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County Times
St. Mary’s THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2019



2 The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Amanda Eller, a Mechanicsville native, was rescued after being lost in a Maui forest for 17 days. Javier
Cantellops, pictured, was one of her rescuers.



The replica Maryland Dove currently anchored at Historic St. Mary’s City will be replaced with a new,
FEATURE 15 more historically accurate rendition; construction begins June 1 on the Eastern Shore




St. Mary’s County salutes the fallen on Memorial
Seniors have one last hurrah at Project Graduation



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Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times Local News 3


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Amanda Eller, center, with family and friends. Photo credit: Sarah Haynes Hibiscus Rose Buddleia Lo
of Sharon & Behold Twist-N-Shout Tradition Blue
By Guy Leonard they kept going.
Staff Writer “You lose hope,” Amanda, 35, said at
the televised press conference. “How am
Family and friends of a St. Mary’s I going to stay warm, how am I going to
woman rescued last week from a jungle stay alive?”
ravine in Hawaii after a 17-day ordeal are She said she slept many different places,
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ing her fight to survive.
Amanda Eller, a former St. Mary’s resi-
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dent who moved to Hawaii four years ago
to become a yoga instructor and physical
therapist went missing May 8 while on a
Pick Up Our
hike in the Makawao Forest Reserve and Growers
triggered a search by hundreds of volun-
teers that never let up.
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“Everyone’s ecstatic she made it home
alive,” said Jessica Eller, Amanda’s sister- BUY 3 GET 1 FREE
in-law. “And she’s doing very well.” Free plant same Size
A helicopter search crew found her in a
ravine late last week and flew her to safe-
Now ScheduliNg For Summer iNStallatioN
ty; Amanda had fallen down the ravine call today to Schedule aN eStimate 800-451-1427
and had lost her shoes during the ordeal.
“She’s still recovering,” Jessica Eller Location where Amanda was found and
rescued. Photo credit: Javier Cantellops
said, adding that she had spoken with
Amanda via the Internet the day after her She knew that could be dangerous, but
rescue. “We just talked about how happy she said she never felt truly alone during
we were to see her face again.” her crisis.
Jessica Eller said her sister-in-law “It was an opportunity to overcome fear
had suffered through a terrible trial, but
of everything,” Amanda said. “I chose life.
“I was guided.”
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“It doesn’t sound like fun, that’s for She also said the continued media cov- Enjoy the soothing sounds of water in your garden.
sure,” Jessica Eller said. “It’s a story of Choose from Massarelli, Athens, Henri & more.
erage of her disappearance helped fuel the
survival.” Over 25 running fountains to choose from.
search for her.
Jessica Eller believed that once Aman-
da had recovered, she might make a trip
“Without this, I could’ve been dropped
off,” Amanda said. “They could’ve just
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home to St. Mary’s County. forgotten about me, another missing per- $150 to $350 Over to $399
“I’m sure when she’s feeling up to it she son no big deal.”
will come back to Maryland to say ‘hi’
and thank everyone,” Jessica Eller said.
This week Amanda was able to attend a
celebration in her honor in Hawaii; seated
From Our Project Yard
Two weeks ago, just days after Aman- in a wheelchair she expressed her grati-
da’s disappearance, hundreds of support- tude to her many friends who refused to
ers gathered at the Leonardtown Wharf to give up on her.
encourage the searchers to continue their “I’m just a girl who got lost in the
efforts; a GoFundMe page dedicated to woods,” Amanda said in the video record-
keeping the search going raised more than ing of the party. “And you guys showed a
$70,000 to help buy supplies for hikers, big heart… I mean this is true Aloha.”
tracker dogs and helicopters to continually Just after her rescue, speaking in a vid- Colonial Gray & Edge Stone 6”x 8”x 2” Shredded Hardwood
fly over Maui. eo made from her hospital bed, Amanda Natural Stone Pallets $ 88 each Edge
Amanda and her family answered ques- said she had just experienced the greatest Only 1
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tions at a press conference May 28 in ordeal in her life.
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Maui; she described the ordeal as a spiri- “The last 17 days have been the tough-
tual experience but one that left her near est of my entire life,” said Amanda.
Wentworth Nursery
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the brink of total despair. Amanda Eller is a Mechanicsville na- June 25th, 2019
She described maintaining a hopeful tive and a graduate of Chopticon High Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick Oakville
spirit for the first 14 days but her hope School. 30315 Three Notch Rd, 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, 5 minutes North of Hollywood
41170 Oakville Road
started to fade at that point; she described Charlotte Hall 20622
Prince Frederick 20678
410-535-3664 Mechanicsville 20659
seeing search helicopters passing over-
800-558-5292 1-866-535-3664 301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5

head and trying to wave them down but SPRING Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-7, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 9-6
4 Local News The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Construction of New Dove Begins Next Month Man Indicted For

By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer Murder in Crash
The current Maryland Dove moored at Historic St.
Mary’s City, a replica of one of two ships which sailed That Killed Woman
from England and arrived here in 1634, is aging and
not especially accurate in a historical sense.
Ship builders on the Eastern Shore, with the Ches-
apeake Bay Maritime Museum, are about to change
On June 1 the construction of the new Maryland
Dove begins with the laying of the vessel’s keel at the
maritime museum located in St. Michaels.
William Gates, captain of the vessel anchored in lo-
cal waters, said the new ship will be sleeker, lighter
and more maneuverable than its current iteration;
more like the actual Dove that would have accompa-
nied the Ark on its voyage to the New World in the
17th century.
What’s more, the current Dove has serious struc-
tural integrity issues.
“The vessel is at 41 years old now,” Gates told The
County Times. “And… we’ve been discovering issues
with rot in some of the chambers.” The Maryland Dove
For some time now, going back more than 10 years,
repair crews have had to deal with rot in the stem and The new ship will be “more like what we believe the
stern posts of the vessel and have found cracks in the Dove to have been,” Gates said. “We still have only
keel. scant evidence.”
The current ship has undergone several refits, with The new ship will be both more historically accu-
old wood being replaced but problems persist. rate, he said, but compliant with Coast Guard safety Machiavelli Tyzhae Savoy
“We’re safe at least for the [Chesapeake] bay,” Gates rules, it will also have diesel engines to allow it to run
without wind. By Guy Leonard
said. “We’re talking about the backbone of the ship.” Staff Writer
The current Dove is 42 tons but the new replica will This will make the ship much more available for ed-
be somewhat lighter, Gates said, and have only two ucational tours to different parts of the state and able
to take on passengers for fund raising. A Lexington Park man was indicted last week for
masts. second-degree murder, stemming from a March 3 crash
The current Dove has three, he said. The old vessel should still be seaworthy enough to
last another two-to-three years, Gates said, at least he was alleged to have caused while eluding police in a
The Ark, which carried the colonists to St. Clements high-speed chase.
Island and then to the mainland was 400 tons, a vastly long enough until they can take delivery of the new
Dove in 2021. Machiavelli Tyzhae Savoy, 21, faces additional
larger ship. charges of negligent manslaughter, criminally negligent
The Dove was to be used as a utility vessel for the The new vessel is expected to cost $5 million in tax
payer funds. manslaughter and manslaughter in the death of Carol
colonists to explore inland waterways and make short Jean Anderson, 87, of Leonardtown.
trips. Anderson succumbed to her injuries March 9.
“It was like the family SUV,” Gates said.
On the day of the crash law enforcement officers lo-
cated Savoy, operating a vehicle in the area of Midway
Drive in Lexington Park. Savoy was wanted on numer-
ous outstanding warrants, including illegally possess-
ing and transporting a handgun. Officers attempted to
take Savoy into custody, however Savoy refused to stop
and a pursuit ensued, police reports stated. During the
pursuit, Savoy lost control of the vehicle he was operat-
ing while negotiating a curve on Pegg Road. Savoy’s
vehicle crossed the centerline of the roadway, and was
struck by Anderson’s vehicle.
Both vehicles caught fire and both drivers had to be
extracted; Anderson suffered burns to her left side.
Both Savoy and Anderson sustained serious injuries
from the crash; sources close to the investigation said
Savoy was not initially expected to live due to the se-
vere injuries he suffered.
Police found that Savoy was in possession of a hand-
gun once he had been pulled from the wreckage.
Last month a Circuit Court judge ordered that Savoy
be taken to a state-run hospital for examination to de-
termine if he was competent to stand trial.
“Defendants attorney states defendant has a trau-
matic brain injury,” court records state. “The defen-
dant having been given the opportunity to be heard, the
court finds good cause to believe that the defendant may
be incompetent to stand trial… as indicated by defense
A competency hearing has been set for Friday in Cir-
cuit Court in Leonardtown, court records show.
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times Local News 5

J2 Defense Brings Realism to Firearms Training

By Guy Leonard likes of which a law enforcement officer or soldier might
Staff Writer have to confront; the scenarios include hostage rescue,
dealing with a charging, knife wielding aggressor or stop-
J2 Defense, a newly opened gun shop in Prince Freder- ping school and church massacres by one or more gun-
ick, is the only federally licensed storefront gun dealer in men armed with pistols all the way up to automatic rifles.
Calvert County, but they offer much more than firearms The scenarios instill not only marksmanship skills but
sales. also proper tactics and discernment between hostile tar-
They have the ability to bring firearms training to civil- gets and innocent civilians.
ians that was available almost exclusively to law enforce- The MILO system even allows the trainee to use verbal
ment and military personnel. de-escalation techniques to avoid shooting altogether.
“We are a full service FFL dealer,” said Jennifer Crom- John Mountjoy, a key partner and trainer, said this is Jennifer Cromwell, partner at J2 Defense, runs through an
active shooter scenario on the MILO system
well, a former Army medic and law enforcement officer often the most desirable outcome.
in Virginia, and one of the partners operating J2 Defense. “This is about good citizens being able to defend them- munity and even law enforcement officers who have tak-
“And we offer state of the art training on the MILO sys- selves,” Mountjoy told The County Times. en part in the simulations has been strong.
tem and UTM ranges. The MILO simulator also allows trainees to practice “You feel like you’re right in the middle of things,” she
“All of our experience combined is more than 100 qualifying for a Maryland concealed carry permit through said. “There are over 900 scenarios on the system.”
years.” a pre-programmed course of fire; in another room at the Mountjoy said average citizens with little to no fire-
The training cadre at J2 includes an NRA instructor, a training facility, things get even more intense. arms training who went through the simulations began to
former Prince George’s County police officer, and a U.S. In the second room trainees can use real firearms that realize how difficult and stressful the situations confront-
Army Green Beret among several other highly qualified shoot UTM munitions, downloaded from real ammuni- ing law officers could be.
instructors, Cromwell said. tion but still launching a projectile that requires those “When they go through it a lot of them say: ‘I didn’t
Former St. Mary’s County Commissioner Dan Morris being shot at to wear protective gear, that allow them to have time to make a decision,’” Mountjoy said. “I say
is also a partner; he served in the Prince George’s depart- experience an even more realistic combative experience. to them: ‘Well now you know what a police officer goes
ment and is a Vietnam Veteran. The opposing force inside the training room fires what through.”
But what sets J2 Defense apart is the training spaces are called “battlefield blanks” that create a level of noise But it isn’t all life and death scenarios; there are plenty
they have; the MILO system essentially uses computer- close to that of real rounds being discharged. of programs where teams of trainees can shoot down
generated scenarios shown on a projector screen using The trainee feels a level of stress approaching that of hordes of zombies or even clay pigeons and balloons.
live actors that can be programmed to respond to the ac- real rounds being fired at them; they must find a way to It helps keep the mood light and instill the idea that
tions, or inactions, of the trainee. deal with threats and solve tactical problems. shooting can be a fun, family activity.
Trainees use life-like handguns and long guns that Trainees at J2 can also receive instruction in other “We have shooting games for kids to play,” Mountjoy
emit infrared “shots” that register as hits or misses on the weapons, including how to deal with knives, sticks and said. “And we’re all about teaching gun safety.”
screen. other melee weapons.
The computer then tallies the performance of the in- Cromwell said the response from members of the com-
dividual “shooter” through various tactical scenarios the

St. Clement’s Island Heritage Day

Saturday • June 1 • 10 AM – 3 PM
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For More Info St. Clement’s Island
301-769-2222 38370 Point Breeze Road Coltons Point
6 Local News The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Bay Health Falters From Heavy Rainfall

at the Calvert Marine Museum!







By Guy Leonard a great deal of nutrient runoff from soils sur-

Staff Writer rounding the waterways.
These nutrients, such as nitrogen, fed the
The University of Maryland’s Center for growth of algae blooms in the bay, which can
Environmental Science says the health of the be toxic to marine life, including crabs, oys-
Chesapeake Bay continues to gradually im- ters and fish.
prove but had a set back this past year due to Despite the recent decline in bay health,
extremely heavy amounts of rainfall. scientists are optimistic, saying that the
According to the latest report, the Bal- overall health status of the bay has either im-
timore area received 72 inches of rainfall, proved or remained steady in certain areas
or approximately 175 percent of its normal since 2014.
amount. “The bay is in fact showing resilience
“While 2018 was a difficult year for Ches- in the face of climate change and extreme
apeake [Bay] health due to high rainfall, we weather events, underlining that the restora-
are seeing trends that the bay is still signifi- tion efforts must remain vigilant to continue
cantly improving over time,” said Bill Denni- these hard-won efforts,” said Peter Goodwin,
son, vice president for Science Application at the environmental center’s president in a pre-
the university’s environmental center. “This pared statement.
is encouraging because the bay is showing To help improve the overall health of the
resilience to climate change.” bay, scientists say individuals can reduce
The bay’s health received a grade of 46 their use of fertilizers, carpooling to re-
410-326-2042 | SOLOMONS, MD percent, or a “C” average, with other indica- place individual commuting or using public
CALVERTMARINEMUSEUM.COM tors of health such as water clarity, the abun- transportation.
dance of underwater grass and dissolved
oxygen in the water declining in 2018.
The heavy rains, the report stated, caused
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times Local News 7


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8 Cops & Courts The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Chaptico Homicide Under Investigation DUI Checkpoint Leads to Arrests

On May 26, 2019, at approximately pect in the case was still in the hospital,
11:20 p.m. deputies from the St. Mary’s Willenborg said.
County Sheriff’s Office responded to Preliminary investigation determined
the 35800 block of Bay Drive in Chapti- the victim was involved in a family dis-
co, for the reported stabbing. Respond- pute, and was subsequently stabbed out- Saturday, May 25, 2019, at 10:45 p.m., tal of 573 vehicles passed through the
ing officers located the victim, later side the residence. The circumstances Troopers from the Maryland State Po- checkpoint. Eight vehicles were directed
identified as Michael Ross Bethea, age surrounding the incident are still under lice, Leonardtown Barrack assisted by to the side of the road for further test-
47 of Washington, D.C. suffering from a investigation. Anyone with informa- the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office ing, resulting in three individuals being
stab wound. Lifesaving measures were tion on this incident is asked to contact conducted a Sobriety Checkpoint on arrested for driving under the influence.
attempted by responding officers and Detective Skyler LeFave at (301) 475- southbound Maryland Route 235 (Three One individual was arrested for posses-
emergency personnel, however Bethea 4200 extension *1983 or by email at Notch Road) at First Colony Boulevard, sion of a controlled dangerous substance
was pronounced deceased on the scene. Citi- California, - not marijuana, one individual arrest-
Detectives from the Criminal Investiga- zens may remain anonymous and con- The Southern Maryland chapter ed for possession of marijuana in an
tions Division responded to the scene tact Crime Solvers at (301) 475-3333, or of Mothers Against Drunk Driving amount of more than 10 grams and one
and continued the investigation. text a tip to “TIP239” plus their mes- (MADD) were also on location to repre- individual was issued a civil citation for
Capt. Edward Willenborg, command- sage to “CRIMES” (274637). Through sent victims of DUI collisions. possession of marijuana in an amount
er of the Criminal Investigations Divi- the Crime Solvers Program tipsters are The checkpoint was completed at less than 10 grams.
sion of the sheriff’s office, said law of- eligible for an award of up to $1,000 12:22 a.m. During this operation, a to-
ficers have a suspect in the case but no for information about a crime in St.
one has been charged. Mary’s County that leads to an arrest or
“There probably will be an arrest,”
Willenborg said. “But the suspect was
Southern Maryland Oils
also hospitalized.”
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Legal Notice

In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Case No.: C-18-FM-19-000417

Notice (Adult) (DOM REL 61)

The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name in which
he/she seeks to change his/her name from Bridget Hall Johnson to Bridget Eileen
Hall. The petitioner is seeking a name change because:

Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 4th
day of July, 2019. The objection must be supported by an affidavit and served
upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1-321. Failure to file an
objection or affidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by default
or the granting of the relief sought.

