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Poetry Recitation Rubric

Excellent! You’ve Nice Job! After a few Good Start! Keep

mastered this part more tries, you’ll be an working on this part so
Graded completely! expert. your skills will
Item improve.
You stated the name & You got almost all of the You missed several of
Content author (or “author words right. One or two the words, but we still
unkown”). You recited all words were missed or understood the meaning
of the words exactly as the misplaced. of the poem.
author wrote them.
5 4 3
You used wonderful You used expression for The poem would sound
expression. You used one or two parts of the much better if you used
Expression gestures effectively. The poem. Add more to the expression in your
author of this poem would other lines, and it will be voice.
be proud of the way you perfect.
recited it!
5 4 3
Your pace was appropriate There were one or two This is an area for you
Pacing and everyone was able to spots that could have to practice. You spoke
and understand. been slowed for the too fast for the
Clarity audience to understand audience to enjoy this
Your voice was clear. We the poem better. poem.
could hear you across the
room. It was a little hard to hear Your voice was too soft
you at times. this time. We could not
hear your recitation.
5 4 3
Eye Contact You spoke directly to the You looked out at the You looked down while
audience the entire time. audience, but focused on you spoke. Next time,
Each of us felt that you one member (often it’s let the audience see
were speaking to us. You the teacher). Look your eyes, and you will
moved your head naturally around a bit more next see our smiles.
and looked around the time.
5 4 3


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