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Pretensioned Spun High Strength Concrete Pile

Create Rich and Fresh Architectural Culture, with

CONTENTS 06. Company History 09. Manufacturing Process 11. Features

12. Structure 14. Product Specification
18. Functional Pile ( ) 22. Functional Pile ( ) 24. Functional Pile ( )
We satisfy the global customer’s needs
with world-class technique and ethical business.
- We maintain 100% of customer persistency rate from top 30 construction companies in Korea.
- High valued Brand Apartments that give priority to durability of buildings and safety of resident are constructed
with brand-name ‘ ’.
- Many customers who receive One-Stop Service from are satisfied with high quality,
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Concrete Business
Department Product
provides in right-time to the whole country,
and develops the world market to improving the status of Korea.

2014. 2013. 2012. 2011. 2010. 2009. 2008. 2006.

Super high strength centrifugal Completion of Gunsan Plant The 50th anniversary Development of the applied Announced 2020 Vision. Changed the company name Acquired an exclusive license for SPC M&A of Saehan Matech Co.,Ltd.
casting, Application for a pat- (Steel bridge and Wind-power DAELIM C&S Co., Ltd. technology of centrifugal to DAELIM C&S Co., Ltd. pile. (Chungju Factory PHC pile, Chungju
equipment Production) column pile and connection. Took over Dangjin Factory, quarry.)
ent on Concrete
Korea Development Co.,Ltd. Took over Steel Business Acquired new JIS (Japanese Industrial
Registration of a patent on Center of Korea Develop- Standard) certification for PHC Pile. Acquired ISO 9001 Quality Man-
Composite wall pile. ment Co.,Ltd. agement System. (Chungju Factory)
(Yongin/Chungju/Chilseo Factory)

Established Yongin Factory

Acquired JIS for PHC pile, Yongin Factory.
(Manufacturing PHC pile). Established Chilseo Factory (Producing PHC pile).
Declared “Fair Trade Voluntary Compliance”.
Established DAELIM Concrete Co., Ltd. Acquired KS F 4306, Chilseo Factory. Awarded the Grand Prize Acquired JIS for PHC pile,
Acquired KS F 4306 (Korea Industrial Standard) Export PHC of New Year Knowledge Chilseo Factory. (Japanese Acquired Safety & Health Management System
Started producing in Gyeongju Factory. Merged with DAELIM in Chungju, Suncheon Factory : first time Acquired ISO 9001 Quality System Certification pile for the first Business. (Hosted by Korea Economic and Commercial (KOSHA 18001) (Korea Industry Safety Com-
(PC sleeper for railway use) PC Industry Co.,Ltd. in domestic for PHC pile. (Yongin, Chilseo and Chochiwon Factory) time in Korea. Management Association) Department) plex), Yongin Factory.

1962. 1967. 1992. 1996. 1999. 2000. 2001. 2003.


Manufacturing System
Quality of is stable and advanced with automatic manufacturing pro-

Cement + Sand + Gravel + Admixture + Water

Receiving Inspection

Mixing Concrete

Steel Wire PC Steel Bar NUT

JIG Assembly Forming Work Fabricating PC Steel

Concrete Input into Form

Outgoing Inspection

Form Assembly

Interim Inspection


Tensioning Steel Member


Centrifugal Casting

High Temperatureand
Pressure Curing
Steam Curing

Stress Introduction



High design bearing power
With concrete design strength of 78.5MPa (800kgf/cm ), it has higher strength than traditional PC
Pile design strength 49.1MPa (500kgf/cm ), and due to high long-term allowance compressive
stress of 19.6MPa (200kgf/cm ), higher bearing power of PC PILE 12.3MPa (125kgf/cm ) is avail-
able. Thus, economical design is possible.

High resistance against hitting

Because combination between aggregate and cement paste is extremely strong by auto clave
curing, compressive strength of the concrete is considerably high. This means that it has high
resistance against hitting, and for this, it has high constructability, so it is economic. Also, even if
the numbers of driving are increased, it can be reached to the bearing layer because percentage
of damage during driving is low.

Economical design is possible

Not only it has huge design bearing capacity and high resistance, but also high strength pile
production is possible in short time due to auto clave curing, it is economical that it can be con-
structed without any delay on the construction by changing the length depending on the ground

Few drying shrinkage

From the test result by the centrifugal force test piece, concrete cured by auto clave has smaller
drying shrinkage and creep than concrete cured with normal pressure of steam.
Single Upper Middle Bottom
Excellent chemical resistance
From the test result that test piece is inserted into 5% of solution of lactic acid, hydrochloric acid
and acetate respectively, PHC PILE received the excellent result rather than PC PILE for chemical
resistance. This is because that composition of cement hardener is closed by auto clave curing
and adhesion between cement paste and aggregate is strong.

