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fey a Mana Fler ate Unit 4 Review Part 1: Polynomials, Factoring and Solving Quadratics (rray ee ease? (eos ee-amest Fv arb) (0-0) Pere se ectectaqire(iterence) fence of squares 1. Muti war Be aeP 1. be 3" ¥ xine x 2 x2 4 2x9 +3 = wT a wae a xP Mx? ey -2xe™ «7-44 + &x -F je. er SN 5) Qxttx -19 ete VBI) = |& Check your answer to part (e) by substituting In the number 4 for x into both the original {exoression, and your resultant expression. Do they come aut the same? (Wa credit heve for ust saying "yes"—I have tobe able to see your work!) (143dC2en sd = 4-3) = IE UNH HIT = Atl-ls > B19 =-12 Some ys! 2. For each ofthe following polynomials, identiy (using the names onthe top of page 1) the factoring pattern that applies and then use the pattern to reutite the polmomial in factored form. If the polynornial does not follow factoring pater, then write “No Factring Pattern” inthe space below theprobie 3 FF pee cquan |» PD 7 t Erie not a pattern | (x2) Q.2.3 482 4-81 d+ Gay + Oy OF Boones Eeison 2 (ax-9 (r+) (+ 3y) SSH perfec [EE .oe Gun} not a & (3e40) ae pattenn! ar ete 2. Factor —eove your answer snes factored frm ae 28-7 (x Weer ies Dy («Ox 6) ‘& Check your answerto part (b) by makiplying back. (1 have to see your work) Dayle bere) > ay ( 4. P6490 K(x7= bx + 9) x Ce -3)* % HE. ae Fy fe. se-ane2 BGP-4x +8) 3 Ce -8)(«-1) fee 5x45 a 245442 Concot Pe C2x 1% +2) 4 Geoff has 2 rectangular piece of cardboard which is 15 by 20°. He s designing A gare board snlar ‘to Monopoly, witha path around the outside border that you move your pieeas around. The border will be the same width all the way around. The area of his entre (ard)board\s 300 square inches. The Inside area willhave a smal area, ot course—Geott needs it tobe 176 equare inches How wide isthe Dorder/game path? Zo" 15-2x)( 20-2x) = [Flo in” EaMeewwtee , (1, Yy2~ FOx +124 =O = res / QCDE-8SK HEL) =O DS [x= 27 poe Q(ap- 31x a2) = Ey Dbise KETO Y= Ish" which $20 ae wok 15 tee long, A ek 5. ole the choo Ov amps gh an tows bl taht pint The lees Dass hand above te grounds ete Raven lagu tendon 2 above oud, Sorbets aa nase bg How nichtn spe ean hen Dv ew the adhe oven sont go by Tose prom eh sqation i) sar w= 268 o> 8! Use completing He SHURE, * ~ 32% fackoring Weta fer ! win = 20° . y(4er-8t+ HO ure Srsze-tet 4 (2e-1e= 33-0 ED Qo = S+B2t-let Dee [oo ev 2tB20 ete —3tE + [2 =O th Sort es 6, Solve by factoring: 22 11%-30=0 2 (2x-15Xx + 2)20 Qp-IS<0 ev W2TO te