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Through all these years the human being by necessity is related to others, and every time that
passes innovative ways of relating with others are known. Over the years, with the advances in
technology, new mediums of communication have been created, so we can supply our need of
not feeling alone. All this is good as long as we give it the right use, and at this point, it is what
we fail and is that we get so much into our own world of social networks and media that it does
not matter if we are alone or not. In the real world and us have no problem as long as we have
many followers, friends in social networks, many likes and comments, and all statistics begin to
take the first place in our lives.

In the first instance, the advance of technology has caused many excellent things
that support the daily life of the human being. And the technology is good insofar
as we giving it good use, and we are responsible since on the internet we are vulnerable to
so many things and if we start giving it an inappropriate use we naturally
start having dependence on it, rising to the point where we become absolutely dependent
on technology and we stop feeling because we are up to date in the media, and we are more
present in social networks than in the real world.

Then, because of the dependence on the technology that we acquired over time, we began to
disconnect from the real world little by little without noticing the difference and the others
around have also been in the same situation. We stop being sensitive to the real world and to
what surrounds us daily beyond technological devices. We are not aware of the way we speak,
and with this I want to begin to raise the problems we generate by not having another passion
beyond our constant need for technology. As I said before we stopped being sensitive to the
real world, starting with our way of realizing ourselves with others directly, without a screen in
between. We are not able to meet someone and not look at our cell phones, it has become a
constant need, in addition to this, whenever we are completely focused on our mobile devices
and someone speaks to us there are times when we do not even listen to the other. We prefer an
afternoon chatting with our family and we feel that this is more than enough, that we take the
time to meet them one afternoon and do something out of the ordinary to make them feel
special. Or a case not so far away, we are in our cell phone, in our world, someone asks us for a
favor or simply speaks to us, and our reaction for the simple fact of being so involved in our
issues that we even respond in rude ways that lead us to make the other person feel bad, and to
complete sometimes we do not even notice if they do not tell us.

To conclude, there is not much to say, or how to find a solution for this? It is more than evident,
and the best way to find it is by looking at our own shortcomings in these situations, because I
could stay a whole day talking about this topic and how to avoid it, but if there is no provision,
there is nothing that is my hands that I can do to change it. The moment in which you will
realize to change is the moment in which you identify yourself in what you are wrong,
recognize it and work to improve. And this is the invitation I want to make, take the time to
have a self-knowledge session and look for solutions and help if you want it and decide to
change, and make a difference, and thus impact the lives of others by promoting a change.