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Dora Cervantes

Professor Batty

English 101

24 March 2019

The Biggest Problems a Student Faces

Being a student many people believe it’s the easiest task a person can have. While many

people agree to this I believe this is false because being a student can sometimes be challenging

to different people. Some of the challenges a student might face might be not earning enough

money to pay for school even though they are working a full time job and having a hard time

catching up on work because they might be dealing with other personal problems. One of the

solutions a student can do is taking advantage of the supplies and programs the school might

offer to help solve the personal problems, a way to solve the money problem might be applying

to FAFSA as well to other programs like grants.

Working full-time while studying does not mean much when working on minimum wage.

For a student working almost everyday trying to get those overtime hours does not add to much

by the end of the week. Not only does the student not have enough money but they do not have

time to attend school. According to the article, At Universities, More Students are Working Full-

time by The Atlantic in which states, “Now a student working full-time earning minimum. Wage

would make around $15,000 in a year, which is less than tuition and living expenses at most

schools. According to the College Board, an undergraduate student paying in-state tuition at a

four-year college is looking at about $19,00. Private four-year schools run closer to

$43,000” (Deroy 3). This article explains how working to be able to afford college seems

unrealistic to many students. It explains how working a full-time job does not give enough
money to be able to cover at least the tuition for a four-year college. According to their report the

students that end up working in retail and restaurants are low-income students in which can not

afford to attend unpaid internships in their field of study. This only shows me that if a student

that is working a full-time job and is only earning $10,000 to $15,000 a year, they can barely

afford school which leaves them no choice but to work overtime hours, therefore limiting their

time of study and learning. When it comes to money there is not much a student can do besides

only working to be able to afford college. One of the best things a college student can do is

applying for a job on campus in which the school tends to be more flexible with their class


Attending school while working means always being busy, both school and work is

something that requires our most dedication. Keeping track of everything and trying to complete

task is challenging while living this lifestyle. According to an article from Idealist called Working

full-time and studying full-time, is it possible? It states,“More often, it isn’t the big events at

work or school that add up, but rather the cumulative effect of many smaller responsibilities that

makes full-time grad school and work challenging” ( 4).Many people believe that being a

student is a hard job as it is while adding other responsibilities it makes it seem impossible for

many people. This article is explaining that school might not be the biggest problem a student

might be facing it is the other smaller things in which may cause a challenge to the student.

Many students are facing other problems that might include having to take care of a loved one or

even taking care of their own child. People never really know why that other person might be

working so hard, or the reasons behind them working those amount of hours or the problem they

might be facing. One of the ways to fix this problem is by trying to talk to our teacher telling

them our situation and taking advantage of the supplies the school provides.

Trying to find a solution to the problem is sometimes the hardest thing to do. When

dealing with school and life many people choose to deal with their personal problems therefore
causing them to leave school and just work a regular job. Sometimes dealing with the problem is

not the hardest thing to do, but finding a solution to the problem is. Sometimes our solution can

be near us therefore we should ask for help at school and try to take advantage of the resources

that are offered at school for us.

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