aforementioned,
balance sheets, contracts, management, collateral acts from the use of these
funds etc.
1.2.5. A committee responsible to review the Bank Institutions, operations, guarantees
and weights, handling of capitals and any investments from them, mergers,
capitalisation and recapitalisation, the shareholder structure at all levels leading up
to the final physical person for 100% clarity of its structure, asset portfolio, financial
instruments that have been issued by the banks and where they have been
allocated, operations and contracts with borrowers.
1.2.6. Review of the operations, investments, assessments, and actions of the Hellenic
Financial Stability Fund (Τ.Χ.Σ), Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund
(ΤΑΙΠΕΔ) and all other (local or foreign) funds and parties that were established
and managed Ellene Public assets and all information of who was associated.
1.2.7. Review of the current economic situation, responsibilities, assets, inspection of
funds, wage structure etc. of all Regional offices, Prefectures and Municipalities.
1.2.8. Review of the armament fund and secret funds.


1.2.1. A committee responsible to review the main structure of all Ministries in terms of
the way decisions, contracts, competition, supplies etc. operate, the way they are
made and executed as well as the way they are supervised, so that there is a clear
picture of all issues related to administration, including the responsibilities that
arise from these. Budgets will also be prepared for maximising returns and
ensuring their smooth operation.
1.2.2. The same will occur for all Regional offices, Prefectures and Municipal authorities.
1.2.3. A committee to monitor the actions of foreign centres in Ellas, their collaborators,
the damage they have caused, projects they’ve implemented etc.
1.2.4.Specific committees that will examine all areas of Ellas and record the actual
current facts, the relevant contracts with external bodies, management and the real
needs at every level.
This entails:
a) Internal Operational Needs of every division of the government machinery.
b) External transnational relationships and alliances, their actions within Ellas,
and threats that are encountered.
c) Economic & Financial Needs for the smooth operations of the State.
d) Defence and Security on land, air, underground, sea, satellite, contracts,
specifications, operations, security.
e) Shipping
f) Economic structure
g) Education, Books, Ellene Language,
h) Culture & Athletics
1. Thorough review of all who have served the Ministry of Culture as
politicians and administrators,
2. Review of all contracts relating to projects and events undertaken by the
3. Review of contracts with other countries, organisations, universities, foreign
archaeological institutions and others, a complete survey of excavations,
where our current artefacts are located, the agreements centred around
these, their exploitation until today, and all excavations that have occurred
until today.
4. Examination of all artefacts from excavations until today and their final
5. All storage areas holding artefacts from excavations, primarily museums
will be examined.
6. An investigative committee will be established with expert archaeologists
and the presence of a prosecutor to lay accountable those who exploited
and offended our Ethnic inheritance.
i) Health, Pharmaceutical Industry,
j) Employment & Social Security,
k) Agriculture, Stock Farming, Food chain,
l) Trade, Industries and craft industries
m) Country Planning, Environment, Urban Planning, Land Register,
n) Ground, Sea and Air Transportation, Networks and Roads, Bridges, Ferries,
Runways etc.
o) Register and mapping of our Mineral Wealth, Coal, Crystals and rare earths as
well as seismic areas, geological phenomena, monitoring, contracts etc.
p) Register and mapping of all known and unknown technologies, energy fields,
archaeological sites,
q) Education, current structures, school curricula, education resources, illiterate
population etc.
r) Press, Communication & Internet, licenses, operations, restrictions etc.
s) Satellites of all forms, contracts with third parties, operations, inspections,
t) Water, Electricity, Energy reserves, Transport networks, Storage,
u) Locating every ancient Ellene asset (Sculptures, Temples, Writings etc.),
third party handling until today, locating every book of Ellene Literature etc.
v) Forests, biotopes, wetlands, fire proofing etc.
w) Waste, dumps, recyclables, sewage, drainage etc.
x) Detailed nautical Mapping for ports, marinas, rivers, lakes etc.

1.4.1. A Parliamentary team to research and suggest corrective interventions for the
Constitution (Σύνταγμα) that will safeguard the Ellene Citizen and establish the
Ellene Politeia. This will be based on the Ellene Protocols governed by the Values,
Principles and State Laws (Αξίες, Αρχές & Πολιτειακούς Νόμους),
1.4.2. A State Reconstruction Committee for the application of the State Code,
1.4.3. Further concerns within the country’s Municipalities not listed above, will be
overseen by: Committee to review the Municipal population register comparing birth

registration documents and proof of close relatives. Administrative financial control of rewards, contracts, assignments.


1.3.1. Drafting committee to pass a bill for the establishment of a true National Ellene
Credit Institution.
1.3.2. Drafting committee to pass a bill for the Credit institution of the Politeia to redeem
all “non-performing” loans (Κόκκινα Δάνεια) existing today within the Banks. In this
way, it will capitalize the interests to the initial sum through the Credit Institution of
the Politeia. After inspection of all Credit institutions of the country, the Credit
Institution of the Politeia will either delete them or perform capitalisation on the
loan (initial capital + interest up to the date of redemption) depending on the
situation. The liable persons will have the ability to pay off the loan long term (e.g.
30yrs) with zero interest rate. This must be strictly within the framework of the
Value System belonging to the Ellene Politeia.
1.3.3. Drafting committee to pass a bill for the deletion of debts owed by the Ellene
people to the public treasury. This must be strictly within the framework of the
Value System belonging to the Ellene Politeia.
1.3.4. Drafting committee to pass a bill for the deletion of debts owed by the Ellene
people to all the social security funds. This must be strictly within the framework of
the Value System belonging to the Ellene Politeia.
1.3.5. Drafting committee to pass a bill for the cancellation of the memorandums and
loan contracts.
1.3.6. Drafting committee to pass a bill for the inspection of interference and customer
relationships within contracts between the Greek Public sector and other countries
or individuals.
1.3.7. Drafting committee to pass bills and institutionalise the underlying terms and
conditions for the implementation of all development projects listed above and on
the basis of studies that will be approved by Parliament as mentioned in the
previous article.