Debra J. Burch,
Clerk of Court for
St. Mary’s County Maryland

May 30, 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times 9

e m o
M ials!r ia l Da y
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10 Cops & Courts The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office Crime Report

Disorderly Conduct- On May 10, 2019, Cpl. Handy Attempting to Drive Malicious Destruction of Property. CASE# 27368-19
responded to the 21600 block of Great Mills road in While Impaired by
Lexington Park for the reported disturbance. The vic- Controlled Dangerous Home Invasion/Burglary- On May 12, 2019, Dep.
tim advised two individuals were in the area banging Substances. CASE# Fenwick responded to the 45900 block of Great Mills
on the business windows and harassing customers for 27533-19 Court in Lexington Park, for the reported disturbance.
money. Upon arrival, Justin Antoine Parker, 29 of Investigation determined Keith Sebastian Brown,
Great Mills, was ob- Assault/False Im- 29 of Lexington Park,
served on scene cre- prisonment- On May shattered the victim’s
ating a disturbance. 11, 2019, Dep. Rycyzyn window, and damaged
Parker was told multi- responded to the 21600 window blinds trying
ple times to vacate the block of Great Mills to force his way into
area, however he con- Road in Lexington the residence. Brown
tinued to scream and Park, for the reported ultimately pushed
cause a disturbance. barricade. Contact was the victim out of the
Parker was arrested made with the victim who advised Matthew Joseph way and entered the
and charged with Hatcher, 33 of Me- residence through the
Disorderly Conduct. chanicsville, assaulted front door, and began
CASE# 27341-19 her and then barricaded to actively assault the
the hotel room door not second victim. Brown
Drug Arrest/DUI- allowing her to leave. punched and strangled
On May 11, 2019, Hatcher also broke the the second victim, and
Dep. Wimberly responded to the 39800 block of Big victim’s cellphone. Ry- was on scene assaulting the victim when officers ar-
Chestnut Road in Clements for the reported suspi- cyzyn observed the fur- rived. Brown was arrested and charged with Home
cious vehicle. Upon arrival contact was made with niture in the room moved Invasion, Burglary 3rd Degree, two counts of Assault
the vehicle operator David Patrick Nickerson, 18 of to barricade the door, 2nd Degree, and Malicious Destruction of Property.
Leonardtown. Located in Nickerson’s vehicle was a and the victim’s broken CASE# 27688-19
grinder with marijuana residue, suspected Tetrahydro- phone. Hatcher was ar-
cannabinol (THC) wax, and a CDS smoking device. rested and charged with
Nickerson displayed signs of impairment was arrested False Imprisonment, As-
and charged with CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana and sault 2nd Degree, and

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Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times In Our Community 11

St. Mary’s Remebers the Fallen

Color Guards from the American Legion, St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office and Sons of Skip Disharoon, Commander of the Ridge American Legion Post, lays a wreath for fallen
Confederate Veterans salute the fallen on Memorial Day veterans on Memorial Day

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21895 Pegg Road • Lexington Park, MD 20653 • (240)725-0111

12 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

St. Mary’s County Arts Council Offers SMECO Seeks Authorization for
Scholarships to High School Seniors Public EV Charging Equipment
The St. Mary’s County Arts Council in a St. Mary’s County public or pri-
will present a $1,000 award to four grad- vate high school, or a senior in a home- Co-op proposes to install charging will include Level 2 chargers and Di-
uating seniors in St. Mary’s County. schooled setting. stations at local governmental facilities rect Current Fast Chargers. According
The Arts Council has established these A completed application must be filed Southern Maryland Electric Coop- to SMECO, the cooperative has already
awards to recognize, encourage, and with the St. Mary’s County Arts Coun- erative (SMECO) has submitted a filing received great interest in EV charging
support individuals who demonstrate cil no later than Friday June 14, 2019 at 4 with the Maryland Public Service Com- stations from local governments seek-
excellence and a high level of interest in PM. Applications and requirements may mission (PSC) requesting authorization ing to provide stations for public use.
any of the following categories: Visual, be found at www.stmarysartscouncil. to install up to 60 electric vehicle charg- The cooperative plans to develop an ap-
Performing (vocals, instrumental, or com ing stations throughout the coopera- plication and a method of determining
dance), or Theater Arts. Questions regarding the application tive’s service area over a five-year pilot the most suitable locations for the char-
To be eligible for this award, a can- or the application process should be di- period. gers. An important consideration is the
didate must be a resident of St. Mary’s rected to Nell Elder at 240-309-4061 or SMECO plans to work with state, existing infrastructure already in place.
County, be a currently enrolled senior municipal, and local government enti- SMECO anticipates starting the pilot in
ties to determine the locations for public 2020.
electric vehicle (EV) chargers, which
Nuclear Power Plant Sirens to be Tested
There will be a full-cycle test of the system. If the sirens sound at any other State Troopers Looking
for Job Candidates
alert and notification sirens through- time, residents should tune to one of the
out St. Mary’s, Calvert and Dorchester local radio stations for information and
counties on Monday, June 3 at noon. instructions.
This includes a three-minute activa- Knowing what to do before, during
tion of all sirens within the 10-mile area and after an emergency is a critical part The Maryland State Police Leonard- career opportunities within the Mary-
around Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power of being prepared and may make all the town Barrack will be holding a recruit- land State Police and complete an ini-
Plant. All citizens are asked to remem- difference, when seconds count. ing job fair on Saturday, June 8, 2019, tial application. Anyone interested in
ber the scheduled testing and relay To learn about Disasters & Hazards, from 10 am to 2 pm. The event will be a career in law enforcement is urged
the information to friends, family and Being Prepared and Being Informed held at the Leonardtown Barrack, 23200 to come out and talk to our recruiters.
neighbors. visit: Leonard Hall Drive, Leonardtown, MD Anyone with questions can contact the
The testing is conducted to check si- 20650. You will be able to speak with Maryland State Police Leonardtown
ren operation and increase public aware- or prepare.stmarysmd. the local barrack recruiters, learn about Barrack at 301-475-8955.
ness of the alert and notification siren com

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Is Your Dental Office Safe?
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times 13

Untreated waterlines in the dental office can affect your health.

The next time you go to your dentist’s the water enters the building. While company at the forefront of treating standard of care and product quality. It
office, before you let them spray wa- this proactive measure helps reduce water effectively, above and beyond the is your right to know what your dentist
ter in your mouth, ask them how, and risk, what most dentists don’t realize is EPA, CDC and ADA minimum stan- is doing to assure your safety. Don’t be
where their water lines are treated. that the water that sits in the lines for dard of water quality compliance is afraid to ask your dentist how they treat
long periods of time, such as over a Sterisil, Inc. Using Stersil’s latest and the water in the office. Ask them where
The Problem: The flexible lines that weekend, will still grow this dangerous best products a dental office can achieve it is treated (at the chair and/or at the
go from the water pipes in your dental bacterium. results of < 11 CFU/ml HPC water pu- utility hook-up). Ask them if they test
office to the delivery system at the chair- rity. These are virtually the lowest levels their water for consumable quality and
side are made of materials that are the The Risk: Microbacterium Absces- achievable today, and they are well be- how often. They should be able to sup-
perfect environment for the growth of sus, a bacterium with a distant relation yond the EPAs recommendation of less ply test results.
biofilm. Biofilm is made up of bacteria to the ones that cause tuberculosis and than 500 colony forming units (CFU)
colonies that adhere to the inner walls leprosy, can cause infections in patients per milliliter (ml). Tidewater Dental a leading provider
of the dental hosing. When not prop- when contaminated water supplies are of dental care in southern Maryland
erly treated, these water lines and valves used to irrigate the mouth. A simple Stersil’s solution is a combination of has made it their mission to ensure the
become coated with bacteria that grows google search of “dental practice, water, treating the water at entry to the prac- safety of their patients through the use
exponentially at room temperature and illness” will result in many articles about tice and at the dental chair where the of quality equipment, systems, services
contaminates the water that is used to lawsuits and unfortunate outcomes to instrumentation connects to the flexible and procedures that put the patient first.
irrigate and rinse your mouth. This wa- patients including children in Georgia, water hosing. This takes virtually all Yes, it costs more. Yes, it may take more
ter can be unsafe! New Jersey, Virginia, and California. risk out of the water supply, ensuring time. But, patient safety and experience
safe water while treating the patient. are paramount to ensuring our patients
City water, often considered to be safe The Solution: It is not enough to treat leave our offices healthy and happy. For
for consumption, reaches the dental the water lines in a dental office as the Proof: It is your dental office’s obliga- this reason, Tidewater Dental has part-
office in potable form. Dental offices, bacterium can still grow after the fact. tion to ensure all measures are being tak- nered with Sterisil, Inc. to provide the
aware of the need for added water qual- Each dental operatory must be treated en to assure your safety while in the care purest and safest water possible at all of
ity and safety may even have a water at the instrumentation that is used on of your dental provider. Dentists are to our locations.
treatment system at the source where the patients to ensure safety. One such follow guidelines on safety, sanitation,




(301) 862-3900 (410) 414-8333 LANHAM, MD 20706
(301) 955-9198
LUSBY • MD 20657 SOLOMONS • MD 20688 10113 WARD ROAD
(410) 326-4078 (410) 394-6690 DUNKIRK, MD 20754
(301) 327-3314 Opening soon in
Charlotte Hall!
14 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Patuxent River Native Serves Half A World Away

Airman Bradley Morgan, a native of approximately 20,000 sailors.
Patuxent River, wanted to serve in the “Being deployed here is awesome,
military as his father and grandfather just to experience other countries is an
did before him. He thought it was his opportunity not a lot people get to do,”
duty to serve. He joined the Navy also to said Morgan.
travel and see the world. With more than 50 percent of the
Now, two years later and half a world world’s shipping tonnage and a third of
away, Morgan serves aboard one of the the world’s crude oil passing through
Navy’s most advanced amphibious ships the region, the United States has historic
at Fleet Activities Sasebo, patrolling one and enduring interests in this part of the
of the world’s busiest maritime regions world. The Navy’s presence in Sasebo is
as part of U.S. 7th Fleet. part of that long-standing commitment.
“It’s great that I’ve been able to meet “The Navy is forward-deployed to
people from all over the country and all provide security and strengthen rela-
over the world, from different cultures tionships in a free and open Indo-Pa-
and backgrounds,” said Morgan. cific. It’s not just the ships and aircraft
Morgan, a 2016 graduate of Chopti- that have shown up to prevent conflict
con High School, is an aviation support and promote peace,” said Vice Adm.
equipment technician aboard the for- Phil Sawyer, commander, U.S. 7th Fleet.
ward-deployed amphibious assault ship “It is, and will continue to be our peo-
USS Wasp in Sasebo, Japan. ple who define the role our Navy plays
“I’m in charge of over one thousand around the world. People who’ve made a
pieces of equipment that support all the choice, and have the will and strength of
aircraft on the ship during fight opera- character to make a difference.”
tions,” said Morgan. Wasp, one of the Navy’s most ad-
Morgan credits some success in the vanced amphibious ships, is designed
Navy to lessons learned in Patuxent to deliver Marines and their equipment
River. where they are needed to support a
“My father and grandfather taught variety of missions ranging from am-
me that if you want anything in life you phibious assaults to humanitarian relief
have to work hard for it, nothing is hand- efforts.
ed to you,” said Morgan. Sailors’ jobs are highly varied aboard
U.S. 7th Fleet spans more than 124 USS Wasp. More than 1,000 men and
million square kilometers, stretching women make up the ship’s crew, which
from the International Date Line to the keeps all parts of the ship running
India/Pakistan border; and from the Ku- smoothly, from handling weapons to
ril Islands in the North to the Antarctic maintaining the engines. An additional
in the South. U.S. 7th Fleet’s area of 1,200 Marines can be embarked. USS
operations encompasses 36 maritime Wasp is capable of transporting Ma-
countries and 50 percent of the world’s rines and landing them where they are
population with between 50-70 U.S. needed using helicopters, vertical take-
ships and submarines, 140 aircraft, and off and landing aircraft and other water-
Photo by Senior Chief Petty Officer Gary Ward

to-shore landing craft. achieved by our focus on speed, value,
These ships support missions from results and partnerships,” said Secretary
sea to shore, special operations and oth- of the Navy Richard V. Spencer. “Readi-
er warfare missions. They also serve as ness, lethality and modernization are the
secondary aviation platforms. Because requirements driving these priorities.”
OF THE WEEK of their inherent capabilities, these ships There are many ways for sailors to
have been and will continue to be called earn a distinction in their command,
MEET BABY KITTY upon to support humanitarian and other
contingency missions on short notice,
community, and career. Morgan is most
proud of being selected for Blue Jacket
Hi there, my name is Baby Kitty and according to Navy officials. of the Quarter from his department for
I'm a solid gent, weighing in at about Serving in the Navy means Morgan is the quality of work he has provided.
15 pounds of AMERICAN MADE, GRADE part of a world that is taking on new im- “I was selected for Blue Jacket of the
A, ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE, FREE RANGE portance in America’s focus on rebuild- Quarter which was my biggest accom-
feline! I'm 10 years young which is a good age ing military readiness, strengthening plishment so far,” said Morgan.
if you want to be past all the kitten shenanigans and just get a CALM, alliances and reforming business prac- As a member of one of the U.S. Na-
RELAXED cat! I've gotten along with the other CATS in my house, I'm tices in support of the National Defense vy’s most relied upon assets, Morgan
pals with DOGS, and I even like KIDS (babies included). I'm every cat Strategy. and other sailors know they are part of
owner's DEAREST WISH. I may be initially nervous of new people, but A key element of the Navy the nation a legacy that will last beyond their life-
once I get to know you all I want is to LOVE YOU. It's time to give TCAS needs is tied to the fact that America is times, contributing to the Navy the na-
a call and BE MY MIRACLE! When you adopt from TCAS you are literally a maritime nation, and that the nation’s tion needs.
saving a life. prosperity is tied to the ability to operate “I feel like I’m a part of a greater
PLEASE CHOOSE ME! And, remember, if there is room in the heart, there freely on the world’s oceans. More than cause,” said Morgan. “It means that peo-
is room in the house. 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is cov- ple back home can have freedoms to do
Come meet me and the wonderful gang at Tri-County ered by water; 80 percent of the world’s what they want to do. It’s a great honor
Animal Shelter (6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville) population lives close to a coast; and 90 to be able to serve for my country.”
or call 301-932-1713 for more information. To see more percent of all global trade by volume
of my amazing friends available for adoption, “like” us travels by sea. By Mass Communication Specialist
on Facebook @ Tri-County Animal Shelter Southern MD. “Our priorities center on people, ca- 1st Class Robert Zahn, Navy Office of
pabilities and processes, and will be Community Outreach
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times 15

