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What I am trying to say, albeit poorly, Is that with perspective things in life that seem monumental at the time may not beas big 2 deal as we thought then. Iwas watching "The Rookie" last night. fine television show about @ 40-year-old man who decides to join the LA police department. Nathan Fillion is the star of the show, one of my favorite actors, so naturally I like the show. It is amazing how much stuff one rookie cop can get into, but that’s for a different musing. Any who...last night 2 of the younger rookies were struggling with some big requirements of their job and Nathan offered this piece of wisdom, “I don’t like to play the age card, but today I will. One thing age offers is perspective. In a couple weeks welll be on the other side of this and we'll all be ok.” liked that piece of advice. Perspective allows us to have hope that we can get through whatever we're facing right now. Perspective allows us to look at other rough patches in our lives and see that we made it through, and we'll make It through this patch too. Perspective teaches us that we don’t have to have all of the answers right now...all we need is the belief that God Is with us and utimately God Is in control. I like perspective and I need to use It more often. admitted In < blog post that I'm a worrier. Someone told me that worrying doesn’t change the outcome and I've tried to remember that when T begin to worry. Perspective can also help worry. We can look back at other times when we were stuck and take heart knowing we made it through. The process of wading and struggling through the muck and mire may not have heen fun, and it may have even been painful. We might have chosen a different outcome if we could have, and would have rather avoided the muck altogether, but we know life doesn’t work that way. Perspective can teach us we made it through that one and we can make it through this one too. So, as we travel through life remember that God Is always traveling with us, ‘God has helped us in the past and God will help us in the future. We just need to keep that perspective. Board Meeting: April 14, 2019 Present: Pastor Brian Wohlhuter, Jerry Murley, Charlie Leaders, Carroll Olsen, Amanda Murley, Phylisha Wolfe, Bonnie Dollen, Gretchen Cunningham, Pam Danker, and Tracey Roane Pastor's Report: During holy week there will be a Maundy Thursday Service on April 18th @ 6:30pm. Service may be held in the chapel if it's a small group. Easter Services will be 7am and 1oam with breakfast at 8am and egg hunt at gam. Breakfast is being served by the board. Pam has taken care of this and will come in Sacurday morning to get the egg casseroles ready’so they can be baked Sunday morning. There will also be biscuits and gravy with fruit for breakfast. Confirmation boys will 40 to the American Muslim Insitute and also be able to visit the new United Church of Christ ‘Countryside Church that just opened near 1g0th & Pacific. This isa great experience for the kids with the opportunity to visit the tri-faith initiative. Confirmation Sunday is September 15th, Discussion about the sabbatical leave more at the end of July and August. Carsten's Farms is Sept 8th and pastor will be back from sabbatical to do the service. Last day of Sunday School is April 28th and. the kids will also be recognized in church that day. This is also Youth Talent Sunday. May sth will be ‘New Member Induction Sunday. There is at least one new member - James Lariviere and then possibly a family but pastoris checking with them. Tri-Center Baccalaureate is Wed May ist at 7pm ‘and will be doing part of that. Funerals coming up in May: 18th is Eloise Haight and then the 25th is, Mary Kahler's. Several weddings in May, June, August & November. ‘Treasurer's report was presented by Jerry Murley. Chicken dinner was successful with a money contribution of $3,229.00. ‘There was also discussion about the amount borrowed so far this year and we've borrowed about $5,000. ‘Motion to approve the treasures report was ist by Pam Danker and 2nd by Charlie Leaders. Report ‘was approved by the board. ‘Mission Fund: 2 Scholarship requests: Olivia Mason & Conner Holben. Senior Sunday is May 12th to recognize 8 seniors this year. Mission fun will do a fundraiser for the scholarship fund and have a bake sale at the back of church on April 28th or Youth Talent Sunday, Baked goods will be available ‘with a free will donation in hopes of generating money for the scholarship fund since there is a large group of kids this year. ‘Trustee's Report: Sidewalk out front of about 6oft needs replaced to fx area with erack and sunken in and put this off for epring work projoct. Stops out front are cracking and peeling again so patch didn't work and need to redo the steps also. Discuss this further next month after weather warms up and will likely need to have a congregational meeting since this may cost over $500 for both projects, especialy the steps since we are unsure about the underlying structure of the steps and how easy it will be to remove and replace. Dirt work was also recommended around the outside of the church and discussed getting dirt from the city to resolve this, Leak in roof is still undetermined at this time and doesn't seem to be the roof from a previous check, Will try to do the garden hose and thermal gun again to see ifthe leak can be determined,