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Works Cited

Secondary Sources:
“Did Slaves Produce Your Food?” Civil Eats, 26 July 2018,


This source helped me look more deeply into slave labor within the food industry and use

this as tragedy of grocery stores

Mittal, Mudit. “The Evolution of Packaging.” Medium, Digital Packaging Experiences, 20 Dec.



This source provided me with a time frame with the packaging industry, so I could be

more precise with one of my main tragedy points, which was the transition into plastic


Published on May 19, 2010 Article updated on January 5. “Plastic Packaging History:

Innovations Through the Decades.” Plastics Make It Possible, 5 Jan. 2018,


Similar to the above source, this provided me with more information regarding the

packaging industry to increase precision when discusses plastic packaging

Skrovan, Sandy. “The State of the Grocery Shopper in 2017.” Retail Dive, 11 Jan. 2017,

This gave me more insight as to how grocery shopping effects our daily lives.

Primary Sources:

“Eco-Friendly Supermarket Uses Zero Plastic Packaging.” YouTube, AP Archive, 20 Nov. 2016,

I used this source to show an alternative to plastic packaging that is becoming

increasingly popular and that we can expect to see more of in future generations.

“Ethical Food.” YouTube, Global News, 17 Mar. 2013,

This source was used to show the support for ethical food. Not only is the industry reliant

on slave labor, but also on industry animals, of which are treated, arguably, inhumanely.

Again, this is something that we can see more of in the future.

“Slavery in the Food Supply Chain.” YouTube, EDOF, 6 June 2017,
This source was used in order to show what is being done to protest the slavery in the

food supply chain, which is something that is being phased out of practice to create a

future free of slave labor.