Project Graduation Moving Into Its 35th Year

quences of drunk and drugged driving, talking to stu-

dents about the importance of avoiding alcohol.
“We considered that most important,” Ballengee said.
Both Ballengee and Mattingly said they believed there
was, and is still today, a certain level of permissiveness
regarding giving alcohol to minors, particularly upon
graduation from high school.
Seniors from St. Mary’s Ryken High School and King’s Christian Academy enjoy one last night with the classmates at Project
Graduation at the Patuxent River NAS drill hall; away from alcohol and drugs. “Their parents generation was such that alcohol was
such a part of their socialization,” Ballengee said of St.
By Guy Leonard conference table before him. “It’s that carrot that kids Mary’s circa 1984.
Staff Writer look forward to for graduation. Mattingly could see a rising problem in the court sys-
“Part of that is it’s the last time together as a class.” tem involving young people and alcohol.
The staff from across county agencies, volunteers and Best of all, the graduates who attend do so at no cost “We saw more young people coming into court with
service groups who sponsor Project Graduation say that to them. drug problems, with alcohol problems,” said Mattingly.
in the past 34 years there has not been one high school The money is raised entirely by the State’s Attorney’s The educational program leading up to the first Proj-
graduate arrested for drugs or alcohol charges since the Office. ect Graduation took a gentle, but provocative, approach
project’s inception. Bush said the model in St. Mary’s County is unique as to showing young people the dangers of alcohol and
They are aiming for the same success rate this year; elsewhere students often have to pay. driving.
the program brings in high school graduates from across “Students here get this all for free,” Bush said. “He didn’t hammer it,” Ballengee said. “If you try
the county to the Patuxent River Naval Air Station’s drill It takes as much as $83,000 a year to fund all four to hammer things home to kids they won’t listen.
hall for a night of fun games and activities and fellow- nights of Project Graduation, Bush said. “We showed them pictures of wrecked cars.”
ship with their classmates. The activities available to attendees include sports The speakers included people convicted of driving un-
Each high school graduating class gets a night of its available at the drill hall, bowling, swimming and out- der the influence as well as defendants who had killed
own at the drill hall; all they have to do is sign up for the side trailers provided by an amusements vendor for on- someone else due to their own drunk driving.
program and get their parent's permission. line video gaming and the other acts as a mobile escape All their work, organization and reaching out to stu-
It’s all about showing them the good and keeping them room. dents, especially through law enforcement officers about
from the bad, namely drugs and alcohol, said the pro- Sheriff’s deputies, Maryland State Troopers and the consequences of drunk driving, paid off.
gram’s coordinator Kelsey Bush. agents from other law enforcement groups join in as School system and contract bus drivers volunteered to
Before 1984, when the program first started, there had chaperones; members of the 7th District Optimist Club shuttle seniors on base, police officers volunteered to act
been some high profile fatal car crashes and injuries, provide food through the night and breakfast in the as chaperones and the Optimist Clubs, whose motto is
Bush said, all involving alcohol. morning. “Friends of Youth” catered the event.
The State’s Attorney’s Office, in cooperation with Bush remembers when the project first got started; his “If it weren’t for the Optimist Clubs, it never would
other groups, wanted to find a way to put a stop to that. brother wanted to attend and had to ask his parents for have gotten off the ground,” Mattingly said.
It apparently worked, Bush told The County Times. permission; they were concerned when they got a letter Mattingly also volunteered to drive a bus on base, he
“There haven’t been any instances of that kind during from the State’s Attorney’s Office informing them of the said.
graduation week,” Busch said, knocking on the wooden program. He even works as a substitute bus driver today, he said.
They were unsure of just what their eldest son was More than a few parents told him in the early days of
going to attend. Project Graduation that they were relieved to know there
“He had to convince them to let him go,” Bush said of graduates were in good hands.
his brother, a member of the first class to attend Project “They would say to me: ‘They’re coming home late,
Graduation. “It was unprecedented; it was a change in but we can go to sleep tonight knowing they’ll be OK,’”
mindset.” Mattingly said.
Two of the people who were among the original guid- Looking back on the longevity of their success involv-
ing forces behind Project Graduation, former Assistant ing Project Graduation, both Ballengee and Mattingly
State’s Attorney Joe Mattingly, Jr. and Florence Ballen- have a real sense of accomplishment, they said.
gee, operations manager for then-State’s Attorney Wal- “It’s some of the best work we’ve done,” said Mattingly.
ter Dorsey, said the idea came from efforts to achieve the Each class of the public high schools brings in be-
same results in Maine. tween 400 to 450 graduates Bush said, while St. Mary’s
“There had been so many fatalities on graduation Ryken and King’s Christian Academy share a night with
night in Maine,” Ballengee said of the impetus to start about 190 graduates between the two private schools.
the program there. “He [Dorsey] said ‘I want to do that Bush said the energy level volunteers exhibit each
here.’ year, for four successive days, is what helps send the
“‘Make it happen.’” message about all the fun to be had at Project Gradua-
Ballengee and Mattingly, who was working in District tion for the coming senior class.
Court at the time on drunk driving cases, set to work. “It’s become part of our culture,” Busch said. “It’s
But they didn’t just plan a huge graduation party for withstood the test of time.
seniors free of drugs and alcohol, they instituted an “It’s our way of saying: ‘Welcome to adulthood.’”
educational program complete with speakers, both law
enforcement and those who had to deal with the conse-
16 The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019
Hand Knit & Crochet Items
for You & Your Home

Located inside Shepherd’s Old Field Market
(behind the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Dept)
Email or Call 301-247-7611

L e o n a r d t o w n
In Downtow n
M - 8 P M
JUNE 7 • 5P
Check out the First Friday Specials
240-309-4061 BOOKS & MUSIC
LOCAL The audience participation Drum Circle 301-475-2859
WINES featuring the SoMar Drummers will be
from 8-9 PM, bring your own percussion
instruments or use ours! All skill levels
Karen Janowsky will be signing copies
of books The Persistence of Memory
FROM LOCAL Trilogy from 5-7PM on Friday, June 7th.
and ages are welcome to attend, stay the
whole time or just for a portion of it. This The Persistence of Memory Trilogy-
is a free event open to all. (note-no Art Share Series this month Karen Janowsky has loved superheroes and ancient mythology
due as most of our staff members will be attending the MD Arts since the first time she saw the Super Friends on television in
Summit event, Art Share will continue in July). 1970’s. Because flying an invisible jet was never a viable career
option, and because running around in a cape, swimsuit, and
NORTH END GALLERY bright red boots is not socially acceptable for adults, she teaches
41652 FENWICK ST. yoga and writing at the College of Southern Maryland. Her
Live music every weekend! 301-475-3130 stories and poems have been featured in several anthologies and
301-690-2192 • literary magazines since 1991. She received her master’s degree
Open 7 days a week Noon - 6 pm • 23790 Newtowne Neck Road
Beautiful Swimmer @ NEG June 2019 in English from Florida State University.
North End Gallery joins the fun at
Leonardtown’s First Friday Crab Fest NEW VIEW FIBERWORKS, LLC
with its new exhibit entitled “Beautiful 22696 WASHINGTON ST.
Swimmer” aka the Chesapeake Blue Crab. Local member 301-4375-3899
artists created art that reflects not only blue crabs but our
Chesapeake region’s diversity. The results are a new collection Meet our fiber artist Deb Sams and see
of oil & acrylic paintings, watercolors, photography, fused glass, her fabulous creations! Deb will premier
claywork, woodwork, and jewelery that are uniquely Chesapeake her new bead embroidery jewelry! Plus
influenced. This exhibit runs June 4-30, 2019. you will enjoy seeing her needle-felted
art and other bead jewelry including
The First Friday Reception is June 7 from 5-8 pm. Refreshments crab brooches just in time for Crab
will be served. The public is invited to meet the artists and learn Fest. And if it’s crabs you love, stop by to see all the other crabby
more about their work. All visitors to North End Gallery are
BARRE • YOGA • PILATES invited to submit their names for the monthly art prize.
creations by our cooperative member.


301-475-1630 22715 WASHINGTON ST.
This month, instead of featuring a

St. Mary’s
smoothie, The Good Earth will offer a 15% off for bookings during First Friday
Vegan Crab(less) Dip! This delicious treat
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Nursing & Rehabilitation locally owned T-Rev’s Original Chesapeake Bay Mix! This healthy
spin on a Southern Maryland classic will be available for purchase
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The creator of this awesome seafood seasoning, Trevor, is local to
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the county and will be at the Shepherds Old Field Market for June Contact Jen Stotler
21585 Peabody Street
Leonardtown, MD
First Friday!
301-247-7611 or
• Long-term care
• Rehabilitation
services MARKETPLACE &
• Respite care
d s Old Field M


To schedule a tour or

speak to admissions,
please call Available
301-475-8000 Call 240-753-3332
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The County Times 17

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Cra b F e s
First F r i d a y
Crazy for Ewe


Lessons for all levels.

Get started today!

Fesnwick Street
FREE Family ed Books & Musi
U c
Friendly Concert Karen Janowsky will be

signing copies of books The
Persistence of Memory Trilogy
from 5-7PM on Friday, June 7th.
5PM to 8PM 301-475-2859
on the Square

Pre-order Your
Picnic Bag wDn in ners e n g e r H u n t
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Port of Leonardtow
n Winery • 301-69
ho a ryland
o u th e r n M
Shepherds Old Fiel
d Market
om of S cebook page
shepherdsoldfield Follow their etails
for all the d 3 01- 475 -1 6 3 0
41675 Park Avenue, Leonardtown •
For More Info Visit

First Friday Participants

22725 Washington Street 22696 Washington Street 22715 Washington Street

41655 Fenwick Street 23190 Newtowne Neck Road 22725 Duke Street 41652 Fenwick St. Leonardtown MD 20650
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generous support of our Platinum Sponsors
22845 Washington Street 22715 Washington Street
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18 Education The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Leonardtown High School

Graduating Class of 2019
Alexis Marie Abell Destiny Ariana Bryant Nolan Lee Daugherty Gabrielle Kathleen Gleissner
Chad Andrew Abell Isabela Cecilia Bubb Sarah Grace Davis Camron Bailey Goldman
Rachael Nicole Ack Jayson David Buell, Jr. Kyle Ian Dee Kavon Matthew Goldring
Austin Wiley Adams Nicholas Alexander Burch Lukas George Delaney Andrew Caleb Goldsborough
Ryan Patrick Ahern Roman Friedrich Burk Tayler Ashlee Denney Amber Leigh Gontarek
Jordan Angel Aldridge Madisyn Rhiannon Burke Savanna Jade Dent James Cephas Goslee
Shahad Abdullah N. Alotaibi Charles Patrick Burkes Xavier Dever Kara Noel Grabenstein
Samuel Malloy Alton Adam Patrick Burnette Hannah Makensie DeVito Anthony Paul Gray
Adryana Rayn Anglemier Ian Matthew Burroughs Hunter Lily DeVito Benjamin Curtis Gray
Kimberly Rose Armstrong William Robert Byers Samuel Joseph Dichter Caroline Suzanne Grebos
Matthew Woods Armstrong Jeffrey David Cain II Tyriek Danyeah Dillingham Gabrielle Diana Green
Alec Curtis Arnbrister Katherine Jane Frances Cain Eli Dominic DiRenzo Thomas Johnathan Hall
Thomas Michael Ayuso Sophia Marie Campbell Samantha Rose Dixon Ethan Jon Hammerquist
Gillian Rae Bacon Alexis LaNora Cape Jarrett Austin Dooley Dawson Edward Hanson
Emma Catherine Baden Calvin David Capristo John Edward Dougherty William Layne Harless
Darena Leigh Bagley Joseph Vincent Capristo Jeffrey Lyn Dowell, Jr. Kayla Ashlee Harris
Kabir Singh Bains-Shepard Kelly Anne Carpenter Katrina Jalise Duffy Rayven Angel Harris
Drake Cameron Baird Trent Cutter Carpenter Dillon Marcelo Duranjacome Reiko Rayshawn Harris
Kalycia Janae Banks Emma Therese Carrigg Andrew Michael Durst Kirby James Heckathorn
Demetrius Markeith Barber Shenver Villacorta Celira Joshua William Eby Yordan Leyton Henao
Taylor Madison Barnes Nicholas Matthew Cerenzia Noah Matthew Eby Jessica Grace Henderson
Alexis Paige Barton Gabriel Sumner Chandler Jacob William Elwell Breanna Rose Hill
Kirsten Nicole Barton Brooke Cecelia Charley Jonathan Daniel Ely Derrick Scott Hill
John Ryan Bean Jonathan Allen Chase Michaela Grace Emmerich Dylan Robert Hill
Christian Dane Bernth Megh Raj Chauhan Gabrielle Augustine English Ethan Ryan Hill
Jasmine Elizabeth Berry Chloe Elizabeth Chipman Christina Olivia Estacion Tahjanae Anya Hoffert
Eric Damian Beverly Maryalice Rose Christopher Nathanial Bay Evans Keaton Riley Hogan
Paul Anthony Bishop Noah Andrew Clapp Olivia Rae Evans Nineveh Jamin Holness
Harlan Thomas Blake Kayla Brooke Clarke Dylan Dakota-Francis Farrell Solomon Nebo Holness
Carley Ciera Bois Ian Robert Cody Mason Daniel Fischer Matthew Jacob Hooper
Jesselyn Elizabeth Boisvert Andrew Stephen Cole Daniel Tyler Fitzgerald Andrew Robert Hor
Justin Louis Bose Anastasia Tanja Collins Abri Chiara Foianini Isobel Mayhew Hornbuckle
Garrett Matthew Bowles Emily Lynn Collins Nicholas Aaron Fondren Matthew Ryan Howe
Ian Robert Boyd Ryan Michael Conway Sydney Anne Forrest Emma Kathleen Howell
Danny Tyrone Bradley Hannah Nguyen Cook Valerie Maria Fortescue Molly Ann Hudson
Tyler Austin Brady Catherine Marie Corolla Megan Elizabeth Fowler Andrew Mitchel Hursh
Steven Nicklaus Brandel Matthew Joseph Corolla Daelyn Morgan Funk Syed Rahil Hussain
Noah Michael Brewer Adam Matthew Cory Gabriel Joseph Gagnon Emily Jane Imhof
Madeleine Rose Bridgwater Phoebe Jane Cox Macy Reese Garcia Hunter Vincent Ince
Kamari Alise Brooks Tatiana Martha Lee Cox Kyleigh Michelle Garner Madison Blair Insley
Laila Marie Brooks Trevor Wesley Crowley Keith Aaron Gaskill Summer Danae Jacobs
Ashlyn Elizabeth Broom Austin Leo Cullen Brooke Gabrielle Gatton John Dennis Jamsiuk
Kyann Faith Brown Kaitlyn Mackenzie Curtis Juliana Lyn Geyer Grayson Barrett Johnson
Maia Evelyn Brown Sara Grace Curtis Mason William Gibbs Caitlin Anne Jonasen
Michaela Renee Brown Isabella Marie Dakis Mhairi Ann Gillan Lacey Brooke Jones