* The drafting committees will have to draft and file the Bill within ten (10) calendar


1.0. A Committee to establish a Special Tribunal will be called upon to give direct judgement
according to the results of the control committees dealing with the most important issues of the
Politeia. It will impose the relevant sentences. The Establishing Committee will have a duration
of ten (10) days from the submission of the Bill to form the special tribunal.

2.0. Control Committee of the Judicial Body:

2.1. Committee to audit all judicial officers’ actions and operations to date.
2.2. Intensive seminars to reinforce the role of the Judiciary officer.
2.3. Intensive seminars for the implementation of corrective, distributive and customary

3.0. The Disciplinary Body is an independent body which will objectively carry out audits, issue
expert opinions and deal with issues related to justice.

4.0. The disciplinary committees will supervise and co-ordinate all acts with transparency and in
public view.

5.0. A Justice Committee will operate independently and will supervise all operations of

6.0. The committees will consist of independent legal counselors, judges, prosecutors, supervisors,
economists etc. They will also be able to consult any person they deem necessary to carry out
the act.

7.0. Once the inspection is finalised by the experts described above and criminal offences are
committed by the parties involved, I.e. the public officials (even those no longer in office),
including consultants of any form, countries, banks etc, the disciplinary committees will
compile the relevant file. They will co-ordinate, execute and supervise the process of the trial
formed by the Special Judicial Body and will oversee the implementation of the court decision
within a time frame that will be decided in due course.

8.0. In every case, the decision of the tribunal will be immediately enforceable.



The Ellene Politeia considers education to be the most critical and vital sector of society. The
program will utilise huge funds to create a logistical structure for the excellent and complete
education of Ellene children.

The Ellene Politeias’ goal is an entire and complete education system. The Politeia is obligated to
nurture the soul and body, thus performing its duty towards our Genus (Γένους).

1.1. Schools will be the nurture centres for the new Ellene generations and will operate for
the production of young citizens building their body, soul and spirit making them
worthy of claiming the Ellene Politeia.
1.2. Schools won’t have any funding restrictions and will have whatever modern logistical
infrastructure is required for achieving their goals. These include theatres for theatrical
teachings passed on from our ancestors. This means that the school will satisfy and
develop all creative abilities of Ellene children. Apart from spiritual learning and
education, schools will have all the facilities for individual and collective sports. Sports
clubs, associations etc., will have no reason for existence in the Ellene Politeia since
they will be functionally integrated within schools. In whatever sport the Ellene child
has a talent, appeal or liking, they will have the opportunity to practice it within school

1.3. This of course requires sound equipment and necessary staffing of the most competent
trainers - coaches for every sport. Therefore, education for Ellene children on body and
spirit will occur at the same time because both must be exercised together.

1.4. Also, every school will have state of the art equipment to cover the innate
tendencies that exist in people in expressing aestheticism through art. All Ellene children
will be able to participate in music learning programs, with whatever musical instrument
they desire including vocal expression.

1.5. Particular importance will be given specifically towards Ellene arts, expression of
aesthetics such as theatre, painting, sculpture, pottery and every form of art.

1.6. The Ellene child will have a complete educational program in learning, practicing,
preparing, spiritual and bodily exercise only within the school.

1.7. Today, the education system of the regime kills every creative imagination and true
learning aptitude of the child from the instant it comes into contact with them. The
educational system of the regime wants to destroy their critical ability and creative
aptitude by integrating them into a framework of systematic books and ideas that guides
their thinking and actions in accordance to a design created not to serve the interests
of the Ethnos but those of some alien groups (lodges, masonic companies, masonic
educational councils, dogmatic doctrines etc.).

1.8. This imposes the need to change all writings created today as they trap human thought,
creating thoughts that are false and don’t promote reality and truth. Through its structure,
the Ellene Politeia will establish writings that will consist only of reality and the truth of our
Cosmotheasi/ Κοσμοθέαση (Cosmotheasi is anything captured by our senses and
perceived through cognitive process as being true and real) and the universal position of the
human being, who is situated on planet earth. Our writings, within the framework of being
and real, will be the result of our Very Ancient Ellene Literature and advanced modern
which originates from our cellular memory (Κυτταρική μας μνήμη).

1.9. Education will strengthen creative imagination and the critical ability for judgement because
tomorrow’s Citizen must participate through “judgement and authority” to everything in
existence, so as to distinguish what is
theirs, what’s within their Cosmotheasi and what isn’t. (Cosmotheasi is anything captured
by our senses and perceived through cognitive process as being true and real).

1.10. Great importance will be given to Tertiary Education level where they will be taught with a
creative approach, real sciences, and true foundations.

1.11. Tertiary level will be the vehicle for the development of each branch concerned with
educational, social and productive sectors of our Politeia. Our true divine language will be
established in all levels through the branch of Philology.
1.12. The technological schools will develop anything needed by the people, and these will
only be in accordance with the universal position of the human. This includes real
medicine that won’t have one benefit and fifty side
effects nor will they be produced by companies that care mainly for profits despite
the damage and consequences they provoke, but they will only be developed for the
benefit of the people.

1.13. Anything that evolves to the Tertiary level will always be in total cooperation with the
production sector of the Politeia so that every novelty and every innovation is directly
applicable for the benefit of all society.

1.14. Education in the Ellene Politeia will be the strongest vehicle for the production of
Ellene citizens with sound judgement, awareness and self-knowledge, which is how
every Ellene “Citizen” should be.

1.15. Particular importance will be given to teachers of all levels. The function of the teacher in
the Ellene Politeia is of highest regard. Teachers of Ellenes are obligated to promote only
reality and truth and under no circumstance anything dogmatic. The Ellene Politeia will
honour their huge contribution both morally and economically. However, it is their duty to
promote the Ellene Value System with excellency, i.e. the Values, Principles and the State
Laws, and the teachers themselves, becoming examples of these. Preceding their
obligational duty is to surpass any personal or family situation in order to serve their
worthy position given to them by the Politeia, with excellency. The Politeia will reward
depending on their ability to transmit the Ellene Value System, knowledge and the critical
ability of the students. However, they will be punished for any distortion of our Value
System and any behaviour that insults, affects or reduces the ontological position and
persona of every Indigenous Ellene student. They will be punished in accordance with the
laws of the Politeia.


