Crazy Guilmore’s Battle Guide

Welcome everyone this is a new creation done by me, Crazy Guilmore, I decided to create a battle guide for everyone to read and enjoy. Hopefully this guide will be a benefit to everyone that reads it. Let us first do an overview of every unit at your disposal in the game. T he Fighter ( 2/2 Cost 5 cr edits)

The fighter is your BEST DEFENSIVE AND OFFENSIVE tool at your disposal. Credit for Credit the fighter brings you the most firepower and the most armor for the lowly cost of 5 credits. Though the fighter starts off small at 2/2, this jumps rapidly because of the low cost of research in laser and armor. The fighter when used in big enough swarms on the offensive will damage everything up to heavy cruisers. As a defensive tool the fighter will protect your base defenses, create very little debris, and depending on the amount of commander centers and/or commander type present may do damage to the enemy fleet’s heavy cruisers. T he Bomber ( 4/2 Cost 10 Cr edits)

The bomber is a good offensive weapon early in the game against low level, unshielded defenses, but the bombers main weakness is that fighters easily defeat them in battle and most people do not put lots of time or effort in the tech level of missiles. T he Hea vy Bomber (10/4 30 Cr edi ts)

The heavy bomber is a great offensive weapon, but you need to remember the high cost of the heavy bomber. Thirty credits per heavy bomber is a steep price to pay for something that can be killed by two fighters. The key to heavy bombers is to repeat this mantra time and time again, “THIS IS A OFFENSIVE WEAPON”. Heavy Bombers are great for killing cruisers, carriers, heavy cruisers. I will explain more later on the proper use of heavy bombers. T he ION Bomber (10/4 60 Cr edi ts I ON W ea pon Shield 1.0)

Hmm, what to say about this? For the cost of sixty credits you can get fifty percent of your damage through shields. I have yet not found a use yet for the steep price of sixty credits. I guess you could use them against Battleships and higher end shielded equipment but early in the game against unshielded units this unit is a waste of your hardearned credits. I could see the use of this unit if you do high levels of research into Ion technology, if not a heavy bomber does more damage, but Ion bomber should have all the non-shielded units removed from its path to be most effective.

T he Cor vette ( 4/4 20 Cr edits) This is the fastest offensive weapon in your arsenal. You should consider the corvette a disposable unit like the fighter. It starts off at 4/4 but grows rapidly through the research of laser and armor. So your corvettes get to be pretty well tricked out like your fighters. The key to corvettes are using them to strike at your opponents unshielded units like other corvettes, recyclers, destroyers, and frigates. Do not use corvettes to attack fighters because the cost of twenty credits is high to be killing fighters. Also against cruisers and heavy cruisers corvettes are a waste of credits. It is better to use destroyers or heavy bombers or against those two units. T he Des tr oyer ( 8/8 40 Cr edits) Destroyers are a significant feature of many people’s fleets. The destroyer should be a mainstay in your battle fleet. The destroyer is fast and the main reason you should have it in your fleet is destroy enemy cruisers. If you find a fleet over your base or over a neutral base that is high in cruisers or heavy cruisers. The destroyer is the perfect weapon to counter them. Destroyers are also extremely effective against those ships when backed by 10 command centers. So you should never neglect the destroyer, but just remember destroyers tend to be worthless against battleships unless backed by command centers. T he F riga te ( 12/12 80 Cr edits) The frigate is another ship type that depends on a player’s personal preference. Your technology level in missiles will determine the firepower of your frigate, also your frigates start out at 12/12, but the hidden benefit is that the frigate is your fastest ship to have hanger capacity. I do not build many of these units because of the high credit costs for a low offensive capability, but frigates are good in a pinch to bring a small amount of fighters around. T he Ion F riga te (12/12 120 Cr edit s Shield 1)

Repeat after me, I will never build an Ion Frigate, I will never build an Ion Frigate, and I will never build an Ion Frigate. Good you get my point. T he Scout Ship ( 1/2 40 Cr edits)

The name of the scout ship answers it all. It is your fastest warp capable ship; put it on a high level jump gate and your whole guild will be able to see a system in minutes. Plus if you really don’t like someone attack their scout with your scout about a hundred times and when they log on, they will more than likely cry before they actually read the battle reports.