Do you feel crabby when you get your

insurance bill in the mail? Congratulations
GIVE US A CALL! to the 2019

Burris’ Olde Towne Insurance

Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times Education 19
Collin Scott Joseph Lauren Elizabeth Mattingly Ryan Lee Pratz Nathan Douglas Stickell
Husaam Udeen Kasmani Devion Andreas Mattos Sylvester Kenneth Price Brigid Erin Stocking
Devon Tybi Kearney Breanne Nicole Mayor Haylee Mason Priest Tywon Deontae Straughn
Jazmine Aquira Kellmel Julie Marie Mays Katrina Jasmine Proctor Dewayne Bernard Swann, Jr.
Nylasia Lanai Kelly Madison Carol McBride Andrew Philip Pugliese Jacob Jennings Swick
Savannah Lynn Kerns Madison Joy McCauley Cole Alexander Pusey James Edward Taff
Merrick William Marlarney Kibler Scott Matthew McCloskey Tyler Justin Pyles Ezra Tapponnier
Kathryn Grace Kindley Conlan Patrick McConvey Mar’Reisha Delethea Queen Phillip Jae Han Tayag
Kaitlin Diana Kinney Kathryn Ann McCurdy Reina Isabel Alejandra Jakob Bryce Taylor
Emily Hang Klueter Alyssa Brianne McGinn Quispehuaman Kayla Michele Taylor
William Leopold Knezek Hayley Rebecca McKulka Cameryn Jayde Raley Samantha Mae Tercedo
Jason Wade Knott Matthew Steven McMiller Mark Christopher Raley Daniel Alexander Thayer
John Webster Knott IV Laik Amber Meadows McKenna Brooks Randall Emma Catherine Thomas
Jazmine Marie Knox Bianca Marie Melton Zion Tyrek Ray Frank Lloyd Thompson
Arianna Emily Koch Lauren Marie Menges Russell Christian Regino Taylor Lee Thorsen
Nikolas Alexander Kokolios Anna Paige Merson Kyle Ryan Reio Austin Jack Timmermann
Matthew Alexander Kosten Gabrielle Lynn Mesmer Stephen Cullen Rey Brandon Philip Tippett
Lauren Lee Kostenko Nikolas Seth Miedzinski Camryn Lea Rhodes Andrew Gerald Tolarski
Kristina Marie Kowalik Joshua Wyatt Moody Haley Brooke Rhodes Nicholas Joseph Torelli
Matthew Robert Kowalik Brandon William Moore Natalee Ryan Ritter Caitlyn May Twining
Samantha Lynn Kowalik Shane Alexander Moran Philip Mark Robinson III John Matthew Twining
Lester Franklin Kraft Samuel Joseph Morgan Kelsey Renee Robrecht David Chrisman Tydings
Chelsea Lynnae Krzywdik Kelly Anne Murph Alexis Naomi Rock David Allen Valdivia
Neeraj Kumar Gabriel Thomas Murphy Alexander Gillis Rondeau Isabelle Taromina Vallejo
Cassie Anna Keziah Kunz John Gordon Murray Sarah Elizabeth Rooney Erin Ann Vance
Ryan William Labor Marielle Elizabeth Nadeau Piper Nicole Rosas Nydiera Simon Vaughan
Lance Michael Lashley Kaitlyn Chaelin Ng Cody Michael Russell Emma Violetta Vezzosi
Madeliene Christine Rey Lathrop Zachary Blodgett Nichols Jacob Melvin Russell Dominic Gabriel Villarreal
Ryan Connor Lau Ryan Patrick Nobles Kevin Scott Russell Niko Evriviadis Vlahos
Camryn Ruth Leavy Renee Joanna Nosko Donovan Payne Salvia Justin Isom Vogt
Garrett Freland Lee Johnna Carey O’Connell Shelby Lynn Sanders Natalie Lauren Voithofer
Grace Marie Leget Anthony Oliveras, Jr. Joseph Benjamin Sanfiorenzo Danielle Mae Walker
Kiriahna Andrea Boucher Leon Elizabeth Ruth Ollom Sierra Audrie Saunders Madison Riley Walker
Shelby Cathryn Leonard Dakota Tai Osborne Connor James Sawicki Joseph Andrew Wallace, Jr.
Samantha Xiao Qian Lewis Cierra Jadan Mitchell Overton Emma Anne Schroeder Alexander Nathaniel Walter
Ciby Lin Sophia Ann O’Yenik Jessica Nicole Schug Ashley Renee Wathen
Melissa Lin Elisabeth Adeline Padula Allison Brianne Scott Hunter Gene Wathen
Justice Cooley Little Kayci Michelle Palmer Marlee Maree Scott Aiden Danielle Watson
Cameron William Lloyd Susanne Marie Panei Luis Miguel Sedillo Wyatt John Webster
Bailey Michael Lomelino Lauryn Rose Ann Paradis Isaiah Samuel Rodwight Sewell Alexander Wendel Wells
Jaden Nehemiah Long Brenton Jarel Parker Ryan Jacob Shaffer Dylan Russell Wilkinson
Austin Scott Lord Mackenzie Marie Parker Max Kenneth Sherman Holly Renee Willoughby
Amanda Nicole Lowe Jash Bipin Patel Darian Matthew Shrawder Graham Aidan Wilson
River Scott Lumpkins Natalia Patel Lisa Sipe Daniella Ann Windsor
Thomas Hunter Lynch Vidhi Jatinkumar Patel Aiden James Smith Erika Lucia Wise
Haley Mackenzie Lyon Corwin Alexander Paulsen Elena Duo Duo Smith Taylor Abbey Wolt
Brandon Gregory Mackin Jacky Marie Payne Shannon Nicole Smith Brendan Andrew Woodworth
Colin Stephen Madden Jenny Lynn Payne Taylor E Monet Smith-Beach Annalise Marcella Woolford
Madison Raichelle Mansfield Easton John Pearce Rachel Lyn Smith-Nipe Donna Hiu-dan Yang
Jayden Taylor Marable Ryan Garrett Pendarvis Ryan Alexander Sohne Fay Hiu-heng Yang
Matthew Christian Marshall Caliyah LaShawn Peoples Kane RaShawn Somerville Jessica Anne Yellman
Jonathan Richard Martin Madison Mickayla Person Ty Ajah Amari Somerville Kaitlin Marie Zelonis
Ellie Nicole Martines Sebastian Gage Phillips Laura Jane Spangler Amy Michelle Zhao
Eric Michael Martines Cory Allen Corboo Pilkerton Colton Wayne Sparks Owen Matthew Ziemba
George Henry Matthews IV Ethan James Plapp Justin Creed Spindler Anthony Patrick Zumpano
Brittany Nicole Mattingly John Caleb Podsednik Carissa Joy Stanton
Kaylee Marie Mattingly Chance Christopher Pollock Brandi Leigh Stearns


Personalized Attention.
Proven Results. 1.800.CAN.LEARN
20 Education The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Great Mills High School

Graduating Class of 2019
Elizabeth Ruth Absher Eric Curtiss Brookhart Jennifer Moira Chiavaroli Kalie Anne Flowers
Ja'Neya La'Rae Adams Aniya Unique Brooks Ikemba Michael Kaine Chukwu Jayden Orlando Floyd
Nathon Javon Allen Darenesha Ly'Shay Brooks Kimberly Morgan Clements Keyaira Tashiyanna Ford
Jonathan Michael Almojuela Montae Lavon Brooks, Jr. Shrice Elaine Cohen Thomas Franklin Fowler
Ashley Alvarez Senobia Yevette Brooks Justin Alexander Cookson Matthew Thomas Anthony Fox
Vivian Moesha Andrea Anthes Ania Janea Brothers Christopher John Stewart Cooper Cody William Franklin
Lynn Marie Atkins Alaina Marie Brown Donnetta Nicole Corbin Yasmin Edith Fuentes Flores
Connor John Bailey De'Asia Amari Brown Margaret Rita Coughlan Ajarri Moriya Ka'Mase' Gant
Gabriel Nathaniel Bailey Keyshawn Degeries Brown Sara Bre'slynn Council Christopher Kalil Gant
Elaysia Tyona Baker Lamara Tanae Brown Dallas Alexander Croce Seth Edgar Gant
Olivya KayLaun Ballard Patrick Glenn Brown Clayton Melbourne Crownover De'Quan Sabien Gantt
Yolanda Renee Banks Yameiliz Chavelle Brown Rodriguez Pierre Jamal Curtis Adam Jacob Ghannam
Matthew Jerrell Bankston Matthew Ryan Browne Christian Jun Jun Damron Cody Allen Gibson
Kiara Lenae Barnes Ansleigh Marie Bryer Teala Jacqueline Darden Abreona Renee Gilliam
Troyele Michelle Barnes James Tyler Bundrick Antoinette Andrea Davis Ameerah VL Gilyard
Monserrat Guadalupe Barron-Leon Allison Nichole Burch Hannah Marie Davis Soleil Michele Glee
Preston Robert Battle Colby Austin Burris Hunter William Davis Nallana Elaine Gonzaga
Chason William Beach Jasmine Danielle Burtis Jokavia Renee Davis Cynthia Valeria Gonzalez Saldana
Christian Lee Beach Jamarie Ajsheem Bush Kristina Angela Davis Demarco Fennell Goodman
Austin Dale Beall Jashen Terrell Bush Myla Samone Davis Shay-La Renee Gorman
Tyler Austin Bean Alajiah Destiny Butler Maureen Maregmen De Jesus Hannah Brigid Goss Harris
Marianne Nicole Beaulieu Qwanisha Octavia Butler Mayco Maregmen De Jesus James Paul Gossell
Kenny Becerra Ry'Onna Sade Butler Tristan Nakao De Jetley De'Jour Cameron Gray
Lonnell Belcher, Jr. Darius Nathaniel Byrd Chyna Lolita Deal Shanika Lanae Green
Aubrey Nichole Bell Wesly Geovani Calderon Lopez Justin Matthew Dean Trequan Joseph Green
Tyler Eli Bennett Novalee Angel Callis Kimberley Ann Dean Anthony Jermaine Greenfield, Jr.
Ashley Danielle Berry Karina Marie Campbell Sean Herbert Detrick Mason Aloysius Greenwell
James Francis Berry, Jr. Madison Mahealani Canady Brianna Trudi Devlin Darius Deandre Gregory
Lynqawn Djyeah Berry Angelina Marie Candelaria Cameron Michael Dexter Hailey Danielle Grzemkowski
Shania Lashae Berry Jordan Elizabeth Canniff William Minh Do Sebastian Eric Gutierrez
Matthew James Berzins, Jr. Hannah Louise Carlon Karmen Shyanne Donaldson Ariana Jasmine Guzman-Lopez
Hayley Mae Bimson Hannah Cari Carlsen Ricky Lee Duby III Keeleigh Renee Hall
Lance Edward Bird Daven Ragos Carrera Alicia Nicole Dudding Kirsten Michelle Hamilton
Dalayasia Shanee Biscoe Michael Ardany Carrillo Salguero Cashauna Mashae Dyson Truman William Hanks
D'Asia Yvonne Biscoe-Bradford Brittney Nichole Carter Jakiah Unique Dyson Emma Nichole Hanson
Jasmine Kristina Blackstone Antonius Austin Cartnail Tyler Sho Echols Kamil Lerin Hargrove
Kennedy Elizabeth Blackwell Zoe Amanda Carty Kyle Joseph Eckloff Robert Daniel Harnden
Breanna Lynn Blouir Leslie Casarrubias Brianna Patrice Estep Teia Laney Harrington
Ruth Nohemy Bolanos Ceron Kyhara Ixchell Cervantes Mitchell Garrett Even Christopher Tyrie Harris
Gregory Joseph Bolden, Jr. Christian Cervantes-Corona Samantha Lee Farbizio Logan Ann Hartman
Ranita Annie Bolden John Thomas Cessna III Amber Nicole Fenhagen Alex Todd Harvey
Kalaya' Vermya' Bonds Constance Myasia-Davona Chase Sara Marie Fenhagen Alan Joshua Hash
Marquis Stone Branson Dale Anthony Chase, Jr. Antonio Jailyn Fenwick Nykhia Alicia Hastings
Dashaun Anthony Briscoe John Isiah Chase Alaysia Malaya Figeroux Samuel Riley Hawkins
Darrian Brent Britto Kendall Rashon Chase Julie Annette Fillebrown Lauren Kay Heibel


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Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times Education 21
J'Avonti' Darntavia Henderson Tameron Troiann-Brown Luckett Brandon Wolfgang Joseph Paniagua Josiah Owen Smith
Alex Heng James Ethan Lusby Zahreya Tonjanique Peeples Morgan Tayler Snedaker
Helen Heng Adrian Macias Robert Anthony Person, Jr. Emma Montgomery Soehl
Joshua Matthew Herbert Rodta Edward Maddox Rayne Lamont Peterson Faith Ann Sollberger
Troy Lamont Herbert, Jr. James Eldrei Guerra Magkasi Thao Viet Diem Phan Jadon Bernard Somerville
Michala Marie Hillyard Donovan Kyle Mahoney Laura Evelyn Picard Malik Allen Somerville
Sophia Elizabeth Hiltz Daeja Monet Mallory Bianca Maria Plata Tommy Ken Son
Joshua Michael Hoffman Kevin Daniel Martinez Liam Patrick Poole Tyliek Anthony Spence
Joshua Charles Holland Da'Vione Syheme Mason Nicholas Andrew Propst Hannah Sara Marie Spencer
Margaret Marie Holmes Joshua Alexander Mason, Jr. Tucker Matthew Protzman Isabella Maria Stephens
Charlae Enaiya Horn Martrel Aloysius Mason Malik DeAndre Queen Davon Na'Trell Stewart
Christina Marie Howard Elizabeth Marie McCarthy Marissa Trenicha Queen Shyrion Tenee Stewart
Marissa Nicole Hoyt Macy Joy McCombs Tahsin Ahmedur Rahman Clinton Stonewall IV
Tristan Nathaniel Hubbard Kevin Patrick McDanal Cristian Joseph Ramirez Jordan Philip Swann
Danielle Dakota Eryn Hubbard-Pelletier Todd Anthony McDevitt Stephanie Ramos Santos Jillian Marie Tawney
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Terrod Daventez Jackson Nathaniel David Messick Cameron Da'Shaun Rhodes Jacy Brice Torres Ponce
Joshua Dean Jenkins Alanna Dawn Messina Christian Ke-Shon Rhodes Victoria Lauren Trevino
Jawea Ariana Jeter Makayla Jean Mikesell Mia Laurel Rhoton Amanda Trujillo Castro
Ayana Octavia Johnson Kyra Emma-Jean Milburn Madysen Grace Richardson Shatoya Rosetta Tyler
Kalonda China Johnson Marquese Dayequan Milburn Brianna Renee Ridgell Robert Anthony Umana
Tania Lee Johnson China Jashawn Miles Da'Nayja Emani Riley Daniel Aaron Uncangco
Michael Jerome Jones, Jr. Jasmine Perri Miles Sarah Grace Roberts Erik Francis Van Brunt
Jamari Ahmad Jordan Joshua Alexander Miles Dasani Ceone Robinson Cameron Theodore Vickers
Autumn Nicole Katsouros Micah Nah'Shon Miles Jacelle Arianna Robinson John Richard Voorhaar
Chloe' Elizabeth Lee Keefer Deontae Darnell Minor Siara Janisse Rodriguez Gonzalez Christian Dimitri Wagner
Heavenly Hattie Keemer De'Sean Marquette Mobley-Smith Sharize Marie Roper Cole Robert Roy Wahrenbrock III
Ethan Cian Kelly Sandy Monsivais Brett Patrick Rothman Katrina Marie Walcutt
Alexis Terice Kent Tyriq Montague-Wheeler Mea Quianna Rothwell Faith Elizabeth Warren
Terrell Lee Kent Khalil Rashad Moore Shadana Arie Rothwell Jordon Matthew Wathen
John Leonard Kessler Malissa Cecelia Moore Trevon Devonte Rouse Tamia Ta Jae Waul
Octavia Keshawna Keys Tyler Anthony Moran Azaria Jade Rubio Makyia Dawn Weasenforth
Charles Isaiah King William Alexander Moran-Gonzales Alison Marie Russell Brian Walter Weers
Jamie Diane King Alexis Mackinzie Morgan Colin Elliott Russell Jathaniel Doniel Whitaker
Mandy Nicole Kirkey Qua-Dre Marquise Morgan Elizabeth Maria Sanders Alana Marie White
Zaria Amina Kittrell Reginald Terrell Morris, Jr. Dartanyen Rodell Saunders Phyllis Ann White
Zachary Edward Krawczyk Alexander Michael Motamed Justin Craig Schmitt Sean Patrick White
Kaitlyn Nicole Kuno Alanis Leanne Moulier Santiago Elayna Jane Schotter Cameron Allan Willey
Michael Paul Labore Jordan Shambria Mumphrey Sloane Emerson Schwartz Kaleb Michael Williams
Avidail Antoinette Lamboy Bradley Ward Nelson Caroline Emily Schwartzenburg La-Tiona Nakee Williams
Dylan Shane Latham Kenneyh James Nelson Whitney Sally Scriber Ta'Shonda Katina Williams
Bessie Brena Lee Calie Campbell Neville Connor James Shaffer Teshara Nicole Williams
Jay Dai-Ping Lee Truc Nhan Nguyen Ashley Marie Shea Malia Ayanna Wills
Dominic Slade Lewis Dylan Isaiah Nickless Anthony Thomas Shorter Cheyenne Marie Wisor
Adam Louis Lindholm Maryfrances Lynn Noll Maya Elizabeth Sidorovich Bradley Robert Wohlfarth
Haley Grace Lindler Jack Donovan O'Brien Alonzo Simmons III Emmanuel Ralph Wordsworth
Andrew Scott Litz Jaxon Taylor O'Mara Emma Katherine Simpson Quentin Lee Yokley
Jonathan Robert Litz Finnegan Ryan O'Neill Kyle Everett Simpson Nytassijah Dupree Young
Shakeya Nicole Logan Gabrielle Simone Oler Antonise Shynae Smith Tyasiha Shiera Young
Angeline Gabrielle Long Kevin Eugene Palms III Destiny Amber Smith Nicholas Ryan Zhou

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22 Sports The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Lathroum Breaks Through

for Potomac Late Model Win
Bowie and Arnold Take Crate/E-Mod Victories

Expiration Date
Budd’s Creek, MD

By Ronald N. Guy Jr.