2.1. In all municipalities, the Ellene Politeia will continuously provide Ellene education.

2.2. Teaching and hospitality facilities will be established for all ages, with specialised teachers
focusing on our Literature, and the upgrading of all sectors where Citizens following the
program show most interest. The Politeias objective is to upgrade the whole of society
in accordance with the Ellene Value System.

2.3. Special educational programs will be organised for Ellene’s of all ages. An “educational fee”
will be subsidized for every Ellene separately, so they are able to attend educational
sessions and programs or organise sessions and programs for “retraining and
re-educating”. This way, every Ellene is informed of new perspectives, new occupations,
new craftsmanship and arts, making everyone into more productive citizens.


3.1. In the scope of the Ellene Politeias’ plan regarding Continuous Ellene education, is the
establishment of public libraries in all cities and towns. These will contain books with real
Ellene literature in an ideal environment that’s in harmony with the role it serves. The
content will be writings for the cognitive education of its Citizens.

3.2. The libraries will also serve as information centres which will be connected online with other
similar centres all over the world so the person interested can have broad access.

4.1. The Ellene Politeia, through its operation, will provide employment and security for all its

4.2. The Ellene Politeia opens up productive and developmental horizons, especially through its
integration into the production of innovation and state of the art technology. In this way,
employment is ensured with the production of work against it. With this structure, the
Politeia will always provide employment for
all its citizens.

4.3. Employment conditions will always respect the human resource.

4.4. Salaries will always be a meritocratic criterion of productivity and quality of work.

4.5. Medical care and retirement of employees will be covered by a high standard insurance
fund that
will always operate with clear cost benefit. This fund will be self-governed with the purpose
making profitable investments to improve the position of the retired shareholders. All
existing funds, once inspected, will be strengthened and will operate for the benefit of the
citizens. Security of the elderly will be through the Politeias operational mechanisms and
laws. The Politeia considers the “elderly” a major and significant capital. These are people
full of experience and wisdom who can pass on the seed of knowledge to the upcoming
generation always with respect to the human, the Politeia, the environment, the planet and
our cosmotheasi. (Cosmotheasi is anything captured by our senses and
perceived through cognitive process as being true and real).

4.6. The Ellene Politeia recognises the obligation to provide the best conditions for a better
living as opposed to today’s regime that kills the elderly by confining them in miserable
institutions that only have a profit-making nature.

4.7. All over Ellas, the Ellene Politeia will take full responsibility for the elderly, creating parks
that will contain modern accommodation facilities, areas for hobbies and gathering,
communication, spaces for physical education, medical and hospital care etc.

As Ellenes we are obliged to make the elderly self-sufficient so they won’t need to rely on anyone
and we are all obligated to respect them.


5.1. Ellinon Syneleysis gives importance to the development of all primary productive sources.
Agriculture will be developed to the fullest extent. Cultivation will
be established all over the country strictly with traditional Ellene seeds.

5.2. A program will be developed so that 60% of agricultural production will make our country
self-sufficient from the agricultural products. All plants of the Ellene flora will be recognised
including their extracts such as oils and its use in therapeutic and ornamental

5.3. The catalogue of Ellene seeds will be recovered and completed anew.

5.4. An inspection of the food chain will take place and all “GM” genetically modified seeds and
their derivatives will be prohibited.

5.5. The Politeia will undertake to ensure foods are free of “GM” genetically modified seeds. It
will provide sophisticated methods of development in cultivation techniques based on
primordial principles as expressed by Mother Nature, and watering will only occur with pure
clean water free from poisons, toxins such as fluorine.

5.6. Support mechanisms for all agricultural and animal production units will be created. These
will be based on advanced technologies that are against genetically modified seeds and
hybrids, with mandatory enforcement measures for cultivation using unprocessed natural
local seeds. In this way, Ellas will once again become an organic role model of natural
development and whatever is cultivated in Ellas, will be truly organic.

5.7. Fertilisation will occur with organic fertilisers and soil improvers produced within Ellas.

5.8. Industrial processing of agricultural products will be developed to its fullest extent and only
exports will be allowed. The same importance will be given to livestock.

5.9. A proper designed relationship will be created between production, transport, storage,
maintenance and distribution in the local market. This, including exports, will create
between producer and consumer and attract healthy competition.

5.10. There will be strict supervision for compliance to specifications.

5.11. Encouragement of production will take place so that 80% of livestock products cover
domestic consumption.

5.12. Particular emphasis will be given to the production of organic food for animals.

5.13. Attention will be given to the reproduction of native Ellene fauna.

5.14. Their nurture will take place only in the natural environment and any growth hormones,
dietary supplements, or other hormones will be prohibited.

5.15. We are the land of the waters and it is natural to make use of aquaculture of all kinds.

5.16. Greater attention will be given to fish, shellfish and mollusk and whatever is produced as a
final product by Mother Nature.

5.17. The Politeia is ready to provide any support to achieve the above with its own participation
(unless decided otherwise) in their implementation.


6.1. Specific Infrastructure will be created so researchers can implement research and
experiments with ease, making full use of the results.

6.2. Special schools for children with high intellectual levels will be created to properly develop

6.3. Innovative programs and profound networks will be installed at all tertiary educational
institutions in Ellas so that these programs can fund new innovations, creations,
technologies and other evolving products. In turn, products produced will be immediately
marketed for the mutual benefit of the educational program, the students, the teachers,
expanding to Ellene’s in Ellas and all over the world. 10% of the rights will return back to
the institution/ school from all commercial activities promoted by the new products and
technologies. These institutions/ schools will establish their own mechanisms for self-
financing to operate seamlessly.
6.4. A special committee for the immediate issue of licenses will be formed for investments
especially in innovative technologies to benefit society as a whole.