T he Outpos t Ship ( 2/4 100 Cr edits) The Outpost Ship is your only means of building new bases. T he Cr ui ser (24/24 200 Cr edi ts Shield 2)

The cruiser is one of the most lethal weapons in the game for a mere two hundred credits. This is your ultimate weapon of war. It has a low level of shielding which allows it to take some damage from fighters. The cruiser should be the mainstay of all your mobile battle fleets. It also has a hanger capacity of four allowing the transport of fighters and bombers. If you are planning a fighter drop and do not know that the target is offline these are your fighter delivery vehicle. If the target attacks you, you are likely to cripple his fleet. T he Hea vy Cr uiser (48/48 500 Cr edit s Shield 4 )

The heavy cruiser is another of the lethal weapon the cost of five hundred credits is offset with higher shielding and higher hanger capacity. Even high strength fighters bounce off heavy cruisers. The heavy cruiser is a great addition to you fleet. Heavy cruisers should be used to fight battleships, dreadnaughts, and titans. If left unattended heavy cruisers are easily destroyed. T he Ba ttle ship (168/128 2000 Cr edi ts Shield 10)

The Battleship, this is where lots of arguments begin. Some people believe battleships should be the mainstay of their fleets, but I disagree with them. I stopped building these expensive toys a long time ago. The battleship is useful against newbie’s who builds bad base defenses and very weak fleet defenses. One good point of the battleship is its high shield level which makes fighters, corvettes, and destroyers worthless against them. T he Car rier (12/24 400 Cr edi ts Shield 2)

The Carrier is the first major transport ship at your disposal. It has a hanger capacity of sixty, light shield level, and decent speed. The key to carriers is to remember that it is a transportation unit nothing more. T he F leet Car rier (64/96 2500 Cr edi ts S hield 8)

The Fleet Carrier is the big boy of transportation. It has high cost of 2500 credits, but comes with a hanger capacity of 400 and a high level of shields that makes fighters and corvettes useless against them. Try to find a balance on the amount of fleet carriers you have in your arsenal. Only worth using as fleet transports if you have heavy cruisers or slower units, otherwise it will slow the fleet down.

T he Dr eadnaught

(756/512 10000 Cr

edit S hield 16)

The Dreadnaught is the first of the large capital ships. Dreadnaughts are useful for holding down UC occupations, battering down bad base defenses, and scaring little children in the game (newbie’s). It has a high cost of ten thousand credits, but if used properly will gain you much more in credits especially against UC’s and bad defenses. Remember though dreadnaughts make really nice debris piles if left unattended. The high shield levels of dreadnaughts make fighters, corvettes, destroyers, and heavy bombers useless against them, but are slow and make it hard to surprise your opponents. T he Titan (3042/2048 50000 Cr edit s Shield 24)

The Titan is a really nice big boy toy! It has a very nice shield level that even cruisers will have a hard time taking one down. The titan also has a nice hanger capacity of 1000, not that a Titan is a useful fighter transport its slow, but wherever it goes it can bring some fighters with them. Like the dreadnaught do not leave unattended everyone wants to brag about bringing a lone titan down and makes such a nice debris pile too. Look at the titan as a weapon of fear nothing more. A newbie will wet his pants, but an experienced player will look at your titan as a debris pile due to its speed. T he Le via than ( 10000/6600 200000 Cr edits S hield 32)

The Leviathan is even bigger in cost and size than the titan. It has a huge shield level making cruisers run away screaming. A very good sized hanger capacity, but the downside is this thing is VERY, VERY SLOW. The Leviathan also gives a five percent bonus to offense and defense capabilities to every ship that is in the same fleet. Never leave a Leviathan unattended everyone one on the block would love to brag about killing it. T he Dea th Star (25500/13500 500000 Cr edits Shield 48 )

Honestly don’t know a thing about one of these, saw it on Star Wars. I also heard that Dr. Evil tried to make the moon into one. It cannot use a jump gate either. T he R ec ycler (2/2 30 Cr edits) The recycler is the last ship on the list, but also the most important. At a minimum a GREAT SPACE WARRIOR has 5000 or more of these remarkable tools. You cannot overlook debris that debris pile is your source of income! Nothing beats blowing away someone else’s fleet, collecting the debris, and turning their debris into your ships. As a rule of thumb if you don’t have a good amount of recyclers why are you waging war?

