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Student’s name: Bui Thi Thu Hien

Class: 14AD5
Course: 2015-2019
Agency: Thuy Luong secondary school ( Thuy Luong commune,Thai
Thuy district,Thai Binh province)
Job: Teacher of English

Internship diary of the sixth week

Tasks and responsibilities:

Time Content

13/5/2019 -Going to the school to meet the instructor.

- Taking part in outing activities.
-Having a meeting with the head teacher group to
prepare for semester exam.
-Creating lesson plan.

14/5/2019 -Being given directions about my work for 1 week

-Checking the lesson plan.
-Summarizing grammar of English.
- Having a class observation
15/5/2019 -Taking part in outing activities.
-Having a class observation.
-Teaching 4 lessons.
-Creating lesson plan .
16/5/2019 -Teaching reading lesson.
- Reviewing the last lesson.
17/5/2019 - Having a meeting with the head teacher group to give
comment about the lesson.
-Teaching 1 lesson.
-Creating lesson plan for next week
-Asking for advice from instructor.


For me, practice teaching is a course that enables the student-teachers to

experience the actual teaching-learning process in the actual schoolenvironment. It
is a training ground for students to be wherein I apply all my learnings since I
studied at school. Practice teaching also gives opportunities to student-teachers to
experience handling of students and knowing the individual differences of learners.
It is wherein I analyze what strategy and methods to use for the students in the

I have experienced everything a professional teacher gets through in my Practice

Teaching, such as preparing lesson plans, reviewing all lessons, using some
Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs to make leson plan,historicial Approach
overview, sharing many experiences form my instructor by teaching videos that
she sent to me. Also, in my experience, I am fortunate to have enjoyed the support
and tutelage of my Coordinating Teacher, Mrs. Nguyen Anh Quan. After having
my Practice Teaching for almost three months, I learned more experience such as
join the real class and have microteaching and in this reflection paper, I would like
to discuss the lessons drawn from the class observation, making lesson plan, my
peers’ and microteaching. Then, I would also mention a few suggestions for
improvements to the courses at faculty of English linguistics and literature.


During teaching practice activities, My group and I also had some troubles such
as unclear schedule, so we don’t have much time to practice and do that
perfectly.This intership is only organized for college and univeristy students.
Therefore, If we have more chances to teach in secondary or high school, we will
get more real experiences.When we worked together, however the time was short, I
had deep understanding about my menbers in group. They are very friendly and
In conclusion, the teaching practice has helped me to have more interesting
experiences. It has given me a wonderful opportunity to learn from all the teachers
and students who have participated in the internship. Through this reflection paper,
I would like to send my sincere thanks and appreciation to the staff of the faculty,
the lecturers of four classes that I observed and especially on special for my
instructor Ms.Anh Quan. She helped and shared with us so many helpful things in
teaching. I hope this teaching practice course will help me to be a good teacher in
the future.