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From: Douglas Grandt answerthecall@mac.

Subject:Tell us just what is Exxon's definition of "Just transition"
Date:May 30, 2019 at 5:31 AM
To:Darren W. Woods, Neil A. Hansen, Theodore J. Wojnar, Suzanne M. McCarron, Max Schulz
Cc: Senator Bernie Sanders, Katie Thomas (Sen.Sanders),
Hinch, Ethan (Sanders)

Darren, Neil, Theodore, Suzanne and Max,

Some people of conscience say ...

Make Exxon pay restitution for lying

Make Exxon pay for climate damage
Public disgrace for immoral behavior
Jail Exxon Management for misdeeds
Hell fire and brimstone for all eternity

But I have a responsible solution for you …

End investments in asset acquisition

End exploration to discover new fields
Buy back market cap at a fixed fair price
Pay down outstanding debts—no default
Pay for the dismantling of all refineries
Pay for clean-up of all toxic facilities
Pay for restoration of all oil fields
Pay for removal of all pipelines

The challenge of your lifetime is to create a strategy to implement the winding down in such a way that the economies of
the world and the stability of society are undisturbed—as soon as possible (a few decades).

I have a feeling that this is an impossible assignment, but it is yours to accomplish without fail in this lifetime.

Doug Grandt