High bending moment

If compared in a point view of destruction bending moment and axial force of PC, PHC PILE, as
axial force N is increased; destruction bending moment of PHC PILE is getting larger than PC.
A TYPE_500 Standard B TYPE_500 Standard C TYPE_500 Standard

promises to provide the world-

class product with clean and ethical business.
PHC PILE which satisfies the customer with high quality product.
PC Steel bar reinforcing : double of A TYPE PC Steel bar reinforcing : 2,5 times of A Now, we will improve your competitive power with more perfect product with
Concrete compressive strength 83.4MPa TYPE
Concrete compressive strength 83.4MPa advanced technology.


PC Steel Bar PC Steel Bar PC Steel Bar PC Steel Bar Chilseo

Reinforcing Reinforcing Reinforcing Reinforcing

Band Band Band Band




Standard Structure
Outer Reinforcing Band Welded Section
Axial Deformed PC Steel Bar
ThicknessT ThicknessT Axial Deformed PC Steel Bar Joint Steel Plate
Reinforcing Band

Middle Pile or Bottom Pile

Upper Pile

Spiral Steel Wire Spiral Steel Wire

L1 L2 L1 L1 L2
ThicknessT ThicknessT Axial Deformed PC Steel Bar Spiral Steel Wire MAMMILLA SHOE

Bottom Pile

Reinforcing Band

Welded Connecting Section Structure

Reinforcing Band
Axial Deformed PC Steel Bar Welding Angle
Joint Steel Plate

Arc Occurred Position

Screw Steel Wire

Axial Deformed PC Steel Bar

Welding Process Direction

Semi-automatic Arc Welding Condition (Example)

Thickness Depth a Shape Numbers Current(A) Voltage(V) Welding Speed
T(mm) (mm) (cm/min)

12 or 2 350 ~ 420 26 ~ 30 25 ~ 35

45°or 1
7~12 or higher 350 ~ 420 26 ~ 30 25 ~ 30



Products Specification
guarantees the best performance.

Standard Bending Moment Moment of Design Bending Moment
Outer Thickness (N=0) Section Equivalent Inertia of Section
Sectional Equivalent Modulus (N=0) Allowable
Length and Weight (TON)
Diameter T(mm) Types Area Area Axial Load
Ac Section Ze Pa (ton)
D(mm) Cracking Mcr Break Mu Ae Cracking Mcr Breeak Mu 5M 6M 7M 8M 9M 10M 11M 12M 13M 14M 15M
kN kN 2
(cm ) le 3
(cm ) kN kN
  (cm2) (cm4)  

A 54.0(5.5) 81.4(8.3) 704 102,433 5,122 60.5(6.2) 86.6(8.8) 112

400 65 B 73.6(7.5) 132.4(13.5) 684 722 104,964 5,248 80.5(8.2) 155.4(15.8) 115 0.89 1.07 1.24 1.42 1.60 1.78 1.96 2.13 2.31 2.49 2.67

C 88.3(9.0) 176.6(18.0) 735 106,546 5,327 93.3(9.5) 198.8(20.3) 113

A 73.6(7.5) 110.8(11.3) 861 160,675 7,141 85.8(8.7) 125.7(12.8) 137

450 70 B 107.9(11.0) 194.2(19.8) 836 887 165,198 7,342 117.1(11.9) 233.5(23.8) 141 1.09 1.30 1.52 1.74 1.95 2.17 2.39 2.61 2.82 3.04 3.26

C 122.6(12.5) 245.2(25.0) 899 167,328 7,437 130.7(13.3) 281.8(28.7) 138

A 103.0(10.5) 155.0(15.8) 1,084 247,794 9,912 114.4(11.7) 158.2(16.1) 173

500 80 B 147.2(15.0) 264.9(27.0) 1,056 1,113 253,900 10,156 153.8(15.7) 292.9(29.9) 178 1.37 1.65 1.92 2.19 2.47 2.74 3.02 3.29 3.57 3.84 4.11

