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Koscki 1

Megan Koscki

Professor Granillo

English 103

28 May 2019

Work Cited/Annotated Bibliography

Coca-Cola, The Wonder Of Us. ​YouTube,​ Coca-Cola, 29 Oct. 2018,​.

Greenwood, Royston. “Beyond Ethos.” ​Academy of Management Review​, July 2017.

This particular article that i found on the coc database was one of my most helpful pieces. I
was able to use this in support with my ethos argument toward the commercial. This article
also broadened my view on ethos by seeing a deeper meaning to what it is in the world,
especially in the consumer world. I am very glad I was able to come across this article to give
me great evidence for my project.

Gender & Behavior​. IFE Centre for Psychological Studies, 2016.

Selected Theories in Gay and Lesbian Studies: A Sociological Inquiry into Homosexual

Identity and Same-Sex Intimacy

I found this on the COC database and it was quite helpful. This was only a section of the original
book that was specifically on lesbian studies. I was able to learn further on this topic to help me
get a better understand on the actual science that goes behind the topic. I found useful
information that wasn’t given in tyson’s book which helped me have a better understanding of
how to tie this topic and evidence into my analysis.

Shaddy, Franklin. “Deciding Who Gets What, Fairly.” ​Journal of Consumer Research​, 2018.

This was one of the last articles i came across while like for evidence. As i first took a good
skim through the article i was able to see the major points that were reflected toward the idea
of consumer goods and how they are distributed. This information helped me seeing from the
viewpoint of coca cola themselves, of how they provide and advertise to their consumers.
This view helped my as well obtain evidence in the article in support for my project.

Tyson, Lois. ​Critical Theory Today: a User-Friendly Guide​. Routledge, 2015.

This book was of course extremely helpful all throughout the semester. I used the queer theory
for this project and i was able to learn a lot. I hadn’t read this part of the book yet because I never
used this lens, but as said it was helpful. I like that Tyson brings up all ideas that have supportive
evidence. It helps to see the view of different theorist to get a broader idea of the topic. With
these different ideas i had a better understanding of how i would tie this topic into my project.