Preparing to Fight the Good Fight
Now that we have done an overview of each ship type lets get down to the important part of this, fighting enemy fleets and bases. Here are some keys to fighting before the fight. Information Patience Time Information Is your opponent currently active? An active opponent can put up an active defense. What are the base defenses? Remember strong base defenses mean a strong opponent; an active opponent, an opponent that pays attention to detail. How many command centers does the base have? The more command centers the stronger the attack power of the defensive fleet. What is the composition of his fleet? The worse the fleet composition, the better you can take advantage of the situation. Are there any guild members close by that can help either side? If problems arise, can you call on help? What about your opponent could he possibly get help as well? Do I need help from a guild mate? Is this fleet or base something you can handle? Do you need a fighter drop from a guild mate? Do you need recycler support? Patience Do I have to attack now? Not really a trick question, do you feel comfortable attacking? Do I have the odds in my favor? Is my fleet and attack going to get me more overall credits? Time Will I be online long enough to clean up the debris? Since this attack will succeed, will I gather all the debris before I go off-line for the day? If not should I ask a guild-mate to help with clean up? You should never leave recyclers unattended when offline.

Fighting the Good Fight
Now that we have gone through a pre-fight checklist, let’s talk about the fight. Here are some keys to the fight. Positioning Timing At tac king in w aves Fleet composi tion

Positioning Do I have a location to land my fleet that is not directly on the opponent’s base? You should never land directly on the objective base. It gives away the attack instantly, at least by landing on a planet next to the target gives you the ability to adjust plans at the last second. Timing Am I able to time this attack so that I will collect debris without having to wait an hour? Always, always try to time your attack 5 to 10 minutes before debris collection. Does my opponent have guild mates currently active and close? How much time do you estimate before any enemy fleet could arrive and try to ambush your fleet or claim the debris pile? At tac king in w aves Should I do a fighter drop before the main battle? Fighter drops are to be used 90 percent of the time, if there are unshielded ships such as corvettes, destroyers, and heavy bombers. Do the fighter drop and remove them. Should I also do a heavy bomber drop before the main battle? Are there plenty of cruisers, carriers, heavy cruisers, ion bombers, and ion frigate/frigates? If so do a heavy bomber drop AFTER a fighter drop. Should I conquer the base now or just attack the defenses and clear the debris before conquering? Remember conquering the base posts the results on the enemy’s guild board. If you just destroy the fleet and damage the defenses, it will give you more time while they try to figure out where the attack was located. Fleet composi tion

Is my fleet composed properly to take advantage of my opponent’s fleet composition? What are you sending in? Are you going to destroy more of your own fleet than necessary?

Crazy Guilmore’s Final Thoughts
Research, Research, Research. Remember what continual research can do for you! The four main research trees that will give you the advantage! Plasma: This is used by your destroyers, heavy bombers, cruisers and heavy cruisers. Laser: This is used by your fighters and corvettes. Shields: This will make your cruisers, heavy cruisers, and base defenses more survivable. Armor: The most important of all research, each level of armor makes everything you own stronger. For example 1000 fighters at 20 armor has 4000 armor points, but those same fighters with 21 armor has 4100 armor point, but the cost is still the same! Scout, Scout, Scout Your opponents move constantly; your opponent’s scouts move constantly, know where your opponents main fleets and jump gates are located! Build fleet Build fleet Build fleet Your freedom in is this game comes from the ability to project our power at ANY GIVEN MOMENT. Trade routes! Make sure you have as many trade routes that you can; the Space Zombies are active and spread all through beta galaxy and have many friends! Use this your advantage. Defense, Defense, Defense. All your bases should have 10 command centers at a minimum! Jump gates at different bases. The highest possible turrets and shields! Make your opponent pay to take your base. Only the most experienced and battlehardened will dare attack you. Build Fighters! There is no such thing as to many fighters, war go through fighters faster than a whore house goes through condoms! Always dedicate a few bases to building fighters!