C 166.8(17.0) 335.5(34.0) 1,137 259,060 10,362 183.6(18.7) 399.7(40.7) 175

A 166.8(17.0) 250.2(25.5) 1,480 495,913 16,530 189.2(19.3) 251.4(25.6) 236

600 90 B 245.2(25.0) 441.4(45.0) 1,442 1,519 508,398 16,947 253.9(25.9) 474.9(48.4) 243 1.87 2.25 2.62 3.00 3.37 3.75 4.12 4.50 4.87 5.25 5.62

C 284.5(29.0) 569.0(58.0) 1,550 518,542 17,285 302.7(30.9) 648.8(66.1) 239

A 264.9(27.0) 397.3(40.5) 1,936 896,396 25,611 295.1(30.1) 407.5(41.5) 309
700 100 B 372.8(38.0) 671.0(68.4) 1,885 1,993 920,394 26,297 407.0(41.5) 781.7(79.7) 318 2.45 2.94 3.43 3.92 4.41 4.90 5.39 5.88 6.37 6.86 7.35

C 441.4(45.0) 882.9(90.0) 2,029 936,594 26,760 473.1(48.2) 1015.6(103.5) 312

A 392.4(40.0) 588.6(60.0) 2,448 1,496,598 37,415 429.4(43.8) 591.9(60.3) 391
800 110 B 539.6(55.0) 971.2(99.0) 2,384 2,519 1,535,476 38,387 591.0(60.2) 1124.7(114.6) 402 3.10 3.72 4.34 4.96 5.58 6.20 6.82 7.44 8.06 8.68 9.29

C 637.6(65.0) 1275(130.0) 2,564 1,562,248 39,056 686.6(70.0) 1461.8(149.0) 395

※ The above types, A, B and C are divided according to Korean Standard specification.
※ Our company’s pile prestress is based on type A 3.92MPa(40kgf/cm 2
), type B 7.85MPa (80kgf/cm 2
) and type C 9.81MPa (100kgf/cm ).
※ Long term axial load is the material allowance axial load based on perfect construction.
※ Above PHC PILE performance values are the reference, and subject to change.
Allowable Unit Stress and Reducing Rate of Pile
Concrete Compres- Concrete Allow- Reducing Rate Due Reducing Rate Due
Pile Type sion Strength able Unit Stress to Slenderness Ratio to Welded Section
(L/d Limit 110)
A 78.5㎫(800㎏/㎠) 19.6㎫(200㎏/㎠) (L/D-85)%
5N %
PHC B L : Pile Length(m)
83.4㎫(850㎏/㎠) 20.9㎫(213㎏/㎠) N: Number of Connection
D: Pile Diameter(m)


Endless efforts for customer satisfaction,
It is the mind that towards to
the future.

Functional Pile

Functional Pile

New performance and Column drying-type Pile having only advan-

differentiated of method using tages of steel pipe
Underground road wall, abutment and pier, retaining wall, river shore protection, underground parking
lot wall, etc.

Summary / Feature    

The composite is a square typed pile that the C.T. Steel is synthesized to the high strength con- Crack moment and ultimate moment came from the tests show larger values than design values calculated
crete (fck=80MPa) manufactured through the centrifugal force type same with the PHC pile, developed to theoretically.
effectively support the lateral load by adding the tendon force through the pre-tension method, and mainly
Crack Moment(M) Ultimate Moment(M)
used for the wall to support the ground press such as underground road, abutment and retaining walls. Cross Section of C.T. Steel
Test Value Design Value Reviewed Test Value Design Value Reviewed

D = 400mm 175.9 kN .m 333.3 kN .m

C.T. Steel High Strength Concrete 100 X 50mm 163.4 kN .m OK 303.5 kN .m OK
(Perfobond Shear Connector) Type-C 188.8 kN .m 349.6 kN .m