Contributing Writer

In mid-October 2012, a piece titled “Consolation Prize” appeared in this

column. That dusty old “View” lamented painful season-ending Game 5
ALDS and NLDS playoff losses, on the same awful day, by the Baltimore
Orioles and Washington Nationals.
Jamie Lathroum drove to his first win of the season in last Sunday nights 35-lap
The agony of the defeats was offset by a strong, pre-loaded tonic of hope
Late Model feature at Potomac Speedway. The win for Lathroum, worth $2500,
for the once hopeless. In 2012, baseball in Washington D.C. and Baltimore
came aboard his Sommey and Ruth Ann Lacey owned Rocket no.45 and would
emerged from absolute and seemingly never-ending darkness. Prior to that
mark his first track win since the 2017 season.
magical summer, the Nationals hadn’t had a single winning season since
Lathroum clearly had the car to beat as he shot from the pole to lead all 35-circuits
arriving in the nation’s capital in 2005 and the Orioles, lost in the post-Cal
to score his 15th career win with the Late Models and overall 63rd career feature
Ripken Jr. desert of suffering, hadn’t won more than 79 games since 1997.
win at Potomac. “I almost forgot how to get here it’s seems so long since we last won
More importantly, with talented cores and the in-season call-ups of young
here.” Lathroum stated post race. “The track rubbered up and I knew if I held my
phenoms Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, 2012 felt like the cusp of a
line we’d be ok, and I’m happy to get everybody on this team a win.” Dale Hollidge,
winning era for the Nats and O’s, one that would include regular postseason
Daryl Hills, Andy Anderson and Steven Axtell Jr. would round out the top-five. 
appearances and maybe even a beltway World Series.
Ben Bowie, like Lathroum in the Late Models, shot from the pole to lead wire to
That promising future was the “Consolation Prize” for losing on that Oc-
wire of the companion 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model main. “I knew I had to get
tober night in 2012. Fast-forward seven years and the sunny forecast proved
to the front first if we had a chance to win.” Said Bowie after his 8th career division
to be fool’s gold, a vicious tease of a euphoric state never realized. Yes, the
feature win. “I’m glad the race ended when it did, because the brake pedal went to
teams combined for six playoff appearances between 2012 and 2016, but
the floor driving to victory lane.” Current point leader Darren Alvey was second
neither ever advanced to the World Series. In Monopoly terms, it was not
with Logan Roberson, Dale Hollidge and Levi Crowl completing the top-five. 
quite like going to jail, but area baseball fans passed Go without collect-
After scoring a win at Virginia Motor Speedway the night prior, Chris Arnold
ing $200 (in other words, no league pennants, no World Series champion-
took top honors in the 20-lap Mid-Atlantic Modified headliner. Arnold took the
ships…thanks for trying).
lead from Cody Oliver on the 11th lap and went on to score his 4th career Potomac
Now the hope of October 2012 - that feeling that we were on to something
feature win. "I started my racing career here at Potomac and it›s great to be back in
big, that future summers would be a blast and the falls would be victori-
victory lane." Arnold said in his post race interview. “I just want to thank all the fans
ous champagne showers - is gone. In its place is the depressing spring of
that came out tonight, I hope we put on a good show.” Cody Oliver, Josh Hughes,
2019. Much has changed in seven years. Machado plays for the San Diego
Brad Kling and Joey Polevoy would trail at the finish. 
Padres and Harper is in Philly. There are still some familiar faces on both
In support class action Mike Grady Jr. made his first start of the season a good
teams, but not nearly enough. As of this writing, the Orioles have the worst
one as he would score his first career Potomac win in the 16-lap Street Stock feature
record in baseball and the Nationals, who have the MLB’s worst bullpen
and 15 year old rookie Justin Knight drove to his 2nd win of the season in the 15-lap
and regularly display fundamentals befitting the Bad News Bears, are well
U-Car event. 
below .500 and in fourth in the NL East. The teams have won just 38 games
combined, which is just a few more than several division leaders. Both
Late Model feature finish
teams just…stink. The boys of summer have been slayed by an abominable
1. Jamie Lathroum 2. Dale Hollidge 3. Daryl Hills 4.Andy Anderson 5. Steven
spring. Worst yet, with the Orioles’ glaring talent void and the Nats’ fatal
Axtell Jr. 6. David Dill 7. Brandon Long 8. James Snead 9. Brent Bordeaux 10. Paul
flaws, it would be exceedingly difficult for even the most brazen optimist to
find hope for improvement anytime soon.
Where for art thou, 2012? Gone to the ether. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
There were signs this was coming - aging stars like Ryan Zimmerman, jet-
1. Ben Bowie 2. Darren Alvey 3. Logan Roberson 4. Dale Hollidge 5. Levi Crowl
tisoned free agents like Nick Markakis and the predictable departures of
6. Brad Rigdon 7. Jeremy Pilkerton 8. Kyle Lear 9. Brandon Sturgis 10. Chuck Bow-
Harper and Machado – but it feels like the wheels fell off in a flash. Con-
ie 11. Austin Bussler 12. Harry Shipe III 13. Mike Raleigh 14. Mike Wharton 15.
tention now seems years away for either club. The only lame consolation
Donnie Tepper 16. Carl Vaughn 17. Timmy Booth 18. Mike Franklin 19. Megan
prize from this abysmal situation is higher draft picks and cheap tickets at
Mann 20. Jonathan Raley 21. Trevor Collins 22. Joe Pete
half-filled (if that) stadiums.
There might be another: To embrace this wild ride and the precious im-
E-Mod feature finish
permanence of any moment. So when the Nats’ bullpen blows another win
1. Chris Arnold 2. Cody Oliver 3. Josh Hughes 4. Brad Kling 5. Joey Polevoy 6.
or the O’s give up more homers to the Yankees, pause to enjoy your favorite
Justin Cullum 7. James Sparks 8. Cody Williams 9. Ray Kable 10. Rusty Pennington
meal. Watch Crash Davis’s b.s.-defying, conviction-fueled, waste-no-time
11. Mike Corbin 12. Haley Kaiser 13. Jacob Whitt 14. David Green 15. Keith Reed
“I believe” speech from “Bull Durham”. Pour a beer and watch the ascend-
16. Kyle Lloyd 17. Jerry Foster 18. George Gutridge 19.Rick Hulson 20. Francis Jar-
ing bubbles cascade northward to form an inviting, foamy head. Hug your
relle 21. Andy Bosley
kids. Pet your dog. Kiss your spouse. Read, and re-read this quote from
Hunter S. Thompson: “Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to
Street Stock feature finish
unemployment insurance and library cards, to absinthe and good-hearted
1. Mike Grady Jr. 2. Kyle Nelson 3. Craig Parrill 4. Dylan Rutherford 5. Matt
landlords, to music and warm bodies and contraceptives, and to the ‘good
Randall 6. Deuce Wright 7. Marty Hanbury 8. Buddy Dunagan 9. Kyle Randall 10.
life’, whatever it is and wherever it happens to be.” Enjoy your work fam-
Ed Pope Jr. 
ily. Listen to Baz Luhrmann’s “Sunscreen”. Appreciate the passive or not-
so-passive “help” and judgment from your mother-in-law. Do it all with
U-Car feature finish
greater feeling and with the knowledge that nothing lasts for long - not plea-
1. Justin Knight 2. Ben Pirner 3. Allen Griffith Jr. 4. Cody Stamp 5. Tim Steele
sure, not pain, not life itself, and certainly not winning (or losing) baseball.
6. Ryan Quade 7. Billy Smith 8. Joey Suite 9. Randy Wilkins 10. Owen Lacey 11. T
Everything has an expiration date.
Windsor 12. Mackenzie Smith 13. Larry Lamb 14. T Grinder 15. Stephen Suite 16.
Dominic King 17. Steph Homberg     
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By Doug Watson for Potomac Speedway
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times 23

n A
Fu& G ME there
41. Ridicules
43. Allied Powers vs. Central
12. Space station
14. Gene
19. Satisfy 7. Hello (slang)
Powers 23. Livid
45. Produce
47. Ancient kingdom near
24. It comes after “et”
25. More (Spanish)
8. Cost per mile
Dead Sea
49. Hebrew unit of liquid
26. Electronic data processing
27. Buffer solution to separate 9. A type of honcho
capacity DNA and RNA
10. Consequently

Distracted by Genealogy
50. Type of sword 28. Primate
55. “Sin City” actress 29. Scattered
56. Female reproductive cells
57. Afflicted
34. Evergreen tree
35. What engaged couples
12. Couples say them
59. One point north of
will say
36. Barbie’s friend aloud
I am in my
60. Garland
61. Spiritual leader
37. Midway between south
and southeast 13. Sharp slap
62. Negative 39. A position from which
downsizing 63. Tooth caregiver
64. Cheek
progress can be made
40. Showed up
16. On a line at right
mood again and CLUES DOWN
41. Insecticide
42. Type of milk
trying to give CLUES ACROSS 17. Type of horse 1. Form of “to be”
2. A hand has one
44. Verandas
45. Annoyingly talkative 17. More guileful
away or sell as 1. Sacred bull (Egyptian 18. Volcanic craters
3. Thought 46. Abba __, Israeli politician
20. Chipotle founder

myth.) 20. Type of graph (abbr.) 47. “Heat” director
4. Physical body
many things as 5. One-time European money 21. Supporters

5. Removes 48. Plant genus

possible. There
8. Disfigure
11. Polish city
22. North and South are two
25. Spread 6. One who perpetrates
51. Swiss river
52. Prejudice
22. Trauma center
13. Move quickly on foot 30. Adjusted
are family pho- 14. Landlocked West African
31. Vietnamese offensive
32. Nazi architect
7. Make one
8. Kate and Rooney are two
53. Actor Idris
54. Freedom fighters (slang) 25. Commercial
58. Criticize
tos I have from 15. Used in aromatherapy
16. The greatest of all time
33. Nigerian peoples
38. When you hope to get
9. __ Ladd, “Shane” actor
10. Makes fun of 26. “__ humbug!”
my aunt’s and 27. Relaxing period
uncles’ fami- 29. Calls balls and strikes
lies that I need
to disperse to
31. Decorative scarf
their rightful 34. Korean family name
to the yellow book. Coffey helped CLUES ACROSS 41. Pa’s partner 36. Antagonizes
homes. In doing research on my
establish Coffeyville in 1869. The
wanderlust”ful” paternal grand- 1. Partially burn 42. Lump of semiliquid 37. Buenos Aires capital
green book version is that Asberry
father Warren Harley Lee (the one substance La __
Coffey, a third cousin to Col. James 5. Mind
who was still married to my grand- 44. Grasslike plant 38. Exhibit grief
A. Coffey, also made claim to the 11. Those who build again
mother - his first wife from 1926,
founding of Coffeyville. The yellow 46. Large, wild ox 40. Gadolinium
leaving her in 1930 with three sons
book States that “this is not true and
14. Small chapel
under 4, while marrying several 15. Hot fluids 47. Make a mistake 43. Half-tamed horse
is rather absurd.” And so on…
other wives up through the 1980s) I 18. Makes beer 49. A type of light (slang)
One of the many places my grand-
found that there could be money and 52. Books 45. American
father Warren lived was Versailles, 19. It can be done
properties in his name, though it 56. Bothers conglomerate
Kentucky. My first husband and I 21. Take to court
could be his eldest (also wanderlust-
ful) son’s name as well. My uncle
visited there in 1985 after my grand- 23. Line the roof of 58. Two-colored 48. Cape near Lisbon
father Warren died to see the prop- 60. December 25 50. Quantum physics
went by Harley though instead of 24. Middle Eastern
erty that was left to my father and 62. Save pioneer
Warren. I’ll be sending all that pa- peoples
his two brothers and attend the Cof-
perwork to my cousin Laura, one of 28. Longtime film critic 63. Bangladeshi money 51. Medieval England
fey reunion. We were quickly cor-
Uncle Harley’s surviving daughters, circuit court
rected at the Versailles gas station 29. University of Dayton
in Arkansas for her to sort through. CLUES DOWN 53. To the highest degree
that Versailles was not pronounced 30. Coat with plaster
On a side note, why is Arkansas pro-
like the famous French landmark 1. Research exec (abbr.) 54. Spanish city
nounced Arkansaw, while Kansas is
as Versigh but was pronounced just
32. Wife
pronounced like it is spelled? How 33. Famed NY opera 2. Famed jazz musician 55. Saturate
like it looked. Seems like there were
can anyone learn our language? house Alpert 57. Female sibling
a few places we visited in Kentucky
Also included in Laura’s package 3. Sixth month of the 58. British thermal unit
like that. 35. Health insurance
will be copies of all our grandfa- Jewish calendar 59. Scandinavian wool
We are supposed to go to Ken- 36. Inches per minute
ther’s information I have been given
by one of our Kentucky cousins,
tucky in a few weeks for the retire- (abbr.) 4. Network of nerves rug
ment of our former priest. The last 5. Those who convince 61. Sports highlight show
who literally wrote the book on the 39. Longtime London
time we were there was 8 years ago 6. Slick (abbr.)
Coffey and Lee clans from Ireland Europe Society chairman
when we went for his installation
and England and their progression
as priest to the Episcopal church
through the United States with the
in Frankfurt. Time really does fly
Boones and the Lincolns. Very in-
doesn’t it? Last time we did make
teresting reading. My Uncle Har- LAST WEEK’S PUZZLE SOLUTIONS ON PAGE 29
time to visit some of my relatives
ley is the one who got me started
and got a nice tour of the town mu-
on the family history when I was
seum in Monticello, and that is Mon-
very young. And I am still fasci-
ticello with a “c” not a “ch” sound.
nated with all the history from the
I’m hoping to visit some Kentucky
last of the wealthy Lee’s in England,
relatives again this trip, and in fact,
who apparently lost any money the
our former priest and I found that
family hoped to have, and was also
we are related as well through a gen-
drawn and quartered to make things
eration or so back grandmother. I
final, to the Coffey’s who started
have found that I am related to most
out in Ireland with castles and titles,
all of Kentucky and half of VA, NC,
and ended up in a Hatfield vs. Mc-
TS, KS, and IN. Well, we might be
Coy type feud over which brother
related too…Hi Cousin!!!
held the original name rights to
the town of Coffeyville, Kansas.
To each new day’s adventure,
The feud still goes on today, which
is why we have two Coffey family
Please send your comments or
books: known as the green book
ideas to: shelbys.wanderings@
and the yellow book. The name or find me on Facebook
Coffeyville, Kansas was named af-
(with a message please)
ter Col. James A. Coffey according
24 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