Industry will be structured to provide self-sufficiency in all sectors. This will be achieved by always
taking into account the global conditions for possible partnerships and the implementation of
projects and investments in the most crucial areas.

7.1. Industry will be built around state of the art technology according to today’s global trend. It
will focus on the development of pioneering and innovative technologies which will be
patented by the Ellene Politeia. Ellene citizens, scientists and inventors from abroad, will be
called upon to offer their knowledge and intelligence, inherited from our genus (γένος), in
favour of the Ellene Politeia.

7.2. Industry will be supported by primary resources found within Ellas.

7.3. Special emphasis will be placed on the mining and mineral sector for raw material
production which is vital for industrial activity. Great emphasis will be given to the
production and exploitation of rare metals and rare earth elements found within Ellas.

7.4. Special units will be created for better ways to maximise exploitation, improvement and
protection measures for biotic, abiotic, energy and/or potential natural resources
categorised as renewable or non-renewable: Atmospheric air, water, soil, natural flora and
fauna, underground minerals, solar energy, natural beauty etc.

7.5. All mine production in Ellas will be used as a primary resource in its manufacturing
industries. Primary resources will not be exported. Only processed industrial products
containing the surplus-value of processing will be exported. In this way, Ellas will become
self-sufficient and stand-alone in the primary resource industry.

7.6. For the competitiveness of industrial products, the prerequisite is to stop the
overexploitation of energy resources for profits, and adjust the cost of energy to lower

7.7. To achieve such a program, lower cost energy will need to be utilised. The Ellene
Politeia is ready to implement alternative green technologies that will be of high standards
with complete safety and absolute respect towards the environment.

7.8. One of the technologies to be implemented is hydrogen production. This is produced

through an electrolytic process which makes use of solar energy.

7.9. All the alternative forms of energy that will be utilised will result in the use of free energy,
and this energy for our planet is in accordance with universal law.

The Ellene Politeia will create a self-supported Ellene country in both industry and energy by
setting the world standard and applying “word of reason”/ tech-nology (Τέχνης του Λόγου).


The Ellene Politeia shows great importance towards the craft industry. Many traditional handcrafts
lie within the timeless art of our genus (γένος).
This is truly a timeless value to have and it will be strengthened by the Politeia as much as

8.1. Primarily pottery and ceramics in general, blacksmith, bronze and silver masonry will be
8.2. Great emphasis will be placed on jewellery, which is an Ellene craft from antiquity and has
left us with an infinite number of fine artefacts.

8.3. In respect to the clothing sector, weaving and embroidery industries will be strengthened,
with great focus on the excellent quality of materials and products produced, ensuring they
are made by primary materials found in the Ellene environment such as cotton, hemp linen,
silk etc.

8.4. The production of fabrics from silk will be strengthened. This also includes artefacts,
handmade crafts, engraving and sculpture, made using traditional or innovative

8.5. Great promotion will be given to cottage industries for the production of tobacco products
such as cigarettes, cigars etc. As well as distilled alcoholic beverages of all kinds such as
potatoes, berries, apples and anything else containing traditional products can be

8.6. The same applies for natural juices.

8.7. The motive for the promotion of these activities is clearly for taxation purposes and is
referred to in the Taxation Legislation section in this document.


Ellas means sea. We are people of the sea. There is a connection to the sea in our DNA. The
enhancement of our position globally in maritime, from what it is today, is a fundamental target for
the Ellene Politeia. The geostrategic location of Ellas is of great importance, as it connects three

This maritime will make Ellas a global centre for trade and commerce.

9.1. The Ellene Politeia’s target is the industrial development of maritime in all areas.

9.2. The key target is to create free trade and distribution zones, huge storage areas, all the
necessary support services etc.

9.3. The Politeia will support the maritime sector so Ellas can become ‘the’ global centre of
Trade and commerce.

9.4. All necessary arrangements will be incorporated on all levels for the existence of a “state of
the art” network in railway stations, airports and regional roads with support services. They
will be supplied with sophisticated storage management, latest technology load/unload
machinery, electronic means of tracking traffic etc. in order for Ellas to have an advanced
transit centre of commerce.

9.5. Current know-how in maritime construction will be strengthened, including

high standard repair specifications of all floating vessels in shipbuilding and maintenance

9.6. An aim, is the construction of technologically advanced vessels, that will incorporate
safety, usability and ease.

9.7. Great importance will be given to the energy required for the movement of the vessel,
so it is replaced with alternate forms of energy resulting in free energy.

With this program, the Ellene Politeia places Ellas in the position it belongs to regarding the field of


Currently, even though citizens are paying road tolls and registration tax, what’s available is a
terrible and non-existent road network. There is no surface maintenance, no drain maintenance,
non-existent pavements, no access for people with disabilities, rare night lighting etc.

10.1. Firstly, the upgrading of the National network has already been planned.

10.2. All necessary investments will take place for the upgrades listed above, especially in
the cities. These will include excellent quality, anti-slip and smooth asphalt without

protrusions etc.

10.3. Pavements and existing pedestrian passages will be upgraded.

10.4. Well-structured parking spaces, above or below ground will be created to assist in

the circulation of cars in the big cities.

10.5. Greenery areas will be constructed and existing areas will be redeveloped. Security
personnel will be permanently stationed for its protection. Its purpose is for the
enjoyment and pleasure of the citizens and its protection from marginal, criminal groups.

10.6. Listed in the program of the Ellinon Politeia, is the creation of thousands of
aesthetically pleasing spaces, where citizens will be able to enjoy the landscapes
and be in harmony with the environment.

10.7. In addition, the upgrading of all existing bridges will take place, as today’s
situation (2015) is equivalent to that of the post-war period.

10.8. Lighting will be improved and support services will be created in public areas for the
presence of aesthetics and expression of art, offering comfort and relieving the big cities
from noise, pollution and traffic.

10.9. The moment Ellene Politeia takes responsibility of government, its aim is to create a
National development project spanning all of Ellas.