Head Cap D = 500mm 255.3 kN .m 479.6 kN .m

100 X 50mm 254.9 kN.m OK 424.2 kN .m OK
Type-B 257.8 kN .m 485.3 kN .m

Material of
Cross Section of
C.T. Steel Thickness Inside Diameter Types Deformed Steel Bar
PC Steel Bar Side Grouting Groove
A 9.2 X 8
400 X 400mm 100 X 50mm t = 80mm 240mm B 9.2 X 16
[The composite ] C 11.0 X 14
A 11.0 X 8
500 X 500mm 125 X 62.5mm t = 90mm 320mm B 11.0 X 16
C 11.0 X 22
Features A 11.0 X 12
600 X 600mm 125 X 62.5mm t = 100mm 400mm B 11.0 X 24
 !""#$'#"*#+#'*<++#'#+>#?>!$>'"!#'$>#$!@?$XZ[ \] C 11.0 X 28
Structural Performance
_$^!#'`!>$""#?$>!<[ Data [With C.T. Steel] [Without C.T. Steel]
Cross Section of Ze(cm3 ) Cross Section of
Constructability - Through C.T. section exposed inside of the wall pile, connect temporary structure like wale, etc. C.T. Steel AC Ae le(cm4) On the side On the op- AC Ae
le(cm4) Ze(cm3)
Effective Width Types (mm) (cm2) (cm2) of CT posite side of Effective Width Types (cm2) (cm2)
(Thickness) (Compressive C.T.steel (Thickness)
>|#>"#+_>|*!>#*$^""$>#"!^$+?!*>!#'_X$<>+$[ side) (Tensile side)
X'$#*`!#+?!>!!"$>#*$^"|__`_"+$>##$#'"$>#"'!>^[ A 975 173,847 8,692
D=400mm B 1,123 216,649 12,074 9,822 D=400mm B
100X50 948 948 1,002 177,314 8,866
(t=80mm) C 1,136 218,299 12,151 9,907 (t=80mm)
C 1,014 178,912 8,946
Economical B 1,690 519,647 22,402 19,086
A 1,484 425,281 17,011
$__#$>#>$$>`!+>"_"`_#+"_```_*<++#'#+>#?>!$>' D=500mm D=500mm B 1,522 433,283 17,331
125X62.5 1,446 1,446
strength concrete. (t=90mm) C 1,719 525,808 22,801 19,470 (t=90mm)
C 1,550 439,287 17,571
 ""`!>+^$>#"`>""*_#?$>!<">!_$>"$#*!+^$+[ A 2,100 882,190 29,406
D=600mm B 2,326 1,030,104 36,468 32,449 D=600mm B 2,158 900,043 30,001
‚$^""?*!$+|$#!?^'_?>!$>+|!`!>>?#'#+$>!!>">#`!>$>#"#>#$""!< 125X62.5 2,043 2,043
(t=100mm) C 2,345 1,036,138 36,796 32,767 (t=100mm)
due to its excellent water tightness performance. C 2,177 905,995 30,200


Comparison to Existing Method Construction Orders
Sort Existing Method (RC Structure) New Method (Composite Pile Application)

Temporary Facility H-Pile braced wall + lagging + lining board Braced wall is unnecessary (combine composite pile)
Sheet pile + lining board ※Install lining board depending on the site condition

(estimated construction 17~24 million won/m 14~18 million won/m

Construction Period 10 month/500m Less than 6 month/500m

Excavation Width 23m (four lanes) 18m (four lanes), minimize incorporated land and earth work

Able to response, minimize traffic stop (apply Top-
Unable to response
Down method depending on the site condition)

Welding steel plate between connecting

  Rear waterproofing, cut-off plate, etc.
part grouting groove and wall pile.

Wall Finishing Material Tile, decorated form, etc. Various interior materials can be constructed.

Composite Composite

(U-type Section) (Box Section)

Construction Examples

Construction Orders

The replacement of reinforced concrete column with PHC pile has generated the economic effects
including the reduction in the construction period, quality control, reduction of labor and construction
costs and appearance.

Development Background
- Simultaneous construction is available all for piling, foundation and column construction.
- Easy adjustment for low stories buildings such as a parking lot at apartment basement and a building with less than 5 stories.
- As a column dry construction method with PHC piles, it makes effects on workability, economic feasibility, stability and

Effects of Method
- Reduction of construction period though PHC piles and TSC beams
- Simultaneous operation of column construction at 2nd and 3rd floor after foundation work
- Reducing temporary materials (staging)
- Excellent quality control with factory product
- Omissions of in-situ reinforcing bars, form installation and cast in place process concrete
- Effective for crime prevention through environment design (CPTED)
- Solution for manpower problems due to avoiding 3D works
- With round columns, excellent appearance and reduction of automobile collisions

Construction Examples
Ultimate Value for Design on Material Strengths
Concrete Concrete Net Cracking Breeak
Diameter Width Converted Allowance Allowable Bending Mcr1 Bending
Mu when ignor-
D(mm) t(mm) Cross-sectionCompressive Axial Load ing prestress of
(ton) Moment (ton m) Moment PC steel member
Area (cm ) Stress Mcr Mu

0.2fck 173.6 10.5 32

500 80 1085 15.5 12.5
0.3fck 260.4 19.5 41
0.2fck 236.8 17 53
600 90 1480 25.5 20.3
0.3fck 355.2 32 69
0.2fck 221.4 13.5 40
600 120 1853 38.7 28.4
0.3fck 444.6 39 84


