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AMOR (Amor, Amor, Amor) English Lyric by NORMAN NEWELL Spanish Lyric by RICARDO LOPEZ MENDEZ Music by GABRIEL RUIZ “Tempo di Beguine atshow 1 = Nao" de “Tt sin way gw much 1 love you wo demi ae lite pe-ran a Ha (es BES for every night and eve dy Ym thinking of Racin ae Dow Pactatas dos, Mieco det al pp egy 1 aight Sen tin 's forlovingand 1 love it that vay aR af) you are willing wll you que tia “besos gent < ds ~ ron 7 cn mi, = gual que’ pa-Towmas merce = Te TIGR T PP ET Tey ae "F's ay dh a please let ome stay fo on ying you turn e108 que_mn be zuge_w_que ~ do ae ain why not give in andiet the lovin’ be - gin, A= mon, Sion = deren la Rt de Ta én, 6 mor, FP tatoo Tecime is sieht Se have to nient 1 spend to - cio det wae de" de es pe and who can ay Nace” de Bios, an well stay 10 = get = fl well stay to "Naecid) det “at na 4 asc det