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‘Math 3 ~ Ms, Felder Unit 2 Review Part 1 ~ Absolute Values and Inequalities Solving Equations by Graphing: ‘Solve the following equations by grophing. Write the solutions in the second column, and check your ‘answerls) in the third column. Use the extra spoce os needed. L tes [ay Wate your solution) here x20 or Ker [B) Check your answer() here: 2(0e) =? o* oso Vv acey = 2 3) Write your solutions) here; xa By Cheek your answers) here fe-al=7 2 yeubet2 er a) Write your solutions) here no Solvhons 1) Check your answers) here ay 6 heck well wot work | I. Solving inequalities Graphically Solve the following inequalities by graphing. Write the solutions in the second column, and check your ‘answerls) in the third column, Use the extra space os needed. 2x 6449 '2)- Wete your solution(s) here: b) Check your answers) here within: % =o awit 2lorre < 2-4 an ed ovteder x22. Z@r+e <7 4rd <2 6 No a) Wire yoorsoutionyheres [BY Cheek your answers hee: wi xeo ~Cixmaz lowz[ e724 iet# ped ye A outside 8 [se2e?4 5 74 No 3) Wie your soatonajhere” |B) Cheek your answers hee Wethia » x= 1 (-, 0)U(0, 20) 2\l>o oe aro yo X <0 or X70 | oulgides x=O alel| 770 070 No v l. GT Writs your solution] Rerer | b) Cheek youranswerl) hers yom ® "De densa work 8. heck your answers ere: wside: (0,05 O47 -042 o< 2 ae J outside + (12) 2e7nv9r 2471 No 9 ya-e ‘Check your answers here: HH inside, (0,0) oF-o? E A yes oF we di | 4 outside: Con) -| Shor -122 0 Nos 10. y>h-3) check our awe ere t Ht ity ode. (31) 1 >7 15-31 REE lero yal t as outside: (0,0) 0>7 (0-3 c + | ort 3 No uy st ‘Check your answers here! ert wreule, Co0> O