10.10. The funds to be invested for this are certain and abundant. Two parallel motorways
will be constructed with the latest safety specifications and technologies that will cover its
western and eastern section and entire length of the country. The above will interconnect
in sections in order to cover all in-between areas. The same design will be applied for the
island parts of Ellas.

10.11. The creation of modern motorways is of great importance for the Ellene Politeia in
order to be able to access even the most remote village in Ellas. This will allow for

the exploitation and utilisation for housing and development of areas which even now, are

10.12. Infrastructure will take place for population distribution over the entire country in
residentially organised areas, which will allow people to live in an environment that
appeals to their senses.

10.13. The purpose of this procedure is the creation of cities and towns so every citizen
can live and come into contact with the natural environment. In this way every
energy needs will be met harmoniously.

10.14. The residential areas to be established will meet all the needs of the people through
utilisation of high-end infrastructure e.g. sewerage, electricity, water supply etc.

10.15. Houses will be designed in orientation suitable to embrace the suns’ rays, which are vital
for humans, in such
a way that will respect and be in harmony with the natural environment. Their
construction will be in such a way where it will be energetically self-sufficient and made
entirely by natural materials of the earth. All cities and towns will be catered for to their
full extent with direct access by ecological city trains.

10.16. For the better service of citizens, high speed and innovative trains will also operate
in addition to the motorways.

10.17. Every town or city, depending on its location, will have its appropriate infrastructure
for its interconnection with the rest of the country.

10.18. Great importance will be given to the aviation link which will cater for all regions of Ellas,
mainland and island regions. All islands will be interconnected with maritime cabotage,
including mainland Ellas.

10.19. Likewise, hydroplanes will also be used where necessary.

10.20. The project of the Ellene Politeia is for the big cities to progressively give way to the
smaller cities and towns that are going to be established, thereby allowing citizens to
enjoy the nature our country has to offer.

10.21. The prices of real estate offered by the Ellene Politeia will create the necessary
conditions for decongestion of the big cities.

10.22. One of Ellene Politeias’ aims is the establishment of a new city made up solely of its
administration. It will consist of all its ministries, organisations and institutions which will
govern the Ellene Politeia.

10.23. This city will be constructed in an area that will highlight the beautyfulness of Ellas’
nature. It will consist of hotel facilities that will offer excellent service for official guests,
including state of the art infrastructure, such as an airport, parks etc.

10.24. In this city, the Ellene Politeia will create a building complex which will become the new
headquarters for the United Nations in the future.

10.25. All countries will be invited to send their formal ambassadors of the United Nations
and will be welcomed in this building complex free of charge.

10.26. The Ellene Politeia is ready to invite and host all Nations - Countries in these to-be
established headquarters of the United Nations.

10.27. This will put a stop to the over spending they are required to pay in present facilities
of the United Nations. In this way, the Ellene Nation will be a model of magnificence for
the whole planet.
11.0 WATER

11.1. The creators of this planet gave water in abundance for humans. Humans have to
respect this divine gift, they have to greatly respect the rivers, lakes, springs, streams,
oceans and not pollute them just as they take care not to pollute themselves.

11.2. Wherever productive processes of water are required, the most technologically efficient
biological cleaning will take place.

11.3. The Ellinon Politeia will clean all the waters from the Apostates (αποστἀτες), who are
currently poisoning our waters.

11.4. Water will once again take its form, the crystallisation and divine properties, the energies
and trace elements it naturally carries, the way it is intended for humans.

11.5. Water is a divine gift. No one can produce it, and so, it can never be sold. The cost of
consumption, respectfully, is the cost of the construction and maintenance of the distribution

11.6. Water can only be sold as a component of a finished product.

11.7. Special processing of sea water will take place in order to solve the problem of water
scarcity faced by many islands and areas of mainland Ellas.

11.8. The water distribution network will be improved in all rural, border areas, urban centres
etc. for the balanced distribution and continuous provision of water to meet everyone’s


We live in a country that was home to the Gods and it is a divine gift that the Apollonian Sun
shines brightest here.
Including Poseidon, who through water, has created the waters that surround our vast coastlines. It
is a fact that all people around the world dream to visit Ellas.

12.1. Astounding investments have been planned for tourism in both winter and summer

12.2. Everyone will be given the opportunity to visit Ellas.

12.3. This means huge infrastructure, including an intricate road network on mainland and
island parts of Ellas. They will include large motorways which will inter-connect,
simultaneously accommodating high-speed trains with utmost security, all having direct
connection with the ports and airports.

12.4. All cities and towns will be fully accessible with direct connections from eco-city trains.

12.5. Ellas is the ‘country of the sea’ and huge, state-of-the art marinas welcoming guests
from all over the world will be constructed. The vicinity will consist of all the necessary
support personnel.

12.6. Thousands of paradise resorts for the hospitality of guests in both mountainous and
beachfront areas all over Ellas will be opened; always with respect to the natural
12.7. These locations will entirely embrace the natural environment and consist of living

standards such as organised, autonomous residences for people in towns and villages.

12.8. All these locations will have frequent visits and excellent accessibility with the appropriate
means of transport e.g. road, air, sea etc.

12.9. The Ellene diet will be promoted as it is the most appropriate and healthiest for peoples

12.10. Every visitor will sign a declaration of commitment complying with the conditions

and rules they need to strictly follow during their stay in Ellas. This includes great respect
towards the natural Ellene environment, their compliance with the laws of the Politeia
and utmost respect to sacred events (Δρώμενα) of the Indigenous native Ellenes. Any
breach of the aforementioned, will result in strict punishment including deportation and
restriction of entry to the country indefinitely.

12.11. People will be able to prosper in a naturally clean Ellene environment. The
highest quality services and supply of products that will be distributed will be the
incentive of reward for the work produced.

12.12. Through tourism, the identification of the country will be set on a global scale.

12.13. Tourism will advertise Ellas around the world. This will show that Ellas is a global
political, economic and cultural power.


The Politeia’s responsibility and primary concern is to provide free health for its citizens.
The Politeia will undertake big investments for the holistic cover of the citizens’ health needs.