In Remembrance
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Robert Owen Siebenmark In addition to his parents, Robert and Es- Adams and Joseph town, MD.
ther, he was preceded in death by his young- Vernon Stone.
Robert Owen er sister Susie. Doris was the lov-
Siebenmark, 79 Bob is survived by his wife, companion ing wife of John Kristin Elizabeth Boswell
of Scotland MD and best friend of 57 years Claudia, his Louis Bean whom
passed away May Kristin Eliza-
two children Bobby (Debbie) Siebenmark she married on
25th, 2019 at his beth Boswell, age
of Longs, SC and Wendy Lee-Mattingly May 16, 1970 in
home surrounded 30 of California,
(Mike) of Valley Lee, MD, 5 grand daugh- Leonardtown,
by family. Maryland, died
ters Kristen Norton (Chris) of Dameron, MD. Doris is sur-
Robert, known May 19, 2019 at
MD; Kayla Siebenmark (Kevin) of Califor- vived by her chil-
to all as Bob was her residence.
nia, MD; Shanon Lee (David) of Great Mills, dren John V. Bean
born November Kristin was
MD; Holly Siebenmark (Jake) of California, (Jenny) of Cali-
7th, 1939 in Peoria a homemaker, a
MD and Robyn Lee of California, MD. Ad- fornia, MD, Mary E. Purcell (Tommy) of
Illinois to the late member of Patux-
ditionally, Bob is survived by his two sisters Drayden, MD, 3 grandchildren Kayla Pur-
Robert and Esther Siebenmark. ent Baptist Church
Carol Miller (Pete) of Tremont, Ill and Beth cell, Sarah Bean and Hannah Purcell, sib-
Arriving in Southern Md in January 1974 on Chancellor’s
Long (Tom) of Columbus, In. lings: Jimmy Stone (Dotty), Charles Stone
to join his family who arrived in December Run Road in St.
Bob will be cremated, and his family will (Bertie), Jean Nelson (George) and Linda
1973 and assigned to NAS PAX River Bob Mary’s County, and a graduate of Lackey
be planning a celebration of his life in the Oliver (Jimmy). She was preceded in death
eventually retired in 1979 from the US Navy High School. She also worked at B&J Car-
next few months at his home with family and by her siblings Jack Stone, Barbara Logan,
after 21 years of service as a Chief Engineer ryout in Accokeek, Maryland, Trible’s, and
friends. Shirley Forsythe, and John Stone. She was
on the P-2V, P-3C and C121 Super Constella- Ledo’s Restaurant in Lexington Park, Mary-
In lieu of flowers, donations may be a lifelong St. Mary’s County, MD resident
tion where he served numerous detachments land. She loved music, baking, cooking, and
made to Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad or and graduated from Chopticon High School
both overseas and stateside. After retire- sewing. She enjoyed following the Red Sox
Hospice. in 1967. Doris worked for the Department
ment Bob and his family stayed in Southern baseball team and video games.
Condolences to the family may be made at of Navy as a Competency Administrator for
Maryland where he worked for Dyncorp at She was the daughter of Daniel Presnell 30 years, retiring on September 30, 2006 at
PAX River for another 20 years eventually and Tina Donaldson Wilson.
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral the age of 57.
retiring as the Group Supervisor. In addition to her father, she is also sur-
Home, P.A. Contributions may be made to Hospice of
During his retirement years Bob enjoyed vived by her husband, Jason S. Boswell; her
St. Mary’s P.O. Box 625 Leonardtown, MD
his time puttering around on his John Deere step-father, Wayne Wilson; her sons, Jacob
M. Boswell and John S. Boswell; her daugh-
tractor and taking care of the yard. An avid Doris Elizabeth Bean Arrangements provided by the Matting-
ter, Daphne J. Boswell; her grandmother,
Washington Redskins and NASCAR fan, ley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A. Leonard-
Bob was parked in his recliner never to miss Doris Elizabeth Bean, 70, of Califor- Cecelia Presnell; her step-grandmother,
town, MD.
a game or a race. He was a family man who nia, MD passed away at her home on May Dorothy Wilson; and her brother, Timothy
enjoyed his children and grand children and 23, 2019. She was born on March 1, 1949 Daniel Presnell.
in Leonardtown, MD and was the loving Memorial contributions for her children’s
time spent together making memories. Bob
daughter of the late Mary Mildred Stone Robert L. Harned education fund.
was truly blessed by God.
Robert L.
Harned (Bob), 70,
of Confluence, PA Frederick Anthony Tepel III
passed away on
Frederick An-
May 22, 2019 in
thony “Rick” Te-
Mechan icsville,
pel III, 49 of Hol-
MD. Born on
lywood, Mary-
January 29, 1949
land, died tragi-
in Confluence,
cally on May 18,
PA, he was the
2019 after a pri-
loving son of the
vate plane crashed
late Eva Nicolo
into the ocean
Harned and Robert E. Harned. Bob leaves
shortly after tak-
in loving memory Christine L. Waters. Bob
ing off from the
is survived by his children Nancy Stewart
island of Roatan
(Steve) of Manassas, VA, Bryan Harned of
on the Honduran coast. He and his best
Mechanicsville, MD, Steve Waters (Tara) of
friend Tony Dubler and two work colleagues
Mechanicsville, MD, and 3 grandchildren.
were on their way to a fly fishing excursion
Along with his siblings Shirley DeVore,
in Guanaja.
and Gloria Johnson (Harry). He graduated
Left to honor and remember Rick are
from Turkeyfoot High School in 1966. Bob
Paula Gallant Tepel; his children Jackson
graduated from California State in 1970
and Carley; his sister Amy Tepel (husband
with a Bachelors in Science in Education.
Boko); his step-father Thomas Daugherty
He moved from California, Pa to St. Mary’s
(wife Helen); his step-mother Jeanne M.
County, MD. Bob was a teacher for the St.
Tepel; and numerous family members and
Mary’s County Board of Education, and
taught at Margaret Brent School. After 34
He is preceded in death by his parents
years of teaching, he retired in 2004.
Frederick Anthony “Fritz” Tepel, Jr. and
In his early years of teaching, Bob was
Timmerman “Timmie” Daugherty and his
an instructor for the Maryland Safety Youth
grandparents Jack and Kay Daugherty.
Hunter program. Bob was a member of the
Rick was born on April 28, 1970 in Bal-
NRA, NWTF. He enjoyed Hunting, watch-
timore, Maryland. Rick was a 1988 gradu-
ing Steeler football, and attending Penn
ate of St. Mary’s Ryken High School. He
State football games. He was known as Pop-
received his Bachelor’s degree in American
Pop to Collin Coyne, Caleb and Charlie Wa-
Studies from Drew University in Madison,
ters. He especially loved picking Caleb and
Charlie up from pre-school and taking them
In the early stages of Rick’s career, Tom
to Dairy Queen for ice cream sundaes.
and Katie Watts were influential in foster-
Contributions may be made to Hollywood
ing his growth as a local business owner
Vol. Rescue Squad P.O. Box 79 Hollywood,
and leader in giving back to his commu-
MD 20636 and Mechanicsville Vol.Rescue
nity. Rick capitalized on his opportunity
Squad P.O. Box 15 Mechanicsville, MD
with J. Frank Raley Insurance by further
developing his insurance career when the
Arrangements provided by the Matting-
business grew and evolved into Raley, Watts
ley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A. Leonard-
& Associates (RWA), which was followed
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times Obituaries 25

by a rebrand as Raley, Watts & O’Neill time with her family. Barbara was a wonder- preceded in death by his mother, Victoria Elizabeth Ann
(RWO).  His ambition for the growth of the ful woman who loved her family. Hosier.  
company lead to the acquisition of RWO by She is survived by her two loving chil- Condolences to the family may be made at Knight Templeton
the Hilb Group in March of 2016. At the time dren, Tracy Cusic and Richard Buckler, Jr.;  Elizabeth (Bet-
of his death, Rick was serving as Regional six grandchildren, Richard Pilkerton, Dawn Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral ty) Ann Knight
Leader of the Mid-Atlantic for The Hilb Buckler, Kayla Buckler, Kristina Clarke, Home & Crematory, P.A., Charlotte Hall, Templeton, 90, of
Group and CEO of RWO. Heather Cusic, and Dallas Buckler. She is MD. California, MD
In addition to serving on several insur- also survived her seven great-grandchil- passed away on
ance company agency councils, Rick was dren, Devin, Shane, Grace, Christopher, May 20, 2019 at
on the Board of Directors for MedStar St. Sadie, Jayden, and Nyomi. Along with her JoAnn Keller Koegel Hospice House of
Mary’s Hospital as well as the Philanthropy parents, Barbara is preceded in death by her St. Mary’s in Cal-
JoAnn Keller
Committee.   Additionally, he donated his husband, Richard Buckler, Sr., her daughter laway, MD.
Koegel, 91, of
time to the Board of Trustees for Historic Tammy Thompson and her grandchild, Der- Betty was born
Valley Lee, MD
Sotterley and the Board of Trustees for the rick Buckler. on December 25,
passed away on
Cremona Foundation. He also served for Family and friends are invited to Barba- 1928 in Ballston,
May 23, 2019 at
10 years on the board of Big Brothers Big ra’s Life Celebration on Thursday, May 30, VA to the late Charles Carroll Knight and
the Hospice House
Sisters of Southern MD and is also a former 2019 from 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. with Josephine Rose Gregg Knight, then moved
of St. Mary’s with
member of the Foundation Board for the a funeral service at 10:00 a.m. at Brinsfield to Forestville, MD and graduated from Ana-
her family by her
College of Southern Maryland. Funeral Home & Crematory, 30195 Three costia High School in Washington D.C. She
Rick was completely dedicated to attend- Notch Road, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622. was married to the late Nicholas Farbizio, Jr.
JoAnn was born
ing every one of his kids’ hockey, lacrosse Interment will follow immediately at Trin- and then the late Thomas S. Templeton.
on November 24,
or soccer games; he didn’t want to miss a ity Memorial Gardens, 3221 Mattawoman Betty lived in this area for over 76 years
1927 in Corydon,
moment of their lives.  Most recently, Rick Beantown Road, Waldorf, MD 20601. and was a very active participant with her
Indiana to the late Joseph L. Keller and
became immersed in playing pickleball with Serving as pallbearers will be Dennis senior center in Southern Maryland. Betty
Margaret Aileen Sheler Keller. Raised with
his friends whenever he could get his “crew” Johnson, Guy Clarke, Christopher Pinkney, enjoyed traveling, playing bridge and enter-
her sister Susannah “Susie” Keller Markel,
on the court.   He enjoyed sharing his love Joseph Gant, Gary Butler and Jimmy ing her paintings in art competitions. She en-
JoAnn moved to Virginia to attend finishing
of growing up in Southern Maryland and all Thompson. joyed living on the water, boating, crabbing
school, where she met the love of her life,
that it has to offer with his children, family Condolences to the family may be made at and waterskiing. Her family was her great-
Jack Koegel.
and close friends.  He loved being at home est pride and joy, and she enjoyed spending
JoAnn married her loving husband, Jack,
playing sports with his kids, enjoying life on   Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral as much time as possible with her children,
on September 30, 1949. They spent 61 years
the water, reading and eating crabs whenev- Home & Crematory, P.A., Charlotte Hall, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. One
together before his passing on June 9, 2010.
er he could. Rick was passionate about live MD. of her favorite things to say was, “I am very
A thrifty homemaker who loved to cook,
music and would travel far and wide to at- blessed.”
JoAnn spent several years using her cooking
tend concerts of his favorite bands. She is survived by her children, Kenneth
and social skills serving with Riverwind Re-
He will forever be remembered for his in- Joshua Ryan Hosier ceipts (Kate Meatyard), Tall Timbers Mari- Farbizio, James Farbizio, Gregg Farbizio
fectious laugh, his generosity, and his ability and Terri Farbizio, six grandchildren, three
Joshua Ryan na, Bob Taylor, and Laughing Pickle (Shana
to be the life of any party.  For all of these great-grandchildren, her sisters Rosemary
Hosier, of Me- Schroeder) Caterers.  
unique qualities, he was cherished by a far- Ward, Jane Knight, and her nieces and neph-
chanicsville, MD A very charismatic woman, JoAnn loved
reaching network of friends and family. ews. She is preceded in death by her brother
departed this life to socialize and was loved by many. She con-
At his request, a service will not be held. Carroll Knight.
on Thursday, May sidered no one a stranger, and could easily
A celebration of Rick’s life will take place A mass to celebrate her life will be held on
23, 2019 after a determine a “friend of a friend” connection
on June 22 at Sotterley Plantation; the fami- Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Our
courageous battle between her and her new friend within min-
ly will receive friends and community mem- Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Solo-
with respiratory utes of meeting. Her sassy personality and
bers between 3:00 and 7:00 pm. mons, MD. The family requests that in lieu
failure. wit kept us laughing, waiting in anticipation
In lieu of flowers, please consider making of sending flowers please make donations in
He was born for “what was to come next,” and brightened
a donation to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital support of Hospice House of St. Mary’s, P.O.
April 17, 1983 in our lives.
Philanthropy Scholarship Fund at http:// Box 625, Leonardtown, MD 20650.
Washington, D.C. She was a member of various organiza- or Condolences to the family may be made at
He is the son of the Edward Charles Hosier tions: the 2nd District Fire Department Aux-
St. Mary’s Youth Cultural Exchange c/o Ce-
of Mechanicsville, MD and the late Victoria iliary, St. George’s Episcopal Church Alter
dar Point Federal Credit Union, 22745 Maple Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral
Lee (Myers) Hosier. Guild, Women’s Bowling League, Book Mo-
Road, Lexington Park, MD 20653. Home, P.A. in Leonardtown, MD.
Josh was a caring father who loved his bile, Ladies Bridge Group, and was a volun-
son, Drake. When he wasn’t with his son, teer at Little Flower School.
Josh could be found playing on his X-Box. A Memorial Service will be held on May
Barbara Jean Buckler Josh was a man who loved a good debate. He 31, 2019 at 10:00 a.m., at St. George’s Epis- Robert Joseph Blanchard
Barbara Jean would do his best to convince you that you copal Church, 19167 Poplar Hill Lane, Val- Robert Joseph
Buckler, 73, of were wrong; after all he was “always right”. ley Lee, MD 20692. Interment is private. Blanchard, “Bob”,
Leonardtown, He enjoyed rooting for his beloved Wash- JoAnn is survived by her children, Wil- 87, of Drayden,
MD departed this ington Redskins and could be found during liam “Bill” Koegel (Emori), of Fort Myers, MD formerly
life on Thursday, every game proudly sporting the Burgundy FL, Julie Alberts (Gary), of Valley Lee, from Lexington
May 23, 2019, at and Gold. MD, and JoAnn “Jody” Koegel, of Valley Park, MD passed
the Hospice House Josh was an employee for the Local Union Lee, MD. She leaves ten grandchildren: away on May 22,
in Callaway, MD #10 working as an elevator mechanic. He Stephanie Boyd, Gary Jason Alberts, Amy 2019 at his home.
surrounded by her enjoyed his job and the many friends and McLean, Jennifer Alberts, Heather Tenny- He was born on
loving family. co-workers he was honored to work with son, Elizabeth Bourdeau, Kory Koegel, Me- January 10, 1932
Barbara was over the years. Josh was a caring and kind gan Koegel, Mark Ledvinka, and Hannah in New Orleans,
born January 18, man. He will be missed by many, but none Johnson as well as 20 great grandchildren in LA and was the
1946 in Leonardtown, MD. She was the lov- as much as his family. Maryland and Wisconsin. In addition to her son of the late Enola Boudreaux Blanchard
ing daughter of the late Virginia Elizabeth As a young man, Josh enjoyed spending parents, she was preceded in death by her and Theophile Blanchard. Bob is survived
(Farrell) Ryce and Everard Guy Ryce. She time outdoors. He was an avid football and husband, Jack Koegel, and her sister, Susie by his children Barbara A. Boettger (Rog-
grew up in St. Mary’s County along with her baseball player. He and his brother, Wayne, Markel. er) of Mansfield, TX, Gloria M. Roberts
fourteen (14) siblings. loved to spend an afternoon fishing. Josh In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions (Mike) of Drayden, MD 7 grandchildren, 9
Barbara married the love her life, Richard was an adventurous and spirited man who may be made to Hospice of St. Mary’s, P.O. great-grandchildren, and his sister Gloria B.
Buckler, Sr., in 1965. Together they celebrat- was the life of the party when he would head Box 625, Leonardtown, MD 20650 or St. Abadie (Billy) of New Orleans, LA. He was
ed over 45 years of marriage until his pass- to Ocean City, Maryland for a long weekend George’s Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 30, preceded in death by his sister Viola Mae
ing on December 11, 2009. with his close friends. The stories of his an- Valley Lee, MD 20692. Abadie.
Barbara was a devoted wife, mother, tics will live on in our memories. Condolences to the family may be made at Bob graduated from Redemptorist High
grandmother, great-grandmother, and friend Along with his father, he is survived by School in 1950. He moved to St. Mary’s
to all that she knew. She enjoyed her job as a his son, Drake Ryan Hosier of Great Mills, Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral County, MD in 1982. Bob was a Receiving
school bus driver and retired in 2008. After MD. He is also survived by his brother, Home, P.A., Leonardtown, MD. Manager for Giant Open Air Markets. He
she retired, Barbara enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, Wayne Edward Hosier of Mechanicsville, served in the United States Navy from 1950
crocheting, Sudoku puzzles and spending MD; aunts, uncles and cousins. Josh was to 1970. While serving the United States
26 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Navy served in the Korean and Vietnam War and earned the Na-
tional Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, Armed Forces Do you have an IRA you expect to leave to to take a minimum distribution until she
Expeditionary Medal (Quemoy), United Nations Service Medal and your children or do you expect to receive an in- reaches age 70 ½.
Good Conduct Fourth Award. herited IRA? How you handle the IRA you in- • Suppose Mary doesn’t need to rely on the
In addition, he was a member of the Fleet Reserve, and St. Mary’s herit is critical to saving on taxes. Mistakes are minimum distributions from John’s IRA to
County Softball Hall of Fame. Bob enjoyed softball, crabbing, play- common when handling IRAs and one wrong pay her living expenses. She can roll John’s
ing cards, watching baseball, and football (New Orleans Saints or move and the entire IRA will be taxed rather IRA into an IRA in her own name and then
Dallas Cowboys). He loved being with family and cooking crabs at than tax-deferred. roll her own IRA into a ROTH IRA. In a tra-
family get togethers. An IRA provides you with a long-term tax ditional IRA, contributions are made before
A Graveside Service will be held on Monday, June 17, 2019 at 10:15
AM in the Maryland Veterans Cemetery Cheltenham, MD. Pallbear-
shelter. The money you contribute to the IRA taxes and income taxes are paid when you
ers will be Keith Boettger, Robert Boettger, Brittany Bodnar, Billy is invested in mutual funds and the earnings on take the money out. In a ROTH IRA, taxes
Bodnar, Adam Bodnar and Mike Roberts. Honorary Pallbearers will the money, dividends, interest and capital gains are paid before the money is placed into the
be Blake Brady, Brice Bodnar, Riley Boettger, Trent Brady, Brylin grow tax-deferred. With traditional IRAs, your ROTH IRA and no taxes are paid when you
Bodnar, Braden Chambers,Liam Boettger, Benjamin Boettger and heirs will owe income taxes when they take take the money out. Why would Mary want
Michaela Boettger. money out of the account. With Roth IRAs, to convert her IRA into a ROTH IRA? Keep
you have already paid taxes on the money you in mind that Mary will have to pay income
contribute so your heirs will not owe income taxes on the amount she converts from a tra-
Nancy Irene Newell Quade taxes when they take money out of the account. ditional IRA into a ROTH IRA. However,
Nancy Irene Newell Quade, 86, of There are two ages that you need to keep in if Mary doesn’t need the money and wants
Oraville, MD died May 22nd, 2019 at her mind about IRAs-59 ½ and 70 ½. Anyone who to leave it to her child, for example, a ROTH
residence. Born December 31, 1932 in holds an IRA and is under age 59 ½, has to pay IRA will grow tax-advantaged and will be
Lake Forest Illinois, she was the daughter a 10% penalty if they take the money out the payable to her child tax free.
of Blake Sylvester Newell and Frances Flo- IRA. And, anyone who is at and over age 70 • “Declaim” or “disclaim” the IRA. This
ra Marshall Newell. As a small child, her
½ must take a “minimum required distribution” means that Mary (who is the primary ben-
family relocated to Oraville, MD where
they owned and operated the General Store of assets in the IRA account and pay tax on the eficiary of John’s IRA) declines to inherit
and Post Office. Nancy graduated from amount distributed. John’s IRA. Instead, she lets the IRA go
Margaret Brent High School at age 16 in The best strategy for you and your heirs is to to the secondary or contingent beneficiary
1949. Nancy married the love of her life leave the money in the IRA and allow it to grow named by John, in this example Mary’s
Martin Allen Quade on August 18, 1951 at tax-deferred. But, what happens when some- child, David Doe. If the IRA assets pass to
the Hollywood Methodist Church in Hollywood, Maryland. one dies and leaves you an IRA account? David Doe, who is much younger, the years
Nancy was a devoted Wife, Mother and Homemaker. She was the Our first example deals with spouses. Spous- of tax-deferred growth will substantially in-
phone receptionist for Martin Quade’s carburetor rebuild business es have an advantage with IRA accounts. John crease. David Doe will still have to take a
which was operated out of their home behind the Old Oraville Post and Mary Doe are married and John has a tradi- required minimum distribution from John’s
Office. Nancy loved to work cross word puzzles. She enjoyed listen-
tional IRA account that he leaves to Mary as his IRA, but since he is younger the assets in the
ing to blue grass or country music -- local or TV. She enjoyed the
annual family outing when the leaves were changing in October each beneficiary when he dies. John dies and Mary IRA will be allowed to grow tax-deferred
year on the drive to and from and along Skyline Drive, Virginia. inherits the IRA. What should she do? Mary much longer.
Predeceased by her parents Blake and Frances Newell and hus- can cash out the IRA and pay income tax. She What if you are a child inheriting an IRA
band, Martin Allen Quade, she is survived by her eight children can choose to put John’s IRA in her own name, from a parent? You do not have the choice of
who all reside in Southern Maryland: Barbara Morgan (Wayne) she can keep the IRA in John’s name and then rolling the money into an IRA in your own
of Oakville, Debbie Russell (Donald) of Oakville, Michael Allen re-title the IRA into her own name when she is name. That benefit is just for spouses.
Quade (Pam) of Prince Frederick, Jeffrey Guy Quade of Oraville, over 59 ½, or she can disclaim the IRA entirely. David Doe’s choices are to cash out the IRA
Wayne Anthony “Tony” Quade of Oraville, Laurie Askins (Joe) of • Mary needs the money from the IRA and is or to create an inherited IRA. He can cash out
Hollywood, Donna Bellflower of Mechanicsville and Gregory Mar- willing to pay the income tax to access it. the IRA, in which case he must pay income tax
tin Quade (Pam) also of Mechanicsville. Nancy is also survived by
Mary can cash out John’s IRA. on the entire IRA account and he will lose the
her youngest sister Nora June Newell of Paul Smiths N.Y. Her pre-
deceased sisters were Joyce Newell Burch of Oakville, Joan Newell • If Mary doesn’t need to access the money ability of an IRA to accumulate assets tax-de-
Long of Sandgates and Mae Gail Newell Martin of Upstate N.Y.; She and she wants to keep the assets tax deferred ferred. Or, he can choose to re-title the account
is survived by 16 Grandchildren and 21 Great Grandchildren. Prede- for as long as possible, Mary should put the as an inherited IRA, as follows: “Mary Doe
ceased Grandchildren were Tony Kovacs and Eric Askins. assets into her own name. This makes sense IRA (deceased April 1, 2015) for the benefit
Contributions may be made to Hospice of St. Mary’s P.O. Box 625 especially if John was over 70 ½ and had al- of David Doe, beneficiary.” Every year, David
Leonardtown, MD 20650. ready started to take the minimum required will be required to make a minimum withdraw-
distribution. If Mary is under 70 ½ and rolls al, but can take more if he wants. Withdrawals
the IRA into another IRA in her sole name, are taxed, the rest accumulates tax-deferred.
she will not have to take the minimum re- A 401(k) can be inherited and re-titled as an
Honor the memory of your cherished
quired distributions that John was taking inherited IRA. If a parent leaves his or her IRA
A Tribute to the Loved One one by sharing the story of their life
with friends, neighbors and associates
until she reaches age 70 ½.
• If Mary is under age 59 ½ and needs to ac-
or 401(k) to multiple children, each child must
re-title his or her portion as an inherited IRA.
Whose Memory Lives here in the community.

