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Content Test Objectives Time No.

of Percentage Knowledge Level of Behavior, Item Placement and Item Format

(Topic Only) Allotment Items of Items Domain

Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

1. Mixture and At the end of the lesson,

their the student shall be able
Characteristics to:
a. Identify the
6 12%
different types of
b. Describe the
appearance and Factual and
the uses of 2 4% Conceptual
uniform and non-
uniform mixtures
c. Classify mixtures 11
uniform(homogene Factual
ous) and non-
d. Identify the solute 7
and solvent in a Factual
e. Describe a 2
suspension as a 4% Factual and
non-uniform Conceptual
f. Describe colloid as 2 4% Factual
a non-uniform
g. Identify the 5
different types of Factual
2. Ways in separating h. Identify the 1
mixture different ways of Factual
separating mixture
i. i. Describe 2 4%
evaporation as a Factual
process of
separating mixture
j. Describe filtration 1
as a process of Factual
separating mixture
k. Describe sieving as 3 6%
a process of Factual and
separating mixture Coceptual
l. Describe magnetic 2 4%
separation as a Factual and
process of Conceptual
separating mixture
m. Describe distillation 3 6% Factual
as a process of
separating mixture
3. Practical Benefits of n. Identify the benefits 2 4% Factual
separating mixtures of separating and
mixtures in Conceptual

TOTAL 50 100% 5O ITEMS