13.1. It will establish hospital facilities that will respect all Ellene citizens independently and

with ideal conditions of stay.

13.2. These hospitals will be staffed with the most specialised medical, nursing and support

13.3. The hospitals will be constructed in an environment that promotes the citizens’
aesthetics at a high level.

13.4. A central factory, and other regional factories will have responsibility towards the

Politeia to manufacture medicines with unlimited production potential and best results for

13.5. These medicines, apart from natural, which is the ideal, will be a mix of natural and
artificial pharmacology with minimal contraindications.

13.6. Apart from the so called “classical medicine”, similar specialised facilities will also
support alternative therapies such as therapeutic treatment, hydrotherapy, phytotherapy,
aromatherapy etc.
13.7. The Politeia’s main aim is for its citizens to live in an environment that promotes
health through an Ellene - Mediterranean diet, water as intended by mother nature and
clean air.

13.8. Specialised rehabilitation centres will be established for addicts who will be reintegrated
into the healthy operations of the Politeia once their health is restored.

13.9. Special health care centres will be established for psychological illnesses. These will
contain support centres that will provide spiritual and bodily services for the correct
functioning of the person in the Ellene Politeia.

13.10. The Ellene Politeia will provide all the funding needed for the operation of these epic
“Ellene Therapeutic Techniques”

In this way, health centres will be revived to their true nature, to modern Asclepiad centres


14.1. The Politeia’s standing position is - If you want peace, you must always be prepared
for war.

14.2. The Ellene Politeia will see that the armed forces and security bodies perform their

duty of security, prosperity and progress for the Ellene Ethnos.

14.3. The three branches of the armed forces including the army, navy and air force, will be
strengthened with modern weapons systems. Ellene assembly factories will have priority
for the construction of these weapon systems.

14.4. Large importance will be given to the borders, including mainland and island parts of Ellas.
All areas will be manned with state of the art surveillance devices and immediate
intervention in both human resources and equipment.

14.5. Particular care will be met for feeding and accommodation in army camps. High living
standards for the armed forces will be introduced as they are a vital part of the Ellene

14.6. Training and exercise centres will be of high technical specifications, and a strict exercise
program for emergency response will be incorporated for land, sea and air.

14.7. Any international collaboration that will benefit towards the attainment of these goals will
be exploited. Priority will be given to innovative technologies created by Ellene scientists
and inventors, adapted to suit the geographical make-up of the Ellas.

14.8. “Leakage” of such innovations towards foreign entities other than Ellas will be stopped and
they will be applied and developed only by Ellene factories in cooperation with the armed

14.9. With great respect, the Ellene Politeia will ensure that those who serve the ultimate duty
for the security of the country, will not have any suspensions or obstacles in carrying out
their duties.

14.10. The Politeia will support their wage, security and retirement so they are able to perform
their duty towards their country undisturbed.

14.11. Their knowledge and experiences are useful and important, and as such it must be
shared among younger, higher and lower ranked officers and soldiers of the armed

14.12. Training will be of high standards for all who serve the armed forces. Upgrades will
take place in all settlements of the armed forces, with great respect for their contribution.


Police are required to ensure the internal security of its citizens.

15.1. For this reason, the Politeia will provide them with all necessary logistics so their service is
undertaken effectively.

15.2. State of the art technology will be used for the training of high and lower ranked officers.

15.3. All necessary service personnel will be recruited so they can perform their duties
completely and efficiently.

15.4. The Politeia will support them with adequate wages and security measures to carry out
their duties seamlessly and trouble-free.

15.5. These security forces will have the gratitude of the Ellene Politeia and must be respected
by every Ellene Citizen because the citizens appointed them and essentially, the police
work for them.


16.1. The role of the Fire Brigade is vital towards the nature and environment of Ellas. The
make-up of the land demands specific skills, requiring action in every area. The role of the
brigade is to protect and help the people in emergencies, natural disasters and fires.

16.2. Equally important is the protection of the country’s flora.

16.3. All necessary fire belts will be established throughout the country. All fire brigade centres
will be upgraded with latest and state of the art technologies, including airplanes,
helicopters, self-propelled units, Ellene satellite surveillance etc.

16.4. The training of firefighters will be state of the art and their wages and security will be
ensured by the Politeia in order for them to seamlessly perform their duties.


17.1. The role of the Coast Guard is to provide security for the Politeia in the maritime region,
especially along the coastlines.

17.2. They have an increased role confronting the scourge of illegal immigration and illegal
trafficking. The Coast Guards’ needs in confronting such problems in our sea are both
quantitative and qualitative.

17.3. It is important the body is supplied with every possible technology so the inspection can
be done in the best and safest way.

17.4. Every island and dense strategic area of our coastlines must consist of a base for
speedboats in order to tackle any situations quickly and effectively.
17.5. All employees of the Coast Guard will have the best training, and will also be under the
care of the Politeia for the work they do with an adequate salary and security so they
can perform their duties unaffected.


18.1. The duty of customs services is to inspect the traffic of imported goods, as well as the
traffic of exported Ellene goods. Customs is mainly responsible for imported goods, apart
from tax that must be followed, it must not allow the entry of goods that are enriched or
contain elements or substances that aren’t in accordance with the natural nutrition of
humans e.g. growth promoters, perfumes, preservatives etc., which will be banned
according to the strict code of the Ellene diet.

18.2. They are obligated to protect the country from smuggling with excellence.

18.3. A state-of-the-art electronic database will be established which will contain updates,
monitoring and coordination on what is happening around the globe.

18.4. Customs will have the appropriate equipment for the aforementioned control measures.
This will include well trained staff for its operation.

18.5. The Politeia will provide adequate salaries and security so they can perform their duties
seamlessly and unaffected.


19.1. Justice (Δικαιοσὐνη) is one of the twelve Values of the Ellene Value System (Ελλἀνιου
Αξιακοὐ Συστἠματος).

19.2. Civil order and proper function of a Politeia is supported by egalitarianism, equality and
isocracy of its citizens. For these strong pillars of the Politeia to exist, Justice must convey the law
with excellence in distribution, correctively, and with reciprocity.

