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Jeff Pescosolido, Director

(203) 946 – 6132

SUMMER 2019 PAVING - Phase One

Department of Public Works announced the first phase of Summer 2019 Mill and Paving
projects slated to begin on Monday, June 10. Streets to be mill and paved are based upon current
road conditions, traffic usage, available funding, citywide needs and other projects impacting the
street. Though paving may cause some inconveniences to our public, we try to keep them at a
minimum and remain confident that the end results will be worth it. Please note - paving can be
subject to change.
More locations to follow in later summer pending utility repairs and joint city projects. If you
have any questions, please call Resident Services at (203) 946-6906.


East Street State Street Humphrey Street

Peck Street Ferry Street Blatchley Avenue

Blatchley Avenue Peck Street Lombard Street

Lombard Street Monroe Street Poplar Street

Essex Street Quinnipiac Avenue Foxon Street

Eastern Street Hemingway Street Foxon Blvd (RTE 80)

Bassett Street Winchester Avenue Goodyear Street

Starr Street Shelton Avenue Newhall Street

Day Street George Street Chapel Street

Orchard Street Chapel Street Legion Avenue

Fairfield Street Ramsdell Street Fowler Avenue

Canner Street Nicoll Street Whitney Avenue