For details and to place

cess the money from John’s IRA, Mary The moral of this story is that dealing with
should transfer the assets into an inherited IRA, ROTH IRA, 401(k) and other retirement
On Forever in Your Heart your notice of remembrance,
call 301-373-4125 for assistance. IRA. The inherited IRA account should be accounts after a person dies is tricky and you
re-titled as follows: “John Doe IRA (de- need to educate yourself on your choices so that
ceased April 1, 2015) for the benefit of Mary you make a decision that is wise for yourself
Doe, beneficiary. Mary will still control the and your loved ones. In this case especially,
IRA assets but they will not be in her sole you should check with a financial advisor as
name. They will remain in John’s name as soon as possible after a death to ensure you
an inherited IRA. Because of that, Mary are following the correct procedures no matter
can withdraw assets from the IRA without what you choose.
penalty even when she is under age 59 ½ Join us for a discussion of this and other mat-
(because John was older than 59 ½ and the ters on the third Wednesday of each month at
IRA is still in John’s name). However, to 11am at our office at 8906 Bay Avenue in North
take maximum advantage of the age rules, beach. Call 301-855-2246 to reserve your seat.
when Mary reaches 59 ½, she should again I look forward to seeing you.
REMEMBRANCES re-title the IRA again, this time to put it
IN PRINT & ONLINE into her own name so that she doesn’t have By Lyn Striegel
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times Calendars 27

St. Mary’s Department of Aging & Human Services Garvey Loffler Senior Activity Center 301-475-4200, ext. 71658
Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 71050

Programs and Activities Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 73101
Visit for the most up-to date information
Brought to you by the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County: James R. Guy, President; Michael L. Hewitt; Tom Jarboe; Todd B. Morgan; John E. O’Connor; and the Department of Aging & Human Services

by phone at 301-475-4200, ext. 73103 or by on Tuesday, June 4, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. 475-4200, ext. 71050, to learn more.
Annapolis by Land and by Sea email at Topics covered in this course include, but
Spend a day in Annapolis discovering
the historic district on Friday, June 14!
are not limited to: roundabouts, pavement Father’s Day Rock-n-Roll Fun
Take a 2-hour walking tour that starts at Third Level Tai Chi for Arthritis markings, stop-sign compliance, red-light Come get your groove on for Father’s
running, and safety issues such as speed-
the State House and goes downhill to the and Fall Prevention ing, seatbelt and turn-signal use. The cost
Day at the Northern Senior Activity Cen-
harbor. Then, enjoy a 90-minute cruise and If you have taken Tai Chi for Arthri- ter with a luncheon and live performance
is $15 for AARP members, $20 for non- on Friday, June 14, from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
a box lunch on the Severn River aboard a tis and Fall Prevention for beginners and
members, payable to AARP. Members Start off a hearty lunch of sliced turkey
climate-controlled yacht. level 2, you are invited to take the third
must show their membership card to get with gravy, baked potato with sour cream,
The $80 registration fee includes mo- level at the Loffler Senior Activity Cen-
the member rate. Advance sign up is re- carrots, applesauce, whole wheat bread and
tor coach transportation, guided walking ter on Mondays and Thursdays, 11 a.m.,
quired. Lunch is available at the Center; turtle cheesecake for dessert. Entertain-
tour, boat ride, lunch and driver tip. Pre- June 3 - 24. The class will start out with a
cost is $6 for those under the age of 60 and ment will be provided by the very talented
registration required. Call 301-475-4200, review of all the movements from Begin-
a donation for those ages 60 and above. Jimi Simon. Jimi showcases music from
ext. 71063, to register. Bus leaves from the ner (Commencement) through the end of
Call 301-475-4200, ext. 71050, to regis- rock and rolls greatest stars and he will
Garvey Senior Activity Center. Level 2 (Push the Mountain). There is no
ter for the class. Make lunch reservations have you dancing in the aisles. This event
need to sign up if you are in the current
when registering. will also feature door prizes and a money
Mamma Mia at (Level 2) class, but if it’s been a while since
raffle collected at the door. Suggested do-
you’ve taken that level or if you’ve taken
Toby’s Dinner Theater it elsewhere, please call 301-475-4200, ext. Kickboxing nation for a ticket is $6. Lunch to start at
The Department of Aging & Human Come join us at the Garvey Senior Ac- 11:30 a.m., the room will open for seating
Services will host a trip to Toby’s Din- tivity Center for a new session of Kickbox- at 11 a.m. To sign up and pay in advance
ner Theater on Wednesday, Aug. 7 to see ing on Wednesday, June 5-July 17, at 8:30 for your ticket, please visit the front desk.
Mamma Mia. Fall in love with this feel Balancing Act at a.m. Kickboxing tones muscles through For more information regarding this event,
good story of a mother, a daughter, and Loffler Senior Activity Center punching and kicking using focus pads please call 301-475-4200, ext. 73103.
three possible dads! This delightful musi- Balancing Act, a program developed and and target pads and mitts. Participants may
cal features the timeless hits by ABBA and
is sure to have you dancing in the isles. The
taught by Dave Scheible, is a four session
workshop series that is ideal for anyone
notice an improvement in overall balance Summer Bocce Ball
and flexibility. The aerobic moves of kick-
cost of this trip is $98 and covers ticket to who has balance challenges. Class will be boxing have been shown to improve circu- Schedule Change
the show, lunch buffet, transportation on on Tuesdays during June and will be held Loffler Senior Activity Center will be
lation and it offers a great stress relief. This
a spacious motor coach, driver gratuity, at the Loffler Senior Activity Center. The hosting a summer season of Bocce Ball
specialized class is geared towards active
and snacks for the return trip. The bus will basic exercises in this class are designed to on the second and fourth Thursday of each
men and women ages fifty and above and
depart from the Garvey Senior Activity improve stability and balance. Cost is $25 month at 10 a.m. However, all senior ac-
has great energy without the high impact
Center at 8 a.m. and the Northern Senior for all four sessions and is payable to Dave tivity centers will be closed on June 13 for
exercises that are done during a main-
Activity Center at 8:45 a.m. and will return on the first day of class. Call 301-475-4200, staff training, so the starting date for Sum-
stream kickboxing class. The instructor,
at approximately 5:15 p.m. to Northern and ext. 71658 to sign up or stop by the recep- mer Bocce at Loffler will be June 27. If you
Geno Rothback, is a registered nurse, a
5:45 p.m. to Garvey. Payment is due at sign tion desk to sign up. would like to be a part of it, call 301-737-
senior fitness instructor, and is a black belt
up to secure your spot for the trip. Please 5670, ext. 1658 to sign up or get more in-
in Taekwondo and certified Martial Fu-
formation. There is no cost to participate.
let staff know at sign up if you need any AARP Safe Driver Course sion and Kickboxing instructor. Cost is
seating or special accommodations. For The Garvey Senior Activity Center will $35 payable to Geno Rothback. Payment
more information contact Rachel Mowatt be having am AARP Safe Driver Course required at time of reservation. Call 301-

a fi rst-come, fi rst-served basis. Please bring all rel- $10 and available for sale through the St. Mary’s
evant documents with you. County Library website, The
event will be held at the St. Mary’s County Gov-
TV Trivia Night ernment Center, on the front lawn near Miedzinski
Lexington Park Library will hold TV Trivia Night Park (23145 Leonard Hall Dr, Leonardtown, MD
on Thursday, June 13 from 6 – 7 p.m. Come test 20650). During the meal, participants will discuss
your knowledge of popular TV shows at team trivia how to Choose Civility in their everyday interac-
night. This month's theme is sci-fi /fantasy. Ages 18 tions. In the event of rain, dinner will be held inside
Master Gardener Class: and up. No registration required. the Leonard Hall Recreation Center. Share a meal
and conversation with someone you don’t know, ex-
Summertime and the Living is Easy change stories about life in St. Mary’s County, and
Leonardtown Library will hold a Master Gar- Happy Father’s Day! discover both common ground and new ideas. The
dener class: Summertime and the Living is Easy Leonardtown Library will hold a Happy Father’s conversation starts when you come to the table!
on Tuesday, June 11 from 2 – 3 p.m. Summertime Day event on Saturday, June 15 from 10 – 11 a.m.
should be easy, and gardening should be enjoyable. Calling all dads, daddies, and papas! Join us for a
Master Gardeners will help make it that way. They special event where we'll read books, sing songs, First Time Home Buyers Seminar
will discuss dealing with nuisance wildlife, good and make crafts all about the special dads in our Leonardtown Library will hold First Time Home
bugs and bad bugs, getting your gardens through lives. Mamas, grandmas, aunties, uncles, and any Buyers Seminar on Saturday, June 8 from 10 a.m.
dry spells, and winning the battle over weeds. Reg- other family member you can think of are also in- - 12 p.m. Are you tired of renting? Come join Sa-
istration required. vited to attend with their kiddos! Designed for ages mara Dinnius, with The Benya Group at Keller Wil-
2-5 with their caregivers. Registration required. liams, and Trey Reed, with MVB Mortgage, as they
discuss everything you need to ask yourself before
Lawyer in the Library looking for your dream home. They will be explain-
Lexington Park Library will host Lawyer in the Tickets for The Longest ing the multiple programs and grants available for
Library on Wednesday, June 12 from 12 - 2 p.m.
The Lawyer in the Library project provides FREE
Table on sale now! fi rst time Maryland home buyers and the steps nec-
Join the St. Mary’s County Library on Friday, essary to get your credit ready for the process. Reg-
civil legal services in your community! No ap- istration required on
June 21 at 6 p.m. for a community conversation over
pointments necessary. Attendees will be helped on
a family-style meal from Mission BBQ. Tickets are
28 Calendars The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Community Calendar To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email
with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