19.3. The Judiciary Body is responsible for the conveying and application of justice. Its proper
function supports the Politeia because Democracy thrives only when Judicature operates
with excellency.

19.4. The Judges are obligated to abide and exercise the law and justice continuously and.
Objectively. Judges of all level and specialty will have to strictly and responsibly abstain
from any groupings such as lodges, clubs, orders etc. so they are in a position to carry out
their duties without prejudice.

19.5. The Politeia will respect its Judges, provided they promote the proper function of
judicature set out in the Ellene Protocols (Ελλἀνια Πρωτὀκολλα). They will be protected
and satisfied ethically and materially in the best possible way.


20.1. They deal with National Security both internal and external.

20.2. The secret service will solely work for the benefit and service of the Ellene Nation and no
one else.

20.3. The secret service has to bear a huge responsibility that is highly critical for the well-being
of our country.
20.4. The Politeia will equip and secure the National Security Service with all state-of-the-art

20.5. It will provide all logistical infrastructure, independent sources of information and
approaches from satellite facilities of Ellene origin. Including systems to assist their

20.6. Their salaries will be fully covered so they can offer their essential and useful services to
the Politeia.


21.1. The earthly environment functions under conditions of natural law, which respects the
human beings and gives them the ability to live in the most excellent conditions.
Everything useful to humans is provided in full abundance. Water, oxygen, fruits of the
earth, the natural resources found within the earth, energy needs, and aesthetic needs are
all provided generously by our environment.

21.2. It is common sense, if we choose to understand it, to venerate and act with mutual respect
towards our environment. Great respect starts when we realise how much we need to
come into contact with our environment. Our ancient literature states that we had
continuous contact with the environment and showed great respect toward its divine
gifts. When they crossed a river, they had to be clean and they would always be clean
when crossing it.

21.3. The monuments left for us are entirely adapted to the natural environment. Such as
the Mycenaean tombs, the pyramids, temples and residences.

21.4. The Ellene Politeia’s respect towards the environment will be highlighted through the
people’s interaction with it. In today’s conditions, whatever is created will have total
respect for the environment.

21.5. According to the geographical makeup of the area, settlements will adapt and respect the

21.6. The Ultimate goal is the steady decongestion of urban centres and strengthening of the
regional areas, abolishing the need for people to live in the physical and mental prison of
the big cities.

21.7. People will re-learn to be aware of what exists and is occurring in their environment,
including the universal sacred events (δρὠμενα) which they will take part in as an integral
piece of it.

21.8. Energy is a divine gift and should be integrated into the actions of the state efficiently and
in innovative ways.

21.9. The elite’s exploitation of energy and enrichment through energy use will cease. The
Ellene Politeia will provide environmentally friendly energy for the people and they will only
be required to cover the expenses of distribution facilities.

21.10. Water, as a divine gift, will also be provided to the citizens and they will only be required
to pay for maintenance and distribution expenses (distribution network maintenance).

21.11. In this environment, people will feed only off the original fruits of the earth naturally
provided for him. Foods and their products will not be genetically modified or abused with
chemicals during production.

21.12. Respect for the environment means human’s absolute connection with the environment.



1.1. The Ellene Politeia sees the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Services as a
critical sector of the State. The rebuilding, upgrading and reconstruction of all services
in this sector is crucial.

1.2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be directly connected to all embassies of

motherland Ellas. All employees in organisational and managerial positions are

required to have Ellene DNA and under oath for the service of the Nation.

1.3. They are obligated to promote what the Nation (Ethnos) has offered humanity

including knowledge, expertise, technology, science, politics, mathematics, arts,

language, philosophy etc.

1.4. It is their duty to collaborate with departments in other countries and promote what

our civilisation has offered over time.

1.5. It is their duty to discover areas - conditions of cooperation for the benefit of other

countries but predominantly for Ellas.

1.6. With these collaborations, it is their duty to promote peoples place in the Ellene
Politeia all over the globe.

1.7. As a result of trade developments, products from Ellene agricultural and

industrial sectors will also be promoted by the commercial attaches in the countries
they are accredited.

1.8. The Ellene Politeia will invest all capital needed for the acquisition of proprietary
buildings that will house local services and embassies of the country.

1.9. The duty of diplomatic employees is to inform local communities about our
inheritable rights as a Nation (Ethnos) found in their territory and from our ancestors.

1.10. It is also their duty to locate these inheritances abroad and claim them as intellectual
property or birthright of our Nation (Ethnos).



1. Upgrade of this department in all levels will take place and staffing will be of Ellene DNA
and sworn for the service of the Politeia.

2. The upgraded department will perform checks of all archaeological areas that have
been found and purposely covered up. As a result, the areas are prevented from
coming to light to show their Ellene Magnificence.

3. A committee will be established to display all archaeological sites on one

archaeological map (calculated to be over 30,000) and will take on the initiative to
clean and revive them. This means, anything built on any archaeological site, temple or
altar will automatically be demolished so our ancient inheritance can come to light.

4. Entire cities and buildings of all kinds are buried throughout the mainland and island
parts of Ellas.

5. Outside of Ellas, all intellectual and inheritable rights of the Nation (Ethnos) and
everything Ellene, will be rightfully claimed.

6. The duty of the Ministry of Culture is to integrate and embed every person and every
work done by these people into the Nation (Ethnos) who belonging to our genus

7. All capital needed will be invested for the restoration and revival of our language, our
customs, our sciences and technology.