(Steel & PHC Composite) PILE Structure of

Steel Pipe Pile

It maximizes the efficiency of piles by combining the strengths of steel pipe pile and PHC pile, and is an Steel Pipe Pile
effective and economical product by applying the PHC pile to the lower part and the steel pipe to
the upper part. Welding(site)
Steel Pipe Pile

Connecting Joint
Connecting Joint All-in-one Type PHC Pile
Reinforcing Band (Improved by 30 degree)
Bending Moment Shear Force Position of

Steel Pile
Joint Reinforcing Band
PHC Pile
Moment Shear PHC Pile
Resisting Force
Force Resisting PHC Pile

Steel pipe pile on the ground upper part that is strong to the moment and shear force, PHC pile on the ground lower part that is
good for axis loading resistance.
Advantages and Disadvantages for Each Pile
Sort Steel Pipe Pile PHC Pile

Application - Excellent resistance against shear - Excellent resistance against shear - Weak against shear force, tensile
Safety of of Load force, tensile force and moment force, tensile force and moment force and moment

- No problems on hauling and - Lighter than PHC pile, so easy to - Heavier than steel pipe pile, but can be
welding with middle of steel pipe hauling and selding applied in hauling and welding without
pile and PHC pile - Because driving pile is End-open pile, problems
Structural Stability Safety of Joint Metal Fittings Stability Constructability - No influence on construction it has excellent penetrations - In case of pre-excavating embedded pile,
method (pile driving and pre-boring - Penetration of pre-excavating embedded decided depending on type and size of
Axial compressive force, tensile force Joint metal fittings auger rather than material of
pile is possible) pile is not related to pile material
- Use advantages of steel pipe pile and - steel wire is anchored in the penetration pile
PHC pile Joint metal fittings
- Increase of pile integrity (BTA) of con - Stable of Joint metal fittings - Penetration of driving pile is less - In case of driving pile, it has excellent - Penetration of driving pile is less than
necting section with Joint Metal Fittings welded than steel pipe pile, but no problem supporting force than PHC pile steel pipe pile, but no problem on
all-in-one type - Minimize of concrete cross-sectional
- Improve of block effect on the steel on securing the supporting force - In case of pre-excavating embedded securing the supporting force
stress concentration
pipe pile toe section - In case of pre-excavating embedded pile, it may be hard to secure the - In case of pre-excavating embedded
Supporting pile, secure the tow supporting force toe supporting force because it is pile, secure the tow supporting force
Force with End-Close pile. Excellent than not closed completely only with with End-Close pile. Excellent than steel
structural steel pipe pile. fixing agent pipe pile.
Stability procure - Due to large friction coefficient of - Normal principal plan friction force - Due to large friction coefficient of pile
pile surface, it has excellent principal because less friction coefficient of surface, it has excellent principal plan
plan friction force pile surface friction force

Excellent Construction Quality Economics - Economics because most of pile are - Because expensive materials de - Economics than steel pipe pile
made with PHC pile pends on the imported product - Price is table relatively
Joint metal fittings connection work - Simplify welding work Economics - Excellent economics because than PHC pile, there are a lot of
- Secure supporting force and integrity of - Usage of existing pile driving equipment numbers of piles can be reduced than factors on price changes than
construction quality (1 time Joint metal steel pipe pile material price
ittings) welding connection
- Combine Joint metal fittings with SPC pile - Loss of pre-stressing and crack
- No loss of pre-stress due to heat - No loss of pre-stress due to heat
Pile head occurs when cutting the pile head
treatment treatment
for the head arrangement


Performance Test

Pile Driving Test

CAPWAP Analysis
Pen- Accepted
etrated End Bearing Skin Friction Entire Bearing Bearing Remarks
depth Capacity (Rb) (Rs) Capacity(Ru) Capacity(ton)

Steel Pipe Pile

Create Rich and Fresh
1 16.7 191.9 74.0 265.9 106.4 SPC
- 508-12t, L=20m
SPC Pile
Architectural Culture with
- Steel pipe : 500-12t, L=10m
2 18.5 184.5 109.1 293.5 117.4 Steel By DAELIM’s technology,
- PHC : 500 [A], L=10m
we will step forward to you with the first priority for customers

Parallel Load Test

Index 140kN

Steel Pipe Pile ( 508 x 12t) 38.9mm

(Steel Pipe 500 /PHC 500) 40.37mm
Revision No No. 09
RevisionDate 2015.01

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