Watermelon One-Act Festival Kane Brown Performs LIVE

UPCOMING Saturday, June 1 St. Mary’s College, Montgomery Fine PNC Waterside Pavilion, Calvert Ma-
CSM Kids’ & Teen College Arts Center, Bruce Davis Theater rine Museum, Solomons
Community Yard Sale
Designed for students ages 6 to 17 10:00 AM 4:30 – 10:30 PM
Charlotte Hall Center parking lot
to explore their interests or learn new 16 original one-act plays written and Brown is joined by “To a T” singer
7:30 AM - 3:00 PM
skills on a college campus. Registration performed by local and out-of-state art- Ryan Hurd, opening on the main stage
Calvary Chapel Southern MD. Spaces
includes comprehensive courses from ists. Audience members vote for their fa- at 7:30 p.m. and local rising star Jack-
available for a donation of $10; just show
guitar lessons to SAT/ACT prep. Ongo- vorite and help a play move on to finals. son Dean on the side stage at 5:00 p.m.
up or call the church 301-645-0660.
ing programs run weekly from June 17 Adjudication sessions start at 10 AM, 1 Food and beverage vendors. The muse-
Rain date: June 8
through August 16. College of South- PM, 4 PM, and 8 PM and run about 2-3 um closes 3:00. 410-326-2042. calvert-
ern Maryland, all campuses. www. hours. Finals start at 2 PM on Sunday
Annual Car Show and include a meal and a small awards
Mother Catherine Academy, 38833
youth-family-programs/kids-and-teen- ceremony. Info: www.watermeloninc. Leonardtown Summer Music
Chaptico Road
college/, 301-539-4760. org/host-schedule.html Festival
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Leonardtown Square, 22670 Wash-
Open to all makes and models of cars,
Dinner & A Cruise Drayden African American ington Street
trucks and motorcycles. Trophies for
An evening of cruising on the St. Schoolhouse 6:00 P- 8:00 PM
top 30 and 5 specialty trophies. $20 day
Clement’s Island Water Taxi, cocktail 18287 Cherryfield Road, Drayden Presents: The Lucky Few. Bring a
of show. DJ, 50/50 raffle and vendors.
reception at St. Clement’s Island Muse- 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM blanket or chair to enjoy this FREE,
Mark Muir, 240-925-1438 or e-mail at
um and delicious dinner at local water- One of the nation’s best-preserved family—friendly concert. Order a Pic- Rain Date June
side Morris Point Restaurant. The June one-room African American school- nic from participating restaurants.
2 cruise is sold out. Tickets are available houses. Visit this renovated schoolhouse
for cruises on August 11 and October 13. and learn about its rich history and im-
Green Living Festival & Market
$55 person. Twenty (20) person limit. portance in St. Mary’s County.
Info and reservations: 301-769-2222
Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts
Center, Dowell Rd., Solomons Sunday, June 2
Golf Tournament
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Annual Poker Run
Wicomico Shores Golf Course, Avia-
Hollywood Volunteer Fire Depart-
Friday, May 31 A hands-on festival of learning, play-
ing, and engaging with people of all ages
tion Yacht Club Road, Mechanicsville
11:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Queen of Hearts and backgrounds with an interest in sus- 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
The Forrest Career & Technology
Brass Rail Sports Bar, Great tainable, healthy lifestyles.Local foods Register at 10:00, Ride leaves at 11:00,
Center is seeking golfers to participate
Mills and spirits, homegrown entertainment. Last stop Mechanicsville Moose with
in its 6th Annual Golf Tournament to
4:00 - 7:00 PM Recycled art projects and activities. music, chicken dinner, prizes, raffle and
help defray costs of student participa-
Ticket sales for our weekly Queen of Presentations and demonstrations share auction item. $25 person. Sponsoring
tion in SkillsUSA competitions. Reg-
Hearts drawing begin at 4:00 and end at ways that plants, air, water, soil and en- Southern Maryland Vacations for Vets.
istration $75. Also seeking tournament
6:50. Ticket $1. The drawing will take ergy sustain our homes, our health, and Susan 301-399-0013 or email info@
sponsors. Email Mary Thompson at mk-
place at 7:00. 50/50 tickets available. our planet. Free. 410-326-4640. www. or Bonnie Skin-
Dinner can be purchased between 5-7
ner at
pm or until sold out. Proceeds go to the Environmental Stewardship Event
Archangel Scholarship Foundation in St. Clement’s Island Heritage Day St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds,
International TableTop Day
support of St. Michael’s School. Point Breeze Road, Coltons Point 42455 Fairgrounds Road, Leonardtown
High Tide Games, 22599 MacArthur
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM 10:00 AM 1:00 PM
Blvd, Ste 126, California
Married & Alone Movie A day of history, wildlife and art. Ac- Rain barrel and composting work-
12:00 - 8:00 PM
AMC Lexington Theater, 21882 FDR tivities include, games, lighthouse tours, shops for residents.
A day of boardgaming, Game De-
Blvd., Lexington Park traditional music and much more. Pro- Workshop on shoreline health for wa-
mo’s, Door Prizes, Game sales. Make
7:00 - 9:00 PM grams for the whole family on beauti- terfront property owners. 10am—Back-
new friends and learn a new favorite
Married & Alone on Friday and In- ful St. Clement’s Island. Free water taxi yard Composting. 11am—Rain Barrel
timacy Anorexia on Friday, June 7th to the island for all the festivities. Bring Workshop. 12pm—Shoreline Manage-
from 7-9 pm. Seats are limited. RSVP a picnic lunch to enjoy at the pavilion ment Workshop.
Open House
to or mes- or any of the tables dotting the island Nicole Basenback at nicoleb@umd.
Companion Care Veterinary Hospital,
sage Michele Weaver. $7.64 per person shore. Vendors will be on hand. Free. edu or 301-475-4484.
27685 Three Notch Rd. Mechanicsville
per movie. You will purchase your ticket 301-769-2222
2:00 - 5:00 PM
at the theater the night of movies. This Pets are welcomed at our Open House.
is a non-profit event with Faith Bible Behind the scene tours! Meet the doc-
Church. You will want to see both! No tors and staff. Petting Zoo. Other fun
children allowed. activities. Gifts, Raffles and Prizes.

Real Estate
Child Care
Vehicles General Merchandise CLASS.SOMD.COM
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times Calendars 29

Cancer Survivors’ Picnic Jammin’ with Jessie Dance Fitness

MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital, 25500 Tuesday, June 4 istration required: www.melindarup- or call 240-298-2442 or Mechanicsville Vol. Fire Department
Point Lookout Road, Leonardtown Scouting Programs email Social Hall
1:00 - 3:30 PM Various Locations 6:30 - 7:30 PM
Enjoy lunch, entertainment, and inspi- Scouting BSA has programs for boys The Saint Mary’s County Camera $6 per person. Sponsored by the Me-
rational speakers on the hospital’s front and girls from Kindergarten to 20 years Club Meeting chanicsville Volunteer Fire Department
lawn. Free. Rain or shine. 301-475-6070 of age and include: Cub Scouts. Scout- Patuxent Naval Air Museum (the Auxiliary.
ing BSA. Sea Scouts. Venture Crews. building behind the new museum),
Dee of St. Mary’s Public Sail Explorer Posts. Over 70 units in St. 22156 Three Notch Rd, Lexington Park Where the River Meets the Bay
Calvert Marine Museum Dock, Mary’s, Calvert and Charles County. 7:00 - 9:00 PM Lecture Series
Solomons There may be one close to you. Informa- Experiment with filter effects (star fil- Harms Gallery, Calvert Marine Mu-
2:30 – 4:30 PM tion: ters and items you may not have thought seum, Solomons
Leaving from the museum dock. $25 to shoot through before) and long expo- 7:00 PM
for ages 13 and up, $15 ages 5–12. No Chick-fil-A LVRSA Fundraiser sure (creating ghosts, zoom/blur, and A Shared History Since 1942: The
children under 5 please. Pre-registra- Chick-fil-A in California perhaps a bit of light painting). Bring Patuxent’s Relationships with United
tion is required: visit 5:00 - 7:00 PM your camera, tripod, and favorite lens- States Armed Forces will be presented
MarysCruises to register. Please go to the website to es for hands-on fun. Visitors welcome. by CMM Curator of Maritime History
take a picture or print a copy of the flyer Questions? email at smccc1998@gmail. Mark Wilkins. Free.
Leonardtown Summer Music and show it to the cashier so we can get com. Visit: 410-326-2042. calvertmarinemuseum.
Festival credit for your support. com
Leonardtown Wharf
5:00 - 7:00 PM Yoga with Frannie Thursday, June 6 American Legion Post 221 Meeting
The Church of the Nazarene Concert. Corbin Pavilion, Calvert Marine Mu- 21690 Colton Point Road, Avenue
Margaret Brent High School Alum-
Bring a blanket or chair to enjoy this seum, Solomons 8:00 - 9:00 PM
ni Association
free, family-friendly concert. www. 6:00 - 7:00 PM All active duty personnel and veterans
Riverview Restaurant, Wicomico Outdoor Vinyasa-style class focuses join us for our monthly meeting. www.
Shores Club House
on cultivating internal and external bal- or e-mail us at al-
11:00 AM
ance through stretching, strengthening Call (301) 884-4071
Monday, June 3 and breath work. All experience levels.
Please note the new meeting place.

All MBHS Alumni are welcomed and
Bible Study on the Gospel of John Tuesday nights, June 4 through August encouraged to attend. Virginia Pet-
Leonardtown Library 27! Bring your yoga mat, water bottle tit, 301-769-2765 or email wvpettit@
5:00 - 6:30 PM and hand towel. $10/class, cash or check.
All are invited, no reservation re- 410-326-2042. calvertmarinemuseum.
St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County
quired. Read and comment on the Gos- com
pel of John reviewing Chapters 4 &
Do you have something to add
Wednesday, June 5
5 and reading Chapters 6 & 7. Mike
Thompson, 301 373 8545.
Little Explorers: Bugs and Insects to our Community Calendar?
CABS Historic St. Mary’s City, 18751 Hoga-
Garvey Senior Center, Leonardtown boom Lane Email your event to
6:00 PM 10:00 - 11:00 AM
Companions and Buddies for Singles Meet at the Visitor Center. Designed
adult social group of friends. Every for pre-school age children 3-5 years old
Monday except Holidays. $15/year; no and an accompanying adult. $4 per child
dues first four visits. 240-794-8033. ($3 Friends members); one accompany- ing adult free. Full-day admission in-
cluded. 240-895-4990 or info@HSMC-
Elks Holdem Bounty Tournament
St. Marys County Elks Lodge, Lexing-
ton Park Men’s Grief Support Group
7:00 - 11:00 PM Melinda Ruppert LCPC, 28095 Three
No Limit Holdem Poker Tournament. Notch Rd., Suite 2C, Mechanicsville
$25 Buy in = 6,000 chips. $5 add-on = 6:00 - 7:30 PM
1,500 chips and raffle drawing. Food A grief support group for men who
and beverage for purchase. James Dean,
240-577-0828. Email: jdeanjunior@ya-
have lost a spouse. Meets four consecu-
tive Wednesdays. $30 per session. Reg- Get to Know your Local Candidates
The data suggest that voting a that dominate state and national poli-

LAST WEEK’S PUZZLE SOLUTIONS straight party ticket is common in St.

Mary’s County. In 2014 and 2018, we
tics. If we elect local leaders based
on national issues and party affilia-
elected an all Republican Board of tion, we may end up being surprised
County Commissioners. Counter to when local issues are decided.
the expectations of many, our taxes Local elections demand a focus on
are going up. This is a bitter pill for local issues and on the candidates
some, and for others, it is overdue and who best represent your vision for
necessary. St. Mary’s County. Voting a straight
I would like to suggest that we need party ticket is quick and easy, but
to do our local homework. Applying knowing candidates’ views on spe-
national stereotypes of Republicans cific local issues and voting accord-
and Democrats to local candidates ingly is a much better predictor of
and voting accordingly may work exactly how much of your money will
against your priorities at home. Lo- be spent and where.
cally elected officials are charged
with focusing on local issues. They Cindy Slattery
do not vote on the hot-button issues California, Maryland
30 BusinessDIRECTORY The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fax 301-884-2884

Cross, Wood
Cross, W & Wynkoop
And AssoCiAtes, inC.
and Associates, Inc. “Where Service Comes First”
Serving The Community Since 1994
28231 Three Notch Road, Suite 101 • Mechanicsville, MD 20659
301-884-5900 (office) • 301-934-4680 (office) • 301-884-0398 (fax)
Sales & Service
Group Health Insurance • Individual Market Health Insurance Farm Equipment • Machine Shop
Home & Industrial Engines • Welding
Dental • &Vision
Life Insurance • Short & Long Term Disability

Payroll Services Monday - Friday 7am-6pm
Julie E. Wynkoop John F. Wood, Jr. 1970 Saturday 7am-4pm
President Vice President
Call 301-884-5900 • 301-934-4680 • Fax 301-884-0398
Closed for lunch everyday between 12-12:30pm •
27898 Point Lookout Road • Loveville, Md • 20656

46924 Shangri-La Drive • Lexington Park, MD



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the residents of St. Mary’s County. The St. Mary’s County Times will be available on news-
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General Manager which is responsible for the form, content, and policies of the newspaper. The St. Mary’s
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that every letter or photo(s) submitted will be published, due to time or space constraints.
Thursday, May 30, 2019 The County Times ClassifiedADS 31

Call 443-677-8324 or 410-991-3864

Call 301-536-6039
Construction & Excavation Company
Southern Maryland Paints LLC Reliable, needs driver’s licenses and own transportation

23976 Point Lookout Rd. Call 443-677-8324 or 410-991-3864

Leonardtown, MD 20650
PO BOX 861, WALDORF, MD 20604
OR FAX TO 301-645-7590



Join our technical teams.

Bring your engineering and cyber skills to MIL, where

important work is done and where careers are built.
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& 10 paid holidays
> Benefits such as a compressed
work schedule (26 Fridays off!) > Medical & Retirement

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Our FREE in-house training program promotes the development of new skills. Choose from over 4,000
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certifications in Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, and more! MIL also offers tuition reimbursement so you
can pursue your passion at the institution of your choice.

Technically innovative. Technically exceptional.

Find our SoMD Hot Jobs listings at
32 The County Times Thursday, May 30, 2019

Repairs & Installation

Garage Doors • Broken Springs • Panel Replacement
Garage Door Openers • Annual Maintenance Agreements
Service on All Makes & Models

Commerical & Residential

841 Keith Lane • Owings, Maryland

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