8. Our history will be restored.

9. Museums will be constructed, as many as are needed to host the artefacts of our

10. The U.N. will acknowledge any intellectual property that belongs to our Nation (Ethnos)

11. The Politeia will build and organize the monumental statues including areas of historical
value of the most important and critical events of Ellene history, important to the Ellene
Nation (Ethnos) and for Ellenism on a global scale. It will organize, plan, reveal and
strengthen the organization that will establish the teaching of the Neo-Ellene language
as well as the ancient Ellene language. The ancient Ellene language will branch out to
all European countries and the world in general. The organization will be further
strengthened with Ellene Apprentices and Phil-Ellenes, to restore, re-organize and
defend the Orthodoxy of the Ellene Language on a global scale and the Orthodoxy of
Ellene history on a global scale, including the committee of Ellenes and Phil-Ellenes
who will be situated in every capital city abroad and who will teach, inform, and “civilize”
all the non Ellene legislative bodies. This will maintain, strengthen and support the
“enlightenment and source of enlightenment” known as Ellas, Ellenes and Ellenism
throughout eternity, looking towards the future.


1.1. The Ministry of Finance will be rebuilt to a department that will serve the people through
tax rewarding schemes on behalf of the Politeia.

1.2. All current tax policies will be eradicated because excess laws lead to corruption,
interference, malicious actions, and oppression against the citizen. The tax law on
revenue to be established, will have at least 10 years’ duration.

1.3. All current tax on property/real estate will be eradicated creating a Sovereign citizen and
principal of his home and assets. Tax for purchase of property/real estate will not
exceed 3% as opposed to 11% that we currently pay for simple transfer fees. Transfer
to a first-degree relative will bear no tax.

1.4. For the safe movement of citizens, The Ellene Politeia will pass law so that purchase of
vehicles will bear only the tax of VAT (Value added Tax/ΦΠΑ), only and if it is deemed

1.5. Vehicle registration will not exceed € 50 yearly as there is no logic for vehicles with four
tyres that take up the same amount of road space to pay such varying amounts, as they
do today - from €150 to 1400.

1.6. Road tolls will be abolished as they are an obstacle to the right of citizens to travel
freely within Ellas. The Ellene Politeia will deal with the current establishments situated
on the motorways.

1.7. Income tax will start at €15,000 p.a. A consideration of the Politeia is for the lowest
wage to be configured so that 50 % will cover the employees living standards.

1.8. In scope of the Ellene Value System, the Ellene Politeia will distribute public land solely
to the Indigenous Native Ellenes without the right to resell it.

1.9. With full respect to newborn Ellenes born on Ellene land, the Ellene Politeia ensures
they will automatically acquire a part of the urbanised area. With respect to every Ellene
citizen and equality and all the Ellene Protocols as our foundation, from the first day of
governance, women will be recognised for their enormous role defined in our
Cosmotheasi. (Cosmotheasi is anything captured by our senses and
perceived through cognitive process as being true and real).

1.10. Women are recognized as self-reliant, autonomous and independent in society as a

whole. Taxation-wise they are treated autonomously and taxed personally as opposed
to a
family unit. Everything acquired within married life will be distributed according to the
legislation from the beginning. For women who nurture children, the Politeia will
provide full wage and security cover. From the first day of pregnancy with an Ellene
offspring (Γόνο),
the Politeia will undertake all pregnancy, birth and upbringing costs. The Politeia will
reimburse all the mothers when they are required to join the workforce for all the years they
missed out.

1.11. It is our duty to overturn the genocide occurring today to eugenism. The restoration
and reassurance of mothers and our descendants is our sacred duty.

1.12. Tax policies will allow for growth in all individual production sectors.

1.13. Shipping will not be taxed as long as the headquarters are located in Ellas. Staff and
crew must also be Ellenes, as long as they are available, and all maintenance of
must occur in Ellas.

1.14. For the first 5 years, industries that are covering vital
production areas in the Politeia, will not be taxed, in order for Ellas to become
industrially self-sufficient.

1.15. The tobacco and alcohol industry will bare tax only equal to the value of the product.
So final sale price will be: 50% sale price of the manufacturer and 50% tax towards
the Politeia.

1.1. Ellas rightfully belongs to the Native Indigenous Ellenes.

1.2. The Ellene Politeia shows great respect to those who are not Native Indigenous Ellenes

but live in the Ellas region. Equity, Isocracy, and equality means that no one can have
more rights than an Indigenous Native Ellene.

1.3. No group, union or club can have a more privileged relationship with the Politeia than a
Native Indigenous Ellene. No manifestations, such as foreign associations governed by
public law, can exist in the Politeia and possess particular tax privileges, property and
immunity rights etc.

1.4. The Politeia must firstly respect itself, before respecting everyone else. If the Politeia
does not respect itself, it cannot demand respect from its citizens. It produces
unfairness if it works for an oligarchy instead of benefiting society and its citizens.

1.5. The Politeia doesn’t discriminate its citizens according to political party, social status or
dogma. The only criterion is Ellenicity. Ellenicity is determined through genealogical
origin i.e. blood, DNA. So Nationality can’t be assigned, donated or sold because it is
based on genealogical origin. In this way, Ellene Nationality can only be withheld by
those who descend from the Ellene Ethnos and this is only identified through a blood

1.6. Hospitality is our tradition, and anyone can live with us as long as they accept, as
lifestyle, the Ellene Value System/Protocols, and recognises our Cosmotheasi.
(Cosmotheasi is anything captured by our senses and
perceived through cognitive process as being true and real), including our sacred
events (δρώμενα) and to
show full respect towards these.

1.7. Our Nationality carries symbols of our Politeia within it, and we have the responsibility
to restore our true history, our true heroes, our origin, our place on this planet and our
inheritable rights. It is our duty to condemn the National traitors that are promoted as
“heroes” by the Zionist centres of power.
It is our duty to replace them with the true heroes of our Genus (Γένος).


Today, Saturday, Twenty Fourth of October Two Thousand Fifteen (24/10/2015), the
below parties that make up the Board of Directors of the Political Body named
“ELLINON SYNELEYSIS” and with distinctive titles: “E.SY”, “EL.EYSIS” and
“SYNELEYSI ELLINON”, agreed and accepted the above:

Artemis Sorras: ID: AI210720


Vicky Haralambous: Cyprus Passport J039558

Managing Director

Vassilios Theodoropoulos: ID Ξ382304

Secretary General & Treasurer